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Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

The Colorado Vaccine Bill To Mandate Full CDC Schedule Passes Out of Committee

by Ginger Taylor, MS

State of ColoradoIn the early hours this morning, HB-1312 passed out of the Colorado Legislature House Health and Insurance Committee, after hearings that lasted for thirteen and a half hours.  All of which you can listen to here.

The bill adds ALL of the vaccines on the CDC recommended childhood schedule to the list of vaccines mandated for school entry.  It passed out of committee at 4:30am under a 7 to 4 vote on party lines, without amendments.

From Cindy Loveland, NVIC Colorado State Director:

Former Senator Kevin Lundberg, who spent 8 years in the house and 8 years in the senate posted on his FB Page -

The committee hearing on immunization exemptions (HB-1312) went past 4 AM. The response to this bill was historic. Never before have I seen over 500 people signing up to testify on a single bill. Some estimated that over 1000 came to the hearing. Because they were dispersed to several rooms and the halls it was impossible to determine the total number who came to the Capitol.

With the exception of a couple of medical "experts" who were for the bill, all the rest were in opposition. Ultimately all meaningful amendments were rejected and the bill passed on a party-line vote.

The committee proved to be stone-deaf to the concerns of the people.

The full description of the bill:

School Immunization Requirements

Concerning modernizing immunization requirements for school entry to improve vaccination rates.
2019 Regular Session
Public Health

The bill requires the department of public health and environment (department) to:

  • Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a medical exemption to an immunization; and
  • Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a religious or personal belief exemption to an immunization.

The department is:

  • Required to develop educational materials regarding immunizations to distribute to health care providers and facilities;
  • Required to present immunization exemption information during its annual SMART Act hearing; and
  • Required to use the existing immunization tracking system.

The state board of health is:

  • Required to promulgate rules adopting the medical exemption recommendations from the advisory committee on immunization practices of the centers for disease control and prevention in the federal department of health and human services, or any successor entity (ACIP);
  • Required to promulgate rules adopting the immunization recommendations from the ACIP;
  • Allowed to promulgate rules adopting additional immunizations not recommended by ACIP; and
  • Allowed to promulgate rules establishing the timing by which schools, parents, legal guardians, and students must demonstrate compliance with immunization requirements.

Concerning the immunization tracking system, the bill:

  • Requires a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to inform a parent or legal guardian who is claiming a medical exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student's immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student's immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system;
  • Requires the department or local or county, district, or municipal public health agency to inform a parent, legal guardian, or student who is claiming a religious or personal belief exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student's immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student's immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system; and
  • Requires a practitioner who is a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to submit immunization and medical exemption data to the immunization tracking system. However, the practitioner is not subject to a regulatory sanction for noncompliance.
    (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)



Of course you are stone deaf when you have been paid off!

Next step, legislation to get pharma lobbyist out!

M. Casado

Let's speak truth and allow citizens to make informed choices. Between 2004-2014 0% people died of the Measles disease according to the CDC. During the same time, 108 people died from the MMR vaccine. Measles is not a deadly disease. It is a virus. For some this vaccine has ended in vaccine injury for life or death of children. Where there is risk there must be choice. Parents have the right to choose what is safe for their kids. Let's all educate ourselves.

cia parker


I recognize that the VPDs can be devastating, even fatal in some cases, and certainly that they are caused by pathogenic bacteria or viruses. And I recognize that the vaccines can usually prevent them. But the vaccines are disabling in many cases, fatal in a few, and there is so much evidence, even proof, of this, that it would be disingenuous to continue to maintain that the vaccines are safer than the diseases. I think you just have to put out the facts that we know now and let everyone make their own choice, knowing that it is difficult or impossible to predict which might prove to be the better choice for yourself and your children. You cannot be certain one way or the other. If you never die of ***, you can never be sure that it was because you got the vax for it or because you were just not fated to get it, or die from it if you get it, as is true for most people most of the time. There are NO VPDs which would kill or disable large numbers of people in the developed world even if no one vaxxed for anything. Measles certainly would not. But the more vaccines you get, the more you are tempting fate, so most people will think it wiser to avoid some or most of the vaccines. And most people actively benefit from getting the natural childhood diseases. But it is certainly true that some people will die even from the milder diseases, even some of those who had perfect health beforehand, but it is not certain that they would have done better getting autism or peanut allergy from the vaccines.

I haven't heard of anyone who was so immobilized by uncertainty that they were unable to make a decision on whether or not to get one or more vaccines. Couldn't we just leave it at that, everyone knows that there are risks on either side, and everyone has the right to make a decision either way?

Angus Files

"So what are you recommending, that measles vaccination stops, and that you're knowingly allowing hundreds of children to die every year from a vaccine preventable disease
Are you denying that MMR hasn't prevented measles epidemics and deaths? If so where is your evidence.
"BAM" has stuck her head above the parapet and suggested a return to the 1985 schedule in the hope that the autism rate will drop, but with no evidence to that hope, what vaccines would you give up, perhaps the meningococcal vaccine for teenagers? OK for a few more to die?

So Angus "Pharma for Prison" (or anyone else) what precisely are you suggesting no vaccines at all?"

Absolutely no vaccines ,oral or injected.Let us see, you see Jenner was as mad as a mature round of cheese, but knew how to make money.The business model hasnt changed.His first causality was his son with his cow pig horse scrapings injected into his sons blood-you would have to be seriously mad to do that ?.You’re the problem Eindecker,you’re the pusher for pharma,your the escuser for pharma,your the seed of mis-information,you’re, you’re the one with babies blood on your hands.
Simply, there is nothing hypothetical about my assertions i do what i say -NO vaccines!.

Pharma For Prison Eindecker,Chop included


Frederic Chopin


I thought from your response vaccine mandates were upsetting to you. My apologies.


Carol--It is my understanding to do the real-time PCR measles genotyping requires a lab capable of performing that task. A doctor or hospital would have to collect a specimen and send it wherever it needs to go. There is certainly a disincentive; better to not know how many measles cases are vaccine strain. Better to remain to ignorant, because when you know, you know. And the last thing you want is for "the people" to know.

susan welch

Fred, I do not live in US and am not subject to mandates


"While the measles five-alarm is ringing, it is worth looking into the peer-reviewed, published medical literature about recent infections. The funny thing is that there are hundreds of documented cases – maybe thousands undocumented — of measles going unreported to the CDC every year. Not secret cases of feverish children with mottled rashes, hidden away in the houses of Orthodox Jews or anti-vaxxer wellness types. No. Thousands of kids, show up in emergency rooms and clinics across the nation with spiking fevers, rashes and seizures caused by measles virus. The medical literature describes their illness as 'clinically indistinguishable' from wild-type measles but it is caused by a vaccine virus.

'Vaccine- Associated Rash Illness' looks so much like wild measles that parents go in droves to emergency rooms, usually seven to 12 days after a shot. Even doctors have to be educated to distinguish 'vaccine-associated measles' from 'vaccine-preventable' measles. The only accurate way to do this is by genotyping the virus using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Good thing we can do that, right? Except that doctors are told not to do PCR tests on children with measles who were recently vaccinated. Public health agencies tell doctors that they must report every case of measles – unless it is in children (or adults) who were recently vaccinated."


As I said earlier, not only did no one I know of in my K-8 school have complications from our bouts with measles, mumps, German measles and chickenpox, there were no special education classrooms. No one had tics. There were no outbursts. No one collapsed on the floor. Those were the days, if only we had known it.

And let me add that everybody brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.


As a Democrat, not too many years ago you could be called a Kennedy Democrat which for me would have been a Bobby Kennedy Democrat. Now Democrats have turned their backs on the Kennedy name day going as far as vilifying Robert F Kennedy Jr.


Democrats are Plotkin Democrats.
Democrats are the party of Merck.
Democrats are the party of Glaxo Smith Kline.
Democrats are the party of Sanofi.
Democrats are the party of Pfizer.

As Robert F Kennedy Jr. pointed out, Democrats have given our children to these greedy, homicidal, untrustworthy companies.

Democrats-- go to Hell; do not pass go.

Beleaguered Autism Mom
When China rolls out blood tests for autism and it shows kids brains are damaged not at birth but after the HepB vaccine, what will happen then? CDC schedule gets retracted? Or will lifetime medical exemptions be automated?

Frederic Chopin


So if you didn’t want vaccine mandates, and you knew outbreaks of VPDs would lead to vaccine mandates, why promote VPD outbreaks by encouraging people to not vaccinate?


Not only did no one I know of in my K-8 school have complications from our bouts with measles, mumps, German measles and chickenpox, there were no special education classrooms. No one had tics. There were no outbursts. No one collapsed on the floor. Those were the days, if only we had known it.

Aimee Doyle

@Hera - a great website to promote informed consent is run by Physicians for Informed Consent.

susan welch

Eindecker, No vaccines at all would certainly be preferable to what we have now.

Your naive response "I survived childhood disease OK so what was wrong with that?" distorts the fact that those generations are so much healthier than the children of today. Even you cannot deny that. Harping on about children dying of measles is just propaganda that is everywhere, now that Pharma is panicking. It is, however, a fact that we were not in the least worried about measles until a vaccine was produced. Death from measles had reduced to virtually nil in the western world before the vaccine was introduced and those that did, sadly, die from them had underlying conditions.

I don't even know why I am responding because you know all this.

Please stop treating us as if our knowledge is inferior to yours. We only research because of what we have witnessed.


Dear Eindkcer "Jimmy one wing" I wish you could put your valuable skills knoweledge and experience to better use ?
From ma Aunitie Maggies nursing book 1925 version -Lectures to nurses Margaret S Liddell -Still at home on the bookshelf .
Measles [ Morbilli ]
Measles is essentially a disease of childhood
The actual book itsef is up for sale any buyers interested?


On a practical level, though, to answer your question, you ask what should be done.The reality is that a long time ago, wise people found a solution to medical dilemmas that may involve both advantages and risks.
They decided that the most important thing was informed consent. Informed consent is not " try and hide the side effects, and spin the truth" it is telling both the risks and benefits of the treatment or medication.
And then letting the individual person or their parent, if they are a minor, decide.
It is not about you, or me, deciding for everyone. It is about giving accurate information, and respecting the right of people to make their own medical decisions.
This is an absolute , fundamental human right. We already know what should be done. Now, we need to stop mandates, study the vaccine injured, and give everyone the right to choose for themselves, knowing both the negative and the positive, possible results of their choices.

Aimee Doyle

@Tom -

I don't see that "red" states - with Republican governors and Republican controlled state legislatures are doing much to change the status quo.

You're right the Dems (thinking California and NY) are trying to remove exemptions to mandates. I emphatically disagree with that. But silence and acquiescence in the face of the status quo (currently 1 in 59 kids diagnosed with autism) should not give the Republican party a pass. The current exemptions available in most states aren't doing much to stop the rise of autism.

And speaking of Republicans, the Republican controlled Government Oversight and Reform Committee in the House did NOTHING - held no hearings, did no investigations - during the time Republicans controlled the House. And our Republican President has appointed pro-vax people to all key agencies. And individual Republicans, like Bill Posey, who has the whistleblower dox, has done NOTHING with them.

So when you talk about "voting accordingly" - I'm not sure that voting for Republicans will improve things much.

Happy to hear your arguments to the contrary. I just haven't seen Republicans be much more empathetic to the rising rate of autism than Democrats.


I too had measles, mumps and chickenpox.

Now that last one is really interesting. In the U.S., chickenpox vaccine is crucial.It is so important that a child without just this one vaccine is not following the CDC schedule and needs ( in some states) to be denied their right to an education.

I am assuming you are fine with this, and that you believe that the side effects from chickenpox are so bad that no child deserves an education unless they have had that vaccine.

However, the UK, another first world country does not give routine chickenpox vaccines. They are constantly having a chickenpox "epidemic", it just never makes the news.. And shockingly, they choose this because they really aren't seeing any problems at all with this, and it helps protect their whole society against shingles.
( from the NHS, National Health Service, broadly speaking the government run U.K equivalent of the CDC)

So chickenpox is both so deadly the non chickenpox vaccinated child deserves to lose their education, but also so mild in children it normally isn't even a problem for most....Both happening at the same time, in similar first world countries, no less.

Then we go to the Hepatitis B vaccine. Again, on the CDC schedule, so dangerous a disease that in mandated states, a child doesn't deserve an education because they are so risky to other children.
At the same time, a child with an active Hep B infection cannot be denied access to the school, and in fact is under no obligation to tell the school that they have Hep B. So in the current ridiculous situation, the whole school could be filled with kids with Hep B infections, but a kid without a Hep B vaccination is so dangerous they need to be denied an education.

And in fact, the CDC explains that people with infectious Hep B should not be barred from graduate medical school, either.
Why aren't they excluded, since they will no doubt be dealing regularly with immunocompromised people, far more than in a public school?
"According to the CDC’s July 2012 “Updated Recommendations for Preventing Transmission and Medical Management of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) – Infected Health Care Workers and Students,” no transmission of hepatitis B has been reported in the United States from primary care providers, clinicians, medical or dental students, residents, nurses, or other health care providers to patients since 1991.

“Excluding people with disabilities from higher education based on unfounded fears or incorrect scientific information is unacceptable,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. "

So Hep B infection is both so safe you can go to school and also work with sick patients, and also so unsafe that unvaccinated healthy children should never go to school. Yep, really feeling the logic there.
Apparently the kid would be better off with the active infection than without it, in terms of school attendance.

And it doesn't matter if you think those particular vaccines aren't that important. Just missing either Hep B or chickenpox and getting every other vaccine on the schedule, and you have no right to an education if certain mandates pass.

Of course, adults with only one MMR vaccine; somehow safe to be out in public. Children with less than two vaccines ( unless the state allows titres) too dangerous to attend school.
And the list goes on. The majority of the population here in the U.S. is adult, and they aren't, any of them, vaccinated according to the current CDC schedule which adds more required vaccines or more required doses, almost every year. So basically all adults walking in the stores today are walking "adult disease spreading anti vaxxers" ( an anti vaxxer is now used to describe anyone who has deviated in any way from the complete schedule, according to the mandates) who, if they were children, would be considered too dangerous to get an education.

So, why aren't all those adults from the previous much smaller schedules dead or dying from diseases right now?
Either you need all 68 to be safe to walk in public or get an education, or you don't.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for these updates!

Donna L.

Eindecker, you ask: "So what are you recommending, that measles vaccination stops, and that you're knowingly allowing hundreds of children to die every year from a vaccine preventable disease"

I would like to rephrase that and ask you: "So what are you recommending, that measles vaccination continues, and that you're knowingly allowing hundreds of children to die every year from a vaccine"?

All of your postings here on this site seem to imply that the lives of children who get measles are much more valuable than the children who are damaged, disabled or killed by the measles vaccine. That, to me, is reprehensible.

If that is what you truly believe well, then, damn you to hell. And if it is not what you truly believe, then have you, in all these years of singing the praises of your beloved MMR, done anything at all to nudge medical science toward either developing a safer measles vaccine or a safer time at which it can be administered in order to prevent MMR vaccine injury and death? Have you done anything at all to help children like mine who are profoundly and permanently disabled by this vaccine??


Carol, Angus, Susan et al that's just the same old regurgitated story, "I survived childhood disease OK so what was wrong with that?" Well several hundred children didn't and died of measles every year in the US and a couple of hundred in the UK before vaccines, 10 times that number would have permanent neurological damage and the same number would also die in the long term from SSPE. So what are you recommending, that measles vaccination stops, and that you're knowingly allowing hundreds of children to die every year from a vaccine preventable disease
Are you denying that MMR hasn't prevented measles epidemics and deaths? If so where is your evidence.
"BAM" has stuck her head above the parapet and suggested a return to the 1985 schedule in the hope that the autism rate will drop, but with no evidence to that hope, what vaccines would you give up, perhaps the meningococcal vaccine for teenagers? OK for a few more to die?

So Angus "Pharma for Prison" (or anyone else) what precisely are you suggesting no vaccines at all?

Angus Files

Eindecker we don`t need a "prediction" we KNOW what happens when you dont vaccinate kids as I have two completely un-vaccinated children who would rather take their chances jumping out a window than have a vaccine.This fear has not been caused by us, this fear has come about as they have seen their friends at schools with all the celebrated spectrum of vaccine damage and how normal kids have been made ill today an ambulance at the school for an epileptic-embrace it your BOTH part of the problem.

Pharma For Prison



I had measles, mumps, German measles and chicken pox when I was a kid. So did everybody else I went to school with. I would have known if someone had had complications.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Eindeker, If vaccinations were decreased to the CDC schedule that was used prior to 1985, autism (brain damage) would be back to 1 in 10,000 instead of 1 in 59.

susan welch

Fred, I expected the media and Powers that Be to hype up the dangers of VPD in order to get mandates through in many states.

Eindecker, any thought that you may genuine, just suffering from cognitive dissonance, has now disappeared. You speak as if measles is a bad thing and MMR is a good thing. You are, surely too intelligent to believe that? There was no measles vaccination for my generation or, indeed, for my children's. We are fit and healthy having had, or been exposed to, all the childhood diseases. As you know, from my previous comments, the same cannot be said for my grandsons or hundreds of thousands of other children - many young men/women now. Disabilities such as they have did not exist until the advent of multiple vaccines/bloated schedules.

Enough said


Fred, no-one on this site ever answers that question: some on here don't believe germs cause disease, others think infections make you stronger, others believe that there's no evidence that any vaccine any where ever prevented disease but apart from these there's never an answer to what happens if you stop vaccination. In Wales over here in the UK when we had a measles outbreak a few years ago, including one death, in an area that had much lower vaccine rates thanks to a local press campaign supporting AW, intense publicity for a catch up MMR vaccination campaign stopped it in its' tracks but even that was criticised as "scare mongering", John Stone I seemed to remember rather grudgingly acknowledged it had work, but the single measles vaccine should have been used.

But you never get a prediction on what the outcome would be of not vaccinating !


If you vote just the party line, that is what happens.
The stone deaf politicians can be stone deaf cause they keep getting elected on by the party most in power. The sheep keeps going to the poles and voting for the party that they "Think" is their team; all without having to bother with those pesky issues.

Ahhh, it don't hurt none if they can legalize "all" not just medicinal mary jane, to keep those votes stoned and not bother stone deaf politicians with 1000 people showing up and staying till 4 in the morning.

Frederic Chopin

I've never understood what you all thought would happen once the inevitable VPD outbreaks began occurring in the US. What were your expectations?

David Weiner

As H.L. Mencken stated in 1936:

"The state—or, to make the matter more concrete, the government—consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can’t get, and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time it is made good by looting A to satisfy B. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods."

Some things never change.

Hans Litten

The Crime of all centuries !

Civil disobedience is the only way now.
Give birth at home in secret & hide your children away.
That is basically what we are looking at now.

And anyone on AoA crowing about the democrats better just shut up.

Kathy Sincere

Here is my testimony given for HB1312 yesterday. "I’m the mother of four adult vaccine-injured children – one autistic, one who died, one crippled on permanent disability. I will speak about medical exemptions.

1312 would restrict medical exemptions to the EXTREMELY LIMITED CDC guidelines. These guidelines do not take into consideration ANY genetic variances such as MTHFR which afflicts my family. MTHFR - Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase - impairs the methylation pathways which among other things clears toxins and heavy metals from the body.

I once went to a talk at Children’s Hospital given by Jennifer Reich who wrote a book, “Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines”. During the Q&A, I told Jennifer that I was homozygous for the MTHFR mutation and asked her if she knew what that was. She replied that she didn’t know - she’s a sociologist and not a medical doctor. But a sociologist writing books about vaccine exemption- so she SHOULD have known! I explained to her the consequences of having this genetic mutation.
I questioned why infants weren’t tested for MTHFR before vaccination, Reich replied it was the consensus of doctors and parents that genetic testing shouldn’t be done on newborns and it wasn’t financially feasible. I reminded her that hospitals administer a PKU test to every baby the day it’s born and PKU IS a genetic test. And while only 1 in 10,000 will test positive for PKU, one in six babies will be homozygous for MTHFR. The reality is that MTHFR is only ONE genetic variance out of MANY. More and more will continue to evolve in medical literature. Unbeknownst to me when I vaccinated my children in the 70’s and 80’s, all were homozygous for MTHFR and all my children were vaccine-injured.

I’d like every person in this room or other rooms to please raise your hand if you or your children have MTHFR."


And I concluded "that’s why you can’t mandate one size fits all medicine and your certainly can’t mandate one size fits all medical exemptions."

State Representative/Pharmatrician Dr. Yadira Caraveo. ( querried me about my family’s MTHFR status. She emphatically stated that we couldn’t be homozygous for MTHFR c667t, we had to be heterozygous. I refuted that TWICE and she still went on to ignorantly repeat this, saying if we were homozygous my family would have homocystinuria. She essentially called me a liar or brain-dead know-nothing.

How ignorant of genetics! She implied that MTHFR is indeed tested the day the baby is born because they do the homocystinuria test along with the PKU. You can be sure that she was primed with that flawed information on her cell phone while I was testifying.

Dr./Representative Caraveo pulled out her Doctor card and tried to sound so very educated....... These are the facts: homocystinuria is a disorder of impaired methylation but a blood test for it is NOT a test for MTHFR genetic variance. Apples and Oranges.

Stick to what you know Dr./Representative Caraveo - injecting innocent children with toxins that will impair their health for the rest of their lives......and they'll never know they have YOU TO BLAME.

what fresh hell is this

good timing, Texans!

new Lyme va$$ine coming, can't travel to northeast w/o va$$ planned!!!

"The target population for VLA15 includes individuals at risk above 2 years of age living in endemic areas, people planning to travel to endemic areas to pursue outdoor activities and people at risk who have a history of Lyme disease.

Valneva reported final Phase 1 data and positive initial booster data regarding VLA15 in January 2019. And, the Phase 2 study is expected to be approximately 2-years in duration with interim data expected mid-2020. "
from precision vaccinations dot con
oops I meant com.


Not that either party is without their faults, but the (D) seem to be really pushing this agenda across the country. So much for the party of civil rights. Need to start voting accordingly to balance the scales a bit...


Texans Propose to "Give The Boot" To Vaccine Mandates - Nature of Healing


Colorado has the lowest Kindergarten vaxxination rate in the country... then, where are all the small diseased bodies piling up?

Sean Burke

I testified at 2am. Hours of hearing heart breaking stories but they could care less. The problem is the other side wheels out a bunch of doctors who deny vaccine adverse events or they say there are very rare. The ACIP schedule is insane. You can opt out by going to the health department and signing a waiver but most will just go along with the now required yearly flu shots and HPV vaccines for boys and girls. Opt out of the flu shot or HPV and you need a waiver. The democratic party right now is out of control. Vote everyone of them out. This was a party line vote. This bill will create carnage. If this goes through look for New Jersey type autism numbers in 5 to 6 years. Nobody is safe anywhere any more.

Laura Hayes

Speaking of the herd, Bob:

Vaccines cause herd susceptibility, not herd immunity.

(Can't take credit for that wise statement, as it is from a brilliant colleague.)

Angus Files

Votes paid for with children's life`s murdered for Pharma Party funding,shame on them..

Forwarded to me..

"After concerns about the MMR jab were raised again by the family, Ms McKenna said in her conclusion to the court: "There is no evidence to suggest a clear link between the MMR vaccine and his death."
Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

When are these legislators .. who claim their only concern is the health of the 'herd" .. going to begin protecting that "herd" .. not from so-called communicable diseases .. but .. protecting the "herd" from the KNOWN RISKS OF VACCINES? How about some legislative effort to strengthen the policies by which vaccines are manufactured, approved, recommended, MONITORED for safety and efficiency? Why is it that PARENTS are the ONLY subjects being TOLD WHAT TO DO TO PROTECT THE HERD .. while no one says a single word to vaccine manufacturers about making products that are not DANGEROUS TO THE HERD?

Consider the following;

During 2004-2014 .. the CDC reported zero deaths from measles .. during that same time frame .. it has been reported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) … that 108 died from MMR vaccines.

A 2011 study by Ottawah Hospital Research Institute found 1 in 168 babies had emergency room visits within 4-12 days following 12 month MMR vaccination. Several children died during this study .. the exact number was not disclosed.

A Harvard Pilgrim study funded by HHS revealed less than 1% of vaccine injuries are reported .. meaning 99% of vaccine injuries are not reported.

Not one vaccine on the schedule was tested using a true placebo .. instead all vaccines have been tested against previous vaccines or misidentified as placebos containing adjuvants, such as, aluminum.

Pharmaceutical drugs are tested and monitored for 4 to 5 years prior to receiving a license to manufacture and sell. Vaccines are tested for 4 or 5 DAYS.

CDC's listed warnings of adverse reactions to the measles vaccine are ... "fever, rash, cough, runny nose, red watery eyes .. with complications that can include ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia, brain damage and death"? The CDC's listed warnings for Mumps component of MMR is even longer containing more serious risks


Laura Hayes

Just like in CA, looks like the CO votes were paid for in advance.

Paul Picha


How many (that weren't paid to be there) showed up in support??

a river of money

"how high is the water, mama?"

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