"Thousands May Have Gotten Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma From Monsanto Round Up"
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President Trump Declares Measles Vaccine Important.

From an MSNBC report yesterday: President Donald Trump commented on the recent measles outbreaks, saying that people "have to get their shots" and called vaccinations "important."

Will the First Lady share her children's vaccination status, please? We would have like to have seen the Obama girls' records too. No partisanship here at AofA.  Both sides of a rotten apple with a pharma profit core.

Trump on Vaccination During Measles Outbreak MSNBC


Grace Green

I'm aware it's a comedy programme - one of my favourites - but I was sure I heard that bit about collageen as one of the TRUTHS. My son and I stared at each other in horror so he heard it too. We'd all better listen again on Listen Again and see if we got it wrong.

Hans Litten

Here is the Comedy Eindecker.
Duke Univ Finds Possible Link Between Autism and Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy !
After extensively testing all vaccinations back to front, and front to back, Duke University has given intravenous metals laden, foreign virus laden vaccination the clean bill of health and has moved on to look at hamburgers, cheeseburger with large fries and a vanilla milkshake as the cause of the Autism Pandemic (New Jersey now recording a male infant rate of 1 in 9).

And then they thought what about anti-depressants (not such a bad idea I do agree).
however very depressing when they really haven't looked at the elephant in the room at all.

Laurel & Hardy, Abbot & Costelloe, Chris Rock ..... in fact any comedian in the last 125 years could have found the chief main cause of the Autism Pandemic (which is the crime of vaccine)
But you can bet your life Duke University (or Yale-Oxford-Cambridge etc) never will.
Charlie Chaplin would have found it. Rob Schneider did. Jim Carey knows.

Posted by: Eindeker | May 02, 2019 at 06:35 AM


An international team led by Duke-NUS Medical School has found a potential link between autistic-like behaviour in adult mice and exposure to a common antidepressant in the womb. They also identified a treatment that helped improve memory loss and social interactions, according to the new study published in the journal Molecular Brain.

Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for treating major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, including in pregnant women. One of the most commonly prescribed antidepressants is fluoxetine, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Fluoxetine can cross the placenta and is also detected in breast milk. Little is known about its safety during pregnancy, and not enough studies have been conducted on its long-term effects on offspring.

“Many human association studies have been conducted to investigate connections between antidepressant exposure during pregnancy and children with autism and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). But they have not been able to pinpoint a causal relationship,” stated Associate Professor Hyunsoo Shawn Je, from Duke-NUS’ Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders (NBD) Programme, a senior and corresponding author of the study.


"Cosmetics, Morag? I heard on a BBC Radio 4 programme on Monday - called The Unbelievable Truth - that China sells collageen processed from executed people to it's a comedy program Grace....."Game show in which panellists compete to see how many nuggets of truth they are able to to hide amongst their lies" Joke's in bad taste but normally quite a funny show


Hello Grace, no have not heard about that ,oh yuk, could folk end up growing an additional set of eyebrows, to get plucked, by professional pluckers, in the eyebrow grooming departments?
some cosmetics are a "Big Beige Area " rather than a "Grea Area ?" of consumer choice ?

Animal musks ! The Dark Secret of Perfume, Civet, Musk -Velvet .
https/purrfumery.com/pages animal-musks-the-dark-secret -of -perfume.
I would pay extra for an alternative, or just do without, thanks but no thanks!

Department of Health [ Marketing Sector ] used to tell and sell us the adverts to "Go to work on an egg " Aye Right ! What type of egg exactly ?
See Chewing The Fat . Eggs you Tube

Grace Green

Cosmetics, Morag? I heard on a BBC Radio 4 programme on Monday - called The Unbelievable Truth - that China sells collageen processed from executed people to Western cosmetics companies. Can this be true? Somebody tell me it isn't, things have gone way too far.


Donald Trump angers Scots with ban on Irn-Bru at luxury golf resort.
https/www.theguardian.com 9 May 2018
Barr's Irn-Bru produced since 1901 - fails health and safety risk assessment ,for carpets and other soft furnishings ? Oh What! are carpets more "Important" than health and safety risk assessments of current vaccinations schedule or people's religious and conscientious objections for conscription of vaccination mandates !
Ach well! see,
Irn -Bru British T.V. Adverts YouTube .
Hairspray for viewing "Optional, not that important" Cautions include , anticipated side effets,adverse reactions of His and Her's "Lip Gloss" getting, knocked- for-six-sideways!
Risk always outweighs the benefit for politicians ,doing their business on their own front lawns?


Kyle; I have talked to my politicians for the last30 years. I have written, called, gone to campaign dinners, lunches, breakfasts, even served them burgoo and mint julips at a historic governor's mansion picnic during the Kentucky derby week. During primary elections if they are standing around the lunch rooms of the schools, campaigning I have spoken. Big sigh here. Rand Paul is the only one that seem to get it. Him , and a state representative. That is about it. The rest are hard as nails. They think I am one of the few.

I have decided that considering all that Trump has said on the matter in the past; that it is not over.
Trump seems very unpredictable. I will wait it out.

By the way Time magazine when they were taking the survey of how many believed that vaccines are unsafe, only 4 % of those over 65 believe that vaccines are unsafe. Bernie is closed minded on this issues. He already has proven that from he said the last time around.

It is unbelievable to me how little sympathy there is from the world in general when it comes to an injury or death from a vaccine. It is like they consider we deserve it.

Kyles mom

Sorry about typos!! Phone!

Kyles mom

Whoops we have to find strategies that dont rely on trusting a single person. We have to tell our stories one by one to everyone we can and stop being afraid because we have been silenced and it has been very effective. Had 100 people talked to Bernie when he was mayor he would now know this. We need a trojan horse candidate smart enoufh to shut ip until elected. Lets all go to campaign events and tell all the staff we can. Lets tell our state reps our mayors. We dint know who will rise. Sadly rhis is a longe term game then we ever thought. We also have ro remind them that they do not want to be on wrong side of thalidomide that when they do speak out pharma will stage an epidemic to stop them that the media will panic and scream. We need to —innoculate—them
Against these tactics. Also tell your church leaders, your priest, your rabbi, your muslim leader (sorry do not know term), your Minister. Tell everyone. If they hear it once they will scoff. When they hear it 7 times they will start to listen. Watch spotlight. The truth is painful. We have it. They do not.

Kyles mom

Respecrfully trump fans this is your blue dress moment. I defended Clinton and said Monica was a conspiracy and he would never lie to our face. Well he did. Trump has clearly betrayed all of us and had likely been paid off or bargained with. He cares about his son, not ours. He is even worse than others who did not know this firsthand. I could not trust or vote for him but HRC’s snarky grandma comment meant I did not vote for her either. We have to face it. We have to find strategies that dont involc


I wasn't at all surprised by Trump's comments, as I remembered his interview with Sharyl Attkisson where he said almost the exact same thing.
April, 2016...

At the Vaxism FB page there is a brief clip of Andrew Wakefield discussing his meeting with Donald Trump prior to the election. (I do not have the link, but it was posted April 26)

Terrific article from JB Handley...regarding the letter the Am. Academy of Pediatrics sent to President Trump in Feb. 2017...
'Vaccine Safety Commission'-50 Studies the AAP failed to send to President Trump


The morons in the govt and congress will force vaccinate all Americans until the US is turned to Guatemala or stone age. The only hope for survival is mass resistance of the people. This is outright war of pharma criminals and govt medical fascists against us.

The optimistic take on this is that he has only recommended one vaccine in response to an outbreak, so may still be willing to take action to investigate the full CDC schedule if he can overcome whatever pressure forced him to abandon his project with RFK Jr.

No 'Science is pure' -- no optimistic take. Trump didn't say the vaccine is so important, but 'vaccines' are so important. From his inaction since he became President it was quite apparent that Trump was done with us.


Science is pure,
"The optimistic take on this is that he has only recommended one vaccine in response to an outbreak"
one that has human DNA fragments from aborted fetal tissue
one that is involved in a fraud case by its own virologists
one that gives people vaccine strain measles
one that has killed (Holly's law)

Gary Ogden

So many good comments here. Yes, this is a betrayal, but also an act of political expediency by a president facing re-election, while spending his entire first term beset by the soft coup of the phony Russian collusion investigation. Fact is, we no longer have a representative democracy. We have plutocracy; government of, by, and for the wealthy. It will not end well. No one in power in the federal government will ever admit to intentionally poisoning so many children. Yet they most certainly know.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

The optimistic take on this is that he has only recommended one vaccine in response to an outbreak, so may still be willing to take action to investigate the full CDC schedule if he can overcome whatever pressure forced him to abandon his project with RFK Jr.

It is however truly disappointing although only too predictable.

Grace Green

I've heard that individual States are taking anti-climate change steps in spite of Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement. The same could happen re vaccines - we the people could win the battle with our own Resistance. There are more of us, and we have the power to resist.

Bob Moffit

@ Benedetta

I think I heard the year 2030 as the year all indications predict autism rate will be 1 in every 2.

Remaining hopeful that Trump will use his "everyone must get vaccinated" comment to eventually become HIS reason for restoring parental faith and trust in vaccines by creating his campaign promise to create a Committee to investigate vaccine safety and efficiency. I think it will be easier for Trump to move forward on the Committee now that he has clearly stated "everyone should get vaccinated".

Trump is always bragging about restoring our military forces .. and .. should the prediction of 1 in every 2 be diagnosed autistic … we as a country are going to have far more men/women of military service age … unqualified to serve due to the fact that 54% of today's children have neurological/biological/physical development problems that will automatically deny them the opportunity to serve even if they wanted to.

Consider my small family .. I was drafted at 18 years of age in the 1960's .. today I have military age members of my family .. 1 asthma, 1 autistic, 1 peanut allergy .. 3 out of 6 who would not be eligible for draft god forbid we ever had to reinstitute it. I also know of close relatives with extended families who have young adults with type 1 diabetes and ADHD. In fact I know more young adults who cannot serve due to poor health .. than adults healthy enough to serve.. SOMETHING AIN'T RIGHT .. AND .. TRUMP HAD BETTER BEGIN NOTICING IT.

Angus Files

“Sometimes in life you have to let people breathe before it all comes back to bite you!”

Thats what Trump threatened the EU with its deals with the UK.

Possibly hes allowing Pharma to breath again,which I hope not as he has made big funding cuts at the CDC et-al.If we have to suck up the comment about measels as part of the trade off hes a business man first so be it.


Pharma For Prison



I’ve been talking about this turnabout on another site and am convinced that it is related to Trump’s re-election. Trump has done another deal, in order to gain support. not sure with whom exactly but I don’t believe it’s about money or the Wall.


Time magazine said that a poll they took showed that about 1 out of 10 Americans do believe vaccines are unsafe. About 18percent of the population.

It took me decades to reach the conclusion that not one darn vaccine is worth it . That is a pretty long time, and I have been paying attention. I am slow though, most people are faster.

I hope it is about getting reelected, but maybe it is giving up on a battle to difficult, Trump is put in his place at last and made to behave; after all his presidency has been clouded from day one with just out right coup about Russia. Crazy, the world is crazy. I need to find a cave somewhere and stock it up.

What is the year that 1 out of 2 children will have autism. I think I asked that already.


But then we have this U tube of Bill Gates after the meeting making fun of Trump and Gates even said that Trump asked what he thought of Kennedy and the commission.

Not something that would endear Trump to Gates in this U tube.

I don't think I can figure this out.


Jeannette Bishop

Anyone know a way to study how often a triple or quadruple live virus vaccine may be shedding and causing maternal immune activation, and perhaps aluminum (other metals?) mobilization, particularly in vaccinated pregnant mothers who may perhaps be less likely to know they are experiencing an immune activation event, potentially then "resulting in" autism in their soon-to-be-born infants?

And in 2024 (or maybe some less political year) ... will we be having horrible "national emergency cold seasons" .... because some vax-dodger crossed an insecure border somewhere between Oregon and California, or something like that?



Hopefully this is the right video. I posted the wrong one earlier. Sorry.


So, what year is that 1 out of 2 children will have autism?

Bill Gates came in and talked to Trump after Kennedy.
Here is a U tube on what it might have been like to sit and listen to what Bill Gates - hero and savior of man kind sounds like.


All American Presidents have one thing in common: They are all medically ignorant and rely on the medical/vaccine dogma they recieve from national health leaders and advisors.

Davaid, I respectfully disagree with you. It's not a case of these politicians not knowing what time of the day it is -- they do! All our attempts to plead and reason with them is falling on deaf ears because the vaccination battle is not an ideological one, involving an honest disagreement over the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Instead, it is a political battle. These politicians are simply doing what is politically expedient.


The alarming numbers of autism increasing from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 35 is one of the greatest tragedies of our lives. We, the parents, have to suffer a lifetime of heartache, stress, uncertainty, and debilitating depression because of the damage the vaccine industry has done to our children. I can not believe that the government and established health organizations such as the CDC and the NIH are not investing multi-millions for research into finding the cure that will reverse this tragedy and recover now entire generations from this catastrophe. I will never give up hope that someone out there will find the answer and CURE our precious children who did not deserve this to happen. I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting.

david m burd

All American Presidents have one thing in common: They are all medically ignorant and rely on the medical/vaccine dogma they recieve from national health leaders and advisors.

Currently the worst medical leaders, though wrongly esteemed, are epitomized by NIAID's Anthony Fauci, and those at CDC who worship their (incredibly toxic) Vaccine God.

Trump is (understandably) not knowledgebly capable of taking on the Vaccine/CDC Industry. Yet, I don't know why he ignores RFK Jr's Chlldrens Health Defense with their citing hundreds of studies indicting vaccines' horrors.

Somehow, Trump has been "kept in the dark" despite his vocal concerns of 3 years ago. Why? I can only ask.


Funny, I remember a few days ago reading two articles with journalists decrying Trump's silence on vaccines in lieu of the measles outbreaks. Sure enough we now have Trump standing on the Front Lawn telling a reporter that parents should vaccinate their kids. With this about face I read that the political establishment has come to an 'understanding' that publicly they must promote and defend vaccines at all costs, and one of those costs being the autism epidemic. The problem for them though is we also have their ear, and privately they too have their misgivings and are not up for the risks. In a way I am amused by them. Imagine having the brawn but feeling impotent at the same time!


Vicki Hill,
Maybe we should make the right to vote contingent on one’s vaccination status?


Mandatory vax is medical fascism.


How did Kennedy get this study from the deepest dungeons from the CDC, about the Hep causing 1100percent increase of autism at birth? Who sat on this? Will there be jail time?


Autism Investigated

"No partisanship here at AofA." - All the states that have stripped or are trying to strip their exemptions are run by Democrat governors and legislatures. Rand Paul took a stand against vaccine mandates when it was not popular for him to do so.

go Trump

The US of A has long been a corporation, rather than a country.

Those in Washington serve not the public, but those who control the finances of the nation and the world. They can start long wars if needed, to destroy things and then lend money to rebuild which can take 50 to 100 years. They can trash & collaspe any industry they want, including Wall Street which would take only a few days.

Everyone including the President has to stay line, a 20 billion dollar vaccine industry cannot be harmed in any way.

Barry Stern

Supporting Bob Moffit's observation about the rich bending the rules to take care of their own, here is another example:
Before California outlawed non-medical exemptions, a leading national magazine reported that in several Beverly Hills and Santa Monica schools up to 70 percent of parents were filing a “personal belief exemption” (PBE) form that allowed children to forgo vaccinations. Now what do you suppose these rich folks knew that the rest of us did not? Probably that they were aware of research directly tying the modern vaccine schedule to the onset of autism, and that the Center for Disease Control had falsified data and covered it up. From friends and relatives they became aware that caring for an autistic child often results in lifelong heartache and stress among parents leading to bankruptcy, family dysfunction and divorce (80%+). Yet autism is almost non-existent in groups that don't get vaccinated such as the Amish. The rich are connecting these dots, but they don't brag about it since they make money from investments in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines.


Wonder if Trump is being guided by the economic figures alone?
The US needs its economy to continuously grow, so that its revenues stay ahead of its spending.
As we all know. For the first time since the Second World War its expenditure has become grater than its income. For those who live out side the US, have a quick look at the US Debt Clock to see the problem - animated in real time.

Healthcare is the largest growing market sector and stands at some $ 3Tn per year so far, so appears to be the only sector keeping the whole economy from imminent collapse.
However, googling for a definition of ECONOMY: ”Efficiently and Conservatively orient the materials for production and Distribution of life supporting goods."
Looks to me like a whole bunch of people from top to bottom have not only dropped the ball but lost it in the long grass.

Maybe government (from top to bottom) is being assured by lobbyists, that just as manufacturing is shedding labour with the use of robots, the next generation of robots that will be able to work outside factories. They will take up the slack caused by an unhealthy population. Wont be sustainable though. Metal-slaves will ‘unbalance’ the nations competitiveness and mojo as much as the over reliance on human slaves did in the past. Is it just coincidence that when the Western Hemisphere was having its First Industrial revolution and shedding labour due to steam power, the quick solution to the resulting plight of poverty was compulsory vaccination?

"There is always an easy solution to every human problem -- neat, plausible, and wrong." H. L. Mencken


In an equal opportunity sort of way--Democrats are destroying our children and Republicans are destroying our planet. Quite a team they make.


Vicki, that's a great point. I wouldn't be worried if my daughter were eight, but she's eighteen, having gotten a monovalent measles vaccine when she was a baby. Does she have any immunity?

It's worth reminding ourselves that Andrew Wakefield recommended the no-longer-available monovalent measles vaccine over MMR due to the largely inadequate safety studies on MMR. For more about inadequate MMR safety studies see https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/shocking-mmr-vaccine-trial-results-released-via-foia/


that moment where a Republican President embraces Bill de Blasio and aborted fetal cells.

Angus Files

Mr Kennedy hinted to the change back in March..


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said on Tuesday that the Trump administration had turned its back on vaccine skeptics, including himself, after initially expressing interest in creating a group to look into their safety.

“He told me that he wanted to create a vaccine safety commission and that he wanted me to chair it,” Kennedy said in response to a question at the Connecticut Vaccine Science Forum. “He asked me to announce it at a press conference, to the press at Trump tower and almost immediately I started feeling a lot of blowback within the administration.”

Kennedy said that at the beginning of the administration, he met with Trump, former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, senior adviser Jared Kushner, former senior advisor Steve Bannon and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway about setting up the commission.

“I was very optimistic about it,” he said, adding that he initially was given “high level meetings” with “agencies” and presented a powerpoint detailing his group’s belief that vaccines were harmful to children.

“We left convinced the White House was going to follow up and then the White House went dark,” Kennedy said.

Pharma For Prison



The tide of public opinion IS shifting. Look at the comments here:


The comments are extremely well informed and that would not have been the case even a year ago.

The cat is out of the bag.


Bear with me as I dig my way out of the rabbit hole, but doesn’t the timing of the question seem odd? Measles mongering had been going on for months now. Feels like more than mere coincidence that Pharmedia would juxtapose the measles question with Biden’s campaign launch. The launch that referenced Trump’s defense of the “Unite the Right” gang in Charlottesville. The defense that prompted Merck’s CEO to take a stand against Trump. I think they were trying to goad Trump into saying something they would “debunk” later.

Please excuse me now, I have to get the dirt out of my eyes.

Gary Ogden

Betrayed once again by our fearless leaders. Amazingly short memories people have. Trump knows perfectly well that he, like everyone else in our cohort got measles. Never again will I vote for anyone for president.

Vicki Hill

Sadly, it IS very important for adults...now. Those of us who had measles as children had mild illnesses and are now immune. Those who got the vaccine didn't have measles as children and the vaccine's temporary immunity has now waned, making the 18 - 55 age adult population vulnerable. Adulthood is a time when folks are far more likely to have serious side effects from these "childhood" diseases.

The crazy part is their focus on vaccinating the children - for whom the disease would be mild and they could be easily quarantined. (We did that for centuries.) They need to focus efforts on the adult whose immune systems they screwed up with a vaccine that didn't do what folks were promised.

In hindsight, a much smarter policy from day one would have been to vaccinate every 18 yo who had not yet had the disease. Let the kids develop natural immunity and save the vaccine for those who somehow missed it. (Oh, the way the NHS does in Britain for chicken pox vaccine....)

Coram Deo

video - 11 minutes 22 seconds
How did humans first contract the measles virus? How has measles affected the human population over time? What is the difference between morbidity and mortality statistics? In this lecture, Andrew Wakefield discusses the pathological history of the measles virus in humans. Using this foundation, the coming lectures will build upon this understanding of measles' natural history.

Bob Moffit

We can expect the same "bending of the rules" that wealthy parents opted for to get their precious child into a prestigious college .. with great assistance from those prestigious colleges .. goes on all the time with same wealthy, politically connected, public health officials and such .. opting to EXEMPT their precious child from dangerous vaccine schedule … while piously pleading to media that ALL CHILLDREN MUST GET VACCINATED IMMEDIATELY.

Hopefully .. Trump will have no excuse for failing to act on his original intention to create a Commission to investigate vaccine safety and efficiency .. with RFK and other notable, well qualified representatives … absent the usual conflict of interest .. biased .. pro-vaccine high priests.

After all .. in the two years Trump has been President .. autism has risen from 1 in 62 to 1 in 35 .. with every indication predicting it will be a 1 in 2 rate of autism by 2030. If nothing else .. that looming national crisis deserves as much attention by our President as that damn wall he is desperately trying to build. I agree with him on the wall … but … if I had to choose one crisis over the other .. unless SOMETHING IS DONE TO STOP IT … it would be the possibility that 1 in every 2 of our children will be diagnosed autistic by 2030.

As far as priorities go …. it is AUTISM hands down.

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