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Physician, Father and Caretaker of 29 Year Old Autistic Man Found Brutally Murdered

Weep"One family member said Derek “can be violent and has attacked Rex in the past,” court documents stated. The family member also said Derek’s mother had died years ago and Rex was taking care of him alone."

This grisly story offers another side to the shiny, happy portrayal of autism during the month of April. A Spokane, Washington widowed physician, age 61, was found brutally murdered and his 29 year old, preverbal autistic son living amid squalor. It appears that the son is at least, a suspect. If not, he is also a victim, left alone in the home without life skills.  Either version is a far cry from what we're spoon fed about autism. This kind of tragic story is going to repeat itself over and over, like the stories of autistic children wandering and drowning. Parents will age. Strong adult men (and women) with autism will rage. The future may be bleak and harsh. Meanwhile, we're told we are "allowed" to seek awareness, but not cure or even true treatment. Our loved ones must suffer a lifetime of... autism.  God bless Dr. Rex Porter and his son Derek.


Detectives are investigating the death of a retired Spokane anesthesiologist whose body was found dismembered and burned in the backyard of his Dishman Hills area home.

The victim, Dr. Rex C. Porter, 61, previously worked for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. He was the caretaker of his son, Derek C. Porter, 29, who is autistic and nonverbal, according to court documents. They lived on an 11-acre property in the 2800 block of South Park Lane near the Iller Creek Conservation Area.

On Saturday, a neighbor called 911 to report that Porter’s car had been sitting in the driveway for two days with a door open. A garage door had been left open, too.

Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies responded Sunday to the house for a welfare check, according to a search warrant filed Tuesday in Spokane County Superior Court.

Deputies reported seeing the house in disarray as they looked through the windows, including broken glass on the floor. Attempts to call Rex Porter were unsuccessful, prompting deputies to enter the house. They smelled a strong odor they believed to be animal feces, according to court documents.

Deputies continued their search downstairs to the basement and found more glass, along with blood and damaged items. They opened a door and “suddenly an adult male was standing in front of them with only shorts and a T-shirt,” according to court documents.

Deputies detained the individual, believing he was squatting in the house, according to court records.

In the bathroom, the toilet was full of feces and the sink held what deputies thought was the remains of a dead animal, court records stated....  Read more at


Grace Green

Mr. Dead Weight,
I have read your comment and heard your cry. I'm sure others have too, many of whom will not even have time to write a response, or perhaps feel the futility of doing so. I can offer nothing except to say you are not alone in your situation. The cry of all the suffering goes out into the universe. One day it will be answered.


Hi Dead Weight,
You sound like you are in a very bad spot, and need help immediately.
Can you go to the doctor and tell them how bad you feel? Like now, today. Bring your son with you. Dirty diapers and all. Ask for a mental health check for you, right now.Tell them what is going on,and what you are thinking and saying to your son. . You sound depressed, and you also sound like maybe your son's life may be at risk. Also, ask them to get you an appointment with a social worker to help with respite care/his bills, and placement.
You know the reality is your son can have a good life after you die; maybe a better one than he is having right now, being told that he is a burden, or that he will die a horrible death after you die. People, even non verbal people sometimes understand more than you think. I was a nurse once, ( left the profession a long time ago now) and caring for someone non verbal ( with proper breaks, , support and a life outside work ), can be very rewarding for the right person in the right situation, and getting a smile from a non verbal person is a reward of its own. So your son may in fact be just fine after your death.
If things get really bad and you think about harming your son or yourself, go straight to the nearest emergency room. Tell them you are losing it, tell them you can't stop thinking about harming your son or yourself. Don't let them talk you into saying you feel better. Insist you are a risk of harm to you or your son. Legally if you make a fuss and say you still want to harm yourself or someone else, they have to keep you and assess you at a mental health facility. 48 hours of a break, right? And they have to take care of your son, because he is right there. It may even bump you further up on the group home placement .
If you are not at that stage, you can also call a suicide hotline and talk. A kind voice on the other end of the line can help, and that is what they are there for. People who are feeling overwhelmed and need some human contact to help them get through stuff.
And please take care of yourself right now today, with some kind of treat. Favorite chocolate, Favorite tv show. Rent a movie to watch. Take a long bath. Whatever you can do to bring a little more joy into your life. And maybe do the same for your son. Favorite food, perhaps?

You mention medicare, so I am guessing you are in the U.S. Which state are you in?
It might help people to give better suggestions.
Please everyone, can you help with ideas and thoughts here?

Dead Weight

I find the timing of me coming upon this story to be very ironic.

As a widower whose wife passed away some years back, and who is now approaching my fifth year of caring by myself for my adult son with autism, I am waiting to hear that my son can be moved into a group home. It is unpleasant to consider that he won't be moving out.

I've often told him that if something happens to me, he might as well be dead, too. The best scenario is that he dies first, by whatever means. But if I die first, there is no hope for him. He'll live for days, resting in his diaper, with the urine and feces eating into his skin.

Should my son not be moving out, I think it will be because the group of people that made that decision think that I am like so many others who make such requests...people who want to keep their two/three cars, their boat, their vacation home, their careers...their lifestyle. People who haven't really given up much at all to care for their child.

People who have wanted to have their cake and eat it, too.

But for us, it's a matter of survival.

The mortgage company has given me a six-months deferment on payments. After that six months, the mortgage will have been in arrears for 9 months, and I have little idea how that will get paid, along with the regular monthly payments.

For the entire time that my son has lived with me -- almost four years now -- I've paid all of the bills out of my pocket. I didn't realize he had insurance. My savings, proceeds from the sale of my house (we moved), my retirement from work (which I left to care for my son)'s all gone.

SSA cut off all benefits some months back when I wanted to have his Medicare insurance cancelled so that I could take the money from the premium to pay for electricity, food and other more-immediate bills. Over the proceeding months we were able to get things back to normal, with an added benefit. So for now, we're able to make ends meet.

But what of those people who will get "The Prize" of group home placement? What have they given up to care for their child? Why should they be selected over me?

I think of that UK woman some time back who, with her autistic child, walked to a bridge, and jumped. I don't know for sure why she did it, but I know why I'd do it.

Where is "family"? Where are "friends"?

I've been at this 47 months, alone, with not one day off. Really. Not one day.

Every day it's me: cooking, cleaning, bathing, wiping his ass, enduring the near-constant smell of urine and feces, taking much-needed money and "investing" it in someone who does nothing and will never be more than nothing.

Well, there ARE two things I can say about my son:

1) There is no need for astronomers to look into the vast openness of space to find a black hole. My son is the epitome of a black hole: he sucks in everything around him, leaving them with nothing: no passion, no vibrancy, no hope, no money...nothing;

2) He could easily be the poster child for abortion.

Now, of course people will criticize me for some of what I have said. I myself hate how I feel around him, and what I think and say about him. But I will say this: he has value to others only because they have never...and will never...have to bear the full weight of caring for him. For them it's a job. He's their employer.

Not for me. I have taken it all on...for four, long and lonely years.

No more.

(Sorry to bitch and whine, and to put the focus on my situation when there is much grief to be had for this father. My condolences to his family and friends (presuming he had some).)


I live in Spokane and have been following this story. I have no personal history with Autism, but this story intrigued me. The Mother died 2 years ago and was this boys/mans main caretaker. She wrote a book about living with Autism, which I bought and read. Its called "Break on Through" by Constance Porter. According to the book the child/man sounded very aggressive. Now I am curious as to how the mother died. Such a sad story all around.


Beleaguered Autism Mom, I too wondered?
Not only that but burn a body. A fire is not an easy thing, I know; I just got done burning a big huge brush pile, myself?


Another tragic story about a family with autism. We have heard so many tragic stories of families with autism that we can not even comprehend could happen. We have also heard so many tragic stories of people with autism living in group homes and state institutions.
As Bob Moffit said, "God bless both dad and son...their lives of "quiet desperation" could apply to all of us."

Beleaguered Autism Mom

So a non-verbal guy found wearing little clothing and does not flush the toilet is capable of dismembering a body?

Mom 4 Truth

A horrible, tragic story. May I ask why the term "pre-verbal" is used? It seems to imply the 29-year-old autistic man will become verbal which only adds to the overly optimistic portrayal of autism that this post strives to refute.

Angus Files

Horror story come to life.A normal family and this is what happens...of course nothing to do with vaccines and autism that and only that,the Political class are sure of.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Heart breaking tragedy for this father and the apparently beloved 29 year old son that dad has been lovingly caring for his entire life.

Don't know what happened .. but .. I find it hard to believe the son was mentally capable of "dismembering and burning" the body … in an obvious .. some would say cunning .. attempt to destroy evidence of what happened?

God bless both dad and his son .. their lives of "quiet desperation" could apply to all of us.

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