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Mayor de Blasio Demands 3 Vaccines to fight One Disease Outbreak in Heavily Jewish Brooklyn Area

All or nothingWhat? THREE VACCINES? Yes. There is NO MEASLES VACCINE. Not since Merck stopped making it in 2009. Perhaps the Vaxstapo should be pounding on MERCK'S door, not local citizens.  Even when you choose to vaccinate for measles, you really have no choice. You must vaccinate for mumps and rubella whether you need (additional) protection or not. And if you think the mumps vaccine component is effective we have both a bridge in Brooklyn AND a Navy Ship in quarantine at sea to sell you.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday declared a public health emergency in a heavily Orthodox Jewish section of Brooklyn amid a growing measles outbreak.

As part of the declaration, people living in select zip codes of Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood who have not been vaccinated against measles and may have been exposed to the highly-contagious virus will now be required to get the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Source ABC News

To "fight" the measles outbreak amid the Hasidic community in an area of the borough of Brooklyn, New York (the city of New York is divided into 5 distinct boroughs, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island) he is mandating vaccination for not just measles, but also mumps and rubella. Two diseases not currently in any sort of outbreak, unless you count a Naval ship that is sitting out of commission in the middle of the ocean, but that's another post.

Merck stopped making the MEASLES vaccine in 2009 .  Parents who may well have opted for this single - monovalent - vaccine have said no to the combination MMR vaccine. Why should families have to choose to vaccinated for three diseases at once? The removal of the Measles vaccine may be at the root of many of the outbreaks. If public health officials were really concerned with health, and disease prevention, they would be pounding on MERCK'S door demanding the monovalent vaccination, not on the doors of religious families exercising their right to vaccine exemption.

Allison Chapman wrote a post for Age of Autism about Merck's decision to limit parental product choice back in 2009 (read the full post here.)

Your choice to work with your pediatrician on safer vaccine schedule has just received a very large blow.  Merck and Co. has decided to take away your option of separating the MMR, instead of getting the whole shebang at once.  Forget those who may be predisposed to not handling 3 viruses at once; you know the weak, the infant who may need a bit more time.  What if they are unable to take one of the viruses due to allergy of an ingredient, but have decided to go ahead with one or both of the others?  Well too bad, allergy or not you have lost your right to choose.  It’s now, all or nothing. (HERE)

I’m shocked at such a move.  Why on earth at a time when some Doctors are just barely beginning with work with their patient’s parents by creating a schedule per individual child, is Merck deciding to pull the plug?  Is this something they believe will quiet the supposed anti-vaccine crowd?  Quiet the MMR/Autism controversy?  I highly doubt it.  This is a mistake of monumental proportions that will likely come back to bite them as given only the choice of all or nothing, many more may choose nothing.  So you can stop banging down our doors at that point because the blame will be in the mirror.

The vaccine court was set up for the purpose of when adverse reactions happen to some children, vaccines have always been known to have side effects for some, and vaccine court is there to compensate them when there is sufficient evidence.  On Christmas Day I learned of a recent case in vaccine court just decided in favor of a child who developed seizure disorder and acute encephalopathy or the marked deterioration in neurologic development as a result of the MMR, his name is Ben Zeller. (HERE)

Anyone watching Ben Zeller’s parents holding him, this beautiful child, without the ability to sit up or fend for himself at all, would be overwhelmed with compassion, those of us with injured children can feel the knife passing through us. Click HERE to watch video.

The media continues to blame "the unvaxed" for the spate of cases in California. Perhaps they should ask Merck why they limited product choice.



My daughter received the measles only shot in Europe in 2011 or so, at age 4, after having a documented reaction to dtap at 4 months.

My son has received dtap at age 6 and mmr at age 9 (which he had a reaction to).

That's all.. I plan to bring this "proof" this summer when we go to the US.. but how ridiculous!

Very curious exactly *how* they plan to keep track of people who are travelling or on vacation from different countries?



Mayor de Blasio - Jimmy two names? Evolutionary divergence " from taking birth name of father Warren Wilhelm ?
Dr Oxiris Barbot said in a statement " This outbreak is being fuled by a small group of anti-vaxxers in these neighborhoods. They have been spreading dangerous misinformation based on fake science "
Dr oxiris Barbot - New York City Health Commissioner .
Are United Nations Headquarters and departmental side-kicks, CDC ,WHO , doing it's business on it's own front lawns and back-yard Zip Codes of freedom and democracy ?
Huge laundry bill predictable for "Cultural genocide"in its own City States and "Compact Communities" with Free MMR Vaccine / Vaccine macht Frei ? Vaccines make you free , otherwise 1000 Dollar fine or what else ,jail time? That's the choices , That's the options , take it or leave it ?
Oh what! Oh Pooh ! Christopher Robin Had Wheezles and sneezles they bundeled him into his bed Poem By A A Milne

Runrig - At The Bethany Church in Harlem ,New York USA . You Tube

Shelley Tzorfas

Take the syringe with blood on it proving you were vaccinated against Mumps, Rubella and Measles and place it on the door jam. This way the illegal inspectors working under an illegal discriminatory law, which outlines Jewish Zip codes, in a rude failure to do away with your Constitutional Rights and Religious Rights, can see the syringes and skip the search and Seizures. It is the children who get injected with Aborted Fetal Cells that are considered to be "Live Vaccines" because they Shed illnesses such as measles and mumps to others for up to 30-60 days. It is those children who will have Brain Encephalitis or seizures possibly for the rest of their lives as stated in the inserts.

Bob Moffit

One of two letters to NY Post on vaccine mandate …

Re: "Emergency Vax Command .. Blas orders mandatory measles shots for W'burg"

The unprecedented move requires everyone who isn't already immune to measles, who lives, works or attends schools within four targeted ZIP codes, be vaccinated within 48 hours. Apparently the bedrock standard of equal protection under law no longer applies in New York City, where ZIP codes now determine which inhabitants of New York City will be prosecuted for being unvaccinated.

I hate the analogy of comparing the Mayor of NYC with the former Chancellor of Nazi Germany, but the Mayor's edict targeting inhabitants of selective ZIP codes is eerily reminiscent of the infamous targeting of the inhabitants of Warsaw's Ghetto in Poland.

Bob Moffitt

David m burd

Bob Moffit,

I'm always encouraged by your comments, but I'd like to expand on THE major rationale for combining three vaccines (or more) in one syringe injection.

The Medical Nazies long ago dictated 27+ vaccines (including 2 flu shots containing ethylmercury at 6 & 7 months) be injected by 7 months into American babies via two techniques:

First, combine measles/mumps/rubella into one shot; Second, at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, inject 7 to 8 vaccine doses within minutes of each other at their insanely-called "Well Baby Visits", which should more aptly be called the "Destroy Baby Visits."

Angus Files

If being anti-vaccine means that because you know the contents of vaccines and realise that in them there are very dangerous products and decide not to inject them into the most precious things in the world babies-if that`s anti vaccine that`s me!
Hire a dumper truck get it filled with 1000 dollars in nickels..and dump it at the mayors office.. job done!.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan
Lawyer Patricia Finn has also set up a funding page which is easier to donate to if you live outside the US.

Hans Litten

The fight of our very lives is on !

Tonya Prim

I couldn't open either one of those Ben Zeller links, but I searched YouTube, and this worked for me.

cia parker

Does Judge Ralph Thorsen's injunction of the mandate in Rockford County not factor into this mandate in NYC? He said the number of cases of measles wasn't enough to qualify as a public health emergency. Are any lawsuits being filed to avoid the thousand dollar fine for refusing?

Jenny Allan

In the UK it is still possible to obtain monovalent measles vaccinations in a few private clinics. The vaccine has to be imported from another country e.g. Switzerland. Monovalent vaccines for mumps and rubella are no longer available.

Bob Moffit

Once again .. Dr Andrew Wakefield comes to mind … as he has been "vilified, demonized, isolated" by the vaccine media-mafia and public health thugs .. losing his professional medical license, his career, his reputation, his country …. for having had the courage to recommend children in the UK receive the single dose measles vaccine .. instead of Merck's triple MMR vaccine.

If Mayor DeBlasio truly believes the measles is such a devastating, dangerous disease … why hasn't he and the entire public health bureaucracy of New York State issued a public demand that MERCK immediately begin distributing the MEASLES VACCINE .. absent the other two UNNECESSARY DISEASES … MUMPS AND RUBELLA??? If the hysteria over measles is so critical .. and … it is all about the CHILDREN ... why not force MERCK to provide children with the SAFEST VACCINE POSSIBLE .. THAT BEING THE MEASLES VACCINE ALONE.



I have heard DeBlasio's unwarranted, thuggish attack on unvaccinated children has already been challenged in a court of law ...

Jeannette Bishop

Is this for MMR only or all "recommended" vaccines, ...Gardasil, flu shot, etc?

susan welch

Children's Health Defense has set up a fighting fund for anyone who would like to donate.


"His potential candidacy has not caused much enthusiasm, even in New York. A poll released this week from Quinnipiac University found that 76 percent of New York City voters believe the mayor should not run for president."

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