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Kennedy, Krakow and Finn File Legal Challenge to Brooklyn Forced Vaccination

Maine DHHS Admits that They Keep No Data on Vaccine Injury. Does Your State?

by Ginger Taylor, MS

The Number of Vaccine Injuries Recognized by the State of Maine
In February, LD 798 was written by the pharmaceutical industry and introduced in Maine.  It removes the religious and philosophical vaccine exemption from Maine state law.  For everything.  

Because Maine has  high vaccine rates, and little incidence of outbreaks of vaccine targeted illnesses, the vaccine industry in the state needed a justification for the bill, and they chose immunocompromised children.  The Maine DHHS holds the position that Maine should have a 100% vaccine uptake rate for schools (and daycare and preschool and college and health corporations) to protect children with compromised immune systems, and create "safe schools" for them to attend that will not pose a threat to their health.

Last month, in the run up to the hearings on the bill, I asked the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs to ask Maine DHHS for the foundational data that must be provided to the public before a bill that removes one risk group of children from school, to protect another risk group, should even be considered.

How many children are being harmed by the Maine Immunization Program as compared to how many children are being harmed by the diseases for which we vaccinate in Maine?

Specifically the Committee was asked:

"We are looking for data that informs the baseline question that should be asked before LD 798 is considered, and thousands of Mainers are dismissed from work or a lifetime of schooling.

Under the current policy, what are the permanent adverse outcomes of participation in the Maine Immunization Program as compared to the permanent adverse outcomes of the illness for which we are vaccinating.

Can you ask Maine DHHS:

What is the rate of serious vaccine adverse events in Maine that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
What is the number of serious vaccine adverse events in Maine that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
What is the estimated cost to Maine for permanent adverse vaccine outcomes?
What is the rate of serious complications from vaccine targeted illnesses in Maine that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
What is the number of serious complications from vaccine targeted illnesses in Maine that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
What is the estimated cost to Maine for permanent adverse outcomes from vaccine targeted illnesses?

Thank you for your attention to this important matter,

Ginger Taylor, MS

DHHS has answered that question for the committee.  They "actually have no available answers to these questions."

"From: Perkins, Scott [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, March 7, 2019 2:20 PM
To: Grant, Ben
Subject: RE: Question from concerned citizen


Good afternoon Ben,

We actually have no available answers to these questions.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a self-reporting system that any individual, healthcare provider, or healthcare facility can use to report an adverse event following a vaccine. These reports are then used by the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) to conduct vaccine safety studies based on any data that has raised questions or concerns. Neither of these systems are related to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) which is a separate federal program that provides compensation to individuals whose injuries may have been caused by certain vaccines.

Most VAERS reports are made within days of the event and include no documentation on long term outcomes. VAERS receives an average of 196 Maine reports (not necessarily adverse events) per year, 15.5% of these not actually being side effects, but administration errors or vaccine storage errors. The symptoms on these reports range from no adverse event (minor) to an anaphylactic reaction (serious), but no follow up to include the actually long-term outcome. It is impossible to determine based on this data what a federal court system would deem “serious adverse events resulting in permanent injury, illness, disability, or death” or award compensation for.

In follow up, data would come from NVICP:"

DHHS then goes onto discuss the Vaccine Events Reporting System administered by CDC, which does not investigate the cases of vaccine injury reported to them, and which is considered to be a useless metric of true vaccine injury by anyone involved in the vaccine safety conversation. 

VAERS was investigated by Harvard Pilgrim a decade ago at the behest of the US CDC, to make recommendations for improvements to the system.  Harvard Pilgrim found that less than 1% of reactions actually found there way into the database, but they were unable to finish their contracted work because CDC simply stopped returning their calls.  Full report here.

"...fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported...Unfortunately, there was never an opportunity to perform system performance assessments because the necessary CDC contacts were no longer available and the CDC consultants responsible for receiving data were no longer responsive to our multiple requests to proceed with testing and evaluation."

Further Maine DHHS didn't even bother to run a search on how many total adverse outcomes were reported to VAERS from Maine.  The number is 3,758, including 6 deaths.  They all may be unfounded reports, or we may need to add a zero to that number to discern the true number.  We have no idea.

Finally, health care providers and subject to mandated reporting of adverse reactions to VAERS (section 2125(b) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 300aa-25(b))), yet the Maine Immunization Program Provider Policy and Procedure Manual 2019 (attached) presents the information on VAERS reporting as if it is optional:

"Reports of adverse events are welcome from all concerned individuals, including
the following:
• Patients,
• Parents,
• Healthcare professionals,
• Pharmacists, and
• Vaccine manufacturers."

The State of Maine has admitted that they don't know how many people are permanently harmed or killed by their vaccine program.  Thus the functional vaccine adverse outcome rate for their vaccine program is ZERO.  This despite thousands of reports, which may in reality be tens of thousands of injuries. 

This answer alone should kill LD 798.  Yet it has passed out of the Education Committee and will be voted on in the Maine House of Representatives as soon as Tuesday.

Not only should LD 798 be shut down immediately, the Maine Immunization Program should be investigated, scuttled and rebuilt from the ground up.

You cannot justify a public health program, which MANDATES medical products for children, and which refuses to conduct any surveillance of adverse outcomes to their program, or and which refuses to provide any medical care or compensation for injured Mainers for even the most severe injuries, up to and including, death.

There is no vaccine safety infrastructure in Maine.

Additionally, please note, Maine DHHS did not provide ANY information on the adverse outcome rate for vaccine targeted illnesses for Maine children, immunocompromised or otherwise, whom the bill sponsor is claiming are in danger from those he wants denied the right to an education.  I can find NO reports of permanent harm or death in Maine children from vaccine targeted illnesses in the 21st century.  

During the hearings, a legislator asked the Maine CDC:

"How many school-aged children in Maine do not physically attend school (stay at home) because they have an autoimmune disease?"

Maine CDC answered in writing:

"Maine CDC does not have this information."

Those who voted the Maine bill "ought to pass" in our Education Committee, recognized that the law would violate religious and minority rights, but said it should be done for "The Greater Good."  So how exactly do you calculate The Greater Good with no data on either side of the equation?  According to the majority of the education committee:
"We don't know" vs. "We have no data"  = The Greater Good is whatever you want it to be
This equation and this bill is bereft of logic.
So what about your state? 
How many vaccine injuries are recognized by the State of New York as they seek to force vaccinated?  What is the vaccine injury rate in Washington according to the State of Washington?
What is the number for RISK in the risk/benefit analysis of your state vaccine program?
Ask them.

Request that your state representative ask your state health department or vaccine program the following questions:
  • What is the rate of serious vaccine adverse events in our state that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
  • What is the number of serious vaccine adverse events in our state that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
  • What is the estimated cost to our state for permanent adverse vaccine outcomes?
  • What is the rate of serious complications from vaccine targeted illnesses in our state that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
  • What is the number of serious complications from vaccine targeted illnesses in our state that result in permanent injury, illness, disability and death per year?
  • What is the estimated cost to our state for permanent adverse outcomes from vaccine targeted illnesses?


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Ginger excellent questions for the state of California regarding vaccine injury since we have mandatory vaccination of all school children. However, there is no one willing to answer these importation questions at the state level. Instead we get this:
Inquiries regarding vaccinations/immunization records are handled by the local (county) public health department. For assistance, please contact the appropriate county. For your convenience, we have provided a link to all county public health departments:
I tried my county public health department, but the email link doesn’t work and my phone calls have not been returned.

Grace Green

That's interesting about the " bleeding easily". In my experience mercury can cause bleeding gums, nose bleeds, bruising etc. Perhaps these children who the CDC thinks shouldn't get the MMR have already had way too much mercury, and they know that mercury plus live viruses is not a good combination.

White Rose

Posted by: Larry Nichols | April 15, 2019 at 03:01 PM

You are preaching to the converted Larry - in my case.
Vaccinocide Hg-enocide

M Rice

So, the MMR insert says that certain individuals should not receive the vaccine. Isn’t this group — ostensibly the 1% who have immune system problems — the exact group of kids who Maine is trying to force to get vaccinated? The vast majority of unvaccinated have either had a serious reaction to a vaccine or a close relative has had a serious reaction. They can’t get a medical exemption because of Big Pharma pressure on doctors not to give exemptions. Nobody except basically the dying can get an exemption, even though these kids should get one, according to the vaccine insert. Yet now Maine wants to force those same highly-reactive kids, who are really the whole reason behind “85% herd immunity” — they’re the ones herd immunity is supposed to protect — Maine is forcing that highly-reactive group of kids to get the MMR to protect ... wait for it ... themselves from themselves? That is some serious Big Pharma doublespeak. Only in a system as fully corrupt as ours would that kind of double-speak get passed into law.


Bob Moffit rocks! Awesome content! Good read! This point is well received! Now we need deaf ears to listen!!#Takethemdown!!!

R Prasad

@Bob Moffit,
Take a bow 🙇 for your brilliant arguments. If only the legislators, doctors and health experts think like you!!

Tonya Prim

@Bob Moffit
Good analysis.
Your comments always give me something to think about.
I agree that we should, whenever possible, "PUBLICLY ask each politician and public health official" to back up their positions.

Dennis Dale

Unbelievable the power and influence the Pharma industry has,sadly it seems the corporations own our legislators. Really this is a crime against people.

Larry  Nichols

Vaccination is just another word for "MURDER", otherwise known as "Soft-kill" !!!!!! ( it helps their De-population agenda along) !!

R Prasad

They don't keep Vaccine injury data, but assure the people that "Vaccines are 100% safe and don't cause Autism". Hypocrisy died 1000 deaths.


Just found an interesting article by the CDC ( I was wondering who these mythical children who shouldn't get vaccines actually were)
Each vaccine has its own list of exceptions, some with not many, but the MMR contraindications include
"Has a parent, brother, or sister with a history of immune system problems.
Has ever had a condition that makes them bruise or bleed easily."

May be useful to some in Maine, if the bill does get passed.

R's dad

Kudos to you, Ginger, for asking the critical questions and for your hard-hitting reporting on this horrifying state of affairs.

Beth Clay

Consumers and advocacy groups in every state need to be asking the questions legislators aren't asking. This is very good and informative reporting.

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately .. the people who have valid, common sense questions such as those provided, do not have the opportunity, in a highly visible public setting, to ask those very questions to State, Local politicians or public health authorities that "mandate recommended and approved vaccines". The people are relegated to make such inquiries through letters, emails, telephone calls to various 'stakeholders' which can easily be dismissed or ignored.

If I could … I would PUBLICLY ask each politician and public health official if they are aware of the myriad of well-known problems causing more and more parents reluctant to vaccinate their children. If they ARE AWARE .. I would then ask them to identify what measures they have personally undertaken to improve the obvious failings of our vaccines and the policies by which they are approved, recommended, MONITORED, etc? Indeed … would they actively, aggressively pursue the readily available funds to conduct a scientific, independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations, to ascertain once and for all .. if BOTH POPULATIONS have suffered the same life-long, life-threatening chronic autoimmune disorders that are far more common today than in all previous LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS. If not .. why not?????

In any event, consider the difference between two powerful regulated industries .. Boeing aircraft and the FAA .. and .. Merck and the CDC,

Recently two Boeing aircraft plummeted from the skies .. killing hundreds of passengers on board both airplanes .. which immediately resulted in President Trump issuing an order that 'grounded" all Boeing planes of the same design that "inexplicably failed" Those planes remain grounded to this date .. awaiting Boeing's explanation for what happened and what actions Boeing has taken to restore the public's trust in their product.

In direct contrast … it has been SEVEN YEARS since two whistleblowers accused MERCK of corrupting research on their patented Mumps vaccine .. substituting rabbit's blood for human blood .. giving a false reading of the 'efficiency" of the vaccine. To date .. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE .. by ANY of the public health regulatory bureaucracies .. to guarantee MERCK'S vaccine is as safe and efficient as MERCK claims it to be.

Apparently … the FAA was forced to act in the best interest of the people who fly airplanes because a few hundred passengers died .. video's of the tragedies widely disseminated. The CDC/HHS remains paralyzed in pursuing the allegations against MERCK because the damage being done is a lot less notable .. certainly no videos of those severely injured INDIVIDUALS .. who can therefore be easily be IGNORED.

Today those very same public health regulatory agencies are in a FRENZY to VACCINATE the entire HERD because a few hundred cases of MEASLES have been reported nationwide .. while in the State of New Jersey just reported 1 IN 35 CHILDREN ARE BEING DIAGNOSE AUTISTIC EVERY DAY.

Lesson learned .. if you are going to lose a loved one better it be caused by a plane crash .. rather than by a vaccine … because the death of your loved one protecting the 'herd" is obviously less valuable or worth saving.

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