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Jacobson Must Die: Rockland County Jews Barred from Worshipping God Unless They Disobey God

by Ginger Taylor, MS

If even ONE Jew is barred from entering a place of worship on Passover... we have a big problem.

Rockland County has told the Jewish people that they cannot obey God, and worship Him as He instructed them, unless they first inject aborted fetal cell remains and pig into themselves and their children.

Which God has instructed them not to do.

"And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you." - Leviticus 11:7-8

But unless they disobey God in his instructions in Leviticus, Rockland County will not let them obey Exodus 12:

“I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night and strike every firstborn male in the land of Egypt, both man and beast. I am Yahweh; I will execute judgments against all the gods of Egypt.  The blood on the houses where you are staying will be a distinguishing mark for you; when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No plague will be among you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.

“This day is to be a memorial for you, and you must celebrate it as a festival to the Lord. You are to celebrate it throughout your generations as a permanent statute..."

New York has turned going to a house of worship for a regular service established thousands of years ago, into an act of civil disobedience.

Rockland County tells Jews to decide how they will decide to defy the God of the Old Testament who has preserved them for thousands of years from Egyptian slavery to the Holocaust: - Rockland County officials desperate to limit the spread of the measles outbreak before it becomes an outright epidemic on Tuesday banned all exposed, unvaccinated people from public gathering places, including houses of worship, for the next three weeks, AP reported. The order coincides with religious celebrations of both Passover and Easter...

On Tuesday, NYC health officials ordered the residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which is densely Jewish Orthodox, to be vaccinated for measles or face fines as high as $1,000. The same officials noted that this may be the first time in more than 100 years that such stiff measures have been used...

Back in 1905, the Supreme Court upheld an order forcing smallpox vaccinations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in 1922 the court upheld states’ right to impose school-vaccination programs, which has since established the schools as the avenue for dispensing vaccinations...

In 1905, in HENNING JACOBSON v. COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS, SCOTUS held that a pastor who didn't want to pay the five dollar fine for failing to get the Massachusetts government prescribed smallpox vaccine, had to pay the $5.  The Massachusetts order was issued ONLY to adults, to address an epidemic of a deadly disease for which there was no treatment.  And SCOTUS also said that such orders by governments could not be onerous or unreasonable.

Governments then took the ruling and applied it to onerous and unreasonable orders, including orders for children to get dozens of vaccines, even for diseases that had been completely absent in their states (or country) at the cost of the price of an education ($50k and up.)

Oliver Wendell Holmes even decided he could use the law upholding a FIVE DOLLAR FINE to force sterilize women, writing in the case of Buck v. Bell that: 

" order to prevent our being swamped with incompetence. It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 , 25 S. Ct. 358, 3 Ann. Cas. 765. Three generations of imbeciles are enough."

That demonic ruling in Buck v. Bell still stands, by the way.  If the individual states did not prevent it by law, you could have your right to reproduce violently removed tomorrow in the United States, and it would be legal.

So where is the line?  If a five dollar fine is allowed by law, but having your reproductive organs involuntary mutilated is anathema to the American mind, where is the line?  

Or maybe the continued good standing of both Jacobson and Buck mean that the Jews can be put back into ghettos and camps for the protection of the public, and that I can be strapped down and cut into because I am a, "probable potential parent of socially inadequate offspring."  All you have to do is state the government has a "compelling interest" and shout, "GREATER GOOD!"  What say you, America?  How far past that little FIVE DOLLAR FINE can government go?  Where is the line?

Is the blatant violation of the rights of the The Jewish People to practice sacraments thousands of years old to prevent even one case of what is now a nuisance infection (treated with Vitamin A) in the US over the line?

When I say that we have a big problem, I don't just mean with the First Amendment.  I mean with the God who drowned the whole damn Egyptian Army when they went after His People.  Let him who has ears to hear, let him hear.

This matter must go back to the Supreme Court.

Jacobsen must die.


Angus Files

But, again, if we lived in the Congo where Ebola and yellow fever outbreaks are common, I think getting the vaccines would be a reasonable choice.

It Simply depends on how frightened you are of the over hyped pharma fear mongering.No vaccines needed here ever. Reasonable to give the Kardashians and Jenner some credibility to I suppose,but were not dealing with reasonable people.Reasoning is the last thing on the minds of pharma companies who are guilty of child abuse by vaccination.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Wouldn't it have to be considered a judgment call as to whether high fever, vomiting black emesis, dehydrating diarrhea, liver failure, kidney failure, and death were better or worse than autism, thrombocytopenia, or arthritis? I'm not going to say that life at any price is better, but short of that, I think you'd have to say that there are extremely painful and disabling conditions from either the more serious diseases or the vaccines. You'd have to think carefully about which diseases you or your children were most likely to be exposed to, about how likely it was that they would be severe or fatal, how dangerous the vaccines for them were as far as we know now, and how common vaccine reactions were in your family. Certainly not take any vaccine just in case. But, again, if we lived in the Congo where Ebola and yellow fever outbreaks are common, I think getting the vaccines would be a reasonable choice.

Angus Files

contagious diseases are often a serious problem for many or denying that, for all their dangers,..

What about the vaccine disease called autism and all the vaccine associated illneses that go with it Chronic arthritis, Thrombocytopenic Purpura, & polio etc etc.Where is for the better good in any of that its deliberate child abuse and the practitioners should be locked up and go to hell with it branded on their souls.

Pharma For Prion


cia parker


A friend sent me this link this morning, regarding a report on the new Ebola vaccine which appears to be safe (with all necessary caveats included) and effective in combatting a current Ebola outbreak in Africa. Thank you, friend!

Some issues are complex, and there are pros and cons on both sides. Vaccines are one of them, but denying that contagious diseases are often a serious problem for many or denying that, for all their dangers, vaccines are sometimes a gamble worth taking in order to save lives, I don't think is a good strategy.

Angus Files

"I have no answer as to how the vaccines could be ethically tested on children. Babies and children have bodies which react differently in many ways to those of adults. But if there's no ethical way to test vaccines designed for children, it might be that testing them only on adult volunteers might be the only way to do it."

We live in the times of the Kardashians but do we all have to believe they have any credibility just like there ancestor Jenner and his animal human derived vaccination potions.Good for making money the story ends.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


But it's still the case that vaccines can save lives. They can also do serious neurological and immune damage as well as damage to any body organ or system. But even as they are now, they can save the lives of those who would otherwise both get and be disabled or killed by the contagious diseases. No one should just take all of them on offer blindly, but should research his own situation and decide based on what diseases would be a danger, possibly a serious danger, in his time and place. No one can make a perfect judgment, not a parent, not a doctor. Measles and chickenpox, etc., are fairly mild diseases for most, but not for all. But I would not prohibit parents from choosing the vaccines to prevent them if they are more afraid of the diseases than of the vaccines. In some cases they would be right. Because most of the vaccines (not all) do a good job of preventing the targeted diseases. I would certainly try to educate them and also teach them about homeopathic prevention and treatment.

I have no answer as to how the vaccines could be ethically tested on children. Babies and children have bodies which react differently in many ways to those of adults. But if there's no ethical way to test vaccines designed for children, it might be that testing them only on adult volunteers might be the only way to do it.


Cia I would first ask and address is that the system in place, the whole HHS, CDC, NIH, ACIP, and what ever I am forgetting is so broken and systemically corrupt, we have to abandon the notion that the problems inherent in vaccines and pharmaceuticals in general can be resolved by how vaccines are developed and tested. The system is broken and doctors indoctrinated by a broken system are good at breaking the health of children and adults.

That's the platform I running on when I declare my candidacy.

cia parker


I agree that the practices you describe were and are wrong. The next question is, how should the vaccines be tested? Everyone agrees that they have not been thoroughly tested. Should it be only on adult volunteers? It would mean that it would not be possible to test any vaccine on children, since no child is able to give informed consent to such testing. May parents freely choose to give a vaccine to their children based on their sincere belief that it would be in the child's best interest? Not call it testing, just keep track of adverse reactions which are noted?

Grace Green

You're right - I've just been reading again about the children born to unmarried mothers in Ireland, in Convents, and kept there for adoption. They were used for experimenting vaccines on, without the consent of their mothers, and this happened before, during and after WW2, and was one of the things we condemned the Nazis for at Nuremberg. It still has not be officially admitted, or compensated. What hope for the rest of us if the government can't even see that human rights have to be upheld post Nuremberg.


In response to Cia and David: Plotkin Protocols are that you test your vaccine on children whose mother's are in prison; test vaccines on children who are of no social value to society; test vaccines on children who are human in form only. To be clear, Plotkin stated that his protocols are likely sending him to hell and I agree with him 100%. I just wish he would get on NBC and state to the world what he has done then go to hell and take Peter Hotez and a few others with him. Plotkin epitomizes evil.

Cia and David, does this clarify my previous comment and we all can have a glass of wine or coffee together? It will be on me.

cia parker


I didn't say that it was 100% safe: no vaccine could be. I said only that seizures in a few were the only serious effect noted at that time. Sort of like with the tetanus or diphtheria vaccines: yes, many serious reactions have happened, but everyone I have ever known has gotten many doses of them. Maybe they did damage that neither they nor anyone else has ever realized, but I'm the only one I know who had both arms paralyzed the same day as a tetanus booster. I think it was because of the mercury in it, but I guess it might have been from the tetanus pathogen itself, altered though it was. The mercury has since been removed except for maybe trace amounts. To my mind it is safe enough for children to get after the age of two years old. I would never say that it was always safe for everyone, but tetanus is such a horrifying, deadly disease, and diphtheria isn't a threat here and now, but that could change, and then it would also be a horrifying, deadly disease that most parents would want to protect their children from.

The question is only what one should do if one lives where a serious outbreak of a contagious disease is occurring, and there is a vaccine available which appears to be reasonably safe and effective. We all know that that NEVER means 100% safe and effective. But if you read accounts of outbreaks of Ebola, yellow fever, diphtheria (and I know it can usually be treated with antibiotics now), cases of tetanus or meningitis (meningococcal meningitis, often swiftly deadly, is sometimes epidemic in the north of Africa), and you imagine what you would do if you were living there, I think it would have to be a very brave (foolhardy?) person who would seek no protection. I stopped for a few minutes to think if I am certain enough that homeopathic prophylaxis would be sufficient to protect us in a crisis situation. I think it would be, but in an Ebola situation I would probably get both the vaccine and the nosode and appropriate remedies. The way I did our puppy, I ultimately chickened out and got her both the nosodes and the vaccines for parvo, distemper, and rabies.

I don't think mumps is a very relevant disease/vaccine in this discussion, as the vaccine by itself, though often ineffective, can be, but usually isn't dangerous, and the disease is not very serious. Not serious at all in children, and usually not very serious in adults either. What would you do if your family wanted to go to the Amazon basin to celebrate Carnaval in a remote village experiencing a yellow fever outbreak? I think anyone with any sense would not go at that time, I don't know, what if your husband's mother was in the village dying and it was your last chance to see her? Would you get the yellow fever vaccine before going?

I made a mistake about the author of the book I'm reading, it's Cathérine Gaucher, Homéopathie, Medecine Tropicale et Humanitarire. Took it three months to arrive from France. I was a little surprised that she said that almost everyone going to or in a yellow fever zone should get the vaccine, with the exception of children under one year old and pregnant women. Since the death of the 66 year old English doctor in January from the vaccine, and general knowledge that the vaccine is dangerous in those over 65, 60, or even 55, depending on your source, I thought she would have said something about older people. I'm also a little surprised that she didn't recommend the nosode as the primary protection. The book was published in 2002, so maybe not as much was known about nosodes then, or maybe she has had experience with yellow fever that I can only imagine. She gives a lot of information on remedies and their indications for yellow fever, but she has said several times that she recommends both allopathic AND homeopathic prevention and treatment of cases of yellow fever and other diseases as well.

None of us will ever live in a society which assures adequate nutrition, living conditions, protection from stress, etc., for all of us. No society could ever do so. Those of us in developed countries have benefitted from many measures taken by previous generations, so that we don't fully appreciate how it came about that we no longer have malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, cholera, etc., in the US. We are lucky that there is no contagious disease here which would kill large numbers of people EVEN if no one vaccinated at all (and of course "large" numbers is a relative term). But I think it's interesting and important to put ourselves in the place of those who live in Third World countries, and consider what they should do to protect themselves. What their options are, I mean, the ultimate decision would always have to be left up to them.

cia parker

Two of my replies here were not put up. David, you are mistaken in several ways about Ebola. I certainly understand that vaccines are dangerous and one should only get the minimum necessary, which is a judgment call which can be intelligently decided in any of several ways, but with no assurance that it will prove to be the right one. It is also necessary to be well-informed as to the dangers and likelihood of contracting the different VPDs in the area in which you live or will travel.

Ebola has not been around forever in humans. No one knows how long it has been around in its vector, a certain species of bat. Nor how long it has infected mammals in Africa, especially apes. It made the species leap from animals to humans in 1976, unless it infected a few without its being recorded at some earlier time, they all died, and it did not spread. It was probably able to do this through the consumption of bush meat and through contact with infected bat guano. When a new disease appears like this, it is often extremely virulent and deadly, until people's immune systems get some experience with it and develop strategies for coping with it.

Anyone who is interested can type in "Ebola first appears 1976" to find the sources of what we know about when it first appeared. Richard Preston wrote The Hot Zone about the early history of Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic disease, and it is a fascinating book. The first recorded example of Ebola in humans was in a French expatriate in Africa who got it, became very ill, flew to the capital for treatment, but quickly died, infecting a nurse and a doctor at the hospital. The nurse died of it, the doctor, after severe sickness, recovered. A Danish family in that country toured a cave in the area with hundreds of thousands of that species of bats, with tons of their guano in the cave. Only the fourteen-year old son, healthy, athletic, was infected, probably from touching the guano and then his face. No one else in his family contracted the disease. The boy died, previously healthy and well-nourished though he was.

From an almost 100% fatality rate in many areas in the late '70s, people's immune systems learned about the virus, and the fatality rate was lowered, varying by country and year.

From what we now know and have seen, Ebola is unlikely to become epidemic in developed countries. That's why I hypothesized a scenario in which the virus had undergone a mutation, which is a common thing to occur, as in the case of bird flu.

400 health care workers are recorded as having gotten Ebola in 2014-15, and over 200 died of it.

11,079 died in the epidemic five years ago. Of course that is a drop in the bucket compared to the total world population, but if you lived in a stricken area, your chances of getting it would be very high, as would be your chances of dying of it. I remember reports of a young doctor of African origin living and working in the US who went back to Africa to fight the epidemic in 2014, and died of it.

I would leave it to the judgment of every individual as to whether or not to get the vaccine which is available now, or the homeopathic nosode, but this is an example in which most people living or working in an affected area would think it was worth taking the risk of the vaccine in order to reduce the chances of dying of the disease. I would not mandate it and I don't personally care whether or not anyone takes or rejects the vaccine, although it makes me sad when children die because their parents made an ill-judged decision. As with rabies, yellow fever, etc. Being well-nourished will not be sufficient to protect you in the case that you are exposed to these diseases.

"The first outbreak of Ebola virus disease was reported in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976, in a community near to Ebola River, that is the reason of its name. That was a devastating outbreak with 318 cases and 218 deaths for a case fatality ratio of 88%, one of the most deadly outbreak in history.

Since 1976, 26 outbreaks of Ebola virus has occurred in ten countries of Africa, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa, Uganda. Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia; one of America, United States of America and one of Europe, Spain.
Democratic Republic of Congo is the country with the highest number of outbreaks (7) followed by Uganda which has been affected by five outbreaks. All these outbreaks have presented a high level of severity with case fatality rate in the range of 25% (Uganda, 2007) to 90% (Congo, 2003), excluding those outbreaks with zero deaths (0% fatality) and those with only one case that died (100% fatality). as considered extreme situations."

notable cases


Exactly David M Burd. And it is even worse than that.

Many of the people who were said to have died from ebola didn't even have hemorrhagic disease! Doctors just mixed them all up and anybody who died who was anywhere near someone else who supposedly had ebola was said to have died from ebola too, regardless of their symptoms.

Anti-vaxers are deluding themselves if they think that Jacobsen would ever be gotten rid of for as long as the phrase "highly contagious" is considered a valid entity.

I have been saying it for 15 years. The best argument - by a million miles - is to point out that doctors have been plying their trade surrounded by sick people germs for thousands of years despite living normal lifespans. That is the key argument. It breaks people's fear of contagion down - slowly but completely.

david m burd

To michael,

Do Plotkin's Protocols go into the toxicity of vaccines' excipients? Or toxic contaminants that can never actually known (because they cannot be tested for)?

As to Ebola in the three African Countries, creating a vaccine for something that has existed forever, and though hyped/fear-mongered by the Vaccine Industry and Mainstream Media: This all follows the model of making up an alleged dangerous pathogen, that never strikes the well-nourished, but then having a toxic vaccine forced on the gullible, conditioned public.

Boom! Ever increasing catastrophic/permanent vaccine-damage to millions of families, for a fabricated "pandemic".

cia parker


I'd just say that everyone must research the issue and make his own decision. If several of my neighbors on this block had all just died of Ebola, and no one on the next block had because they'd all gotten the vaccine, and they all seemed to be unaffected by the vaccine, I personally would probably get the vaccine regardless of what testing it had undergone. Also true that this morning I picked up a bottle of a homeopathic remedy and saw that it was crotalus horridus, good for treating (and preventing) Ebola, yellow fever, and dengue (all in the same flavivirus family). I don't remember when I got it. Although even so, I'd probably take the route of both the vaccine and the homeopathic preventive. But to each his own.

cia parker


It's not absurd. We're not in that situation now, but we might be. For the first several decades, from 1976 on, Ebola had something like 95% mortality. It occurred in rural villages for the most part until the outbreak in 2014 when it reached the cities, where it sickened many thousands, though mortality dropped to about 50%. In its village stage, it completely wiped out entire villages, as well as entire herds of gorillas. There have been many very severe pandemics which sickened a huge percentage of the populations they affected, from black death to cholera, with very high mortality. When cholera reached France two hundred years ago, many people waltzing at a ball fell dead as they were dancing. It inspired Poe's Masque of the Red Death. Bird flu started to mutate fifteen years ago so that it could be transmitted person to person. We've just been lucky up until now.

At this time there is no VPD which is both severe and common enough in developed countries that it poses a high threat to large numbers of people. I believe in the requirement for free and informed consent regardless, even in my Ebola scenario, parents should be free to refuse the vaccine but be required to take their children out of school for the duration. Measles certainly doesn't pose such a threat. I read last night in a new book about homeopathy for contagious diseases in the Third World that in Africa the measles pathogen isn't more dangerous in itself than in the developed world, it's the malnourishment and endemic disease of so many children which causes it to be from 50 to 100 times more deadly than in developed countries. There it's deadly in about 10%, but measles is still very beneficial to the long-term health of the 90% who recover from it when they get it.

My point was just that in some circumstances, the risk of the vaccine pales before the risk of the disease in question. I read the section in my new book about rabies, and the author, Cathérine Gautier, I think?, doesn't say a word about lyssin, but as much experience as she has had in homeopathy curing severe cases of disease in Africa, she says you've got to get the vaccine if you've been bitten by a possibly rabid animal.

There will undoubtedly be new and deadly contagious diseases in the future, and I think it's a mistake just to assume that all vaccines now and in the future are too dangerous to even ever contemplate. Vaccines are certainly very dangerous by their very nature, but they are one tool in our arsenal, and one which I would consider under certain circumstances.


If society was not so ignorant of history and the dangers of vaccines those in power would not be able to do this evil so easily.


The only thing I would add to the Cia Ebola scenario would be the acknowledgement by the FDA that the development of the vaccine followed Plotkin Protocols which are approved for vaccine development. And of course the Plotkin Protocols would be officially described in the MSM.


Hi guys, quick request; could you check out Dead Weights post and anyone who can offer help/advice please?
Cia Parker, you have a lot of skills with handling officials with your daughter; maybe you can help with ideas? Everyone?
Maybe a chance right now to help someone who sounds like they really need it.


It would be a slightly better informed discussion Ginger Taylor if you included all the facts re porcine products and vaccines. Gelatin derived from porcine material is used as a stabilizer in some MMR vaccines.
Firstly when does "pig" stop being "pig", care to define that? Because gelatin is hydrolysed protein. Various Jewish authorities have given the OK to use this because (a) it's not taken orally, ie not eaten & (b) it's been hydrolysed so no longer pork meat as such.

However that may not satisfy the strict adherents to Judaism & Islam so why not simply use a porcine free MMR vaccine Ginger ???? Priorix
" • MMR: in the UK we have two types of MMR vaccine – MMR VaxPro® and Priorix®. Priorix®
does not contain gelatine and is as safe and effective as MMR VaxPro®."

Simpleees, as they say in the TV ads Ginger!


I would add that vaccine mandates, after 1986, violate constitutional rights to due process against those who mandate, those who administer, and those who manufacture vaccines.
Mandates then become, in addition to extreme violations of person, of conscientious objection, and of scientific judgment, a severe constitutional violation of right to due process that must not stand.

david m burd

cia parker's drumming up fear of ebola is demonstrably absurd

1) During the 2-year episode from late 2013 to early 2016, three African countries adjacent to each other (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone) the total deaths attributed to "ebola" was 11,300, coming to about 5,650 each year
2) These three countries have a population of 25 million, and with a life expectancy of 55 years. Therefore, each year about 460,000 die each year.

3) "Ebola" deaths are thus 5,650 out of 460,000; basically "down in the weeds."

4) However, as is the trick the Pharma Cartel always plays, as in the H1N1 Panic of 2009 when ALL so-called flu afflictions were all ascribed to only (H1N1 which was a total lie), like they ascribed to ALL the hemmorhaggic diseases in these three to ONLY Ebola, with non-specific testing (just like the 2009 H1N1 flu charade).

5) The Medical Cartel just makes it up as they go along, creating panic via a complicit Main Stream Media, about a world-wide Death Virus. It's total bull-pucky, but the public is ever so conned.

Unfortunately, cia parker and countless others fall for this con, and it will never stop.

Shelley Tzorfas

Misinformed anti-Semitic comments must Not have a place on this site. "So which is more important, a Jewish child receiving a few molecules of pork protein in the vaccine or saving the lives of those who would die of measles if they caught it from that Jewish child? Pitting a Jewish child against not only children but even older adults who had measles like everyone else did in the 50's, 60's and even some in the 70's is unconscionable. SOMETIMES I think that this person is on the spectrum but even then the dangerous remarks can influence others to spawn more hatred. Is there an administrator who can oversee this negligence?


Firstly, Happy Easter, Passover, or secular Easter Egg eating day to all! May you and all your families have a happy and blessed day.
Re your comment, Cia Parker;
We are already seeing what happens when you force vaccinate ( or mandate) 100% of the population.
Military members can't refuse vaccines.If they do, they face court martial.
So despite quarantining and 100% population forced vaccination, there was still a total of 25 cases of mumps in a 100% recently vaccinated population. It would be interesting to know how many of them were actually caused by the live virus vaccine;
And in the end it came down to cleaning things and disinfecting to try and stop the disease. Who knew?

( Of course, your scenario does have several flaws ; it apparently involves a super vaccine that has no side effects, doesn't kill anyone, and isn't a live virus vaccine capable of spreading ebola to to other immune compromised people. In that case, I am sure then that if we can magically formulate this vaccine to be completely safe for everyone, then removing pork and abortion products would be a minimal challenge in comparison.)
I know we disagree on the importance of informed consent and patient rights, but I am hoping that you and your daughter enjoy a beautiful and happy Easter Day. Here, the spring daffodils and the hyacinths are out, the sun is shining and it does feel beautiful.

David Weiner

Laura Hayes,

Thanks for sharing your comments from your SB277 speech. They are, unfortunately, as timely as ever.

I might describe the ramifications of the adoption of the Nuremberg Code slightly differently. I would say that at that point, vaccine mandates became unlawful.

cia parker

Autism Uncle,

Can you present your evidence that my theoretical scenario could never be real? I think we all realize that it is possible that Ebola, or countless other pathogens, mutate in such a way, so the next question is what you find objectionable about the questions I raised. If you grant that it might become reality, then you must answer the question as to whether you think the 80% probability of death in unvaxxed children and their vulnerable contacts is acceptable if the parent involved believes that even one molecule of pork protein in the vaccine makes death from Ebola preferable.

I do not think it does. And even the free practice of religion is subject to a number of restrictive laws. Neither people nor animals may be sacrificed regardless of how central it might be to the practice of that religion, for example. Their rights take precedence over the religious beliefs. I said several times that this concept does not apply in the case of measles and other beneficial childhood diseases, and vaccination can be so dangerous in many other ways that I don't think any mandates are acceptable.

But it is dangerous to support an anti-vax position so strongly that even in the most extreme scenarios, you're willing to sacrifice children to it, your own and other people's as well. In the scenario I outlined, the likelihood of death from Ebola was so strong, that it outweighed the likelihood of all other harms resulting from the use of the vaccine. Sort of like rabies. Remember the little boy in Orlando who died of rabies last year after having been infected by a bat? Seven years old, the parents asked him if he'd rather take the vaccine or take his chances and he refused the vaccine. And died in agony. Do you support the right of parents to choose certain death for their previously healthy children?

Autism Investigated

*"What they don't tell you is that that same case, although never explicitly struck down, has been soundly repudiated."

Autism Uncle

To cia parker,

Your comments could as well be written by the CDC propaganda department - are they?

Bob Moffit

@ Cia

"Measles is not always just a nuisance infection, and occasionally it disables (eye damage, even blindness, deafness or partial deafness) as well as other possible sequelae. In every large outbreak there are a few deaths caused by it"

Here are the CDC's listed adverse reactions and "complications" from Measles component of MMR:

"fever, rash, cough, runny nose, red watery eyes. Complications can include ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia, brain damage and, rarely, death".

To make matters even worse for child .. here are adverse reactions and 'complications' of the MUMPS component of MMR:

"fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, swollen salivary glands. Complications include swelling of the testicles or ovaries, deafness, inflammation of the brain and/or tissue covering the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis/meningitis) and, rarely, death"

Why does MERCK get to decide the RISKS parents must accept in their 3 in 1 vaccine .. why isn't MERCK required to manufacture a MEASLES ONLY VACCINE so parent's can CHOOSE in a time of EMERGENCY BREAKOUT OF MEASLES … which vaccine they want for their child? We all know the answer to that .. but .. it remains a common sense question none-the-less.

Grace Green

I don't agree with the premise of your comment. I think the problem arises when you hand over responsibility for moral decisions to God. The ecology of Nature has certain "rules" including the fact that a pathogen will not completely kill off it's own host species. So diseases commonly don't kill more than a third of the population, and this is even pointed to in the Book of Revelation, where it is always a third who die of any event. Honest modern epidemiology would show that it is the well nourished people living in sanitary conditions and who don't have pre-existing medical conditions, who are the ones to survive. The proper job of a Public Health system should be to optimize the health of the population with good food (and the correct advice) good living conditions, adequate income, freedom from stress and the encouraging of small families, so that people are better able to withstand any diseases when they come along. We have to ask ourselves why new diseases like ebola evolve and have such a high morbidity and mortality. That is the real battle we are facing regarding the debate about vaccines - it's an entirely different way of viewing health.


Apparently this seasons fashion colour is beige ?
Thank you, age of autism ,Ginger Taylor,and Laura Hayes , as open debate will happen about these issues , no matter what!

Runrig The Highest Apple - A song based on the Gaelic Psalms - Saying, we will always sing for you, and with you ! , Runrig -The Highest Apple- YouTube. and mother Donalda was in the Glasgow Gaelic Choir .
Also see Book - No Great Mischief if you Fall .
The Higheland Experience By John MacLeod ISBN No 9781851585403

Measeles was not a fear of "Economic Leprosy " of my grannies generation ? Other political problems and cap badges of power were !

Ba Ba, mo Leanabh Beag , Christina Stewart - Youtube Croup without antibiotics avalible was very serious!

cia parker


What is most troubling is that so many actually believe that measles is a killer disease and that if you don't force vaccination on everyone, it will mean the deaths of many. I understand that that's the pharma line, but it's hard to understand how many just buy it hook, line, and sinker.

I am unhappy about killing animals to use their bodies in the many ways that we do, it is a violation of their God-given right to live their lives in peace and not be slaughtered. However, in this fallen world, you just can't always do only good and never wrong. When it turned out that my daughter really needed to go on a gluten-free, casein-free, really a grain-free Paleo diet, well, unfortunately you just can't do it if you're vegetarian, as she was until the age of 12, as I had been for decades before that. So what was I going to do, cling to my vegetarian, sometimes vegan, beliefs and diet even though it was harmful to my daughter's health, or pray for forgiveness and learn to cook meat? I chose the latter.

I think a better simile would be the following. Ebola has mutated to deluge the world, killing 80% of those whom it strikes. There is a vaccine to prevent it which has a 75% effectiveness rate if given at least two weeks before the person is infected with Ebola virus. 2% of those who get it react with severe seizures, possibly a permanent seizure disorder. Other reactions may appear, but they haven't yet. But in every area which it reaches, and it is moving very fast and has entered every continent except Antarctica, 70% of the residents contract it, and 80% of those die. The vaccine has pork, bovine, and egg protein in it as well as diploid cells from a human fetus from which cells were used in its early development.

The 25% in whom the vaccine fails even if given, as well as babies under one year old too young to safely get the vaccine, continue to be vulnerable to contracting and probably dying of Ebola. Most people would say that it was reasonable under these circumstances to mandate the vaccine. If you had 80% of the children in a school, or a town, or whatever, dying of Ebola, most people would want to stop the disease even if it meant compelling everyone to take the vaccine. What would God say about someone who said Well, I don't care if all the children in my son's school die as long as his bloodstream is not contaminated by a single molecule of a morally objectionable substance? I could see it if they said, This foreign protein is very dangerous to my child, more than others, because our family is predisposed to severe autoimmune reactions if foreign proteins are injected into us. But I'd have to know more about it to say whether or not they were choosing wisely.

This is an extreme, although a completely conceivable scenario. There have been contagious diseases similar to this. The ridiculous part is erecting measles into such a threat in the US. It is not and would not be, and it would be beneficial for the vast vast majority and for our society as a whole if we just let it come back. But a surprising number of ordinary people as well as most authorities have been snookered by the pharma narrative, and believe it is really like the Ebola narrative I gave. I've been teaching my daughter about the Bible and our faith this past year, and she has had to memorize the term Pharisees, who were aghast that Jesus healed people on the Sabbath, breaking the religious law. Most people would be aghast if someone said that no matter how many children were dying of Ebola at a school, they don't care, and they don't care if their own unvaxxed child gets Ebola, dies of it, and takes several classmates with him, as long as his blood remains uncontaminated by a single molecule of a substance technically forbidden by a religious law. And I would be aghast too.

And again, this is not the scenario we have with measles, but it seems to be the fantasy scenario which inspired the judge to say what he did. He is obviously ill-informed, and that's where we need to concentrate our efforts, not on trying to make people respect beliefs which would rather kill innocents than tolerate the mildest infraction.

Autism Investigated

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto on Jacobson during SB277 hearings: "What they don't you is that that same case, although never explicitly struck down, has been soundly repudiated."


Hi Cia Parker, :
I don't think that you can't decide for someone elses' religion what is, or is not, okay.
To put this in a perspective for some , even a little bit of aborted baby is enough to make a vaccine ( or any other medical or cosmetic treatment) unusable.That is, imo, their right. To give another example, of something seriously horrific, some might be okay with eating a little bit of human meat ( become a cannibal) rather than starve, others may feel that is an absolute line they will never cross. Asking someone to do something that is morally abhorent to them is not something that we can ignore because it is only a little bit. A little bit of human meat in soup is still human meat, and for some a line they won't ever cross, and would rather die than do so, and a little bit of pork is still pork to a religion that finds it almost equally morally abhorent.


Okay, just me,and you would need to check with a lawyer on the legality of all of this, but; if it was me, I would be renting a place, preferably in the mayors zip code ( his zip code doesn't have to produce papers showing vaccination status, right?) and having a passover celebration there. Or in one of the big parks, if religious meetings are allowed. And closed schools could hold education sessions in the other zip codes too..And moving out of the affected zip codes, and living /camping elsewhere in New York til it is done..
If the mayor wants everyone in New York city to provide papers with their vaccination status, so be it. ( and how many of his adult friends and neighbors will be thrilled about that, do you think?) But just the zip codes of one particular religious group? That appears to smack of a very nasty kind of religious persecution, in my opinion.
Of course people should always make sure that they protect the health of those around them, and do nothing to risk another's health, ( pity the recently vaccinated, shedding vaccine derived measles don't do that) but one can only control the choices one makes oneself. However, this feels a bit like the beginnings of the Nazi ghettos, ( again just in my opinion) where there were different rules for Jewish neighborhoods. Well, no one can prevent a Jewish person moving to another neighborhood if they so choose, and if it was me, I'd be at least temporarily choosing just that...


Does anybody else see the disturbing history repeating itself? Ultra Orthodox Jewish Americans, do not cave. G_D is on your side. The mayor and his evil doers are wearing the brown shirts. Fight on. We will do the same in Texas. Long live freedom!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

cia parker

Measles is not always just a nuisance infection, and occasionally it disables (eye damage, even blindness, deafness or partial deafness) as well as other possible sequelae. In every large outbreak there are a few deaths caused by it. We need more information about how many deaths and in what circumstances A prevents severe complications and death, and more information about homeopathic prevention and treatment. And more information about outcomes in patients who stay in bed well-hydrated, take A, take NO fever reducers, and stay home for two or three weeks after the day the rash appears, all of which prevent complications, which are always what kills, not measles itself. I think the battle should not be waged using that line, but rather to say that it's usually relatively mild and very beneficial, while the vaccine is often extremely disabling, and we have a lot of evidence to prove it. They're now moving the battle to force even immunocompromised children to get the vaccine, but that means that they'll no longer have that group to hide behind, saying we have to protect the ones who can't get the vaccine for medical reasons from getting measles. In the near future all children will be forced to get the MMR and the autism, bowel disease, etc., that it so often causes.

I'm completely against the MMR, but not for the reasons given. It is reminiscent of the Pharisees to object to the smallest trace of pork products being in the vaccine. The pro-vaxxers in this case could rightly say, So which is more important, a Jewish child receiving a few molecules of pork protein in the vaccine or saving the lives of those who would die of measles if they caught it from that Jewish child? The letter of the law or the motivating pro-life spirit? FAR better to concentrate on the anti-life spirit of all the demonstrable vaccine injuries.

get off the bus

a brilliant essay, Ginger Taylor.
and a brilliant speech Laura Hayes.

Laura Hayes

I covered both the Jacobson decision and the Nuremberg Code in my 2nd rally speech opposing SB277 back in 2015. Everything in it is still relevant. Below is the link and the transcript for those interested.

Laura Hayes’s Rally Speech Opposing SB277, 6-25-15

Ten weeks ago, I gave a speech on these very steps asking the question: How did we get here, to a time when our legislators are knowingly violating Constitutions, eliminating parental rights, throwing religious freedom out the window into the garbage can, and mandating forced medicine on the children of CA as extortion to attend school? The answer 10 weeks ago is the same today: Lies, lies, and more lies.

Today is the day to review two critical historical events. Event #1: 1905, Jacobson v. Massachusetts. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. Mr. Henning Jacobson was ordered to pay a $5 fee to the state of MA in lieu of submitting to vaccination.

That one decision set in motion today’s vaccine nightmare. It allowed the government to engage in forced medicine…in forced experimental medicine…as not one vaccine has ever been proven safe or effective…not one. Parents like myself, who watched their children suffer catastrophic brain injury, debilitating chronic illness, permanent disability, and death following vaccination, have dedicated our lives to learning all we can about vaccines. What we have learned is that the history of vaccines is sordid and the corruption underlying our nation’s vaccine program is vast. We have learned that we were conned in the worst possible way, and as a result, we unknowingly led our children like lambs to the slaughter at each well-baby check-up, never to have our children be well again. What we wouldn’t give to have a do-over.

Once you allow vaccines in, you can’t get them back out…it is a one-way street. A cataclysmic series of events begin which manifest themselves over the course of the child’s lifetime. Might be a high fever and inconsolable crying today, seizures next week, autism and a life-threatening peanut allergy by age 2, Tourette’s and gut dysbiosis by age 5, Type 1 diabetes at age 10, special ed and no diploma of any sort through age 22, joblessness, nowhere to go, nothing productive to do through middle-age, and institutionalization with victimization after you die, until they die.

What we parents have learned is that vaccines, which are used on the most vulnerable in our society, are not tested using the scientific gold standard, that is, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Instead, vaccines are studied against other vaccines, against multiple vaccines, or against a toxic adjuvant (an adjuvant is the ingredient in a vaccine most likely to cause an adverse reaction), but never are they tested against a placebo! We have learned that only healthy individuals are selected for vaccine trials, despite everyone being mandated to receive them, regardless of health status, including the unknown health status of a newborn or infant. We have learned that the ingredients in vaccines are ones that should never enter the human body, never and no way be injected into the bloodstream, trapped, and headed for the brain and organs. We have learned that the way that vaccines are made is immoral and repugnant. We have learned that when pharmaceutical companies get test results they don’t like, they pitch them out, omit the results they don’t like, cover-up inconvenient truths, call horrible adverse outcomes and deaths “coincidences not related to the vaccines”, then declare their toxic products “safe”. And, yes, pharmaceutical companies…they get to test their own vaccine products, then tell our government they are safe…no independent testing is required. Shockingly, our government regulators at the FDA and CDC approve and recommend these vaccines based on garbage science and lies. Then, state legislators who are unaware of the fraud and deception, and who are resistant to learning about it, mandate, one by one, every vaccine and dose.

Once mandated, vaccines, and their devastating effects, become the bread and butter of pediatricians who bury their heads in the sand and continue to harm children day in and day out as they jab child after child with known poisons, known carcinogens, and ingredients known to disrupt and destroy the brain, the nervous system, the immune system, and the gut. Doctors, who are to “first, do no harm”…doctors, who are to “first, receive informed consent”…doctors, who are forbidden from coercing or forcing any medical treatment or procedure on anyone, have become perpetrators of harm and death, whether they are willing to see it or not.

How can vaccines be both “unavoidably unsafe”, as declared by the U.S. Supreme Court, and “safe”, as declared by the sponsors of this bill? Both statements cannot be true. One is completely true, the other false. Vaccines are inherently dangerous, they are not safe. That is why we have the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, a 75-cent surtax on every vaccine, paid by the consumer, to pay the costs of the vaccine injuries and deaths our government knows will occur, and lengthy lists of adverse reactions on vaccine package inserts. Further proof that vaccines are inherently dangerous can be seen in our nation’s unwell children and young adults, and our nation’s inexcusable infant mortality rate, the second worst among nations large and small. Vaccines are nothing more than experimental medicine, and our children are the test subjects…being tested 70+ times between birth and age 18, more if vaccines are begun in the mother’s womb.

Historical event #2: 1947, two U.S. doctors helped write the Nuremberg Code. This international code of ethics was the result of the world becoming aware of atrocious medical experiments performed on human beings during WWII without their prior, informed, and free consent, and often without their knowledge. To ensure that such crimes against humanity would never occur again, the Nuremberg Code was written. The principles of human rights and informed consent contained within, paired with the Hippocratic Oath, have guided the medical ethics of many countries, including the U.S. and medical professionals worldwide. The rigorous standards found in the Nuremberg Code are the standards which are to be used for all medical treatments and procedures…including vaccines! Thus,1947 marks the year that vaccine mandates were no longer ethical…the year the 1905 Jacobson decision should have been overturned. Please hear this again: The Nuremberg Code nullifies and forbids vaccine mandates, thus superseding the Jacobson decision. No doctor can ethically support vaccine mandates. No American government can ethically support vaccine mandates. We must bring this truth to light. Vaccines are subject to the same codes of ethics as all other medical treatments and procedures…they are not exempt.

The first and foremost principle of the Nuremberg Code, which applies to all medical treatments and procedures, states:

1 The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

I am the mother of vaccine-injured children. There was absolutely no informed consent prior to my children being jabbed with scores of vaccines, vaccines containing ingredients that neither you nor I would ever let our children consume, but which we are unwittingly allowing doctors to inject into their bloodstreams and muscle tissues…which are closed systems…where those disgusting and damaging ingredients will remain to begin their unending harm and destruction.

What mother willingly poisons her own child? Only one that has been lied to. Today’s mothers are indeed allowing their children to be poisoned via vaccination…with ingredients that no medical doctor should ever allow to be injected into a developing human…ingredients that cause toxicity and inflammation, the two most damaging things for an infant, toddler, and young child. We cannot tolerate doctors remaining willfully ignorant about the poisoning of children with vaccines. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that what they are injecting into our children via vaccines is toxic, dangerous, and damaging. Millions of moms worldwide, without MDs, have figured this out. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that our schools are filled with sick and disabled children who are not thriving or developing normally. We need school nurses, teachers, principals, and superintendents to speak up about the ill health of the children whom they serve, and the delayed development of so many.

Our legislators need to return to governing in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. They need to stop meeting with corporate and trade industry lobbyists and instead start meeting with their constituents. They need to get out of their ivory tower here at the Capitol and into the special education classrooms and into the homes of the vaccine-injured so they can see with their own eyes the immense scope of the problems that these vaccines are causing.

Why have legislators refused to listen to and believe the many parents who have told them about what vaccines did to their children? Why is it that when a parent reports that their child was hit and injured by a car, they are believed…but when a parent reports that their child was injured or killed by vaccines, as witnessed with their own eyes, they are not believed…they are told they are wrong…that what they witnessed was nothing more than a coincidence. Well, guess what…we seem to be having an EPIDEMIC of coincidences following vaccination in this country!

Let us remind our legislators that the maximum allowable infringement on our personal liberties that the government can enforce to contain infectious disease in an effort to protect public health is that of quarantining…which is best practice, effective, and the wisest containment measure in any event, and which is already successfully in place.

Any legislator who votes yes on SB277 will be morally responsible for the children in CA who WILL be harmed and killed by the vaccines they are mandating. Vaccination decisions, like all other medical decisions, are not the government’s to make…they are the parent’s.

Lastly, a message for Governor Brown, for whom we pray for strength and wisdom. Will your legacy be a cruel government indistinguishable from fascism, or one of lean budgets and clean energy? It is up to you.

*Link to 1st rally speech, given 2 months earlier:

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