Love is Stronger Than Hate
A Ringside View of Vaccine Exemption Law Hearings in Colorado

Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

By Kim Rossi

That wascally wabbit is me in 1971, with my brother Richard. My grandmother made the costume. I hopped through our small town Massachusetts neighborhood bringing baskets to my best friends.  I had a beautiful, safe, happy, love-filled childhood. I was a funny, bright young girl who made faces and laughed and rode her Schwinn bike with friends in summer. My first Easter memory is from about age 4 or 5. I had a black, patent leather purse with a snap on colored accent flower. I could switch the flower from yellow, to green to red. All by my self!

Today is Easter Sunday, a day of hope and wonder for Christians as we celebrate Christ's rise from death.

This weekend also marked the start of Passover for those who are Jewish. Passover marks the night of fear and worry that parents faced as a plague was to take every first born son in Egypt.

Hope and light. Fear and a parent's instinct to protect his child.

Spring? Hardly.

We live in a dark time.  That's not hyperbole. Vaccination is a new, strong religion.  It demands that all other religions step aside. There is a veritable crusade underway under the guise of the threat of measles. It contradicts the very core of our American rights. The slippery slope has gone from a slow leaning to a precipitous drop as an agenda that I simply can not figure out, rolls over us from coast to coast.

When that cute bunny and her baby brother posed for the Kodak camera (with a flash cube, thank you very much) the autism rate was under 1 in 5000. Today? Autism has multiplied faster than an army of rabbits.

We face trouble. We face danger. We face persecution. We face violence. I feel it. I do.

If you are religious, pray for common sense.

Happy Easter. Happy Pesach.

Love, Kim



Oh jings ! and age of autism is doing such a grand job with it as well !
The only time as children being asked to "Please zipp your mouths quiet, till we listen to this on the radio, for the next 15 mins or so"

Alistair Cooke's - Letters from America
See /listen to Alistair Cooke -John Lennon's assination and the gun control debate [1980] Youtube
I dread to think what "The Auld yins" in the family would want to say about vaccine mandates, and ice-cold censorship ,of free speech, and freedom of expression, while" cussing the air blue". was definately not the normal usual terminoligy getting used ,it certainly was available for them, as and when required !

go Trump

...Vaccination is a new, strong religion. WELL SAID Kim...

One can rule the world and destroy parts of it... going “door to door” or “hut to hut” with vaccines. They become lifetime slaves trying to heal and the wealth of several generations are used up in the process, all without the bother of any legal system.

For Passover 2019, some will have to use lambs blood and “paint an M over their door” so it is known they are to be SPARED the MMR VACCINE.

Hans Litten

Forbes Fibs , Setting the trap for mass mandatory adult vaccination as was always planned 2020 :

80,468 views Apr 20, 2019, 01:07pm
Born In The 1960s? The CDC Says You May Need A Measles Shot Before Traveling

Hans Litten

Bombshell Gov Official Confirms Link Between Vaccines and Autism

The greatest most heinous crime in ALL history.


Beautiful picture Kim! I remember those days when we all had normal childhoods and how lucky we were to have them. Today we have children who do not have the same wonderful childhood that we once had. I fear for the future for all of our children and hope that somehow they can be saved from a lifetime of autism. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone.

Angus Files

Adorable picture Kim ...and we all know where most kids that age these days are if they get a way with it, thumbs world playing techno garbage.

The slippery slope resembles the deck chairs flying to one end on the Titanic film after it hit the iceberg, as you know that`s how fast the vaccines are wiping the nations world wide,nobody seen the iceberg either.

From this little ray of sunshine,Easter Blessings to all.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

I, too, am filled with dread of what lies at the end of the frightening dark road our country appears determined to travel .. the end of which will be the end of our world as we once knew it.

Today as never before … we must keep HOPE ALIVE.


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