It's Sibling Day and OUR Beloved Brother Has Autism
Maine DHHS Admits that They Keep No Data on Vaccine Injury. Does Your State?

Guest Editing Age of Autism this week, Ginger Taylor

MouseWhen the Kims away, the Ginge will play.

While our esteemed editor Kim is Karate kicking her way across Russia or lying on a beach reading a murder mystery on an island or maybe just holed up in her house or something, she has left me with the keys.  Good thing for me, because I have have been up to my neck in LD 798 here in Maine all year, and I have a whole lotta stuff to tell you.

The thing about these exemption bills are that they are a GREAT chance to shake information lose from your state, and I hope that you will enjoy reading about what has shaken loose here, and see if you can get some ideas to shake things loose in [insert your state here.]

See you here tomorrow, and every day this week!


White Rose

Ginger can these mandates not be stopped by the courts, when shown the mumps component rabbits blood fraud which has been in the legal arena since 2010 ?

MMR Vaccine Approved After Only 42-Day-Trials In 1978, Per FDA FOIA Reports

I do not understand how these mandates can still be viable given the huge weight of evidence we now have ? HHS missing in action for 30+ years ?

susan welch

Hope Kim has a well deserved break. Look forward to hearing your news, Ginger

Bob Moffit

Shake the thunder from the sky ...


shake it up!

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