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From a Jewish Constituent to her State Senator on Vaccination Mandates

Jewish Julu 4Below is a letter from a Jewish woman to her Senator regarding vaccination choice. The letter is anon for her safety. We live in a tenuous time. Jewish Americans especially. We had a shooting at synagogue on Passover in San Diego this past weekend. The media push to demonize those who do not have an MMR vaccination is dangerous in the extreme. To vilify Americans of faith is to open them to hatred and violence - for what, to fund pharma, political campaigns? We need to stop and think. Fear generates hatred. Hatred opens the door to death.


"Dear Senator,

I write to you about the bill to remove our rights to religious vaccine exemption. As a legislator who is involved with the Holocaust and Human Rights Center you must have affinity and an authentic appreciation for the "event", its lead up and its outcomes.

I am Jewish. I observe the laws of kashrut (kosher) that are articulated in Torah. I chose the philosophical exemption for my children years back because I carry a life long trepidation of "outing" the choices I make having foundation in being Jewish. I did not want record of my observance.

33-pogrom-kishinev-1903My grandma, mom's mom, got stuck in the progroms in Russia in the early 1900's. For too many years she lived a terrifying life very similar to Anne Frank. My Zeide, dad's dad, fought in the underground in Poland against the communists and the Nazis who both wanted us dead, years before the world was allowed any knowledge of what was going on there.

With what has transpired in NY and the exacerbation of anti semitic activity by the government and media focusing on orthodox Jews, my trepidation continues in this day. What the government has done gives my insides goosebumps. That this bill removes the G-d given right to observe the Torah is abhorrent to me beyond the words I have available to describe. Torah says no pig, no blood. My ancestors did not capitulate. They clung to the Torah and to G-d. They are my heritage. I am their legacy, as are my children. We will never take a vaccination.

That I will be unable to pursue educational advancement, as I continue getting older with less opportunity to pay for my own old age, or turn my back on my ancestors, my heritage, my faith, is heinous and an unforgivable choice that will be the result if this bill, in its current form, becomes law. It puts a disability on me personally and those like me.

I do not envy you as you have limited choice in what bills are presented. I appreciate your legislative service and the importance of your work. Please, consider what I have shared with you as time comes before you to vote.

Your Constituent"



Nice post


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Hi Roslyn Ross,
The basic human rights of the Nuremeberg code that until now all first world countries have adhered to, cameas a direct result of the medical experimentation during the holocaust. As a society, we all decided that never again would another person get to force medication on someone else, even for a "greater good" That's why we have informed consent.
Taking that away, forcing medicine on someone regardless of their consent, has always been considered assault.And if it is a medication that results in death or lifelong disability, there are also names for that. Without being a lawyer,so just guessing here, but assault that results in death is generally called murder, isn't it?
Some of the folk forcing mandates are trying to pretend they are not doing what they are doing. But there are names for taking away peoples human rights, and the reality is that none of them are pretty.

cia parker


My comment was not meant to say What a great way to prevent teen pregnancy, but rather just to say that the HPV vaccine reduces fertility and can even cause sterility.


I agree that we shouldn't act in the present based on anger at what happened to our ancestors in the past, although we should always remember past events and honor those who acted with compassion and courage. But I am concerned about the new anti-Semitism: congressional representatives vocalizing and enacting ugliness and cruelty in a way I never thought I'd see here. The majority of hate crimes by a LARGE margin in the US are committed against Jews. Worldwide, it is Christians who are the most often persecuted and often murdered simply for being Christian, as we saw last week in Sri Lanka. I replied to several comments by two commenters replying to each other last week on Notre Dame which expressed naked hatred of Jews. I had never seen anything like it. I flagged them and they were all (but one) deleted by the moderator. Yesterday I said that all churches and synagogues in the US should have an intercom system and security camera for screening those who wanted entrance, the way all public schools here do (unfortunately, not everywhere, not in Miami last year). Someone replied saying Don't let the US go the way of Europe, where "only" Holocaust museums and other Jewish-related sites needed high security (aside from bridges, pop concerts, soccer games, and restaurants). I said the US has already gone the way of Europe except for volume of killers, and that I'd rather protect churches and synagogues than roll over and appease. Lori Kaine threw herself between the San Diego synagogue killer and the rabbi he was trying to shoot, who was in his turn trying to get the children out of the line of fire. She was killed, dying in her husband's arms. What a courageous soul. This is our battle at the present time, maintaining our faith and protecting the innocent at a time they are under siege. We need to be aware of the long centuries of background to this hatred on several fronts, but I don't think that anyone promoting the vaccine mandates in New York is motivated by anti-Semitism, just greed, ignorance, and callousness. Despicably, anti-Semitism is motivating those participating in and discussing many other current events.

Roslyn Ross

Some valid comments but is it not psychologically unhealthy, whether done in the name of religion or not, to be 'carrying' the challenging experiences of great, great grandparents, or indeed, even grandparents?

All of us are descended from the persecuted, the abused and the dispossessed and no religion has dibs on that experience. Indeed, today it is Muslims who suffer as some Jews once suffered. By the way, none of it was the experiences of my Jewish ancestors so I don't see how the religion as a whole can take up the cause.

But, I digress. I don't believe the Jewish experience of holocaust, or the Muslim experience of holocaust, or indeed, any experience of holocaust - Rwanda,
Armenia, Cambodia, Myanmar, European, Asian, African etc., equates with the issue of mandatory vaccination. In fact, to conflate such things is to blur the issues.

Kyles mom

Also say we double flu vax uptake. Then we double the mercury etx we excrete into sewers, graves, crematorium. It poisons fish. We eat the fish. And also who is profiting by dumping their waste toxins into vaccines? I have often felt whoever profited from supplying amalgams and thimerasol is part of why we cant learn the truth.



If we gave every infant male born was given a vasectomy instead of a circumscision we could eliminate teen pregnancy!!!
All Hail HPV vaccine!!
Now there will be no more teen pregnancy!
Young girls seeking the pill now have to go through CIA. No pill for you unless you are vaccinated w/ HPV!

david m burd

Greg Hill,

The vaccine schedule for mothers and (if not aborted due to taking the DTaP and Flu vaccines while pregnant) their babies thence punctured with 26 vaccines their first 7 months) is literally Hell on Earth, and ALL those surviving will have damages for life.

However, even at your age, the insane CDC Schedule for adults age 65+ dials in 7+ neurotoxic vaccines having Aluminum adjuvants, Glutamate, other chemicals, and every year the Flu vaccine having its neurotoxic ethylmercury, Alzheimer's anyone? Parkinson's anyone? ALS anyone? Just take your Senior vaccines.

cia parker

I think it's like we discussed a few weeks ago. I don't think Jews are being targeted because of their religion, as I don't think mothers of autistic children are targeted out of anti-feminism. The only intent here is to force everyone to buy a product of which most people are unaware of the dangers. We need to do a better job at teaching them.


It is a hypothesis that maybe earlier vaccines have to have been given when the MMR causes autism. Many of those vaccines cause autism all by themselves. My daughter reacted with vaccine encephalitis to just the hep-B vaccine on day 1 and later to the DTaP booster at 18 months. She never got the MMR: I said no to it long before I realized she had autism. Many of those who reacted to the MMR with autism have had the vaccine-strain live measles virus in their gut. No study has been done comparing autism rates in those who got only the MMR and those who got the MMR plus the others. I think the MMR is fully capable of causing autism, bowel disease, etc., by itself. Live vaccines have their dangers, while adjuvanted and recombinant vaccines have their dangers as well, all of them extreme.

David Weiner

The whole "green our vaccines" campaign just goes to show you how unskilled most people are at thinking outside the box.

Green vaccines already exist. Except they are called homeoprophylaxis (HP).

Think outside of the Big Pharma box, people!

(And don't argue semantics with me here and tell me that HP does not meet the definition of a vaccine. If the phrase "green our vaccines" has any meaning whatsoever, it means provide some kind of low-dose exposure of an infectious agent which will protect against the harm of a full-scale infection. It has no necessary tie to chemicals, animal proteins, or any of the other toxic components of Pharma vaccines. Clearly HP qualifies on this basis).

Jeannette Bishop


Doctors and Parents are not saying the MMR causes autism. Doctors and Parents are saying that all of the vaccines an infant receives prior to the MMR, PLUS the MMR, can cause autism in a subset of vulnerable children.

In order to be a frame, it has to have four sides.


I remember the "Green" vaccine slogan which I thought was ridiculous. Kind of like--"Lets Make Drug Companies Honest Again." At that point in time I had not seen the vaccine excipient list. Maybe it would be better to say "less toxic" opposed to green which will unlikely be case because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe no matter what color they're painted.

Regarding the Holocaust or religious persecution:

Being a Jew is to know the Holocaust intimately. It didn’t just happen; the anti-Jew hysteria and hatred was whipped up throughout the 1930’s through increasingly harsh edicts and anti-Semitic declarations. If you were a Jew, you couldn’t be a doctor or work in a hospital; if you were a Jew you couldn’t have a business; if you were a Jew you couldn’t have a public education. (Sound familiar Will.) If you were a Jew, the public was told that you are such a threat that you should be exterminated.

Those who cannot remember their past are destined to repeat it.—George Santayana

cia parker

I'm reading The HPV Vaccine on Trial, a great book, and it gives statistics showing how when a country starts giving the HPV vaccine, teen pregnancy rates plummet immediately. It gave examples from several countries.

Bob Moffit

@ Will

My quote of Martin Niemuller of Nazi Germany was meant to warn of the danger in remaining silent when the one specific group was being denied their right to "informed consent" .. and .. already there is a growing call for vaccinating even those who have been fully vaccinated unless they submit medical evidence THEIR VACCINE INDUCED IMMUNITY is still good … if not .. roll up your sleeves whether you want to or not.

Yes .. today in New York City it is primarily the Hassidic Jewish community that has been selected for enforced vaccination … but … trust me …. if given the opportunity the government will soon broaden the "selection process" to include others than simply the Hassidic. Seniors? College students? Nurses? Anyone who comes in close contact with public .. taxi drivers? bus drivers? Roll up your sleeves and let us see if your vaccine immunity is still effective.

Aimee Doyle

@Hans -

Environmental devastation and toxic pollution in air, water, soil, can also lower fertility rates.

It's not all vaccines.

cia parker


The vaccines themselves are the problem. While mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, foreign proteins, etc., are extremely big problems which in some cases could be removed from vaccines, the immune response which MUST be provoked by vaccines is unpredictable and can result in much more than the desired and necessary amount of inflammation, resulting in severe neurological damage (autism, which is stroke-like damage to the language and social center of the brain, seizure disorders, learning disorders, behavioral disorders) and/or allergic or autoimmune conditions when vaccine ingredients (ANY of them, not just the pathogens) sensitize the immune system to them.

Most vaccines work most of the time in most people to prevent the targeted diseases. Not always in everyone. Most people can get a number of them with no obvious problems. Maybe hay fever in the spring which will never be connected to vaccine damage. But everyone has his personal tipping point, and more and more people are reaching theirs with the huge number of vaccines given routinely now. The question HAS to be how likely it is that the specific patients be exposed to, contract, and suffer a disabling or fatal case of the disease in question. If the answer is not very likely, then the parent or adult patient has to consider whether he thinks on good evidence that the danger from the disease(s) is greater than the danger from the vaccine(s). If the disease is very dangerous, but only remotely possible, then it would have to left up to the judgment of the responsible party. Tetanus is only remotely possible, but so dangerous even with treatment, and always possible, while the vaccine is much safer than many, that I think it's reasonable to get the vaccine series after the age of two. Meningococcal meningitis is very rare, but extremely dangerous, but the vaccine is dangerous enough that I personally wouldn't get it. My daughter and I took the nosode series to prevent it several months ago.

I don't think that the reasoning used her is our best way to protest the MMR mandate. The pharma side can always say, and they do, that the need to protect certain groups from potentially dangerous measles outweighs the desire of some religious groups to take it on religious grounds. It's much better to point out that in the developed, well-nourished world, measles stopped being a dangerous disease about a century ago. Vitamin A prevents complications, NOT giving fever reducers prevents others (the fever is very beneficial), and quiet recuperation time at home for two or three weeks after the day the rash appears prevents secondary infections from starting during this time. And the disease is actively beneficial to go through naturally: it allows girls to protect their future babies through placental immunity and breastfeeding, and trains the immune system to act more effectively for life. To a substantial degree, it prevents all cancers but breast cancer, heart disease, and many skin and bone diseases in later life. I would LOVE for my daughter to catch natural measles. I would keep her home and nurse her well, for the sake of the tremendous boon to her lifelong health. I, of course, had it at six, as did most of the readers of AoA over a certain age. 450 deaths a year in 1960 out of four million cases. LOW mortality.

And then the MMR is very dangerous, often causing autism and bowel disease, terrible, lifelong conditions. Those who might be in danger if they got natural measles should take the homeopathic nosode to prevent it, and then let everyone else get it, take appropriate precautions, and then reap the benefits for the rest of their lives.

This strife is going on because the pharma companies exaggerate the rare severe complications of measles, ignore the ways to prevent them, and deny the considerable dangers of the vaccine. For some reason, the legislative, medical, media, educational, and other authorities just believe every word out of their mouths, which is really hard to understand, other than the pharma largesse they are so generous in distributing.

But for the information-light masses, it's a losing argument to argue that it's immoral to force certain groups to accept a vaccine with traces of pork protein in it. They would (hysterically) say that it's immoral to kill a child with measles as a result of this reluctance.

We need to do much more to teach people what I mentioned above. It's VERY significant that the Peter Aaby Senegal study showed that in the 90% of children who get and recover from natural measles even there, there was only one-fifth the all-cause mortality in the subsequent four years as in those children who did NOT get natural measles, either because they got the vaccine or just did not get natural measles. Natural measles TEACHES the immune system how to function at peak efficiency, while the vaccine does not, but often screws it up, teaching it to react abnormally to the incursion of the vaccine.

Grace Green

What they are doing to that community in New York is not bureaucracy, it's religious persecution. And what do you think the Holocaust started with if not discrimination against those with different beliefs, customs or backgrounds? People should always be vigilant against these prejudices raising their heads again, before it becomes too late. Also, what do you think is in vaccines which is benign? Water is probably the only thing and even Richard Pan thinks that's toxic! Given the disruption to our immune systems which many of us experience after vaccination I believe the whole theory of the process is faulty and doomed to cause death and suffering. The idea that there could ever be anything ''green'' about vaccines is propaganda.

Greg Hill

I love that quote from Martin Niemöller that Bob Moffit reminded us of. It explains exactly why I am here. No member of my family is autistic or has been damaged by vaccines. I am 69 years old and never had any kids. Neither did my only sibling, an older brother, so there's no way for that to ever happen in my close family in the future. But I know for a fact that if we who believe in the principles this country (U.S.) was founded on collectively do nothing, it won't long before the same tyrants who, with the help of thousands of "useful idiots," are committing these new crimes against humanity will be coming after me. I am not going to repeat the mistake that Niemöller described. I am firmly taking my stand alongside the editors, contributors and other subscribers to AoA, and I will proudly continue to support you in every way I can, if need be right up to the bitter end.

Angus Files

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pharma For Prison



A Jewish women being a victim of vaccine related government bureaucracy is not comparable to the Holocaust Bob! Where is the discussions from 5 or ten years ago about "Greening" the vaccines now it is extreme anti vaccine on AoA and similar sites. I understand the dangers of mercury and aborted fetuses in vaccines but those and not the vaccines are the problem.

Hans Litten

is this what vaccination is all about ?

Nigeria’s population now at 201 million

In 1969 world population reached 3.6 billion, up about 1 billion from only 17 years earlier, leading to the establishment of UNFPA.

The UN agency has succeeded in reducing fertility rates worldwide by about 50 percent.
In the least developed countries, fertility was about six births per woman in 1969.


Thank you for sharing this very important letter. History is repeating itself, it is time now for all good people to be brave and speak out, we need as many to be active as possible.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Bob Moffit

The simple fact this rightfully terrified woman choose to send her desperate plea to the Senator who is supposed to be representing her, her family, her community, her faith in God .. ANONYMOUSLY .. apparently fearful of retribution should her identity be known .. is extremely troubling.

Indeed, that we live in a time in our great country …. where this anonymous letter is the LAST RESORT of a religious community that has been DEMONIZED in the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION .. as disease carriers .. should be positively frightening to all of us .. remember the tragic words of Martin Niemuller in the days of Nazi Germany:

First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist
Then they came for the trade unionist and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew
Then they came for ME .. and there was no one left to speak out for ME

Our FREEDOM OF RELIGION as well as our FREEDOM OF INFORMED CONSENT are under attack and it is time for all of us to SPEAK OUT FOR EACH OTHER …

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