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Elmo in a Row: This is Autism Too

TVs lined Up
5 TVs all Tuned to Same Elmo's World Video in the home of a young man with autism

Dear Person Who Thinks Autism Is What You See on TV. THIS. WE MATTER. Our growing children matter. As I type, Mia is watching an Elmo's Art Workship CD-ROM converted to YouTube on her Kindle. She is 24. It is our sacred duty to stick our necks out every day to try to prevent this from a happening to another generation. We aren't going away.  No joke.





Airing Tuesday nights, 6pm EST on Bravo.......The Real “Housewives” of Autism.

Starring: Kim Rossi, Anne Dachel, Ginger Taylor, Katie Wright, Theresa Conrick, Cathy Jameson, Mary Holland, (think that’s all the AoA moms- if I missed someone deepest apologies- sans commentators and “househusbands” of course. For heavens sake, where’s Dan

Special appearance by - that’s right! - You guessed it....Ladies and Gentlemen! Weighing in at a whooping 400lbs for Autism, maybe a buck 15 otherwise.... Jeeeeeeennnnie McCarrrrthieeeee!!!!

That’s my Joe Rogan Salute. You know who could rake Hotez over the coals scientifically. Jenny McCarthy! You know who could rake Joe Rogan over the coals scientistifically? Jenny McCarthy!!! Too bad both of those men are too chicken!

R Prasad

My 16 yo talks nonstop about Hotel Transylvania movie (series) and Sesame Street (Mr Count, Elmo mainly). That's her daily part of life 16/7 (thank god not in the sleep at least).

Shelley Tzorfas

Sesame Street that teaches toddlers to roll up their sleeves for vaccines was on the news today. They have an Autism puppet, how sweet.. They claim that 1 in 59 kids are Autistic. Lying to toddlers and their parents is not nice. We know that 1 in 36 kids has autism and from 1 in 22-24 boys. You can google this and find these numbers in NJ newspapers. Some ask what is going on in NJ that their numbers are higher than the rest of the country? Actually NJ is one of the only places that requires autism to be reported. If the rest of the country made that requirement you would likely see that many in your state. Sesame Street does not show their Autism puppet wearing diapers, vomiting, having constant excrement problems, or being violent as around 30% of young adults with Autism display. They do not show the puppet's aging parents worries about where to put their non-verbal puppet when they are gone. They do not explain the Brain Encephalitis and swelling that occurred to cause these symptoms and behaviors. Lying to toddlers, teens, adults and seniors-the public, is not a nice thing for Sesame Street to do, for any street to do..

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