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Discrimination Against the Healthy and “Less Sick”

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By Laura Hayes

In CA, SB276 would add further restrictions to already-difficult-to-obtain Medical Exemptions to vaccination. Should this bill become law, MEs currently on file will be scrutinized by a state public health officer or his designee, and be subject to being revoked. All future ME “requests” will be submitted via a standardized form to this state public health officer, who will be given the sole authority to accept or deny it. Reasons for requested MEs must be listed in the CDC’s guidelines for vaccine contraindications, an extremely limited and incomplete list.

Presently in CA, the rate of MEs is .7% of kindergartners, an extremely small number of students whom Senator Pan, initiator of SB276, wants to make even smaller, no matter the harm to those with MEs.

For those who follow my work, you know that I do not support focusing time and energy on retaining or broadening exemptions, as they will always be under attack to be further restricted and/or completely eliminated, as we are witnessing nationwide. Rather, I support and work toward the immediate banning of vaccine mandates, which would eliminate the need for exemptions completely. However, that does not keep me from pointing out this obvious injustice:

Why should children who have serious/certain medical conditions, as designated by the CDC, be more protected from vaccine harm than healthy children, or than children with “less serious”/non-designated medical conditions?

This is blatant discrimination, and it is wrong. In truth, no child should be injected with the toxic, neurotoxic, poisonous, carcinogenic, immune-and-nervous-system-destroying, GI-damaging, fertility impairing/sterilizing, mutagenic ingredients in vaccines.

In these tyrannical times, immediate legal action is urgently needed to make “healthy and non-CDC-designated sick children” a legally protected class.

To clarify, the group of people needing protection would have the common characteristic of being children who are either “healthy” or “not sick enough” (the latter according to the CDC). This group of people is being discriminated against by being mandated to be injected with 70 potentially-fatal vaccines, via numerous and frequent invasive medical procedures, beginning at birth, either because they are currently healthy or because their medical condition is not “serious enough” according to the CDC. They are being unjustly targeted to be disproportionately and unfairly responsible for “maintaining public health” via the purported, but incorrect and disproven, theory of vaccine-induced herd immunity.

We need lawyers to work on establishing this new class of protected people. Additionally, at the same time, we need lawyers working on the banning of vaccine mandates, as medical mandates cannot exist in a free and ethical society.

We must remember that it is not one child’s job to protect another child, be they immune-compromised (often the result of being vaccinated) or not…it is the parents’ job. Additionally, all children should be in a protected class from any person or entity who would require, mandate, or force any medical treatment, procedure, or product on them without their parents’ full knowledge and non-coerced consent.

Laura Hayes is the mother of a severely and permanently disabled 25 year-old son, Ryan, whose abilities, potential, and independence were decimated as a result of his “routine” childhood vaccinations from 2 months-2 years of age. She is determined to see vaccine mandates banned forever; to see vaccine liability returned to its rightful owners; to see individual and parental rights fully restored with regard to medical decision making, including vaccination decisions; and to see vaccines completely eliminated, to be replaced with common-sense, time-proven, risk-free ways to protect, maintain, and enhance health.



Angus Files

Superb as always Laura. your always focused with an eye on the ball and the big prize,no mandates no vaccines!.

Pharma For Prison



Thanks Laura, what a lot of clear aims and objectives and hard work going on,with good signposting!

[CDC's Guidelines for vaccination Contraindications]
A doggie-bag take away, from a dogs dinner of ,Criteria .Guidelines , and Best Practice Standards?
A hotchpotch of fractured Policies/Principles/with vaccine compulsory conscription/ mandates, on the proposed drop down menu ,for people and animals?
Mandates on the drop down menu, enough to cause a riot, and an uproar, in an empty hospital canteen , and that's people and vet school canteen's as well!
Lunchtime Menu -presentation, not fit for purpose?
Starters --- Seafood Platter with something a bit fishy. Or , Soup of the day.
Main Course --- Crofters Hotpot or Farm fresh - Silly Sausages , Poly- bag vegetables, with a small handful , a handful , or a big handful ,of tatties/potatoes.
Dessert's Puddings --- A selection of Fools /sloppy whipped cream delight , and a variety of gataux . "Take your cake and eat it"
Menu Prices change daily .
Pay canteen bill, at hospital cashiers office, at the end of the month ,for one full surprise!
What's on the Criteria . Guidelines, drop dwn menu intentions for mandates ! As Contraindications and Precautions presentation as an Evidence Based Medicine "Script" using dog's dinner standards are simply not fit for purpose, and not getting accepted .


California needs Arnie back, he was the one who banned mercury-containing vaccines, I suspect him being married to a Kennedy helped with his education on vaccines.

On another note, the New York Times is now targeting those who home school with their latest propaganda piece, please note it has an active comment section at the bottom.


Y’all are the most brilliant authors/ disseminating (think I made that word up) people on earth!!!! Thank you always!!! Mr Maready has a new book out that Amazon is censoring. Please purchase if you can!!! BTW, my title would have been.....(Hashtag) the Vaccine Seatbelt. I know, I know.... critics always have the benefit of hignsight. Bastard Bitches!

David Weiner

Exemptions are really a divide and conquer strategy. Let's placate some people who strongly object to what we are trying to mandate, in order to get enough support to get most of the population under our thumb (and, of course, the existence of such exemptions is never publicized).

Then, after the mandates have become entrenched, it is time to whittle away the exemptions.

As Laura often says, the mandates need to go. It is a critical first step in dismantling the entire apparatus of fraud and coercion.

Mark Keller

Fundamentally, this is a constitutional issue. No one should have to justify refusing an injection or any other medical procedure, other than to say, "I don't want it." The science or claimed safety or efficacy of a given medical product is not the issue; basic jurisdiction of one's own body is. I think Pharma is scared, or should be, of this matter going to court on these grounds.


The reality is that doctors are not good at guessing who will get vaccine injuries. Every single person who was killed, paralyzed ( Guilliame Barre) or got encephalitis and brain damage from a vaccine has one thing in common. Every one of them was considered by their doctor to be a safe candidate for the vaccine that injured them.

That is a pretty terrible track record of being able to identify pre -existing conditions.

I want no mandates for medical procedures. Also, though I want actual research on people who have been injured by vaccines, so doctors become more aware of who should never be given vaccines in any circumstances.

Kathy Sincere

You write – “We must remember that it is not one child’s job to protect another child, be they immune-compromised (often the result of being vaccinated) or not…it is the parents’ job.” Spot on!
I am fond of the analogy "My child is cold so you need to light yours on fire”….and oh, by the way, we’ve blocked all the exits.

Someday a billionaire will have an evidently vaccine-injured child, or perhaps twins/triplets as others have experienced. It is my fervent prayer that person will step forward to organize the legal teams we all envision to fight this Evil.

I am reading a great book right now, Full Body Burden by Kristen Iversen, about the debacle of plutonium contamination at Rocky Flats which is near my home in Colorado. It SO PARALLELS the vaccine damage/coverup that we are experiencing today! It took many years of people getting sick and dying for anything to be done. It took concerned local residents and activists from outside the state, including some wonderfully smart, socially-conscious nuns. The brave doctor, Dr. Carl Johnson, Jefferson County Health Commissioner, did his own research based on suspicions of horrible contamination at Rocky Flats. He was an epidemiologist with a specialty in radiation. He did his own studies and his own soil samples which conflicted with the very benign findings of the Atomic Energy Commission (who ran the plant) and also those of the Colorado Dept. of Health and Environment. It was 30 years of cover up by the government and Dow Chemical, from 1953 well into the 1980’s until change began. Dr. Johnson, as a whistleblower regarding the carcinogens around the Flats, lost his job as County Health Commissioner. The greedy Jeffco Commissioners and land developers didn’t like that he called for a moratorium on building homes there until more studies could be done. Much like we are calling for an immediate moratorium on vaccines….. in order to assess the health damage.

Thank you, Laura, for another great thought-provoking article.


Thank you as always Laura!


you're so right Laura.
sb276 is the inevitable result for vaccine mandates in every state; pharma will always want a greater market share, which requires decision making to be done by non elected, and therefore, never accountable, public health bureaucrats.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Laura, no reasonable person could argue against you on this issue. Unfortunately the financial incentives to harm healthy children is strong. Hence we have doctors and media spewing lies chronically. Is Senator Pan's latest attempt fueled by backlash against wealthy parents who buy vaccine exceptions for their kids? The fact that wealthy, educated parents do not vaccinate their kids is the hypocrisy that the public has the right to know. Are the CA Governor's kids fully vaccinated?

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks again, Laura! I agree a banning of mandates of this procedure is required.

For those in California who may not be aware there is also more scope for discrimination from AB262:

"Authorizes" a local health officer "to take any action the local health officer deems necessary to control the spread of the communicable disease" reimbursed by the state.

This is about "certain communicable diseases." Notice the strikeout of "disease outbreaks" replaced with the "certain communicable diseases." This action doesn't even require an outbreak. So what qualifies for having a disease on the "certain" list? A vaccine or related product on market, or maybe even in development?

Maybe some of those "diseases of poverty" Hotez discussed with Joe Rogan are "communicable" and only require a motivated local authority (now with access to the state coffers in addition to other, hopefully but possibly not proper, motivation) to take some action to "control the spread" of them, and I expect this would too often mean the use of a vaccine, rather than addressing vulnerabilities stemming from poverty. Does such language even go so far to authorize vaccine trials (with mandated participation) or are there checks against that somewhere in the state code?


Excellent Laura! Absolutely this group needs legal representation. Well-articulated.

David Weiner

Hear hear!

Hans Litten

There, There, There , little children - don't worry - don't be silly - just keep taking the vaxcrimes.

A nice little high level piece by the BBC
Prof Beate Kampmann, director of the Vaccine Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, to ask her about one of their prime concerns.

Prof Kampmann says many people are concerned about the extra ingredients in vaccines.
"Alum is a very important part of the vaccines because it actually helps the stuff that's really important in the vaccine, which is the bacterial viral ingredients, to work well in the body," she says.
"You make it sound like we're giving a massive shot of aluminium to the body... - that's not at all the case.
"The concentration is only a 1,000th of what you'd find in the natural environment and what we already have in our bodies."
I wonder would Kampmann (v german sounding !) be willing to debate RFK ? at Yale ? Or me even ?
I think I could blow this professor of kidology out the water myself.


So, it is basically just like the Mississippi type of forced vaccination?


Yesterday, my small hometown local paper had a front page, PRO-VAX article, and staff-written editorial. It was the same basic PhRMA propaganda, and supporting mass forced-vaxxes that we all know. Of course, anybody with ANY vaxx questions was painted as a "dangerous anti-vaxxer". Andrew Wakefield wasn't named, but enough of his story was mis-represented to use as an excuse for why "anti-vaxxers" even exist. The propaganda of forced vaxxes and medical fascism scares me more than the measles virus does!.....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!....

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Laura. This quackery, this crime against humanity will be defeated. None of the three branches of government will be giving any assistance, nor will the fourth, the media. It will take masses of people in the streets, exercising their 1st Amendment rights. No medical procedure should ever be mandated by law. Not in a constitutional republic. That they target helpless and vulnerable infants and children is diabolically evil.

Hans Litten

Laura - please read this article - the defeat of a dictator.
California and the rest of them can be defeated.

Bob Moffit

"In these tyrannical times, immediate legal action is urgently needed to make “healthy and non-CDC-designated sick children” a legally protected class."

The ONLY protection we have is through the COURTS .. CIVIL OR CRIMINAL .. where lawyers have access to the discovery process .. allowing them access to records, correspondence and communication between "stakeholders" .. those with VESTED INTERESTS who dominate the entire vaccine PROTECTION RACKET .. where the highest officials of those VESTED INTERESTS can be vigorously cross examined .. UNDER OATH …


I am hopeful Rockland County executive's PROCLOMATION banning all unvaccinated children under 18 years of age from all public spaces will provide the OPPORTUNITY FOR PARENTS TO CONFRONT THIS ARROGANT POLITICIAN .. NOT IN HIS PERFERRED COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION WHERE HE IS KING .. RATHER IN A COURT OF LAW WHERE HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A DEFENDANT.

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