Paul Offit's Racial, Sexual and Education Profiling Shocks Many
Maine Vaccine Exemption Removal Bill Moves Forward

De Blasio Imposes Harsh Regressive Tax on Brooklyn Residents with Vaccine Mandate

NY Mandates and Fines
This, my friends, is the very definition of a regressive tax. It affects the poor much more than the wealthy. $1000 to a rich family in Brooklyn, may be a drop in the budget bucket. $1000 to an Hasidic family with many children and a modest income is a kick in the gut. De Blasio has ordered the MMR vaccine into children as young as six months. Read the insert info below - IT WON'T WORK - so De Blasio is subjecting infants to an unnecessary vaccine for THREE diseases - with liability falling squarely on the backs of the families. That's not just regressive, it's OPPRESSIVE.

From the Merck package insert.

Infants Between 6to 12 Months of AgeLocal health authorities may recommend measles vaccination of infants between 6 to 12 months of age in outbreak situations. This population may fail to respond to the components of the vaccine. Safety and effectiveness of mumps and rubella vaccine in infants less than 12 months of age have not been established. The younger the infant, the lower the likelihood of seroconversion (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY). Such infants should receive a second dose of M-M-RIIbetween 12 to 15 months of age followed by revaccination at elementary school entry.{32}


Jeannette Bishop

FOIA obtained licensure studies of MMR show approx. 1/4 developed gastrointestinal issues and nearly 1/2 developed respiratory infections within the follow-up period which was 6 weeks or less in all studies:

Video titled "FOIA EXPOSES MMR LICENSING BOMBSHELL" @47 minutes 45 seconds --

Jenny Allan

@ Wendy Stephen "One has to wonder how the manufacturer who “voluntarily” ceased distributing the vaccine in Canada while waiting for confirmation as to whether or not the vaccine was implicated in the cases of aseptic meningitis, didn’t have similar respect for the children in the UK and voluntarily decline to market their product here. How could the Pluserix vaccine at one and the same time be withdrawn from use in one country due to a safety concern and introduced into another?"

Yes Wendy- and the sting in the tail over that first unsafe Urabe mumps containing MMR vaccine was our UK Government continuing to inject babies with this dangerous vaccine for more than two years, ignoring warnings from Canada. When the vaccine manufacturers, concerned about litigation, eventually withdrew this vaccine, our UK Government, instead of withdrawing the licence for Pluserix, simply flogged off all the excess vaccine stocks to South America. They then slapped a 20 year ban on public reporting about the then UK Government's involvement in this scandal.

The then brave Telegraph (not so brave now), published an article about this in 2007, after some documents were released under a Freedom of Information Act request:-

"Vaccine officials knew about MMR risks"
Quote "Government officials were made aware of some problems with a version of the MMR vaccine in other countries but still introduced it in Britain in the late 1980s, newly released documents show.
The MMR vaccine with the Urabe strain of mumps was first used in Britain in October 1988. It was blamed for the deaths of several children after being withdrawn by the Department of Health in September 1992.
Previously confidential documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show how officials gradually learned of the dangers of the Urabe strain MMR which caused encephalitis-type conditions, including meningitis. Involving swelling of the brain or of the lining of the brain or spinal chord, they can lead to brain damage, deafness or even death."

£$ Billions have been spent on campaigns to prop up public trust in failing vaccines, including MMR. They are now resorting to force, threats and smear campaigns. I have huge admiration for the Rabbis and other spokespersons for the Jewish Community in Brooklyn, who are fighting this oppression with outspoken contempt. These interviews are sent around the world via the internet. Attempts to shut this information highway will fail. The Genie is well and truly out of the bottle.


Draconian vaccination mandates, DeBlassio, Ed day--gives a new image to "neo-nazism".

Shelley Tzorfas

Many do not know of the pending court case against the maker of MMR because it has been "Pending.." for about 9 years thanks to their highly paid legal team, yet it is the 3 in 1 vaccine that has forced vaccine Mandates around the nation. It is really not the Mumps portion that is going to court as employees were caught adding Rabbits Blood to the test results-under orders-to make it appear as if it was still working. If one part of the vaccine is not viable then the whole lot falls.
Mayor De Blasio can only have 2 arms and 2legs to punch people with. His right hook for now is punching Orthodox and not so Orthodox Jews in 4 zip codes to force them with fines or jail if they don't get their families shot up with murdered fetus cell DNA which is in the vaccine along with a long list of other toxic substances. This insures that the Live vaccine will shed illnesses to others. Then he is shutting Yeshiva's down-That must be his left hook? The Manufacturer does not feel that this vaccine is safe for babies under 1 year old but here is De Blasio kicking the vaccine manufacturer and being argumentative by forcing it on 6 month old infants. Many will develop Brain Encephalitis and Seizure disorders as listed in the package inserts last I looked. But what if you are not Jewish? Mayor will kick you with his other leg for living near Jews by forcing this upon you too.. And what about his last digit?? The patent for MMR EXPIRED March 31, 2019. Watch out for when he goes out for Irish, Blacks, Muslims, Italians, and other groups. He might be too afraid. What he does not realize is that his actions are the "Shots being heard Around-the-world!" Does he NOT SEE??

Wendy Stephen

Jenny, the Urabe mumps strain was used in Canada in Trivirix MMR vaccine (the marketing name for Pluserix in Canada) from 1986 but was quickly noted to be causing mumps meningitis and abandoned. What has never been explained was how the vaccine then ended up being marketed in the UK.

From the Canadian Diseases Weekly Report 15th December 1990 (CDWR) we learn that………..

“Consequently the manufacturer of Trivirix voluntarily discontinued the distribution of the vaccine in Canada until laboratory data were available to demonstrate that the mumps viruses isolated from these vaccine recipients were not related to the Urabe mumps vaccine strain”.

Later in the same journal, after lab analysis confirmed that the Urabe strain was the cause of the mumps meningitis, we read that….. “ the Urabe vaccine was not considered safe for immunization of Canadian children. Effective May 1990, Trivirix measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is no longer licensed for sale in Canada.”

One has to wonder how the manufacturer who “voluntarily” ceased distributing the vaccine in Canada while waiting for confirmation as to whether or not the vaccine was implicated in the cases of aseptic meningitis, didn’t have similar respect for the children in the UK and voluntarily decline to market their product here. How could the Pluserix vaccine at one and the same time be withdrawn from use in one country due to a safety concern and introduced into another?.

In addition one has to wonder how at a time of uncertainty as to whether or not the vaccine caused mumps meningitis in recipient Canadian children it complied with the requirements in the Medicines Act allowing it to be marketed in the UK.

Even after the licence was cancelled in Canada, after absolute proof was obtained showing Trivirix was causing vaccine induced mumps meningitis, the UK continued using it for a further two years.

Ironically, the same edition of the CDWR records the fact that “British investigators” from UK laboratories assisted the Canadians in proving that the mumps virus isolated from the Canadian children was “ identical with the Urabe vaccine virus” prompting the Canadians to cancel the licence but the UK continued using it. No explanation has been provided for why they further risked the safety of the UK children in not immediately cancelling the licence here.

R Prasad

The great Vaccine obsession has reached its peaks to Vaxteria !!

cia parker


It's not actually odd at all, the Dems have become increasingly despotic in recent years in many areas, and they feel they have the right to force social engineering at their will. It's not illegal to get measles? I'll bet you it will be now. Since truth and rationality are no longer expected in any arena, I'll bet you that the fact that many people in every measles outbreak who get it, are vaxxed, is of no moment. Today it's the yellow V, tomorrow who knows? If my daughter gets measles, I'll keep her at home and not tell anyone.


Hi. New to your little oasis. It is so odd that the Democrats are currently leading the vaccination charge. Let me get this straight, the ultra-liberal De Blasio is using homeland security grade surveillance to send police (who don't have anything better to do) to people's homes (right to be secure in?) to force (medicine without consent) a dangerous, unwanted product (ka-ching!) on his subjects or unilaterally decree a $1000 fine, knowing full well that one class can afford it while most can't. All for the children, of course.

And the strangest bit of all is that it isn't illegal to get the measles.

Jenny Allan

Wendy I am well aware of the lack of accountability for vaccine damage in the UK. However, I believe De Blasio has grossly overstepped his remit, by forcing MMR vaccinations on babies 6 months old. This is against the manufacturers guidelines. If any such young babies forcibly vaccinated against their parents wishes, are vaccine injured, I believe De Blasio can be personally sued. In the US such damages can be punitive.

I hope your own fight with the VDPU is successful, although even when damages are awarded they are nowhere near enough for a ruined and dependant life. I remember a young adult girl, made deaf by that first unsafe Urabe mumps containing MMR vaccine, was told she was not disabled enough. It took the UK Government 20 years to admit this vaccine was unsafe and caused damage. It came out in a few press sources just before the 'guilty' verdicts on Dr Andrew Wakefield and his two clinician colleagues. Several of the Lancet children had also received this vaccine.

Bob Moffit

Another letter to NY Post on todays' editorial:

NY Post editorial supported Mayor De Blasio's "public health emergency" against measles.

Unfortunately Merck does not make a vaccine for measles only, instead Merck only makes the combined Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine, which means parents have no choice but to unnecessarily expose their child to Mumps and Rubella anti-gens at the same time.

There is no doubt adding Mumps and Rubella to the measles vaccine provides Merck with significant lowered costs and convenience for a wide variety of "stakeholders", such as, those manufacturing, delivering, storing, and pediatricians administering the three in one vaccine, in addition to the parent and child not having to make three visits and suffer three painful injections.

However, perhaps the editors and Mayor De Blasio should demand Merck manufacture a single measles vaccine that can be made available to parents during a declared measles 'public health emergency", instead of demanding those parents vaccinate their child against Mumps and Rubella, two diseases that are not, indeed, rarely if ever, public health emergencies?

Bob Moffitt

Grace Green

This law, as well as Offit's fear of educated women, both smack of panic. They are using a two-pronged action to shut down information on the internet, and force everyone to get the MMR vaccine. The reason for this is that following the success of the film"Vaxxed" they realize that many people will stop getting the vaccine for their kids. When there are enough of them not vaccinated many people will see that the measles is NOT a dangerous disease and that vaccine will fall into disuse. Then people will start questioning the need for other vaccines. It's the beginning of the end for them, and they know it.


Yes,Jenny Allen,I totally agree with your comments, my close relatives will be birling in their resting places at the very thought of "Cultural Genocide"
Never More - George Gunn.
And,but and so , yet Medical Historical Revisionists "ie measels hysteria and HPV vaccine Tea-leaf reading predictions, using retrospective desk top study analysis of obituary column statistics ,could easily produce a summary conclusion for George Gunn of Accident with broken glass -therefore include in stats for death by misadventure/ and or. Not on active duty at time of accident , therfore does not meet the criteria or guidelines for widows pension entitlement ? Because the retrospective study sample only looked at a snapsot of data and anecdotal adverse events observed totally ignored, without ever reviewing the full picture, or the whole story!
Calum Kennedy - Waters of Kylesku Youtube

See China has chosen Cultural Genocide in Xinjing -for now
https/ 19 Sept 2018
Article By Kate Cronin-Furman
States. China has chosen cultural genocide in Xinjing -for now . It's expensive to destroy a people without killing them, but Beijing is willing to pay.

Wendy Stephen

Accountability for vaccine injury doesn’t come into it Jenny. Here in the UK we have an appalling history for failing to assist all those who are vaccine damaged, (even when they are acknowledged as having been damaged by a vaccine).

In truth, more times than not, the individual and or their families are left to bear the entire burden of having a vaccine damaged family member themselves. In the UK a two tier system prevails where the cause of the disablement ie a vaccine, can be one and the same, but those with an estimated over 60% disablement receive an award while those with a disablement estimated to be less than 60%, do not.

A hundred and twenty five individuals have been advised since the UK scheme began in 1979 that they are vaccine damaged but not damaged enough so as to qualify for a payment. What other set of circumstances allow for discrimination between the percentage of disablement caused (when the causation is the exactly the same) with acknowledgement of only the more severely affected and abandonment of all others.?

Current NHS pamphlets in circulation “A guide to Immunisations” are worded in such a way as to convince the reader that the VDPS are there to assist on the very rare occasions when vaccine damage occurs and only in conclusion makes mention of the “several conditions” that need to be met before a payment can be made. (No elaboration of the “conditions”)

“Current immunisations are extremely safe but, very rarely, an individual may suffer from a problem after vaccination. The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme is designed to ease the present and future burdens of the person who, on that very rare occasion, may be affected by the vaccination. There are several conditions that need to be met before a payment can be made.” (1)

The website provides the reality of the qualifying “conditions” ie the individual has to be, in the opinion of the DWP appointed assessors, “severely disabled”

“If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment.”(2)

Meeting the criteria for severe disablement is extremely difficult which means that those who are disabled, but not in the opinion of the assessors, severely affected, get nothing. This reality and the abandonment of all those, (with the exception of only the severely affected) who suffer vaccine damage, is more likely than not going to put people off vaccination.

Despite my own family situation, I would never view myself as an authority on vaccination but I would, having been through the process at the VDPU (still ongoing) offer myself up as an authority on the UK failure to acknowledge and help all established cases of vaccine damage. How anyone thinks that failing to help all the acknowledged victims of vaccine damage would reassure the public on the subject of vaccination, is quite beyond me.



Hans Litten

Correct me if I am wrong - but isn't the mumps component in court right now for the faked rabbits blood efficacy by Merck - Krahling & Wichowski sp.

Surely there is mileage in a court of law of this point alone ?

Jenny Allan

In the US somehow citizens were persuaded to accept mandatory child vaccinations. The 'safeguards' included religious, medical and philosophical exemptions. All three exemptions are being swept away, on the back of a few measles cases, many occurring in vaccinated persons, and other cases being spread through recently vaccinated persons shedding the live virus in the vaccines. Vaccinating tiny babies, against the vaccine manufacturers advice, is criminal. I hope De Blasio will be held to account for any vaccine injuries.

Little by little.

In the UK new laws are being introduced ostensibly to control the internet. Included are huge fines for spreading 'fake news' including vaccine information. An independent 'arbiter' is to be appointed to decide what is or is not fake news. That's a laugh- except it is not funny. We are the only nation to introduce these draconian laws. This is NOT about fake news; this is about shutting down valuable public information channels. A great deal of vaccine misinformation actually emanates from corporate and government sources. It's scary. Our hard won freedoms after World War 2 are being dissipated.

Bob Moffit

"Infants Between 6 to 12 Months of Age Local health authorities may recommend measles vaccination of infants between 6 to 12 months of age in outbreak situations. This population may fail to respond to the components of the vaccine. Safety and effectiveness of mumps and rubella vaccine in infants less than 12 months of age have not been established."

Would love to be in a COURT OF LAW … where Mayor's attorneys will have to explain why he has taken such a drastic action ..

FIRST placing families of unvaccinated children under "house arrest" .. threatened with a $1000. fine if they violate the Mayor's arbitrary and capricious "house arrest' rules .. the first judge ruled there is are not enough cases of measles to initiate "emergency" action .. and … it would cause "irreparable damage" to families .. such as .. children being denied their right to an education.

SECOND having to defend the Mayor's proclamation to vaccinate your children or else .. with a vaccine that has NEVER BEEN TESTED FOR SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY ON INFANTS LESS THAN 12 MONTHS OF AGE?

I cannot believe Merck is allowing the Mayor to be challenged in an open COURT OF LAW … so I am confused .. after all .. in my small humble opinion … the absolutely last thing Merck would want is for the Mayor to open THEM AND THEIR PRODUCT TO PUBLIC SCRUTINY?

For instance .. why did Merck allow the MMR vaccine to be administered to children without having tested the vaccine's safety and efficiency? That sounds like a violation of Merck's corporate responsibility to provide only those vaccines that have been rigorously tested on all who are recommended to receive it.

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