Rebuttal to Ocala (Florida) Newspaper Vaccine Op-Ed from Dr. William Gaunt
Mayor de Blasio Demands 3 Vaccines to fight One Disease Outbreak in Heavily Jewish Brooklyn Area

Corvelva Updates Scientific Vaccine Purity Safety Testing

Grazie  mille a la nostra amici a Corvelva.Corvelva vaccingate

Click here to see this full report at the Corvelva site.

We want to take stock of the situation together with you. Eight months have passed since July 2018 and in these length of time we have achieved extremely satisfying results. We have presented a research program and regarding the vaccines analysis we are able to make a point of reference, with the objectives achieved, those being finalised and those only planned for now.

To begin with, the analyses of 2 compounds for each vaccine have been verified by means of standards, using certified control standards with a concentration in the order of micrograms / mL. The compounds we have chosen are among those known for their critical hazard profile. We are talking about a cumulative quantity, a total amount of those recognized as identities and those to be identified, which can be estimated within the order of 50 micrograms / mL, in contrast to the EMA / FDA guidelines.

These tests have given positive results, therefore they fully confirm the analysis method! The contaminations observed are probably due to different and variable manufacturing process’ phenomena and topics. What has been observed in the course of the studies is an “inter-batches” variation of the composition, which makes us assume that there are some steps along the whole product manufacturing process that are difficult to control.

Such analyses have allowed us to achieve the following steps:

  • Conformity assessment of composition as outlined in the vaccine datasheet
  • Screening for chemical and protein/peptide contaminations, as well as those deriving from genetic material
  • Confirmatory study of chemical and protein target compounds through con standard certificates of inspection

The following vaccines have been submitted to an initial screening:

  • Infanrix Hexa - GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals s.a.
  • Priorix Tetra - GlaxoSmithKline S.p.A.
  • Hexyon - Sanofi Pasteur Europe
  • Gardasil 9 - MSD Vaccins

These other vaccines were analyzed as initial screening:

  • Measles vaccine live B.P. - Poonawalla Group (Profarma AG, Baar)
  • MMR vax Pro - MSD Vaccins, Francia
  • PolioInfanrix - GlaxoSmithKline, Belgio
  • Fluad -  Seqirus Srl, Siena
  • Vivotif - PaxVax, Regno Unito

Used Technologies

The study is structured in:

Impurity and chemical and protein contamination analysis

  • The LC-SACI / ESI-MS analysis system associated with the pioneering SANIST platform has been used  to perform an initial identification screening on the vaccines of interest, as well as to confirm it  with the control standards, with a minimum level between the nanograms and micrograms / dose
  • MALDI-TOF-MS technology has been used to study the insoluble macromolecules found in the vaccines

Analysis of genetic material

  • Test for the presence of nucleic acids (DNA / RNA) of human and animal origin and of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria) using the Next Generation Sequencing method, which made it possible to quantify the genetic material sequence contained in the vaccines in a highly specific and accurate way
  • Verification of correspondence of bacterias and live attenuated and inactivated vaccine viruses genomic sequences (presence of genetic variants)

Quantitative analysis of metals

  • The ICP-MS technology made it possible to quantify the metals present in the vaccines with a minimum limit of 5ng / dose.

Analysis of chemical and protein contamination

After a first screening that had identified the presence of hundreds of chemical signals inside the vaccines, confirmation tests were carried out by means of standards of 2 compounds per vaccine, using certified control standards, chosen from those known for their critical hazard profile and for the non-residual quantity (such as to be considered components of the vaccines, therefore to be included in the technical data sheet and quantified).

These tests have given positive results, therefore they fully confirm the analysis method. So far only two compounds have been tested for economic reasons solely, in fact this study is not complete as it is limited by the considerable cost of the survey but we have chosen to identify the more relevant standards as for the regulatory restrictions and it is to be considered that this kind of in-depth investigation should not after all be up to us.




I noticed one of the contaminants in two vaccines were human endogenous retrovirus-K. This is implicated when there is a epigenetic mutation which causes motor neuron diseases.

I found a paper in The Lancet showing concern that this very rare condition has recently become very much more common of late in Europe, North America and Australasia. The study (financed by Bill & Melinda) considered all the usual suspects - other than the big guy with the big ears and a trunk.

Here is the chart!

Full text:

Didn’t like either, the suggestion that prion type behaviour was observed (although not confirmed) in some vaccines.

Could a medical exemption be granted on the basis that, as all vaccines tested don’t meet the product licence conditions, then on the balance of probabilities it is unlikely that any other vaccine currently does. They all appear to be biohazards and the whole lot need recalling.

Science is beginning to suggest strongly, that with so many proven mal-epigenetic affects, it is impossible to manufacture a safe vaccine, now or in the future.


A of A readers! Please go to the New York Times website ASAP and comment on new measles story. Huge number of positive comments about new mandate in Brooklyn. Story is titled New York City Declares Measles Emergency After Outbreak in Brooklyn. Speak up!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Beleaguered Autism Mom | April 09, 2019 at 10:21 AM

I think it is genocide ! A cull by baby poisoners. Vaccinocide.
And the very same for the seniors with Fluthanasia.
Its been in the planning a long time back too. The biggest crime in history ever.

Regarding this sb276 - can people please keep an eye on where Carry Look is this time ?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

My dentist told me his brother, who works for a vaccine manufacturer, told him his theory for the autism epidemic. He thinks corners are cut between production runs for rabies vaccines and human vaccines. I also watched Trace Amounts and the graphic showed how the metals tend to settle to the bottom, especially in multi-dose vials. Too bad there is not open discussion of this issue. I think people understand these concepts and all though this quote means the same, it is not as obvious "What has been observed in the course of the studies is an “inter-batches” variation of the composition, which makes us assume that there are some steps along the whole product manufacturing process that are difficult to control." My analogy/translation, some chocolate chip cookies have more chips in them than others and there is no reliable way to ensuring equal distribution.

Hans Litten

See the GUILTY ?

William H Gates III, (BG) the 2nd wealthiest man in the world, declared in 2010 and several times since, that his current #1 mission is vaccination. This has had him increasing his shares in vaccine companies like Merck by another $78 million, investing in vaccine technology, creating the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), establishing influence within the World Health Organization, the CDC and constantly campaigning for vaccines. (1, 2,3,4,5,6)

Most notably he has become the 2nd largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO) with $ 324,654,317 behind the 1st USA Government and significantly more than the 3rd donor UK Government in 2017. (16)

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