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Paul Offit's Racial, Sexual and Education Profiling Shocks Many

Child Health Defense Launches Immediate Legal Challenge Against New York City’s Public Health Emergency Due to Measles

CHD logoFrom Robert Kennedy Jrs's Child Health Defense organization

In an unprecedented move, the New York City Health Commissioner on April 9, 2019 has imposed an emergency forced vaccination order, requiring ALL people living in four Brooklyn zip codes to receive the MMR vaccine (if they do not have proof of immunity or medical contraindication) within 48 hours or risk criminal and civil penalties. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said today that it’s “legally questionable” whether people can be forced to get vaccinated if it violates their religious beliefs. “Look it’s a serious public health concern, but it’s also a serious First Amendment issue and it is going to be a constitutional, legal question,” Cuomo said.  “Do we have the right — does society, government have the right to say ‘you must vaccinate your child because I’m afraid your child is going to infect my child, even if you don’t want it done and even if it violates your religious beliefs?’ So that is, that’s an issue that’s going to be legally questionable and I’m sure it’s going to go down that path,” Cuomo added.

Children’s Health Defense is supporting a legal effort to restrain this order immediately. Vaccination choice is a human right. While New York City unquestionably has the authority to isolate infectious individuals, and even to quarantine them, and to exclude unvaccinated children from schools during an outbreak in that school, it does not have the authority to require vaccination for all individuals on the basis of zip codes with vaccines that explicitly carry the risk of death. This government overreach requires challenge.


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Grace Green

very good question. I think it will depend partly on which country you're living in, eg. USA, UK or China. I could give you some of my very successful strategies for the UK. What do others think about this question?

joe aut neu

please present articles for how to deal with govt representatives for those of us who will refuse vaccinations. thank you

David m burd

The true villains are both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, in concert with the completely corrupt US FDA and CDC, who concocted and passed the 1986 Federal Law exonerating The Vaccine Industry from any liability caused by their demonstrably toxic/deadly products.

The Presidents of the US (whether Reagan or Clinton or ?) have always been medically ignorant and always sign off medically-associated Legistration per the advice of the Surgeon General who has also always been a compliant tool of the Vaccine Industry. Don't blame President, blame a bought-off Congress.

We are now in the midst of The Greatest Crisis in world history as deadly/toxic vaccine brainwashing rules The World, as exampled by the New York City decree.

Hans Litten


Anthony Mundine implores Australians not to vaccinate their kids

Paul Johnson, news.com.au
April 10, 2019 11:01pm

Outspoken boxer Anthony Mundine has weighed into the vaccination debate, imploring Australians not to vaccinate their kids.

Mundine took to Twitter to share his controversial views, encouraging his followers to go against what he considered an act of bullying by the Australian Government.

“Don’t vaccine your kids period! The government bully you into vaccine! Do your research on the s**t & watched the documentary vaxxed,” he tweeted.

Don’t vaccine your kids period! The government bully you into vaccine ! Do your research on the shit & watched the documentary vaxxed ... https://t.co/PKX6qSYtm5
— Anthony Mundine (@Anthony_Mundine) April 10, 2019
Mundine then pointed to his Facebook page where he posted a link to a December 2018 video from New York radio show The Breakfast Club where the hosts alleged there was an agenda set by big pharmaceutical companies against African-Americans.

“MRR (Measles) vaccine gives black boys autism at a rate 240 per cent greater than their white counterparts,” one of the hosts said.

“It’s wiping black boys out, not just with autism — so what the pharmaceutical industry is doing is getting a customer for life.”

Mundine’s comments were immediately labelled as “dangerous” by others, especially as they come amid in a worldwide measles outbreak that has sparked warnings about the importance of immunisation. He was also heavily ridiculed for the tweet with many punters suggesting he had taken one punch too many.


Thanks guys; Reagan, not Clinton.

Aimee Doyle

@Hera - "Most of these vaccine injured people/or parent of vaccine injured children also had no idea that vaccine manufacturers have liability protection ( given by the Clinton administration) so they can't be sued no matter how unsafe their vaccine is."

The Clinton administration was not responsible for relieving the vax manufacturers of liability.

It's part of the original National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, signed into law by then-President Ronald Reagan. NCVIA's purpose was to eliminate the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims in order to ensure a stable market supply of vaccines, and to provide cost-effective arbitration for vaccine injury claims.


Wade, every immune compromised person I’ve ever known spends large slabs of their life in hospitals and doctor offices.

Hospitals and doctor offices are filled to the brim with *actual* sick people. Not to mention the doctor him/herself whose clothes are a biohazard.

If immune compromised people can survive just one trip to the doctor then they could easily survive any number of encounters with healthy (or even sick) unvaccinated children.

You’ve never once thought about that before though have you Wade? It’s completely obvious of course but you’re just so incredibly brainwashed


@Wade, most people don't know this but vaccines were never designed to stop disease transmission. You can be a fully vaccinated carrier and infect immune compromised people. The vaccinated are most likely to be carriers up to 6 weeks after vaccination. Whooping cough is probably the most notorious for this problem. The other problem is that live vaccines do shed in the environment and while a newly vaccinated person isn't a carrier in the traditional sense, they are not supposed to be around immune compromised people. Measles is a live virus vaccine.


@Hera, it is my understanding vaccines became liability free in 1986. Squarely in the Reagan years. "Most of these vaccine injured people/or parent of vaccine injured children also had no idea that vaccine manufacturers have liability protection ( given by the Clinton administration) so they can't be sued no matter how unsafe their vaccine is."

Go Trump

Should be some interesting "New York door to door vaccine visit" clips coming soon.

A 1,000 dollar fine is cheap.

One would spend more than that on the first "MMR Head-banging, 105 degree fever ER visit.

Bob Moffit

One of my two letters to NY Post … on two different columns on vaccine mandate:

Re: "Unorthodox propaganda"

Apparently a widely distributed pamphlet within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish moms in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is being blamed for parents not vaccinating their children against measles. The pamphlet claims that vaccines are made from ingredients that include "human cells from aborted fetuses, rabbit brain and monkey kidney .. all of which can't be consumed under Jewish law". According to Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union, which certifies kosher foods, it is completely irrelevant how vaccines get made, because those ingredients are not ingested through the mouth".

The question is not whether these ingredients are edible by Jewish law, the question is whether these ingredients are safe to inject into a child's highly complex human immune system?

Consider, the immune system of every child is inherited from their parents, making each child's immune system as unique to that child as are their DNA and fingerprints. Since each child is predisposed to tolerate or not tolerate the myriad of ingredients of every vaccine being injected, it would be an impossible task to determine which child would be at higher risk of adverse reaction.

In any event, having a reasonable understanding of the highly complex human immune system we all inherit from our parents, whether moms choose to avoid injecting any vaccine containing human cells from aborted fetuses, rabbit brain and monkey kidney should be their choice and their choice alone to make.

Bob Moffitt

susan welch


Wade, Even you should admit that 127 children dying from MMR vs 2 from measles is enough for parents to say. 'I am sorry, I am not prepared to take that risk'.

Please research both sides of this issue before making such naive statements. Your comments could have come straight from the propaganda crib sheet.


Hi Wade,
you probably came to the wrong place to make that comment. Unless you want to learn more about vaccine injury and immunocompromised people; then you probably came to the right place.

I'm guessing you probably don't know much about vaccine injury. So let's start with a source you should recognize; the CDC.
Here is a list of the table injuries for vaccines.
You may not have much medical background, so to translate to make it a little easier, Guilliame Barre means paralysis ( very similar to, in fact almost undistinguishable from polio; some recover somewhat, some are permanently disabled) and Encephalitis and Encephalopathy ,( both side effects of the MMR amongst other vaccines), mean brain inflammation and brain injury.

What that means in real life for some children is that they become wheelchair bound, or in some of the cases of encephalitis, the children have lost the ability to speak, to be potty trained, to communicate or care for themselves, and will need lifelong permanent care givers for the nest 60 or 70 years. Other cases of vaccine injury from encephalitis are much milder, but brain injury is still a life changing event.

These parents and their children often did not know they only had two years to report the injury to the VICP ( Vaccine Injury Compensation Board) which is a government funded extremely lengthy (7 + years in some cases 'compensation scheme")

Most of these vaccine injured people/or parent of vaccine injured children also had no idea that vaccine manufacturers have liability protection ( given by the Clinton administration) so they can't be sued no matter how unsafe their vaccine is.

They also did not realize that no one is studying , recording or trying to protect others from vaccine injury. Instead there is a passive reporting system called VAERS that the CDC and FDA basically ignore, and that a recent study suggested only 1% of cases of vaccine injury even get recorded. And you have probably notice the increasing media, facebook, pintrest, etc black out of anyone who is vaccine injured.
So, silence the injured and ignore them after making sure they can't sue. Great product protection if you can get it.
here are two unrelated brave families who posted their information and pictures of their children after tthe chidlren's deaths from vaccines.
Funny thing is; both their doctors had no problem with vaccinating them. There was no protection because they were likely to be injured.
Speaking as someone with immunocompromised people in my family; as the other posters pointed out, the chance for a medical exemption from vaccines is almost nil. After your family member is maimed or dead from the vaccine; then suddenly everyone is saying, oh, of course that happened because you weren't healthy to start with. California is already trying to take away the right of doctors to give medical exemptions to their patients. Instead a "government committee" will likely force medically compromised people to vaccinate , and then, as is happening already, silence those that are injured afterwards by restricting or removing their stories from as many public platforms as possible.
I'd like to believe that you wrote what you did because you just did not know. You have probably never researched vaccine injury before. So, hang around. Learn some stuff from us.

Aimee Doyle

@Wade " What would you say to the parents--to the kid--who could die from measles because you didn't vaccinate your kids? Do you think your kid is better than there's? More deserving of life?"

And what would you say to those individuals who are severely injured or die of vaccination? The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out nearly $4 billion in compensation since it was established in 1986. There is no screening mechanism in place to determine whether you or someone you love will be susceptible to a severe adverse reaction. You roll up your sleeve and take your chances. Rare? Maybe, maybe not.

There doesn't seem to be much sympathy for the people who comply with the mandate and pay the price. And they can't even tell their stories, since compensation through vaccine court often comes with a mandatory non-disclosure agreement. The media doesn't cover vaccine court.

I think it's pretty reprehensible that these individuals are written off so casually as collateral damage in the war for public health.

Aimee Doyle

Four zip codes! That's a lot of people - but it seems it would be tough to enforce. And it does nothing to prevent individuals who are not vaxxed, or not fully vaxxed, from visiting the area.

For Wade Parker


No this is about medical tyranny: you suddenly find the immunocompromised can’t get an exemption either.

I think the whole thing is a complete Sham, designed to find out which of us are lilly-livered and which have our heads screwed on the right way.

Indeed Grace, not to mention that it is bringing bad publicity. I am sure hypocritical adults that are ordinarily cool with blasting parents for not vaccinating their kids are not so cool with being told that they should get vaccines for themselves. Seriously, where is the gain in coercing a few extra residents in these zip codes to vaccinate if it is inflaming things so much? Sometimes I think vaxx pushers are secretly trying to help us.

Wade Parker

There are people out there who can't get vaccinated because of an allergy or have a compromised immune system.

They rely on those who can get vaccinated to get vaccinated to pass on their herd immunity.

What would you say to the parents--to the kid--who could die from measles because you didn't vaccinate your kids?

Do you think your kid is better than there's? More deserving of life?

If so, you truly are the worse type of people.

Hans Litten

From the Gulf Stream Waters to the Redwood Forests this land was made for you and me.

People are standing up and being counted all around the world (Siggi Hero Henry):


Siggi Henry says she put a "Flu Shot Facts" sheet on her council office door to educate colleagues and council staff about what she believes to be the dangers of the influenza vaccine.

But months out from the winter flu season, health bosses say the anti-vax flier - which also alleges the flu vaccine contains mercury - lists "demonstrably false" information and is designed to create fear.

In 2017, Henry said ratepayers shouldn't pay for council staffers to get the flu shot. A year earlier, she encouraged Waikato District Health Board members and fellow councillors to take up the anti-fluoride cause, saying health experts and "smarty pants" scientists had brainwashed the public over fluoride.

Henry hasn't decided whether to stand for re-election but is adamant she won't campaign on her anti-fluoride or anti-vaccination views.
"Has it got anything to do with the council? I don't think so. I've got greater issues than that," Henry said, adding she wants to highlight concerns surrounding the weedkiller Roundup.

Grace Green

Thanks for sharing that. I would add to those 5, number 6; be sure to take the person's name, official status, and preferably a photograph - that last always scares them!

Norman Roberts

Does anybody know how many of those infected in this outbreak had been vaccinated?


This is genuinely shocking. I think they've overplayed their hand.

Jenny Allan

This turned up on Facebook with a request to share
I'm Sharing:-
We have been asked to share this:

If a "health officer" shows up at your door and demands to check your vaccine records, and threatens that you and your children will be force vaccinated against your will or you will face a $1000 fine, state this:
You will take the $1000 fine, but you will also:
1. You will make a legal investigation as to whether a 48 hour notice is within the law to force a medical product or procedure on an unwilling individual.
2. You will make a legal investigation as to whether it is within the law to force a no-liability product that is currently in litigation for fraud on an unwilling individual.
3. You will make a legal record that they are in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations which guarantees patients free, prior, and informed consent, and the right to refuse any medical procedure or medical research study. Vaccines are a no-liability product and a perpetual post-market surveillance safety study, and any subjects, including our children fall under protection of The National Research Act [Title II, Public Law 93-348], Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research [45 CFR 46] and revisions of various regulations, rules, and laws ([21 CFR 50], [21 CFR 56], [45 CFR 46 Subpart D], [10 CFR 745], that guarantee pregnant women, fetuses and children special protections [45 CFR 46 Subpart B, 45 CFR 46 Subpart D].
4. You will make a legal record of the violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and the first tenant of the Nuremberg Code that states the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
5. You will make legal record of their violation of Article 3.2 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights which states: The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of sicence or society.

TELL THEM YOU CAN FINE ME NOW, but expect to refund my money or to find that your fine is illegal very soon. DO NOT COMPLY: Your compliance validates their power to force an illegal act upon the citizens. This is a social test. DO NOT COMPLY.

Hans Litten

Yes ................ Come ON !

Jenny Allan

Politicians who make up laws as they go along in order to impose draconian regimes on ordinary citizens are behaving like dictators. This has echos of Hitler identifying Jews, removing their civil rights and property, and finally exterminating them. Being FORCED to take MMR vaccine with 3 live viruses and an insert which identifies a risk of dangerous side effects even death, is against the US First Amendment and the Neuremburg laws, intended to prevent future 'Hitlers' .

We must all join forces to stop this power over-reach or they will eventually get round to YOUR country, YOUR region and YOUR town.

Grace Green

This order applies to ALL PERSONS except those under 6 months of age. They are required to prove (presumably by being tested) that they are immune to measles, or be vaccinated, all within 48 hours. I don't know what the population of this area is, but can anyone tell us whether this exercise will be possible? I think the whole thing is a complete Sham, designed to find out which of us are lilly-livered and which have our heads screwed on the right way. Hold your nerve people - we will all stand by you. The same thing is being done re. Brexit, and UK MPs have amply shown what they are made of!

Bob Moffit

"While New York City unquestionably has the authority to isolate infectious individuals, and even to quarantine them, and to exclude unvaccinated children from schools during an outbreak in that school, it does not have the authority to require vaccination for all individuals on the basis of zip codes with vaccines that explicitly carry the risk of death."

I have never heard of any law specifically directed at inhabitants of a particular, selective .. ZIP CODE?

Regardless of the over-exaggerated, overly-aggressive, over-stated "good intentions" of the Mayor .. inhabitants of particularly targeted ZIP CODES include ALL who own homes in those ZIP CODES .. now greatly diminished in value of those homes to future buyers.

What is next … laws specifically targeting telephone area codes?

Talk about "irreparable damage" done to EVERYONE, even those fully vaccinated .. who own a home in the targeted ZIP CODE .. trying to s

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