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Cat’s Autism Playlist 2019

Music on world offNote: I'm calling Mrs. Jameson Cathy Gaga today. Her message? "Just dance! It's gonna be ok...."  That happens to be my Gianna's favorite Lady Gaga song.  Enjoy this fun post! Autism month is almost OVAH!!!!

By Cathy Jameson

I had to wait until the end of April to create my Autism Action Playlist this year.  I usually have several songs queued and on replay by now.  But I gave up listening to music for Lent this year.  I’ve given up other simple pleasures before, but this year’s sacrifice really had me aching for my tunes.  With all the ridiculous measles stories popping up in my news feed this year and throughout this month, I wanted to drown out the madness with my music.  I didn’t want to break the Lenten fast though, so I stayed true to my promise.

I knew I’d made a good choice in picking giving up music when the kids expressed how much they missed having the radio on.  Ronan’s siblings love a good song just like I do.  They love to fill our house and car rides with songs that keep us all smiling, too.  Even though I decided to turn the music off, I could think about it.  Songs from my past, songs I had just started to like, and music that normally calms my soul Lawrence welk albumwere not too far from my mind these last few weeks. 

With Easter season now in full swing, it’s time for me to turn the music back on.  With that, here is this year’s playlist with a brief explanation of why I chose the songs I did.  Hear something you like?  Get up!  Shake your booty, and go dance in your kitchen.  That’s what the kids and I do when the music moves us. 


World Destruction – I first heard this song when I was running track back in the mid-80s.  A friend from high school turned me on to it.  I liked it so much that I taped it off the radio and played it on my knock-off Walkman right before my races.  The lyrics and the beat pumped me up and round and round the track I’d go!  I’ve heard the song only once on the radio since then, so I’ll play it online every now and then.  I find the message more appropriate today than when I was a teen.  Certain issues, including parental rights, are important and are absolutely worth fighting for.  The people who should give a damn about protecting them don’t though.  Heading for destruction, it pains me how messed up the world seems to be these days.   

In My Blood – Doom and gloom aside, we have options!  Even if …sometimes I feel like giving up… I won’t give up.  I can’t.  Ever!  It’s tempting, but that’s when I reach out to a friend to help me get back on track.  Things get better when people work together.  Even if the walls are caving in, as it sometimes feels they are lately, I know that we can make a difference.

Shawn Mendes - In My Blood (Terry Kingsley Remix) from Terry Richard Kingsley on Vimeo.

La Bala – When I first saw this video, I thought whoa.  It’s graphic and very to-the-point even without showing the gunshots or the blood.  I watched it a few times a few years ago and as I read the lyrics, I wondered…what if I changed the word bullet to vaccine, would the message still apply? 

The vaccine travels sure and firm during its route

Wounding the wind to death, faster than time

Defending any argument

It doesn't care if its destiny is violent

It goes calmly, the vaccine, it has no feelings

Like a secret you don't want to hear

The vaccine says it all, not speaking

Not raising suspicions, it assures its slaughter…

Bullets leave a mark.  Depending on how deep the wound is will depend on how one recovers.  The same holds true for those who get vaccinated.  Shots also leave a mark, and I don’t just mean at the sight of the injection.  For some, the internal damage is intense.  That’s no secret.  Thankfully, some people are able to survive that, but there is no denying that vaccines cause some sort of damage. 

Blood In the Water – Ronan’s brother, Willem, requested that I add this song to the playlist.  He said it makes him think of what happened to Ronan, “a lamb to the slaughter”, and how Ronan paid the price with his health.  Close your eyes while you listen to the lyrics, especially this line, and think about how much pharma money has been made and how much has been taken from families like ours: 

Admit you were toxic

You poisoned me just for

Another dollar in your pocket…

Chilling!  Thank you, Willem, for this song.  It’ll be on replay for a while.

Freedom – I’m pretty sure I ordered this CD from BMG Music Club back in the day.  I loved all of George Michael’s songs, especially this one.  I know I played it very loudly on the dual-tape cassette boom box I got when I graduated 8th grade.  I still love this song and will turn the volume up to a nice respectable level when I hear it.  Freedom.  So many people these days are taking it for granted.  Our own friends and family may not see eye-to-eye on vaccines and autism, but while we’re fighting to preserve our rights, we’re fighting for them to keep their rights and freedoms as well.

Shut Your Mouth – I would never suggest you tell anyone to shut up, but some days…sheesh.  It’s tempting.  Instead of telling someone to shut it, use other words and actions to get your point across.  Walk out of that pediatrician’s office if they’re forcing you to follow an untested vaccine schedule.  Walk away from those representatives who insult and ridicule you.  Your actions will speak much louder than their words.  Be in charge of your family’s needs, and don’t be afraid to delete the folks who bring you down!

Don’t Bring Me Down – Oh, ELO, how I love you so!  Ronan’s younger brother really likes this band and will play their songs while working around the house.  This upbeat tune is dedicated to the nay sayers out there—the press, the pro-vaccine doctors, and the bought legislators.  Say what you want about us, but you guys are going to have to work a lot harder to make us quit.  Our child’s autism and vaccine injury has given us some thick skin.  We’re immune to the name calling and fear mongering tactics.  They mean nothing to us.

High Hopes – The reason that name calling and smearing doesn’t work on me personally is because I have high hopes that some good will eventually come from all of this.  Some days are hard.  Some people are mean.  I wish some of what I and my family have experienced never happened.  But it did.  I push through every bad day knowing that a good day could be right around the corner.  I’m hopefully ever after like that.  Always have been.  Always will be.

Panic At The Disco | High Hopes from musicmanuel on Vimeo.

Right Here-Right Now – This one is for anyone who hasn’t yet spoken up about how American families are losing their rights.  Quick question for those folks:  What are you waiting for??  Really!  What is going to make you stand up and say enough is enough?  Isn’t time?  Right here, right now before more people are silenced or forced into doing something they don’t want to do or need to do, it is time.  So, join us.  It’s an odd feeling to go against the grain, but it’ll be worth it.  I promise. 

Van Halen - Right Now from Paulo Ferreira on Vimeo.


Now it’s your turn.  As we usher out a month that hardly saw any autism awareness news but more vaccine propaganda than ever before, share your favorite song.  Does it make you dance, cry, or want to put your dukes up?  What song do you have on repeat?  Whatever it is, I hope it motivates you like my music motivates me. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Like what you heard?  Check out previous year’s playlists on Cat’s Spotify page for more.



Actually the Lucia Micarelli "Music From a Farther Room" cd is fantastic imo.

Cat, I don't know if Ronan would appreciate it as it is somewhat more phrenetic, but I love this Mozart work and recommend it highly.

Mozart: Symphony Nos 38 - 41 / Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Gary Ogden

Beleaguered Autism Mom: Thanks. The Mozart is lovely! Hope Ronan is charmed by it. Nice to see the sheet music, too.

Gary Ogden

Tribulusterrestis: I just ordered a Seekers CD. Can't live without them. Her voice is indeed so fine, a perfect match to the material they sing.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Thank you for the playlist Cat, you and your kids are very kind. This is for Ronan:

Cathy Jameson

For Beleaguered Autism Mom - this one's for your son. The kids and I took the songs you mentioned and added Tribulusterrestris' to a new playlist (that song made me cry, too!). We also included some of Ronan's faves and go-to songs we hear on repeat. I'm often floored with what Ronan chooses to listen to and am grateful he's leaving some of his kiddie music behind. I hope your son finds new likes here:

Cat Jameson

Thank you for all the new songs to listen to! Ronan and I listened to a few this morning. He likes the classical pieces the best. Here's his favorite which he just requested - he types Mozart on his voice output device and especially enjoys this piece. It is so calming for both of us.

For Beleaguered Autism Mom, I have an idea that I will hopefully get to work on today - be back later with it for you and your son. xo, Cat




By the way Cathy I love "Freedom " too, and GaGa is good good!


Many move me in different ways. Here is a standby.

Gary Ogden

Tribulusterrestris: Thank you and bless you. One of my favorites from age 16, and onwards. Brought tears to my eyes hearing them.
Cathy, you bring us such aid and comfort every week.

Gary Ogden

Cathy: you're totally cool, and michael, thanks!


I just rediscovered an amazing Australian group who began in the 1960s. It has brought me great joy to hear The Seekers. Clean, encouraging, uplifting and amazingly talented, especially Judith Durham, the lead singer. She is arguably has one of the best female voices out there. At 75 she still has not lost her soaring voice. The three guys blend so well with perfect harmonies. Nobody quite like them. I can't stop listening.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Thank you for sharing Cathy Gaga. We have been trying to get my son interested in something other than kiddie music, here are his favorites, so far:
Faded – Alan Walker
Change Your Mind – Sister Hazel
Zero – Imagine Dragons


From The King and I ---Shall We Dance--
and from the same musical--I Whistle a Happy Tune--

susan welch

Cathy, Thank you so much for this playlist.

Your words are very compelling and I identified with so much of what you said.

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