The Garden State Grows.... Autism
It's Sibling Day and OUR Beloved Brother Has Autism

California Screamin' Brutal Attack on Boy with Autism

WtfTHE MAYOR'S SON WAS ARRESTED.  WTF is wrong with these teens??? What have YEARS of feel good do nothing autism "awareness" and blue lights and TV shows showing a unicorn version of autism done for OUR CHILDREN WHO FACE A WORLD OF HATE AND HORROR????? Where is empathy and compassion. Human decency? The report refers to the video as "troubling." Troubling is not being able to find a parking space at the mall. This attack is horrifying.  Ready for the future?

ROLLING HillS ESTATE, CA — Video footage of teens punching, kicking, mocking and robbing an autistic boy in Rolling Hills Estates roiled the community Friday after the mayor's son was among two men arrested in the attack.

The troubling video surfaced on social media, and it shows bystanders looking on while two men punched and kicked a man as he lies in the fetal position covering his head to defend against the onslaught. The attack paused only briefly when the assailants stopped to yell at the victim and one of the attackers appears to reach into the prone man's pocket to take something.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies arrested 18-year-old Declan Bell-Wilson, the son of Rolling Hills Mayor Patrick Wilson and 18-year-old Korey Streeter, of Palos Verdes Estates.  Read this revolting story  here.


Outraged Citizen

Beyond words. This brings anger tears frustration and the desire to see that the responsible parties are punished to the fullest extent of the law. Time for the mayor to step down as a Councilman and start doing what he should have done as a parent. The persons taking the video and any bystanders are just as guilty. This is disgusting. $80,000 bail is a joke. Should have been a million. I pray that the best prosecuting attorneys get involved and that the Ex mayor and his buddies stay out of this and let Declan and his buffoon of a friend roast for this.


Charges are not being filed, they are currently free. Please sign petition.

Bob Moffit


Unfortunately .. that 'sickness in your stomach after reading this'" is something we all share realizing the savage beating this young man endured could just as easily be suffered by our own precious loved ones .. making it even worse is the young man did not report what had happened to him .. didn't even tell his parents .. deputies only made aware of the crime by posted video .. otherwise this young man's beating would have gone unnoticed by ANYONE.

One has to wonder how many similar savage attacks on our most vulnerable loved ones go unreported .. sort of like the thousands of vaccine injuries that go unreported to VAERS and NO ONE CARES ENOUGH TO STRENGTHEN THE LAX REPORTING POLICIES WHERE BY A RECENT HARVARD STUDY SHOWS LESS THAN 1% OF INJURIES REPORTED.



Remember when there was the rare case of violent black seperatist attacking white man with a disability which the media incorrectly called "autism" and it seem even Trump and his lap dog Alex Jones and Milo talked about it ad naseaum?! Why is this not a hate crime by as many people because the suspects are (conservative"?) whites from a very wealth district.


Revolting! I hope they throw the book at them!

Recent tweet from Chelsea Clinton:

With all the vitriol that Ms Clinton contributes toward “anti-vaxxers”, and as many autistic children have parents that, according to her, fit that label, the hypocrisy is astounding! Who’s the bully?

Grace Green

I have to say that in my experience it's the Mayors' sons, the Mayors, Councillors, civil servants, teachers, doctors, lawyers etc., who are the most likely to perpetrate these daily hate crimes. I don't think the hatred which is being vented against Julian Assange at the moment is unrelated - the UK authorities don't want it known that anyone would need to claim asylum from THEM! This sort of treatment has been my daily experience of life and they all close ranks to cover it up. Let's see if these young men get the appropriate sentence for the crime.

Laura Hayes

Sick to my stomach after reading this.

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