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April Has 30 Days


Today is one of my daughter Gianna's favorite days. She has 24 such days a year. The last day of the month, and the first day of the month.  December 31 and January 1 are the biggest, of course. G is my calendar girl. She uses the dates and numbers to add structure and sense to her world. I admire her for it even if I have to listen to her tell me the date and how many dates are left in the month eleventy times a day! She made up a song for herself  to the tune of the REM Song End of The World as We Know It.  As you can guess, she sings, "It's the end of the month as we know it, and I feel fine." It's endearing really.

We made it through yet another blue autism month. I don't know if I've finally just tuned out most of the events or if the media is tiring of the blue haze of April for Autism. I didn't see as much as I have in the past.  This month has been focused on fear of measles. And even with all the attention to vaccine mandates, vaccination, anti-vaccination, I haven't heard "autism" too much at all. Interesting.

How about you? Did you attend any events or buy anything special?  How did you honor your loved one with autism?

I turned down making a donation to Autism Speaks at Marshall's.  And a Hilton hotel in which I stayed at JFK had an Autism Awareness banner and blue light bulbs on the tables. I've cut cable, so I don't watch over the air or cable channels as a rule. Perhaps I missed PSA announcements with handsome little boys standing in cul de sacs wearing Ralph Lauren togs.

And you know what?

I feel fine.




The media doesn't care much about autism, in any case. Unless it's their own family, in which case (of course) it was genetic.

The media currently is being very well paid to hyperventilate over the measles. (Insert picture of Scream painting by Edvard Munch with sarcasm emoji attached.)

Won't somebody please create a chart comparing the number of measles cases -- about 700 currently, and apparently that's in the ENTIRE COUNTRY -- compared to the number kids-teens-adults with autism.

It might work best, state-by-state.

Please, all you statistics and chart loving folks. Make a chart and post it and publicize it everywhere.

Marla Sgarbossa

We don't need to celebrate Autism awareness, we live it. Wearing blue does nothing to change the fact that my child will never reach her potential, that we will struggle to get through every day, and too many other children like her have been diagnosed with Autism and too many more will be diagnosed. Why is their no discussion about finding a cure? Answer: No money in that. In fact, the cure for Autism would cost the players billions.


Kim-my son is like your daughter Gianna and he will count the number of days in the month, say what the date is every day, say the first of the month and last of the month dates and talk about it with me forever. He even can't wait to change the calendar at the end of each month. You are right that they use numbers and dates to add sense and structure to their world. Yes it is really endearing and a way for us to communicate with them about what they think is important.

Bob Moffit

In our family .. like yours Kim … we don't need a month to "celebrate autism awareness" .. after all we live with autism everyday.

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