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A Spot of Reason in the Rockland County Measles "Emergency"

Brady Bunch measles
All 6 Brady Kids Had Measles and Fought Over Which Doctor - the actors then became Mr and Mrs Cunningham on Happy Days!

Note:  Thank you to Becca Tucker for a rational look at the measles outbreak.

By Becca Tucker

A six-month measles outbreak has Rockland County in a state of emergency, with unvaccinated kids barred first from school and then, in a move that made international headlines, from public places.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day and health officials say the extraordinary measures are necessary to protect the public from a highly contagious and potentially dangerous disease.

Betty Wilma measles
Betty and Wilma Had the Measles in the 1960s Cartoon The Flintstones

A growing group of concerned parents is suing, saying the county’s strong-arm tactics are out of proportion and imperil families’ rights to make appropriate medical choices for their children.

Dr. Hendrieka Fitzpatrick, a general practitioner in New Jersey with an expertise in women’s and children’s health, is one of those people who say the county has gone too far. “We can’t start taking people’s choice away” over the measles vaccine.

Regarding measles itself, Fitzpatrick said: “I’m not saying it’s not miserable, but it’s not life threatening” in the Western world. “It’s probably milder in children than the flu,” she said.

The last measles death in the U.S. occurred in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hedda Get Better A Doll from the Late 1950s. With Measles. The Faces Turned - to Happy and Sleeping.

Severe measles, the kind that can kill you, “is more likely among poorly nourished young children, especially those with insufficient vitamin A, or whose immune systems have been weakened by HIV/AIDS or other diseases,” the World Health Organization says on its website. “More than 95 percent of measles deaths occur in countries with low per capita incomes and weak health infrastructures.”  READ MORE HERE AT The Advertiser-News.


David Weiner

The real reason for a state of emergency: the epidemic of Deep Statism:

george mackenzie

by George Mackenzie

We must clasp our hands and praise the wisdom of our elected legislators in Salem Oregon. Perhaps they or their aids have finally done the deep research, or perhaps they have simply listened for once to the input of the Oregon voting public. The Health Committee was considering HB3063, the bill to remove philosophical and religious exemptions to 'restricable diseases' on the CDCP (prevention) schedule in Oregon, amounting to 50 injections for school-age children. At the hearing in late February, Committee member Boyles requested clarification on whether the language of the bill prohibited undervaccinated Oregon school children from attending not only IRL public and private schools and daycare, but also online schools (14:50). The Legislative Counsel person who had helped draft the bill then came to the table (17:25) and spoke to the Committee and packed roomful of concerned Oregonians. Indeed, the language as written would exclude undervaccinated Oregon school children from attending online schools as well as IRL schools (my summary).

Oh the joy we all feel to know that in its wisdom, Oregon legislators have discovered that measles in not an internet virus transmitted by wifi. After careful consideration, they have approved an amendment to the bill which allows undervaccinated (missing even one of the 50 injections between womb and 18) school children from attending online schools. We know the true believers in the vaccine religion could be apprehensive that measures for public safety are getting lax, and this could be another mucus-slippery slope to pandemics and 'outbreaks'. But for once clear scientific analysis has prevailed over hysteria, and disease-mongering overshoot has been wisely limited.

Perhaps this latest achievement of wisdom in Salem could lead to others? Is that hoping for too much? The 'state of emergency' remains however, because somewhat under 100 cases of measles lurk somewhere around Portland. If legislators can learn that measles is not contagious over the internet, maybe they can learn that measles is not deadly in a country with decent nutrition, but a relatively benign disease from which no one in Oregon, and only two in the US, died in the last 27 year period. Children recover in a week and then have life-long natural immunity, contributing to the only true form of community immunity (I hate to call it 'herd'), and receiving a boost in development afterward.

Perhaps legislators can learn that researchers using a new form of gene sequencing technology examined 194 cases of measles in 2015, and discovered that 72—38%--were caused by the strain of measles found in the vaccine. That's right, the MMR vaccine is causing cases of measles, around 40% of them. I hope they trust the peer-reviewed scientific Journal of Clinical Microbiology where this research was pubished, and not the main stream media or pharmaceutical-infiltrated lobbies and government bureaucracy.

Perhaps our ever-more educated Oregon legislators can learn that most people who get measles are vaccinated for it, offering tentative proof that the MMR vaccine is ineffective for measles, again despite media reports blaming 'unvaccinated' children. Perhaps they can learn in Salem that it is utterly preposterous and criminal to try and protect a tiny percentage of a percentage of children labeled 'immuno-compromised' by treating everyone else. In what other case is a patient with a medical condition treated by treating everyone else but the patient? This is ridiculous sales strategy, not medicine. Three treatments exist for helping the very few truly 'immuno-compromised' children should they contract measles (and remember, they can get it from the fully vaccinated): immunoglobulin, high dose Vitamin A and other nutritional support, and a still experimental but promising anti-viral drug. Let the few 'immune compromised' children avail themselves of these treatments, not expose the great majority to 'unavoidably unsafe' vaccines in a vain attempt to protect the few. When will a parent of a truly 'immune compromised' child say at a hearing that they don't feel right trying to force everyone else to accept known risks, when more effective treatments for their child are available? Please come forward now, our Oregon legislators need your input.

In approximately that same 27 year period when no one in Oregon died of measles, and only two in the country, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System registered at least 459 deaths from the MMR vaccine (as of November 2018). Every one is a tragedy sending waves of grief through families and communities. VAERS is a voluntary, little-known, poorly accessed system, and it is estimated that from less than 1% to as much as 10% of actual 'adverse' vaccine events are reported. Death is certainly 'adverse', so let's assume it is reported at the high end of the estimate. That means at least 4590 people, mostly children, died of the MMR vaccine in that time. The waves become tsunamis.

It was a great and courageous decision of our elected legislators to allow undervaccinated children to attend online schools. We all must consider strong measures to protect public health, but in its wisdom the Committee recognized when it went too far, and came back to reason. Now let it realize that the entire extent of HB3063 is going too far, based on faulty science, media hype, pharmaceutical company profit-oriented influence, and against the overwhelming and strongly presented demands of the Oregon people. At the hearing in late February, only 75 people were allowed to speak in the 3 hours allotted, and their time was reduced to one and a half minutes each to allow more to share their thoughts with the Health Committee. After watching the video of the hearing, I estimate significantly less than half spoke in favor of the bill, with far more opposed.

At the end of the hearing, the Chair inquired how many others had been signed up to speak, but were not granted time. 180. All opposed. That is a sign of the demands from the educated concerned people of Oregon. No bogus disease-mongering about measles can overcome that. No legislator should try to override such an overwhelming will of the People.

This heinous bill trying to impose medical tyranny on Oregon's children is now in the House Ways and Means Committee. Alarming to the anti-vax and medical freedom movement is the fact that Elizabeth Steiner Hayward is Co-Chair of this Committee. ESH was the main sponsor of a bill in 2015 to mandate all vaccines for all Oregon children or be banished from school. A similar disastrous law passed in California, sending vaccine refugees fleeing to Oregon. It failed in Oregon, since this single event propelled the anti-vax/medical freedom movement into vigorous resistance. None of the many displays of vaccine-damaged children at the hearings or poignant testimony of their parents seemed to have the slightest impact on ESH, who appeared insouciant and even disdainful.

House Representative Pam Marsh from my district thinks this bill is likely to pass, and possibly only some amendments can make it less heinous. Here are two amendments that tried, and one that would have made it worse, but all failed: allow 'philosophical' exemptions but remove 'religious', give children who claim 'philosophical' or 'religious' exemptions a voucher in the amount of the Statewide Distribution to spend on private school or home school, and require 'health care practitioners' to maintain all vaccinations against the same 'restrictable diseases' children are required to get (would doctors be eligible for exemptions?). But all these amendments failed, and only the one which approved undervaccinated children to attend online schools passed.

New Senator Jeff Golden in my district who spoke out against this bill (21:35) in alignment with many of his voters, said citizen lobbying to the Ways and Means Committee members should continue. It is not a done deal, and this bill can still be defeated.

One wonders if anything can stop the pseudo-scientific, disease-mongering, hysterical juggernaut of 'state of emergency' vaccine madness based on a few cases of harmless measles that is the Oregon legislature. But the People prevailed in 2015, and perhaps we can again with enough uproar. Whether you are educated enough to be truly against vaccines entirely as I am, or simply demand informed consent and medical freedom to decide for yourself rather than have injected poisons imposed on you and your children through State coercion, the battle of Oregon in the ongoing Vax Wars in the US and world is still undecided. Mobilization and devotion to the cause of freedom and the future fate of humanity, can still prevail.

George Mackenzie is a concerned citizen of Oregon and America who has studied vaccines for four years since Oregon attempted to pass a vaccine mandate. He presents his knowledge and opinions on various social media and email lists and interpersonal IRL sharing. George has grave concerns for the effects of mass vaccination on the future of humanity and advocates for exemptions, no mandates and informed consent.

Laura Hayes

Montana NAR,

Exactly...wouldn't want to draw attention to the 9,259 cases of lifelong, debilitating, devastating, independence-stripping Autism being diagnosed in American children each and every month of the year. Nope, a few cases of beneficial, short-lived measles should definitely take precedence, cause nationwide panic, and incite the stripping of our rights and liberty. We live in crazy times.

Laura Hayes


From my Jan., 2015, article:

"Disney, Measles, and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection" by Laura Hayes (still extremely relevant to what is transpiring today)

"4. Why have parents been denied choice with regards to being allowed to choose monovalent vaccines over the trivalent MMR vaccine? Ever since Dr. Andrew Wakefield dared to do the unthinkable...i.e. question a vaccine (gasp! like big pharma would ever sell a product that might cause problems, or death...gasp again!), in this case, the MMR vaccine...government officials and committee members decided they did not like the people questioning vaccines, so they colluded with Merck and other profiteers to stop the production of the monovalent measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines, forcing consumers to use the trivalent MMR vaccine (a 3-in-1 vaccine, which has the potential to be far more dangerous than individual vaccines given separately and at different times).

*See footnote at the bottom to see Merck's "explanation" of why they discontinued the monovalent M, M, and R vaccines. Then, look up who comprises the ACIP (see anyone who might possibly have a conflict of interest, say someone who might just profit from the approval and sale of vaccines?). Ask yourself who the "professional societies" might be, and if they by chance might just happen to greatly profit from vaccines and their numerous after-effects. And those "scientific leaders", might they be scientists who work at or for Merck, or have a chair endowed for them by Merck? Last mentioned are customers. Guess those customers who want to have a choice, and who want the 3 monovalent vaccines, don't matter much to Merck.

"*Footnote, on Merck letterhead:

October 21, 2009

Dear Health Care Provider:

Monovalent vaccines no longer available for measles, mumps, rubella

Based on input from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), professional societies, scientific leaders, and customers, Merck has decided not to resume production of ATTENUVAX® (Measles Virus Vaccine Live), MUMPSVAX® (Mumps Virus Vaccine Live), and MERUVAX®II (Rubella Virus Vaccine Live). This science-based decision will support vaccination of the largest group of appropriate individuals. (to read full letter)"

Montana NAR

Epidemic: 157 cases in 6 months of (wild?) measles. Not a life-threatening disease which imparts life-long immunity. Daily "mainstream" media screaming, "Epidemic!!!"

Not an epidemic: 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease per year. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Doesn't really exist. Patients are making up their symptoms.

Not an epidemic: fill in the blank ______ with the disease or malady of your choice, including huge numbers of vaccine injured children and adults. Nothing to see here, folks.

Bob Moffit

If measles is the most "highly contagious and potentially dangerous disease" in a child's early life .. why hasn't Merck resumed production of a "measles only" vaccine … making the vaccine safer and more efficient than combining it with two other … not as contagious or equally dangerous .. diseases?

I would ask Rockland County Day if he would exert the very same "coercion" on the MMR manufacturer .. by demanding Merck introduce a MEASLES ONLY vaccine. Day ought to begin immediate communication with Merck .. demanding to know what motivates Merck's corporate decision to combine THREE LIVE VIRUS VACCINES INTO ONE INJECTION? Is three live viruses injected at the same time "safer and more efficient"?

Day has a duty and responsibility to PARENTS .. to investigate if Merck's sole purpose was "cost effectiveness" to improve Merck's profitability .. if so … would Day demand Merck resume production of a single measles virus vaccine .. as was the original recommendation of Dr Wakefield so many years ago?

Nah .. Day wouldn't dare threaten the profits of Merck or any other vaccine manufacturer … much easier for him to attack parents for not protecting the "herd" .. when in fact injecting THREE LIVE VIRUSES INTO A CHILD IN A SINGLE VISIT does nothing positive to protect the 'herd" .. instead .. the 3 in 1 shot protects the bottom line profits of MERCK .. the 'herd' be damned.

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