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Twenty Years Post Columbine: American Schools are SPED Psychiatric Wards

A Ringside View of Vaccine Exemption Law Hearings in Colorado

by Shelley O'Neill, MD

ColoradoreservedseatingThis was my first time attending a legislative committee hearing and boy did I pick a doozy. The bill being heard was Colorado HB 1312, which essentially plans to treat vaccine injured families who now want to decline even one shot, as ignorant criminals that need to be entered into a registry and tracked, forced into in-person meetings with state bureaucrats to be “educated” and forced into compelled speech by signing a form stating they are harming their child. People who decline one or more of of the 72 required doses, would have their private medical information revealed to the state but those who accept all 72 doses get to keep their medical information private. It also wipes out 99% of medical exemptions, replacing the doctor’s authority for the state’s. It doubles the number of required vaccines and also applies to homeschooled children. This bill is a big stinking pile of garbage.

The hearing room was small, holding about a hundred seats. One thousand parents showed up in opposition, packing the halls, rooms and walkways, with kids in tow, many disabled and vaccine injured. They were there hours ahead of time to stand in line for a seat in the hearing room. 575 of those parents signed up to testify. The establishment made sure the people (peasants?) knew their place as most of the chairs were tied off and reserved for lobbyists, vaccine researchers and medical types. Those elites also had their parking and food provided. They showed up late, waltzed in right past the lines of defiant families and left after giving their testimony. Only about 20 parents were allowed in the hearing room initially. The rest were ushered to different parts of the building and gathered in groups around their phones to listen to the proceedings. The chair announced that she would call panels of 4, each person would get 2 minutes to speak, followed by 10 minutes of questions/discussion. I calculated that this format would be 42 hours of testimony just for opposition. Clearly many of us would not be heard today.

As the hours drew on, people had to leave to attend to their kids or work the next day. I stayed until the bitter end. I finally moved into the hearing room around 7 pm and testimonies lasted until 3:30 am. There were about 30 testimonials for the bill. The proponents said the same old bumper sticker slogans, “safe and effective”, “one in a million”, “vaccines don't cause ____”. The words “pseudoscience” and “conspiracy theories” were used more than once while ignoring all the injured families around them.

There were a few non-establishment people that spoke for their side. One was a family who told a heartbreaking story of losing a child to bacterial meningitis, the other an older man who was a polio survivor and the third was a mother whose child had a kidney condition and “could not receive the MMR”, so felt it was important that everyone else get it to protect her.

I choked up listening to the family describe losing their child to meningitis and wished that had not happened. But I also knew that vaccinating millions with our current vaccine would not be the answer. I wondered if they knew that meningococcal meningitis is very rare, with an average of 400 cases out of 325 million and that with treatment the survival rate is 90%. I wondered if they knew that the vaccine for meningitis only gives temporary protection and if given to a million Colorado children, 10,000 of them would suffer severe injury and at least 30 would die?

I wondered if the polio survivor knew that back when he had paralytic polio (which only happens 1% of the time), the treatments of immobilization and casting ensured a permanent paralysis and we now know that proper physical therapy would have helped many of those children completely recover? I wondered if he knew that this bill doesn't affect the polio vaccine but rather adds dozens of doses of newer, controversial, unsafe, unneeded or ineffective vaccines to the already bloated schedule?

The third case was particularly ironic, b/c this bill does not recognize her daughter’s condition as one that would qualify for a medical exemption, so if it passes, the medical exemption that she has enjoyed would vanish. So essentially she was testifying against herself and her daughter’s interests. Even more ironically, the people she was implying were a threat to her, were actually defending her daughter’s right to obtain a medical exemption based on her doctor’s judgement and defending her medical privacy.

Besides the few cases above, all the other testimonies in favor of the bill were from the medical establishment—pharmacists, nurses, pediatricians, infectious disease doctors, public health officers and Pharma funded researchers/scientists.

Approximately 150 out of the 575 got to speak in opposition. There were 4 chiropractors, 2 “Vaccine Risk Aware” MD’s (including me), a representative from NVIC, Del Bigtree, and the rest were vaccine injured families, although many of the parents were also highly educated professionals, such as nurses, nurse practitioners, PhD’s etc. The testimonies of vaccine injury were powerful and heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking was that these stories of grief, devastation, seizures, regression, disability and death did not touch the 7 Democratic legislators’ stone cold hearts. They were silent, dismissive or combative. A few of them dozed off during the testimony. Much of the time they appeared distracted by whatever was on their phones/laptops. The bill’s main sponsor would come and go a lot and missed much of the testimony, instead choosing to congregate with lobbyists in the hall. The 4 Republican legislators were attentive, listening and clearly touched by the stories. They asked excellent questions of both sides. The contrast between the 2 parties was stark and noticeable to all.

There were 3 exchanges with the Democratic legislators that took my breath away.

The first was from a pediatrician/representative who assailed a vaccine injured mother for speaking about MTHFR mutation. She implied that the mom must be confused or lying b/c she “knew” and stated unequivocally “that anyone who had double MTHFR mutation would have homocystinuria, which is screened for at birth!” She was very confident in her ignorance and could not be swayed. I so wished I had been up there to defend this mom and to let the other legislators know that pediatricians and allopaths in general do not study, utilize or understand epigenetics, detoxification or vaccine injury related to those factors and that their colleague was gravely misinformed. I and many others in that room have homozygous MTHFR mutation and can assure you we don't have the diagnosis of homocystinuria.

For those that are curious, homocystinuria is an amino acid disorder that can be caused by many genetic polymorphisms, most commonly the CBS mutation. These newborns are screened for this disorder by measuring levels of amino acids and do not receive genetic snp testing. So children having the MTHFR mutation, which may predispose them to vaccine injury, would not know that before injections started.

MTHFR and other single nucleotide polymorphisms are not a genetic disorder like Down’s syndrome where everyone with that gene manifests with the same unalterable condition. These snp's can turn on and off based on environmental factors and have many different manifestations, such as early heart disease, autoimmune disorders and intolerance to medications. Once again, pediatricians know very little about this and thus the hostile arrogance she demonstrated while shutting this informed mother down was shocking and quite symbolic of our bigger problems.

The second exchange was between an African American legislator who seemed not to care at all when presented with information that the CDC had committed scientific fraud around a study looking at autism in African American boys. Her very polite answer was “my nephew is high up in the CDC so I have all the information I need from him, but thanks anyway”. Wow.

The third comment was heartfelt and by a legislator who has a grandchild with autism. She stated that the child was different even before his 2 month shots and she knew that his autism was “just how he was and not a vaccine injury”. I wondered if she knew 4 vaccines are given in every pregnancy, hep B is given a few hours after birth and that the HepB vaccine at birth has a higher correlation to autism than tobacco does to lung cancer?

She went on to say that she found it very hurtful that anyone would suggest that vaccines cause autism because that wasn’t the case for her grandson. Yet she couldn't see that denying the experience of hundreds in the room who had watched their children regress after vaccines was just as hurtful. What she didn't seem to realize is not all autism is the same and assuming he was unvaccinated before 2 months old, both scenarios could be true. It is wrong to deny one version of reality while clinging to another, especially when the one chosen as valid lets Pharma and the CDC off the hook and throws hundreds of thousand of families under the bus.

The biggest outrage and wake up call for me, came at the very end of the hearing. The sergeant directs the seating in the hearing room and I was seated next to a woman who I didn’t know, but I assumed was a lobbyist and maybe even the bill’s author. I was annoyed by her constant typing on her computer, jumping up from her seat to gather with lobbyists and being completely oblivious and unconcerned with the heartfelt testimonies being shared, even rolling her eyes when people spoke about toxins.

Her incessant typing involved writing numerous legislators with talking points and followups, reinforcing the legislation and refuting points made by the opposition. I also saw a more formal email that she worked on for quite a while addressed to the bill’s sponsor. She was typing furiously on it, ignoring the father who was crying, describing the death of his infant. I watched her to see if she would even look up, but she just tic-tacked away, cold as ice. Her lack of humanity was disturbing and it saddened me. The email looked like a speech and I thought maybe it was for the next reading of the bill or an interview. But what do you know, as the sponsor began his closing remarks, it was word for word what I had watched her type just hours before.

I admit that I was naive and inexperienced as to how things work in the capitol but it made me sick to my stomach to watch someone so disrespectful and oblivious be able to “speak” through a puppet legislator, while everyone else clearly assumed his words were his own. It also really drove home for me what a David and Goliath fight this is, how it truly is a war by Pharma (with the help of media and legislators) against these already beleaguered families, their providers and the population as a whole.

I don’t have the language to describe the disgust, betrayal and fury I felt, as a life long Democrat, watching my party’s legislators, still vote down all reasonable amendments and pass this bill out of committee, despite 13+ hours of compelling testimony. They are on the wrong side of history. They heard the stories of injury, death and disability and just truly didn’t care. They heard the facts about corruption and scientific misconduct at the CDC and just truly didn’t care. It was clear that they witnessed the weird disconnect of doctors saying “this can’t happen”, while surrounded by hundreds of people saying “it happened to me”. Once again, they just didn’t care. Because you know, measles.

The same legislators who would lecture the Right about body autonomy and personal choice in reproductive matters clearly don't apply those values here. The party who says they care about underrepresented and misunderstood minority groups clearly make an exception here. The party that would never tolerate the tracking and registry of Muslims are fine doing it to this minority group. The party that rejects the industry funded junk science questioning climate change and embraces independent researchers sounding the alarms, to explain what we can see with our own eyes, here cannot see that they are doing the opposite—whole heartedly swallowing industry funded junk science to prop up the “more vaccines the better” and the “nothing to see here” mantras and rejecting the independent scientists who are sounding the alarms, to explain the exploding rates of chronic disease that we all see with our own eyes.

My heart breaks for my party. My heart breaks for Colorado and the other states fighting similar battles. But most of all my heart breaks for the children who will be sickened, injured or killed by a vaccine program that has gone off the rails and then dismissed and bullied by our institutions, leaving their parents to pick up the pieces. There is no such thing as an “anti-vaxxer” or a “pro-vaxxer”, that is an industry narrative that generates fear, distraction and sells more products. The only labels we should be worried about is state control vs. parental control. These parents could have been any one of us. They trusted but were harmed and then betrayed by a corrupt, unaccountable, industry-captured medical system. They are mama and papa bears who are fighting for their own children, your children and society as a whole. Wake up. Fight back. Join your local efforts in defending medical freedom, body autonomy and the right to decline pharmaceutical products before it is too late. And if you are the praying type, it’s time to pray hard.


Grace Green

The IPCC was set up to only look at the human effect on climate change because that's the only thing we have the power to do anything about! Of course the sun effects climate, there are also many physicists looking at that, and climate has changed greatly in the past, but it's the RATE at which it's now changing which is the concern. Also, when there have been extremes of climate in the past humans were not yet on the planet. Otherwise we would long ago have died out like the dinosaurs. As for TPTB, there always have been and always will be tyrants. No-one is standing up to them more than I am. Many of my Quaker forbears went to prison, or even died, standing up to corruption in government for the sake of the truth, but all of that is just about how people relate to each other. It's not as important as the destruction of the planet and all of us dependent species!
The hotness or coldness of any particular summer is weather, not climate. But haven't you heard that most of the hottest summers on record have occurred in this century? (I'm sorry, I can't remember exact statistics). There have been 100 wild fires in the UK so far this year! Please, both of you, watch David Attenborough's latest call to action series. He puts it much better than I can.

John Stone

I am somewhat agnostic on this - I believe we were told London had the hottest summer ever last year but frankly I remember much hotter summers, even in the decade before this. I remember summers like 1976 and 1983 where the streams dried, summers where you could barely breathe, so I don’t know what was special about 2018.



We have a lot of common ground overall, I am strongly against pollution and destroying the planet. Like you I can see it with my own eyes and I respect David Attenborough whose documentaries I happen to have been enjoying for the last few days.

The bit where I think differently, is that I see it as mostly the Sun which changes our climate. The part of the world where I live used to be a desert down by the equator, yet now it is high up in the Northern Hemisphere, things are always changing.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was set up to only look for how humans affect the climate, not to look for how the Sun influences it, so the whole setup has was biased/rigged from the start. For the researchers to keep getting their money they have to keep proving that any change is due to humans. The idea is to use the evidence as an excuse to unite the nations and put the world government in place, and the taxes to fund it.

So I'm strongly against pollution and destroying the forests etc, but I'm concerned about the UN and how they are using it as a vehicle. I support the real green movement, not the UN/NGOs version which has been hijacked by the same people who want us vaccinated.

My own interest in vaccines started after someone asked me to research whether to get the swine flu vaccine or not, I did some solid research for them and was horrified with what I discovered. I never stopped from that day on, as I realized something had to be done. Yes I have two children, both unvaccinated and both have been enjoying David Attenborough with me.

On world government, their plan is to use 'protecting nature' as the way to control us. If you look into their Agenda 21 plans, you will see they eventually plan to relocate anyone who lives in the countryside, and cram us all in together into human settlement zones. Families like the Rockefellers are going to be running the show, currently they are a shadow government and we have some protection from them, whereas in the future they will have total control. Unfortunately the Rockefellers love the concept of vaccines, especially the use of them as tools of social engineering.

Grace Green

I am coming to this from a completely different direction to you. You are only looking at the statistics, and emails (and I've heard that that was just an unfortunate misunderstanding). Anyone can prove anything they like by statistics, they are still arguing about the William Thompson paper. I start from what I have experienced, which is vaccine injury to myself and other members of my family, and the fact that many others witness to exactly the same experiences. On climate change I have seen with my own eyes the effects, and heard and seen others whom I respect (eg. David Attenbourgh) confirming my experiences, and the "other side" has no other explanation for the SPEED of the change. Similarly, the pro-vaxxers can only reiterate "coincidence", or blame the patient. People who don't believe in the rapidly occurring climate change are those who don't want to change their profligate lifestyles. I already live in poverty because of the UK government's corruption in trying to cover up the vaccine holocaust, but I would far rather have a simple, natural, healthy life than a jet setting life surrounded by plastic! Thirdly, I judge issues by the integrity of their exponents. I've already mentioned David Attenbourgh, and I would add that those of us in the UK who are the "have-nots" lived for ten years under the slimy Nigel Lawson as chancellor. He alone would put me off even looking into this conspiracy theory.
I don't remember you saying what started your interest in the vaccine issue, whether you have children. I have found that people without children tend not to be concerned about climate change. If we still have a healthy natural environment then any world government will be very limited in what they can impose on us because nature is a powerful ally.


Boulder CO banned Roundup in city parks, but mandates glyphosate be injected ?



The linked article was about Climategate, an event where hacked emails were leaked which showed climate scientists in a bad light. The public trusts that the scientific method is being followed, yet with vaccines and climate science we know that is not the case.

It is really important for us to learn a lessen from the way that the pharmaceuticals have tricked the public on vaccines, and look where else in the world similar corruption is taking place. I would always recommend where possible to do the research for yourself, take a look at the studies, see if you think they are good enough, or if they are simply more pseudoscience like what the vaccine industry pumps out.

The world government being setup would give the Big Oil and vaccine families more control than ever before, whereas at the moment we have some mechanisms to protect us against them.

My main interest is vaccines, but I've also spent much time on other topics too, I'm drawn to exposing corruption, it's built into my DNA.

Anyway, we should probably leave it at that for now like you say.

Grace Green

Your linked article is nothing but a list of names being maligned much as Andy Wakefield's has been, with no discernible scientific information. Of course, the academic teams which are researching climate science are going to be the ones who come out with data supporting their research. They're the experts. The thing those criticizing them can't do is show that changing from fossil fuels to renewable technology will, like vaccines, injure and kill millions of children. It is purely an economic argument, and Nigel Lawson is one anti climate change fanatic who it is well known is hugely personally funded by Big Oil. Your argument about world government is similarly purely socio-economic, and as an autistic person of a practical bent I really have no interest in personality battles. I'm surprised that the editors have allowed this thread to be taken over by some paranoid agenda which has nothing to do with vaccines and autism, and, as I said before, could even be damaging to our case. The subject has been brought up by someone whose name I haven't seen here before, and I think you, Pete, are a recent addition. Perhaps you could keep to the subject, or find a website which is closer to your interests.



Unfortunately the people setting up the world government are far worse than the ones currently charge, and once the world government is fully in place it will be almost impossible to get rid of it.

These people do not really care much about the climate, it is simply their vehicle to power and control, the marketing is just a way to get us on board, they would have happily chosen something else if they thought it would be more effective.

One thing you will see the climate change pushers have in common with the vaccine propagandists is that they are regularly caught lying; if they were on safe ground they wouldn’t need to do that.

The Climategate documents (email leak) exposed some of the devious tactics being used (see link below).


Grace Green

I have had a look at some of the websites on this subject. Videos of Judith Curry show her repeatedly saying "We don't know" - hardly a convincing argument against climate change. On another her arguments were even linguistically illogical. Another showed many of the arguments commonly put forward by climate change deniers with detailed answers to each one. The pro-vaxxers would never even enter such a discussion about the merits of vaccines, so I see no parallel there. Personally I would be very happy to see the end of fossil fuel use in vehicles and homes, an end to the destruction of the rain forests and other unique habitats, an end to the incessant noise from traffic, a reduction in the human population and an end to the wastefulness of consumerism EVEN IF there was no such thing as climate change. I don't think a world government would necessarily be a bad thing, depending whether its powers were abused, but my own government is already so abusing its powers that I can barely stay alive, so that situation would hardly be any worse. All in all, I'm glad if scientists and governments are starting to think about the environment and our impact on it, and my life can only improve as a result of it. I find it strange that people on this website can think that injecting poisons into children is the only pollution on the planet. The climate change deniers are the ones who are denying harm, danger, greed and science. What's more, people raising this issue on this website could well make others turn away from the truth about vaccines because they will see us as conspiracy theorists, rather than genuine whistleblowers.


When one looks at climate science it can be easily taken apart just like pro-vaccine science can, the climate change side know that and that's why they are having to say "the science is settled" and "we have a consensus", the same tricks the pro-vaccine side used to make it seem like the debate has clearly been reached.

On the dangers you've seen to the environment, I agree, there are serious problems, but the climate change agenda is something quite different, it's in disguise, a wolf in sheep's clothing, a way to get taxes and control, by some of the most powerful people on this planet.

I'd strongly recommend you take a closer look into this one, it's like the pro-vaccine propaganda where it appears like a good cause on the face of it until you look deeper into it.

On Bill Gates, his vaccines have been found to contain sterilizing agents by independent labs, so it does appear that he knows what he is doing.

I'd recommend the freely available CorbettReport documentary 'Why Big Oil Conquered The World' which explains in detail what is going on.

Grace Green

Pete and Gary,
I'm not a scientist but I believe all your arguments are not quoting scientific research and could just as well be made the other way round. As with the vaccine issue my starting point is my own personal experience. I'm 66 years old and have lived most of my life on the east side of Scotland, and I have seen the changes with my own eyes. The thousands of new houses, new roads, traffic jams, queues of people etc. I'm also a nature lover, and I have seen the degradation of nature, disappearance or drastic reduction of species, and it grieves me greatly. We have had MANY wild fires since February here in rain-drenched Scotland, this is not California. The global temperature has been measured, the ice in the Arctic is melting, CO2 is recorded as going up, we can't just assume that these are all lies. Indeed, until recently only a tiny minority of scientists believed in global warming and they were given the Andy Wakefield treatment. Finally others joined them, until it is now the vast majority. When everyone comes round to the "antivax" belief will we all then change our minds just because of suspicion? I am well inclined to disbelieve everything I read in the news, but not the things which fit with what I'm seeing with my own eyes. And as an example of your "paranoia" I should point out that I've often read that criticism of Bill Gates claiming that vaccines will reduce the population by 15% and it's obvious he means that people will have smaller families if they expect their first children survive, not that vaccines are going to kill 15% of the population!

Gary Ogden

Grace Green: The damage humans have done to the Earth is indeed a terrible thing. But this is an entirely different matter from the "impending doom" narrative from a gradually warming climate, which is simply false. It is gradual enough to adapt to. Read what Dr. Judith Curry has to say. One of our nation's top female scientists, who has testified before Congress on this issue on more than one occasion in recent years. Attacked, of course, for political reasons. But she doesn't do politics; she is a scientist, and does science.



There are various forces at work, but the most powerful one is the Climate Change Industrial Complex, there is plenty if money to be made if you ‘prove’ in any way that humans are responsible for climate change. They are not paid to look for ways that the Sun affects the climate or anything else, only mankind, so of course they keep ‘proving’ it, using dodgy statistical tricks, similar to what the ones the vaccine industry uses.

Yes, pollution is bad, there is no doubt, but beware of the climate change agenda; the green agenda has been hijacked by sinister forces.

So what’s the endgame of climate change? Every government needs funding, a global world government is being setup i.e. the United Nations, and it requires regular funding. They need to force every country to pay taxes to the world government, also they need an excuse to control every country. That is what climate change is really about, so-called climate taxes will be paid to the UN world government, which will set all kinds of restrictions and laws for every country based on protecting the world against climate change.

It was all spelled out in their think tank documents years ago when they were thinking of ways to unite the nations under a world government , see Club of Rome quote below:-

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."
- Club of Rome

It is worth noting that some of the big pushers of the climate change agenda say that vaccines are a major tool in their plan to combat climate change, to bring the population down with vaccines (Bill Gates admitted that on camera).

It is important that we do not help these people, if they get their totalitarian world government funded by climate taxes, there will be no vaccine exemptions for healthy individuals, these people do not believe in democracy or freedom.

Grace Green

I'm surprised by the attitudes expressed about climate change and ecological degradation. As Dr. O'Neill describes the comparison to provaxxers, it is "industry funded junk science", which denies climate change. As we are always telling people, follow the money. Who gains from continuing with the fossil-fuel run world of today? The biggest business of all, bigger than Big Pharma, Big Oil! I live off-grid and get much of my energy for free from the sun. I'm no longer beholden to the oil-producers and their fraudulent bills. Of course, they really don't want everyone going the same way. Dr. O'Neill is enlightened, please listen to her.


Dr. O' Neill,
You are a true patriot and a hero.
Thank you.

David Weiner

"One of the chief reasons why almost every regime in the world has converged to a system of participatory fascism is that this system creates or retains a great variety of institutionalized opportunities for the state’s victims—who compose the great majority of the people—to challenge the state’s exactions and to “make their voices heard,” thereby gaining the impression that the rulers are not simply oppressing and exploiting them unilaterally but involving them in an essential way in the making and enforcement of rules.

These opportunities help to allay public resentment and anger, assuring people that they have had “their day in court,” and thereby serve to prop up the regime and its ongoing exploitation. These official avenues of protest and resistance are, however, rarely of any real avail. The oppressed citizens and other residents are protesting the actions of legislatures, government executives, bureaucracies, and courts run by the very people who are engaged in the oppression and plunder. The opportunities for voicing feedback are, in effect, ways in which people are allowed to request that the slave master stop beating them or reduce the severity of the beating. Rarely do the petitioners win, and even when they do, the costs of making their appeals, especially through the legal system, guarantee that they will be impoverished in the process."

From Robert Higgs


Gary Ogden

Eve: Thanks for that comment. I think it is important to bear in mind that much of what we have been taught over our lives is propaganda. I well remember the polio scare of the fifties, and everything else since. My journey to awareness really began with Pan giving the children of California to the state in 2015. Then I read Carl Bernstein's 1977 Rolling Stone article (available on his website). The CIA has had assets in all the major media since the early fifties. Discovering Dr. Judith Curry's website (Climate, etc.) was a revelation. Everything I ever wanted to know about climate science. Our climate is incredibly complex, and the alarmist narrative given by the media is both false and intended to exert control through fear. So it is important to be skeptical of everything. Our federal government (and that of the UK, and probably most others, as well) operates as an organized criminal enterprise. Congress has utterly failed in its duty of oversight, as industry has captured them and the regulatory agencies. Only thing we can do about it is educate, resist, march in the streets. They know they have lost control of the narrative, thus this year they are really dropping the hammer. It won't work. They govern only by the consent of the governed; bullets won't keep them in power. The needle is destroying this great experiment in liberty one child at a time, and pharmaceutical drugs the adult population.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I'm sorry Eve, Your point is - over population is a myth therefore the climate change science is also a myth? This site is about the autism epidemic, and upholding standards in the science investigating it - in medicine they are called clinical trials. If people on this site ask for scientific proof that vaccines are safe and effective and don't receive it from the government that promotes it - it is not because the argument can't be settled within industry standards, it is because the trials for vaccines were not held to the same standard as prescription drugs. Vaccine mandates based on those trials are dangerous and inhumane. We are not here to weigh propaganda of unrelated arguments.



"It's very odd how you mention junk science climate change deniers"

Agreed, the article is wonderful, that is the only bit which I could fault. Regardless of which side of the debate someone is on, the science is definitely not settled. When one UK university was hacked it was found they are deliberately fudging the data to fake global warming.

Of course, pollution is bad, but beware the climate change agenda, it is something quite sinister in itself, taxes to fund the future UN world government, the ones who will no doubt implement forced vaccination.

Overall though, the article is a gem, well done Shelley!


Great article. But I have one qualm with it. You bring up climate change in your article. It's very odd how you mention junk science climate change deniers... Well, you sound in that sentence like mainstream media sounds when they say "junk science vaccine deniers" and I think you may be wrong. Seeing what you've seen with vaccines, how ANY questions are forbidden, any debate is smothered with scorn, anyone who doesn't completely agree with mainstream consensus, and also in lieu of the emails that were found of scientists fudging data, NASA's refusal to release true climate change data to congress despite being instructed to do so... (Oh, you hadn't you heard about that? No? That's right, mainstream media blacked that one out...) the politicizing of climate change agenda to control people... the complete indoctrination of children in school, the media endlessly parroting the climate change story... and our dangerous "overpopulation" hurting the planet... why do you assume that the climate change narrative can't possibly be wrong? Why do you not question your beliefs on that? Sorry but I also bought that lie, hook, line and sinker, since I was a child in the 80's hearing that nonstop. Humor me here and open your mind (just as we would like pro-vax politicians to do). Guess what? Overpopulation is a lie. Did you know we are, as a global population not even REPLACING ourselves? Here's an official World Data Bank population/fertility website. Please, peruse it and tell me how we are overpopulating. Please, scroll down. See how the fertility rates for MOST countries has plummeted to a rate where people are not even replacing themselves. And please, I'm not saying pollution doesn't exist! I'm not saying there are NO problems. But really. Don't just believe that climate change story because there's a huge political incentive behind it, and it begs debate, sincere questioning and scrutiny. Because, you know, like you say about vaccines also applies to climate change: Science is NEVER settled. They say "climate change science is settled, 99% of scientists agree, the debate is over" I think you need to research that in full, longterm, and get beyond the propaganda. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.DYN.TFRT.IN and please do go look at that link I posted to the World Bank Data. That info is also available from several reputable global websites, it is real.


As I sat here reading this.... Tears
were streaming down my face. I am sick to my stomach ..... There are no words😢

Four words come to my mind... government sanctioned child abuse.

Hans Litten

The greatest crime in all history ever : vaccine


Know About First Indian Woman Scientist To Be Elected Royal Society Fellow In 360 Yrs

According to India Today, fifty-one prominent scientists were elected as fellows of the Royal Society along with 10 new Foreign Members and one Honorary Fellow for their extraordinary contribution to science. And in 359 years of history of this prestigious scientific academy, this is the first time an Indian woman scientist has been elected. Dr. Gagandeep Kang, also known as India’s vaccine God Mother, along with the other Indian Royal Fellows has joined the likes of Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein to be elected in this oldest scientific academy.

Kang, a leading scientist in India has developed an oral vaccine against the Rota virus, which kills almost 1 lakh children in India. The vaccine developed by her was first identified in 1985 by researchers at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi and from then onwards, with over $100 million funding from Government of India and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it is now part of India-approved vaccines, reports NDTV.

Kang has established laboratories to support vaccine trials and conducted phase 1-3 clinical trials of vaccines, an approach that has supported two WHO pre-qualified vaccines, made by two Indian companies. She is researching the complex relationships between infection, gut function, and physical and cognitive development, and seeking to build a stronger human immunology research in India, reads her biography on the website of Royal Society.


Excellent article! Thanks for taking the time to share. I was at the hearing too and saw it all for myself. We are actively in this fight.

Donna L.

Thank you, Dr. O'Neill, for this deeply disturbing account.

I agree 100% with Kathy Sincere's statement: "This is my takeaway from all legislative hearings I’ve attended over the years. Doctors and health department officials can put themselves out there as the faces of science and lie, lie and lie. No one dares calls out the lies or even has an opportunity to do so. Yet when we the people tell credible stories of our children/grandchildren’s vaccine damage we are rebutted by the lying doctors and scientists."

All these years/decades now, the vaccine-injury awareness movement has been trying to fight back by presenting to health professionals and legislators actual, real-life medical information regarding vaccine damage, under the assumption that if they were better informed, they would act ethically. What a wake-up call to realize that instead, we should have just been accumulating vast sums of money in order to simply pay them off.

Kathy Sincere

Interesting comment on the HB1312 hearing sent today by HSLDA, the Home School Legal Defense Association:

“During Monday's marathon hearing, which lasted over 12 hours with nearly 600 people attending to testify, Representative Titone (D) likened the new vaccine database to a list of the "bad guys" which was needed in order to know where the people were who were "going to get you." You can listen to the representative make these remarks at the 1:10:40 time mark." http://coloradoga.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=117&clip_id=14013

I would suggest backing up to 58:00 which is where the citizen mother begins her testimony; the citizen mother addressed by Representative Titone. Representative Titone is totally disrespectful not only to this mother but also to every single opponent of this bill. Please listen to the testimony and ESPECIALLY to Titone’s comments. Very revealing…..

Angus Files

One day they will consume themselves if they just haven`t managed it all yet.Thank you Dr O`Neill for the very matter of fact report.Shame on them.

Well done the people who turned out on the day thank you.

Pharma For Prison


Paul Picha


Insane the scale of fraud and abuse of power, against the will of the people

On the wrong side of history-- without a doubt, and well said

Thank you

Hans Litten


PESHAWAR: At least 700 schoolchildren fell sick after polio vaccination in Peshawar causing an attack on a hospital in city by angry mob, ARY News reported on Monday.
An angry mob resorted to rioting at Mashokhel Hospital in Badha Beer area of Peshawar after several children allegedly fell sick after being administered polio vaccine.


Roseanne Barr’s message to Trump: No “forced vaccination..without proper scientific studies”

Shelley Tzorfas

Everyone knows the sentence "It's like trying to find a needle in the haystack." In this case the needles are being hidden by piles of haystacks that represent our injured children and adults by Vaccines which contain Aluminum known for causing Alzheimer's, Thimerosal, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock from foods and an enterprising Epi-Pen Industry, Human Fetal Cell DNA from Fetus Cells that are over 60 years old and Tumorigenic, Polysorbate-known as a fertility reducer, cells from Cocker Spaniels, pigs, monkeys ,cows (Cows with known Leukemia cells too small and expensive for the pharmaceutical industry to remove) and many other Toxic substances. The haystacks of sickened people contain the 54% of Chronically Ill kids- ADHD, asthma, Autism, Cancers, Celiac, Encephalitis Guillain-Barre, Juvenile Diabetes, Learning Disabled, Paralysis, (SIDS SUDS SADS) Stevens - Johnson's Syndrome, Tic Disorders, and many more. Some of these kids can no longer wear shoes! Let's start stockpiling the shoes! This extreme situation began as a result of Regan signing a law in 1986 that took away your right to sue vaccines in our regular courts It is " The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986." The manufacturers can add anything anytime to vaccines with no restraints and I have read that up to 83% of our vaccines are made in China. Soon they will add ANTHRAX Vaccines. It is becoming Dangerous to have a child or raise a child in the states. I have been in this battle for many years and I am saddened by the brainwashing of this Common Core, Medication Ads on TV, Legislators, Senators and others whose paychecks have been Bought.

Aimee Doyle

Dr. O'Neill -made me so sad to read this.

It seems clear that these legislative hearings don't do much to change minds. I wonder if a one-on-one approach would be more effective - for each of these parents to visit their representatives individually. One family alone wouldn't be enough,but maybe a deluge of families - with injured children in tow - with evidence in hand - visiting their representatives in their offices - would be another strategy. Out of that thousand parents, there must be Democrats who have vaccine-injured children. Vaccine injury doesn't select for political party. And even Republicans who have Democratic legislators have a right to be heard by their representative.

I'm curious - as a doctor - you interact with many others in the medical profession. Is there any movement among doctors regarding vaccine injury? How is the medical profession handling the tsunami of injured children? What do you think is the best way to persuade doctors?


I wish legislators would ask the industry lobbyists pushing forced, state supervised, vaccination their position on the indemnification of the pharmaceutical industry for vaccine injury. They should all be made to go on record concerning this specific question. This may not sit well with the Democratic parties ever increasing progressive base and encourage Dems to stand up for families over corporations.

Thank you so much Dr O’Neill

a river of money


Kathy Sincere

“The first was from a pediatrician/representative who assailed a vaccine injured mother for speaking about MTHFR mutation. She implied that the mom must be confused or lying b/c she ‘knew’ and stated unequivocally ‘that anyone who had double MTHFR mutation would have homocystinuria, which is screened for at birth!”

As you know, Shelley, I was that mother of four vaccine-injured adult children, one autistic and one who died 14 years after his epileptic injuries that occurred following his TDaP booster at 12. I have a degree in nutrition and practiced as a natural health consultant for many years. So I am familiar with health disorders on a personal AND a professional level.

When pediatrician/state Representative Yadira Caraveo (D) pulled the homocystinuria bag from her arse at 9:30 at night I couldn’t respond quickly enough with the good information that you, Dr. O’Neill, have provided. All I knew is that being homozygous for MTHFR did NOT correlate to having homocystinuria. Three times she stated that I COULDN’T BE HOMOZYGOUS FOR MTHFR and three times I stated I was. (Yes, I paid $200 per blood test for each family member to have this confirmed…) “Dr.” Caraveo obviously knew nothing about genetics and SNPs and was being fed this bit of trivia about homocystinuria on her phone as I was speaking. PATHETIC.

This is my takeaway from all legislative hearings I’ve attended over the years. Doctors and health department officials can put themselves out there as the faces of science and lie, lie and lie. No one dares calls out the lies or even has an opportunity to do so. Yet when we the people tell credible stories of our children/grandchildren’s vaccine damage we are rebutted by the lying doctors and scientists.

Thank you for this excellent summary of the HB1312 committee hearing, Dr. O’Neill!

susan welch

Dr O'Neill,

Thank your so much for your powerful and compelling report.

It is truly horrifying. I don't know how the legislators who voted for the bill can think that their reputations will remain intact. I realise that they have no conscience, but I do believe they care about their reputation.

I hope your report reaches thousands of voters.


It not hard for me at this point in time to see that the mob that wanted Jesus crucified were Democrats.

John Stone

You wonder where the Colorado legislators think this going to end: how much misery and anguish can they suppress - why is it only the industry lobbyists who matter any more? These people are bought or intimidated. Thank you Dr O’Neill for telling the blunt truth about this evil.


Thank you Dr. Shelley O'Neill - your account is moving and profoundly saddening that people supporting the bill were indifferent to the suffering of so many.

Pissed as F*@&

As I sat here reading this.... Tears
were streaming down my face. I am sick to my stomach ..... There are no words😢

Bob Moffit

Dr O'Neill:

"I don’t have the language to describe the disgust, betrayal and fury I felt, as a life long Democrat, watching my party’s legislators, still vote down all reasonable amendments and pass this bill out of committee, despite 13+ hours of compelling testimony. They are on the wrong side of history. They heard the stories of injury, death and disability and just truly didn’t care. They heard the facts about corruption and scientific misconduct at the CDC and just truly didn’t care."

Reading how this "legislative hearing" was conducted reminded me of an HBO documentary titled: "Conspiracy" .. one of the greatest crimes against humanity was perpetrated in just over an hour".

"In 1942, the war going badly for German forces, 15 officials attended a conference on the outskirts of Berlin. Comprised of mid-ranking SS commanders and a variety of government ministers the meeting was to be a "polite conference with food, wine and some debate, but beneath this thin veneer of manners lay an evil intent. By the meetings close, the fate of six million lives would be decided, and a terrible machine put into operations that would alter the shape of the world."

This documentary shows how easy it was for Germany's highest levels of government officials to be seduced into accepting the FINAL SOLUTION to the JEWISH PROBLEM. The very first thing was to use the term 'evacuation' rather than 'extermination" of the Jewish population .. evacuation being a more benign .. more civilized euphemism .. for the true evil under discussion .. extermination.

Within the closed walls of this top secret meeting .. the debate about the FINAL SOLUTION was cloaked in tortured language regarding the difficulties of exterminating MILLIONS by using conventional methods .. shooting them individually, burying them in mass graves, was deemed too costly financially as well as emotionally draining on the troops having to personally engage in the routine atrocities. Ergo … gas chambers would eliminate both those troubling aspects and all those high level officials found them the answer they were looking for.


Hopefully there will be a documentary regarding the "cultural war' of our life-times .. that being FORCED MANDATED VACCINES .. which will finally expose these "callously indifferent' politicians, medical professionals, media sources, industry marketing directors, etc .. for their actions to protect themselves at the great expense of our children.

Personally .. I am coming to the realization our biggest enemy is our GOVERNMENT rather than the VACCINE INDUSTRY that holds powerful sway over them.


I think this battle is going to have to be won in court.

BTW, I've just read that Alabama has the lowest autism rate of the 50 states. It also appears that, alone of the 50 states, Alabama has no hepB vaccine mandate for daycare or K-12 (though I don't know how many Alabama babies get hepB vaccine).

We can't have that. That lady who sat next to you needs to book a flight to Alabama right away.


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