Washington State Passes SB 1638 to Remove Philosophical Exemption for the Measles Vaccine, Religious Remains
The Pro-Life Church in America is Waking Up to Loss of their 1st Amendment Religious Rights

A Difficult Discussion: WI-38 and MRC-5

by Ginger Taylor, MS

Welcome to the intersection of the two most volatile issues in medicine, abortion and vaccines.  The discussion of one is controversial, for good reason.  When you try to discuss both at the same time, almost everyone either loses their minds, or completely shuts them down.  I am someone who has tended to do the latter.  

I spent almost a decade running up against the aborted fetal cell lines used for making vaccines and thinking, "I'm sure that can't be true... Alex Jones... hey look... shiny object!"

But in the last few years God has tapped on my shoulder and said, "are you sure you are not overlooking something?"  And last year I had to apologize to my readers, because I had put myself out there as offering them informed consent in vaccination, while being in denial of something on which people deserve informed consent.  And failing to inform them.

Abortion is an issue that strikes at the heart of who we are, and our base drives to keep control over our bodies and also to create our next generation.  I don't think that there is any issue that should be approached with more humility and care.  Talking about it blithely can set off landmines in the people around you, and you are unlikely to hear a bomb go off in their heart that can knock them down for a long time. 

AaprelBut the American Academy of Pediatrics proudly announced last month that their number one goal in 2019 is to remove the religious vaccine exemption from every state in the Union, before remembering that pesky 1st Amendment, and changing the headline.

Thus the need to look the difficult issue squarely in the face, as the loss of the right not to participate in the abortion industry in order to fully participate in public life is now at stake, and there are a large number of people who will be very upset when they find out after the fact that they have lost that right.  

Because if you can extort a pro-life Christian into injecting aborted fetal cell line remains, and a Muslim into injecting porcine products, and a Hindu into injecting bovine serum, and a vegan into injecting monkey kidney cells, then religious freedom is gone in America, and no one has a right to exercise their conscience.  

Our community has put a toe in the water, mostly only because we have had to, but the challenge is... how to open this discussion with individuals a political system who, more so than most, will have a fight or flight response to the phrase, "aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines?"

So last month, humbly and prayerfully, I started writing a letter to our state representatives, to prepare them for hearing this phrase, as we knew that they would be confronted with it repeatedly in our hearings on the vaccine exemption removal bill here in Maine.  

And I managed to draft a letter about the use of aborted fetal cell line remains in vaccines, without using the word "abortion," or "fetus."  It went to every member of the Maine Legislature.

I submit it to you, for your consideration, to use in broaching the difficult subject with your legislators in the most gentle way I could come up with:

Dear Representative,

The religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions exist for very good reason.

There is a vaccine conversation that is upsetting for many, that must be had now.  It is a discussion that the sponsors of vaccine exemption removal bills are unlikely to even know of, and is easily dismissed as internet rumor.  I myself avoided this topic for the first 10 years of my 15 years of vaccine safety advocacy because I simply didn't want to face the reality of it.  However, the topic is central to your deliberations on the removal of the religious and philosophical exemptions proposed by LD 798.  Because some of those testifying on Wednesday will broach the subject, it is incumbent upon me to prepare you with the clinical facts at this time.

There are vaccines made with, and containing, materials that are morally and religiously objectionable to many Mainers.  At the top of that list are the WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines. 

I have included the clinical information from the distributor on these two products in the links above.  Please review the "General Information" carefully.

I am also including a video by Paul Offit of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, so that you may have confirmation on this matter from the principle vaccine industry spokesperson.

These WI-38 and MRC-5 cells are used to grow viruses in, and are destroyed in the manufacturing process, however the residual human blood products (human albumin) and DNA fragments remain in the final product as delivered.  The passage of LD 798 will mandate the purchase and intake of these human derived products by Mainers who are vehemently opposed to this practice and who do not wish to do business with the industry that supplies these types of cell lines, in order to fully participate in society.  (These cell lines have a shelf-life, so research into new cell lines, such as the new WALVAX-2, is ongoing.)

Further, there are other morally and religiously objectionable materials in vaccines that Mainers will be forced to inject to become educated Mainers.  I have attached the full CDC vaccine ingredient list for your review.

As I am sure you can understand, many Mainers will find the use of bovine serum and porcine tissue religiously and ethically objectionable, and I hope you can agree that they have the right to refuse products using and containing human and animal biological material without coercion.

Because the MMR and Chickenpox vaccines contain all three of these substances, the purchase and injection of these objectionable materials will become required for full participation in public life. https://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/m/mmr_ii/mmr_ii_pi.pdf

"M-M-R ® II
M-M-R ® II (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Virus Vaccine Live) is a live virus vaccine for vaccination against measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella (German measles).

M-M-R II is a sterile lyophilized preparation of (1) ATTENUVAX® (Measles Virus Vaccine Live), a more attenuated line of measles virus, derived from Enders' attenuated Edmonston strain and propagated in chick embryo cell culture; (2) MUMPSVAX® (Mumps Virus Vaccine Live), the Jeryl Lynn™ (B level) strain of mumps virus propagated in chick embryo cell culture; and (3) MERUVAX® II (Rubella Virus Vaccine Live), the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of live attenuated rubella virus propagated in WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.{1,2}

The growth medium for measles and mumps is Medium 199 (a buffered salt solution containing vitamins and amino acids and supplemented with fetal bovine serum) containing SPGA (sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, and recombinant human albumin) as stabilizer and neomycin.

The growth medium for rubella is Minimum Essential Medium (MEM) [a buffered salt solution containing vitamins and amino acids and supplemented with fetal bovine serum] containing recombinant human albumin and neomycin. Sorbitol and hydrolyzed gelatin stabilizer are added to the individual virus harvests.

The cells, virus pools, and fetal bovine serum are all screened for the absence of adventitious agents.

The reconstituted vaccine is for subcutaneous administration. Each 0.5 mL dose contains not less than 1,000 TCID50 (tissue culture infectious doses) of measles virus; 12,500 TCID50 of mumps virus; and 1,000 TCID50 of rubella virus. Each dose of the vaccine is calculated to contain sorbitol (14.5 mg), sodium phosphate, sucrose (1.9 mg), sodium chloride, hydrolyzed gelatin (14.5 mg), recombinant human albumin (≤0.3 mg), fetal bovine serum (<1 ppm), other buffer and media ingredients and approximately 25 mcg of neomycin. The product contains no preservative."

So a central question that will be posed is:

How do the sponsors of LD 798 justify removing First Amendment rights of Mainers to the free exercise of their religion by abstaining from the use of medical products made with WI-38, MRC-5, Bovine, Porcine and other objectionable materials?

These are just a few of the reasons that the removal of non-medical vaccine exemptions is unacceptable.



They are psychopathic lunatics who want to as Margaret Sanger says KILL BLACK & INDIGINOUS PEOPLE. Its Eugenics, WAKE UP! Bill Gates father was a student of Margaret Sanger. https://www.youtube.com/c/GLOBALSPIRITUALREVOLUTIONRADIOMEDIAGROUP/videos


As I listened to the radio show on my Christian radio station today I wondered why the American Center for Law and Justice aclj.orghttps://aclj.org which is led by Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel never seems to get into the religious rights of those concerned with vaccines. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) focuses on constitutional and human rights law worldwide though it is bAsed in Washington, D.C. Since the ACLJ is 'pro-life and dedicated to the ideal that religious freedom and freedom of speech are inalienable, God-given rights for all people' I can't help but think they would care about this issue. Does anyone know if they have ever been approached about defending religious exemptions in the vaccine fight(s)?

Bob Moffit

@ !!!

"Benjamin Rush (1746–1813), the ‘father’ of American psychiatry, is perhaps best known as the inventor of the ‘tranquilizing chair’. In recent decades, political and psychiatric activists have attributed a quotation to him in which he allegedly warned: ‘To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.’ The source of this quotation cannot be found, and Rush’s remarks about ‘medical despotism’ are inconsistent with the body of his work. Other examples are cited to illustrate the thesis that false attributions, used to support and advance particular ideological causes, are remarkably resistant to efforts at correction."

The info you recommended as evidence that Benjamin Rush has been "misquoted" was apparently written by someone who obviously wants to "debunk" the "recent decades where political and psychiatric "activists" …

Would be useful if the "activists" who published this effort to debunk Rush's quote identified themselves? Simply claiming Rush's remarks are "inconsistent with the body of his work" is merely an opinion .. nothing more .. nothing less.

As I said .. whether Rush actually said what I quoted him as saying or not … does not matter because the quote itself … has PROVEN TO BE EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

IIII, Where is your indignation for the CDC, FDA and AAP for circulating false information? Wouldn't that be more appropriate than providing a tangential link related to a comment?



Even if one agrees with the sentiment, circulating false information (knowingly or otherwise) isn't something that should be embraced, is it?


I don't see where Bob actually quoted Rush. I would feel quite happy, however, to quote Bob's great comment.

Bob Moffit


Don't know why you would challenge the quote by citing Wikipedia as I didn't see anything that said Rush quote cited was 'fake'?

Not to worry … even if the quote was "fake" .. the idea that we should have a Constitutional Right of "medical freedom" is even more valid today where medical tyranny has become reality .. today in NYC government is seeking unvaccinated children in their homes.


We should all start referring to pro-vaxxers as anti-choicers.

Thank you as always Ms Taylor!!!! I have deep concerns about discrimination against pro (abortion/vaccine) choice, anti-organized religion, people such as myself. Which is exactly what the state of WA is doing BTdubbs (as my unvaccinated daughter would say) with SB1638, so I don’t think I can make a positive, non-triggering, comment. If anyone is feeling triggered....plz consider standing down.... (see what I did there). ANYHOO.. bottom line- kids being hurt- adults should know/behave better!


I would assume vegans do not want ANY animal cells, including human fetal cell lines.

David Weiner

Well, if Rush didn't say it, he SHOULD HAVE.

No truer words have ever been stated.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!

The CHOP link has been modified a bit:

It might also be useful to share portions of the Stanley Plotkin deposition:


Obviously fake quote attributed to Rush; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Rush

(original source linked in the article).

Bob Moffit

Consider .. over 200 years ago .. Dr. Benjamin Rush .. honored signer to the Declaration of Independence wrote;

""Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others, the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom"

Obviously Dr Rush was right to predict the Constitution of the Republic should make special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.

If history is our guide .. we can expect the state legislators in Maine to callously avoid, dismiss or otherwise ignore the well researched … fact based comments reminding them that forcing people with strong religious beliefs to accept "Bovine, Porcine and other objectionable materials" into their children or themselves is a clear violation of their RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

Unfortunately, many state legislators will vote to impose their own RELIGIOUS BELIEF .. which would be in the miracle and sanctity of vaccines ... precisely what Dr Rush warned would happen over 200 years ago.

If you told Dr Rush 200 years ago .. when bloodletting was widely accepted and practiced .. that injecting "Bovine, Porcine and other objectionable (well know toxins) into children would be mandated by government .. he would have imagined you were talking about WITCH DOCTORS DEEP IN THE AMAZON JUNGLE .. where human sacrifice was offered to the God's in order to protect the herd of their villages.

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