#UsToo Open Letter to Washington State Legislators About SB5841 Removal of Vaccine Exemptions
Lawsuit Claimed Merck Overstated Mumps Vaccine Effectiveness: US Military Preparedness Takes The Hit

You Say Paro-TIE-tis, I Say Paro-Tee-tis Let's Call the Whole Thing Mumps

Mumps can't playSeveral news outlets have reported that a viral infection "similar to mumps" has a war ship under quarantine.  From CNN: A US warship has essentially been quarantined at sea for over two months and has been unable to make a port call due to an outbreak of a viral infection similar to mumps.

Twenty-five sailors and Marines aboard the USS Fort McHenry amphibious warship have been diagnosed with parotitis, which causes symptoms similar to mumps, according to US military officials.

Until CNN asked about the incident, the US military had not disclosed it. The illness first broke out in December, with the most recent case being reported on March 9.

"None of the cases are life-threatening and all have either already made or are expected to make a full recovery," the Fifth Fleet said in a statement provided to CNN.

Here is an article that talks about parotitis versus mumps.  Does Your Child with Parotitis Have Mumps? Take note, there is testing if a bacterial infection is causes the swollen salivary glands. If not, it's likely mumps. We know that vaccinated male hockey players were diagnosed by mumps even in 2017. It seems that the articles could differentiate between the two diagnoses - on sounds novel, the other is a likely vaccine failure. And we mustn't discuss that. Our military are one of the most vaccinated  populations in the nation.  This is word salad. We've seen in vaccine court awards for "autism like features." It's a form of moving the goal line to protect the vaccine program.

There are an increasing number of mumps outbreaks being reported these days and many cases are in vaccinated teens, so it might be easy to just say it is the mumps and recommend that you wait it out, as there is no treatment for the mumps or most other viral infections.

The only problem with that strategy is that if your child has a bacterial infection that is causing their parotitis, then they will likely need antibiotics. Some even go on to develop abscesses that need to be drained. Getting diagnosed with mumps might delay their treatment. And kids with mumps get quarantined far longer than kids with other viral infections.

Fortunately, testing is available, either a real-time RT-PCR (rRT-PCR) or mumps virus culture from a parotid duct swab. You can also do titer testing, although testing for the mumps virus is considered to be more accurate.

So does your child with parotitis have mumps?

They likely do if they have acute parotitis lasting at least 2 days, and either:

  • a positive test for serum anti-mumps immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibody,
  • a positive test for mumps virus with  the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test or culture
  • a link or exposure to someone else with mumps


Jeannette Bishop

I really wonder if "viral infection similar to mumps" is basically "public health speak" indicating a vaccine started the group's outbreak, since vaccinologists like to name polio symptoms post polio vaccine, even from live polio vaccine strain, as something non-polio, and measles-like rash and other symptoms after live attenuated MMR or from someone else who got MMR is not measles, etc.


I had mumps when I was nine or so. Certainly better than having it as a young adult. Wish I had measles and rubella, too. No one I know died or even had severe complications from any of these diseases. We live in a bizarro world where they're supposed to be more dangerous than multiple injections of mercury, aluminum, foreign DNA, and who knows what else.

David Weiner

I am more concerned about the media's chronic case of parrot-itis. They just mindlessly repeat everything the government wants them to say about vaccines and so many other topics.

Jenny Allan

@Pft "Never did get the mumps growing up in the 60’s. Never vaccinated against it either until I was forced to take a MMR vaccine recently."

I expect Pft DID contract mumps in the 1960s. In at least 30% of cases it is very mild and put down to swollen glands, not even serious enough to be called parotitis. My parents had no memory of my contracting mumps as a child, (no mumps vax then), but I do remember several episodes of swollen jaw glands, which can happen with all kinds of throat and mouth infections.

My 2 daughters, also too old to have received MMR vaccine, never contracted recognisable mumps either, but I do remember episodes of swollen glands. In their 50s they have remained apparently mumps free, but they almost certainly have natural immunity due to them contracting mild mumps infections as children, which went unnoticed. In the UK mumps was previously non-notifiable before MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988. In those days mumps in childhood was considered benign.

Obviously, contracting mumps in adulthood is potentially far more serious and can result in sterility for both sexes.

go Trump

Is there a present list of vaccines given to the US military ? Does it vary by the branch of service ? I would think they would be given just about any vaccine available as pharma loves to sell things to the government.

Do they vaxx up a jet pilot with millions in training flying a 70 million dollar plane / the same way they do those in the infantry ?


Why quarantine when the population, especially the military is highly vaccinated?

They could just as easily quarantine back in port unless they are in foreign territory. Somethings missing here

Obviously if bacterial they coukd just put everyone on antibiotics whether they had it or not and its done with quickly. So definitely viral to last this long

I suspect the ship is able to continue its mission but is simply prevented from docking at foreign ports. Means no R&R and some unhappy sailors , swollen glands or otherwise. Someone talked.

Never did get the mumps growing up in the 60’s. Never vaccinated against it either until I was forced to take a MMR vaccine recently. Forced vaccinations for adults is coming. Probably start with international travellers first.


“The mumps virus is the only cause of epidemic parotitis in humans”


I may have missed it, but was this ever on the news?


Are my eyes deceiving me?

Am I no longer the only person on the planet to realize that *no* vaccine in history has worked and the only reason we think they do is because doctors typically rename the condition in the vaccinated?

Hallelujah! Now we can actually win.

Keep it up Age of Autism and start talking about roseola/5th disease/HF&M vs measles and smallpox vs monkeypox and chickenpox vs impetigo and diphtheria vs strep throat and pertussis vs RSV/croup.

By the way, rates of sterility have increased since the mumps vaccine.

Angus Files

More war game experiments on our forces.

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

The Mumps was never a big deal. Even vaccine manufacturers did not bother to make an anti-mumps vaccine but when they included it or tagged it onto a measles and rubella vaccine-then they got excited and could clearly hear the ca-ching. Little children did very well with the mumps. They watched TV and sometimes ate ice-cream. Kids had fun with mirrors looking at themselves. Other children from the neighborhood were assigned to bring home books for you before they walked home from school. Keep natural mumps in childhood.

Maurine Meleck

Let's call the whole thing Off-label

Jenny Allan

Something else to blame on Andrew Wakefield and THAT 1998 13 author Lancet Article, all of 21 years ago. You might have assumed any mumps un-vaccinated child would have caught mumps before the teenage years. Mumps in young adults can cause sterility and is far more serious. Most teenage and adult mumps cases have been vaccinated. Even Paul Offit has admitted the vaccine wears off!!

I expect the sailors were compulsorily vaccinated with MMR vaccine, so they call it parotitis rather than blame a useless vaccine.

Irish mumps outbreak may be linked to MMR scare in 1990s
The vaccine scare caused by Andrew Wakefield, a now discredited doctor, may be connected to the recent outbreak of mumps among young people, the HSE said.

The return of mumps: Why has the disease gained a hold in Ireland?
Current outbreaks of mumps and measles may be partially due to vaccination controversies
Sat, Feb 16, 2019, 06:00

Note the Irish Times is another Murdoch Rag.

Julie Thomas

Peter Hotez was on the Joe Rogan show a few days ago.
It would be great if Laura Hayes/ Suzanne Humphries/ Barbara Loe Fisher or someone of their calibre could be provided with the same long amount of time on the show. Joe Rogan has a huge following with especially young adults on the web.




"Oh Flip" did they not get an ironclad, dove-tailed and stream-lined ear-marked and ring-fenced guarantee that all vaccines are safe and effective ?
Oh dear not very good .
"Grounded at sea playtime activities"
Read a book or two. The Sod's Opera
Grey Funnel Lines -Traditional song and verse of The Royal Navy 1900-1970 By Cyril Tawney .
Prisoners of the Red "Desert" The Adventures of the Crew of the Tara ! During the First World War
By R S Gwatkin -Williams .
Have somthing to eat from, The Nursing of Acute Cases in Adults. From the Funny tummy symptoms with mumps menu .
Menu sample includes Egg Flip -Beat up a new -laid egg thoroughly adding a little castor sugar,a pinch of salt,and a table-spoonful of "Aye aye Captain's" brandy or ships rum , when mixed add half pint of cold milk or ,if prefered ,the milk may be heated . Slante !
Snuggle up under a cosy ship's duvet and watch US Navy versus Spanish Lighthouse YouTube.

Mercky Business

Has the mumps virus mutated?

Bob Moffit

This should surprise no one .. that 25 sailors and marines aboard a single vessel have been
"diagnosed with parotitis, which causes symptoms of mumps" .. were NOT reported until questioned by CNN .. even though the outbreak began in December .. and .. there seems to be a determined effort not to identify whether or not the "outbreak" was caused by "vaccine failure".

If this had occurred in a public school .. we can rest assured it would have been widely reported and immediately attributed to someone who had not been vaccinated with MMR.

Indeed .. these sporadic outbreaks of mumps are occurring in ADOLESCENT TO YOUNG ADULT populations .. the vast majority of which have been vaccinated with MMR .. so .. I suspect the reason for not informing the public about this latest "mumps like outbreak" has become SOP .. (Standard Operating Procedure) .. better to cloak the outbreak in secrecy rather than having to explain why they are being somewhat conveniently diagnosed as parotitis instead of mumps.

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