The Aspirin a Day Science is Unsettled and on St. Joseph's Day No Less!

Yale Bailed! Expert Panel Reneges on Vaccine Mandate Debate with Robert Kennedy Jr

Dr bulldogThe Yale bulldogs are scaredy cats with neither bark nor bite.  The participants from Yale slated to debate vaccination topics this morning with Robert Kennedy Jr, cancelled.  Kim (I live here in CT about 65 miles from the Capital.)   Scroll down to see the panel by name. BOO-la BOO-la indeed.

Here is a message from Robert Kennedy about the cancellation and what it means.

"I flew to Hartford, Connecticut last night at the invitation of the Sen. Josh Elliott and the Connecticut State House’s Democratic leadership who are proposing to abolish Religious exemptions for vaccines. (Connecticut has among the highest vaccination rates; 97% With no threat to herd immunity, Pharma profits and medical authoritarianism are the impulses driving the legislation). Dems believed they had stacked the contest against me; alone I would debate five Yale Medical School Physicians and virology professors. The professors came with heavy vaccine industry pedigrees. Despite these 5-1 odds, I was confident I would easily dispatch them, the facts on vaccine safety argue themselves. For 15 years, Pharma has systematically pressured a long string of my scheduled opponents (Hotez, Offitt, etc) to cancel every one of dozens of agreed upon debates. Invariably they withdraw at the last minute as Pharma rallies its toadies to call them. I was looking forward to finally enjoying an honest and civil exchange with Yale’s vaccinology impresarios. “This gang,” I told myself, “will have too much pride to chicken out!” Wrong! I just got the word that all five Yale professors canceled at 3:00 a.m. Please tune to Children’s Health Defense for a live stream around 10:30 a.m. EDT. If they allow the live stream to go forward, I’m going to go give a seminar on vaccine science at the Connecticut State Capitol. Right now I’m thinking of how blatant, how anti-democratic and fundamentally anti-American the censorship has become. I’ll be thinking today of all the Moms who are silenced when they try to tell their stories. They can only win by silencing us." #phascism.


Yale Bailed


HHS backslides

Yale bailee, Eugene Shapiro, was indeed publicly named to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group, at close of business, the day before the June 4 meeting.
Accordingly, I leave this link, for anyone so inclined.

HHS backslides

Yale bailee, Eugene Shapiro, was indeed publicly named to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group, at close of business, the day before the June 4 meeting.
Accordingly, I leave this link, for anyone so inclined.


just an update on one of the bailees-
IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) announced Eugene Shapiro will be on the next Tick Borne Disease Working Group.
What a tangled web...

Louis Conte

Apparently, the motto “Get thee to the woods in flight!” Is imprinted on the Vaccinology coat of arms.

Jill in MI

Did any of the press that were present at this seminar from RFK report on it in their newspapers, blogs, etc.? Anyone know?

Jacqueline Murphy

They are not looking for answers in the States. I found the above article interesting. This is a collaboration with a Davis researcher, with the actual mouse model being done in Japan. It is very interesting that this work in looking for medical treatment of autism has no collaboration with the MIND Institute for maternal immune system activation. Researchers at Davis MIND Institute are only looking for costly diagnostics and behavioral intervention.

Nothing surprises me with our doctors and researchers anymore. They have no integrity.


This guy is really an SOB. I hope I can say that here but his denigrating "white" women comment shows what a clueless jerk he is. Aside from everything else. I guess if some paid off male doctors from Yale showed up that would be important. He is pathetic.

Thanks Greg. So, Elliot says it was just "white" women out in those halls protesting.

I don't understand what race has to do with a vaccine injury?
I am trying to think what that means?
Unless Elliot maybe is saying that white women are those dumb blondes and don't know what they are talking about? I don't know

Yes Benedetta, I agree that Elliot's FB screed seems weird in its rambling and providing irrelevant details kind of ways. On the surface, I suppose he is responding to Gorski calling him out for seeking to give the antivaxxers 'false balance' with the proposed debate. As he is arguing, he considered that a debate would've been an excellent way to meet vaccine skepticism head on. It also appears that he is seeking to quash any suspicion that he might be 'down' with the antivaxxers. After assailing vaccines, I imagine his 'white women' slur is his way of further establishing his provaxx cred, and probably thinking the slang would go over well with Gorski and his ilk.

Yet, Elliot's spiel seems overly contrived that I can't help but feel something else was at play. I am taken by him referencing Democrats working behind the scenes to defeat vaccine mandates legislation. Could it be that Elliot also wasn't so 'innocent' after all and the proposed debate was his attempt to put a snag in things? Whether conscious or not, Is Elliot out of frustration now trolling Gorski?


Hi Benedetta,
It is also interesting that he identified people by gender. Is he trying to say he does not feel obligated to represent his female constituents? A strange position to take, either way?
Apparently he trusts doctors, but not the CDC's own list of vaccine injuries?
( I know you already know about them, but just for any new readers who aren't aware of the CDC s lists..) So forcing a liability free medication on children, against the Nuremberg code is apparently fine,. but he deeply apologizes for sneaking his dog into the capital?
I like people who like dogs, so that is barely a blip in comparison, imo.


Thanks Greg.
So, Elliot says it was just "white" women out in those halls protesting.

I don't understand what race has to do with a vaccine injury?
I am trying to think what that means?
Unless Elliot maybe is saying that white women are those dumb blondes and don't know what they are talking about? I don't know.

Jill in MI

Are the slides available from the presentation RFK made in Connecticut? Any info. would be appreciated. Thank you.


As a former straight Dem party voter, all I can say to the party now, after reading Eliots obfuscation of vaccination problems , and party blanket acceptance of Adam Schiff's censorship of vaccination critics, and Sen Pan and Oregons Dem Gov Brown and committees trying to put bureaucrats in charge of parental decisions, is Bye Felicia!


Mr Elliot responds and denies that Yale bailed. He is not happy with the medical community quashing a debate, although he believes in vaccines and that there is nothing to debate. He appears to be also responding to one of Orac's blogs. Not too sure what to make of all this.

R Prasad

In Hindu culture, we have a Sanskrit proverb called "Vaidyo Narayano Harihi", which means "The doctor is next to god" (coz only s/he can save the life in an emergency). But the doctors(not all) today can be compared to pharma brokers, pimps and commission agents.

Gasston Montand

Too proud to chicken out? They have been paid off or threatened. These are people whom surgeons call the ideal patient for a simple operation. No heart, no spine, no guts, no balls. They should be Leaders of their profession, but they are only LOADERS of their pockets.

Jill in MI

Totally agree Susan Welch on reading Elliott's FB page. This is the best read I have had with my morning hot cup of tea in a long time. "Safe and Effective" does not equal liability-free vaccines. Josh Elliott couldn't even come down to see Robert Kennedy in person. What a weenie!

susan welch

Someone. Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of Josh Elliotts's FB page. I've just spent a very happy 30 minutes reading the, very many, comments in response to his post re the cancellation.

So many informed people. Only a few 'safe and effective pros' (gallantly try get over their propaganda), who were totally outclassed and outnumbered. It was very heartening to see that the debate is now about the science - or complete lack of it on their part.

Reading that, at least, it does appear that the tide really is turning.

Hans Litten

RFK junior for president (Trump is surely playing a part in all of this)

Another great win against Monsatan-Bayer & Glyphosate
Bayers share price down another 8 euros to a year low of 61

11,200 more cases waiting to go. Bayer may have to file for protection .

Biggest destruction of capital in German stock market history? #Bayer has lost €57.7bn in market cap mainly driven by its acquisition of #Monsanto.
— Holger Zschaepitz (@Schuldensuehner) October 23, 2018

Jeannette Bishop

Q&A and more presentation:


Oh, baby, are they ever slamming that Josh Elliott guy on his Facebook page! Slam, slam, slam! Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy! Caught in his lies about what actually happened when the event fell through and the Yale "experts" bailed out. Glad those involved saved Elliot's email as PROOF of his great big lie denying the truth about how Yale SURE DID bail out last minute on the event. Pathetic cowards! All of them. Shame on them all!


Hans you are right that this is the greatest crime in all history that big pharma got away with destroying whole generations of children with vaccines that resulted in causing autism. Will we and our damaged children have to live with this horrible fact for the rest of our lives? Where are the researchers who have the compassion and the will to study and research this and develop a solution to reverse the damage the vaccines caused our children. I can't and will never give up hope, for without hope we have nothing.


Ugh... sooo frustrating. I just hope rational people who are from CT or across America for that matter see how transparent this is.

Can you imagine someone who is passionate about an issue whether it is abortion/pro-choice, gun control, police brutality etc. back out of a debate because they don’t want to “legitimize the other sides point of view “.

Angus Files

As Bob Moffit says , if they dont give an alternative date they forfeited the debate..and we won.Wiki talking not me...

"A debate is considered forfeited by an arguer when he declines to refute an opponent's arguments when he has the opportunity, and then prevents that opponent from making any further arguments.2 Jun 2013"

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop


Yale bailed
and democracy failed

cia parker

I clicked Watch live here, but it went to a witness who was told she had three minutes, who was talking about a bill to provide health care to everyone at low cost. I don't think it was the right one.


Did they "Pull Out"or get "Pulled over on route" and coaxed or ,coerced to go get a "Mandated Free Lunch" with or with out a back-hander of lovely lollies ?
"Weird AL" Yankovic - Eat It- Youtube
Or too frightened to discuss unlicenced "OFF -LABEL " "Aye right off it" With Vaccines getting used for pregnancy ! Are women being told these vaccines are being given " off-label" I doubt it somehow?
NHS STATES -There is an obligation to inform women about this!


Mom 4 Truth; That was exactly what I was thinking.
Dan Olmsted was the real deal; a few real deals attending; seems to be the only thing saving these elite colleges' reputations It mattered not where Dan went, he would have been a success, and an inspiration no matter where he attended school. He was a gift to Yale, and not a Yale education; a gift to him, and others of talents.

Cancellation of a debate; is just more reason, on a long list of why all elite colleges will for ever more have tarnish reputations, and not worth any big money.


wait, Eugene Shapiro was scheduled?
I believe he might be named in the RICO lawsuit by some Lyme patients in Texarcana.
He was in the lyme documentary, Under Our Skin (is it verboten yet?).

Hans Litten

Imane Fadil had high presence of cadmium-antimony in blood

Heavy metal poisoning - the assassins choice !

The antimony levels were almost three times normal and the cadmium was almost seven times higher than the normal range

Bob Moffit

I think cancelling the debate or otherwise refusing to participate in a previously agreed to scheduled debate .. is a public admission their side of the debate regarding "Vaccine mandates" is without merit .. backing out of the debate is the same as forfeiting the issue to be debated.


Does anyone have a link to the presentation RFK Jr gave on the floor?

Angus Files

Pharmafacism is not open to debate,vaccines are king end off!.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

We have the all the science now ! They have the lies and thievery and the deceptions - MSM.
And that's all they have.

Vaccination can no longer be defended in any capacity by any serious scientist.
This is the greatest crime in all history. the biggest by a considerable way.


He is on FIRE!

Mom 4 Truth

Dan Olmsted would have had some choice words about this display of cowardice at his alma mater! But you expressed it well, Kim. Scaredy cat bulldogs!!

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