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Women Demand Action from FDA About Breast Implant Danger

BraA news story hit yesterday across the media about breast implant danger. Women who became sick from the implants as a result of a lack of informed consent are demanding the FDA make changes. Remember, you can't consent if you do not know the actual dangers of a product. Sound familiar?  I hope these women, who voluntarily chose surgery - some after mastectomy no doubt, others for cosmetic reasons, help the average American realize that the FDA does not have our health at heart.

We try to warn others. We are shut down. I think we're all getting tired of the charade of healthcare. And that Uncle Sam will look out for us. That photo? It's an OT success story from many years ago when my vaccine injured daughter finally mastered her cutting skills, and cut my favorite bra. I wasn't warned. Were you?  Kim


‘I was not warned’ - Women who say they were sickened by breast implants demand FDA action

Women who say they were harmed by breast implants demanded the Food and Drug Administration take new steps to protect consumers, including providing more information about potential risks and banning devices linked to the most serious complications.

Telling searing stories about broken health, disrupted families and lost careers, the women pressed an FDA advisory panel to recommend more long-term research, bans or restrictions on certain products and a beefed-up informed consent process so that women have a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of the devices before they opt for surgery.

“I was not warned" about the risks of implants, Jamee Cook, an advocate and former ER paramedic, told the FDA’s expert committee. Cook, who lives near Dallas, said that after getting implants in 1998, she suffered for years from swollen lymph nodes, chronic fatigue, migraines and a low-grade fever. She said she eventually had the devices removed, after which many, but not all, of her symptoms eased.



Celeste McGovern writes about adjuvant disease in humans and animals:

Contaminants in the breast implants manufactured before 1992 included industrial grade silicone, metals, and mold.

David Weiner

From site that Beleagured Autism Mom linked to:

Social media outlets may facilitate anti-vaccination connections and organization by facilitating the diffusion of centuries old arguments and techniques.

Hmmm, centuries old arguments and techniques. Now ain't that the pot calling the kettle black.


Silicone adjuvant disease has been compared with aluminum adjuvant disease according to immunologist Yehuda Shoenfeld in a discussion on ASIA with Del Bigtree. The Highwire episode recorded in Portugal (Spring 2018?).

Silicone and industrial contaminants leak from the implants. Microdroplets of fat-loving silicone surfactants migrate throughout the body, cross blood brain barrier.

Silicone implant recipients who got the devices in recent years are barred from suing the manufacturers.


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Go women! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30905530
For those of you living in CA see Laura Hayes' recent comment about Senator Pan's latest bill to take away medical exemptions and please speak to you CA Senator.
Thank you Kim for the photo of your favorite bra sacrificed for OT and your talent for keeping us informed.

David Weiner

Women, demand action from the FDA, that it acknowledges that it is a fraudulent regulator and that it disbands.

Bob Moffit

Asking the FDA's "expert committee" to protect consumers, by including providing more information about potential risks and banning devices linked to the most serious complications .. is .. unfortunately similar to asking the "fox to guard the hen house".

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion .. I have lose faith and trust in all federal regulatory agencies .. all of them .. because I have decades of reasons to believe these "regulatory" agencies have been captured and are now being controlled by the industries themselves. It has grown far worse than Eisenhower's recognition of an "industrial/defense complex" .. described as a country's military establishment and those industries producing arms or other military materials, regarded as a powerful vested interest.

The very same "powerful vested interests" exist within every federal regulatory agency .. such as .. public health agencies .. being overrun with powerful vested interests that can too easily destroy or reward career "regulators" both .. during and after .. working in the regulatory agency.

Indeed .. the SWAMP is deep with such conflicts of interests.

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