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What's More Contagious A Healthy Child without MMR Vaccine or Your Local Ball Play Pit

Drop ballsA study that is almost laughable in its "no poop Pumpkin" conclusion hit the media this week. 


I know - knock us over with a feather. Giant plastic pits full of plastic balls and toddlers who pee, poop and snot it up while playing. Interesting to note a twist - the study did not even look at public place ball pits like McDonald's or UpChuck E Cheese. It looked at physical therapy centers!  You'd think they clean more frequently than the local McD's wouldn't you?

I appreciate that the results say kids NEED germs to build an immune system. It's immune compromised children who are most at risk, and we need to look out for them. The answer, sad as it is, is that if you have a child who has an immune issue, ball pits are probably not a good choice. You'll have to stay away. And if my child was sick, I would not bring him or her to a play or therapy ball pit. Good manners. Common sense.

Common sense - too bad it's not contagious. Maybe Merck is working on a vaccine for it.


Kathryn Berg

I remember meeting a friend at a McDonald's when the kids were little just to play in their playland. Oh Boy! Four sick kids the next day--her two, my two! We never did that again!

What if they had gotten measles from McDonald's from a recently vaccinated kid? Whose fault would that have been?


The anti vax movement should have been using this approach for the past 3 decades.

We have employed a battle of fear mongering against pharma and government - but inculcating fear is literally the only thing those guys are good at.

If we had concentrated on pointing out that germs are harmless, disease is barely, if at all, contagious and vaccines were a ridiculous answer to the wrong question then the vaccine industry would have been permanently on the defensive rather than where they are right now.

But no. You see, we had to sound "moderate". Heaven forfend people would think we were crazy conspiracy theorists. Oh wait. They think that of the "moderates" anyway. The difference being that the "moderates" are attacked (unfairly) for both being conspiracy theorists *and* (fairly) for being incoherent. Nobody ever attacked me for being incoherent.

cia parker

I don't think that we as a community can look out for immunocompromised children: that's strictly the job of the parents. The party line is that we should vax ourselves and our children to protect the immunocompromised, but that means taking the high risk of damaging ourselves/them. And we really can't try to control these parents. I would like them to know how safe and effective nosodes are to prevent dozens of contagious diseases, but it would be pushy to impose the information on them, as it would be to ask them if they really think it's a good idea to let their children play in the ball pit. I'd also like them to know, putting the information in a neutral arena such as this one, that vaccine damage is the major cause of immunocompromise.


I don't know.... Thanks as usual to AoA for keeping us informed. But this "story" might be a stretch for relevance. It's a CBS-affiliate morning talk show, and it's FLUFF. There's NO easy way to research, or look up whatever "study" they are talking about. The talking heads say "Researchers at the University of North Georgia", and that probably means "some students and their professor doing a class project"....
So, let's think about this, shall we? A place where lots of kids like to play, which is rarely if ever cleaned and disinfected, can be a breeding ground for both harmless, and possibly dangerous "germs". REALLY? That's so OBVIOUS, how could anybody who is a parent NOT know that? I DO like that they mentioned that SOME germ exposure is actually GOOD for kids' developing immune systems....
Hmmm..., must be a slow news Friday....

Bob Moffit

"It's immune compromised children who are most at risk, and we need to look out for them."

Why is the well known risk of "shedding" by a person recently vaccinated with a "live virus vaccine" never mentioned by public health officials .. whose first responsibility should be to WARN OF THE DANGER OF SHEDDING?????

As I understand it .. most if not all hospital wards containing children with highly compromised immune systems .. have posted warning signs to alert visitors NOT TO VISIT THE WARD IF RECENTLY VACCINATED. Am I wrong? Are recently vaccinated individuals INVITED TO VISIT WARDS WHERE PATIENTS HAVE HIGHLY COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS????

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