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What Really Happened In Connecticut? Yale Bailed & Vaccine Knowledge Censorship Continues

Yale BulldogBy Jennifer Giustra-Kozek and LeeAnn Ducat of Informed Choice USA

Religious and parental rights have been under siege in Connecticut since the 2019 legislative session began.  Parents, doctors, chiropractors, clergy, independent journalists and other concerned citizens have been attending and testifying at the Capitol since early February to fight pending legislation that seeks to eliminate religious exemptions for unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children from attending public school. According to the progressives in Hartford, the “measles is a deadly outbreak,” and our vaccine-free and symptom-free children are a “public threat.”

Since Representative Josh Elliott (D) was one of several Connecticut legislators pushing bills to mandate vaccinations and remove religious exemptions, LeeAnn Ducat founder of Informed Choice USA, pushed for Elliott to host a public forum to discuss and debate the safety of vaccines. Yale doctors were invited by Elliott, who attempted to stack the deck with those that believed the “science is settled.” Ducat asked Robert F Kennedy, Jr. to participate along with a board-certified nephrologist, a neurologist, a pediatrician, and a research scientist.  After weeks of negotiation, Yale only agreed to allow Robert Kennedy, Jr. to join the panel in an attempt to refute his claims, with each panelist promised only 5 minutes. Finally, less than two weeks in advance, The Science of Vaccines Forum was announced for Tuesday, March 19th from 9am-11am with 90 minutes of Q&A from the public. The Yale panelists were Dr. Brett Lindenbach, Dr. Sandra Carbonaro, MD, Dr. Gene Shapiro, Dr. Linda Niccolai.

On Wednesday, March 12, Representative Josh Elliott (D), Representative Liz Linehan (D) and House Majority Leader Matt Ritter (D) held a press conference at the capital to discuss the importance of vaccine mandates and went as far as banning the hundreds of moms and dads from attending and shut the doors on the public. It was a pharma puppet show.

On Friday, March 14, it was announced that after the vaccine forum, Kennedy would hold a bipartisan press conference with Representative Anne Dauphinais (R) and Representative Jack Hennessy(D) about the complex issue of vaccine mandates from 12-2pm.

Despite their 5 to 1 advantage, in the dead of night, Yale Bailed!

An email was sent from Josh Elliott to Kennedy and Ducat at 11:06 pm the night before.

“A number of doctors dropped out an hour ago, and our forum will have to be canceled. I’m very sorry for this and pushed them to reconsider. Wasn’t happening.”  -Josh Elliott

On his Facebook news feed, however, he says, “First thing, Yale did not bail. I decided to cancel the forum.” Ducat replied, “Kennedy flew 3,000 miles to get here, Yale doctors couldn’t drive 30 minutes, and Josh Elliott couldn’t even make it down the escalator to shake Kennedy’s hand. How rude.”

The press conference and presentation went along as planned, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. educated the public, legislators and the media. He clearly explained (with proof) the regulatory capture of our governmental agencies by the pharmaceutical industry.  Kennedy outlined the complete government failure of all the regulatory agencies including the CDC. He told how manipulation, corruption, distortion, and suppression of scientific information had threatened vaccine science for years. He discussed how these corporations influence the use of science in legislative decision making to serve their own trillion dollar interests.

 “The last thing standing between a greedy industry and a vulnerable child is the mom.

- Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

Kennedy explained at length the dangerous side effects of vaccines and how truth is covered up by the pharma companies to protect their profits, stating “They all have the same story. They had a perfectly healthy child. They believed strongly in vaccines. They took their child to get vaccinated, and the vaccine injured their child. They know what happened to their children. We need vaccines to go through the same rigorous safety testing as other medication, and we need inert placebo vaccine studies.”

Kennedy also spoke about censorship, calling out Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, and others. He states that Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter will not censor and encouraged all to reach out to him to give thanks.

He referenced how the mainstream press has been complicit in massive deceit campaigns dating back to the Vietnam War, and how they protected the Catholic Church during the pedophile scandal. Even after Kennedy’s damning PowerPoint presentation, and calling out the press, it quickly became clear nothing has changed. From the poorly written and slanted bias of articles written by local news outlets, it was apparent that the journalists were not listening to the information, including multiple verified sources cited by Kennedy. Not one article published from the mainstream news platform was objective. It can only come from cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance or they were coached on how to respond. One even went as far as to write about Kennedy’s voice condition to try to paint him as weak and discredit him.

“Democracy does not function if you don’t have free speech and free debate.”

 - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Connecticut families are very grateful for Robert Kennedy’s appearance in Hartford on Tuesday. In the middle of a daunting legislative season, he was a beacon of hope.  Thanks, Bobby!



Remember Nuremberg?

It is important to note that this issue affects private school children as well as public school children and summer camps, daycare, full-time college students, first responders, and most healthcare workers. No one is truly free of the medical tyranny happening in this state, in this country.

Tonya Prim

I also was unable to find Age of Autism in a Facebook search.

Laura Hayes

CA’ State Senator Richard Pan’s new bill:


Further evidence of why the number one priority must be to ban vaccine mandates, not fight to retain exemptions, as exemptions will always be under attack, to be further restricted and/or permanently eliminated. Not to mention you can’t have medical mandates of any sort in a free and ethical society.

Hans Litten


Parents assured vaccine safe after death of Hong Kong infant

•Infant was immunised at maternal and child health centre on Monday, but was found unresponsive at Sha Tin home a day later
Wow Germany - With your dark history ? Really ?

With the threat of a measles outbreak hanging over Germany, the government is considering making the measles vaccination mandatory for children. While many parties back the move, Germany's Greens remain skeptical. [v ]
Clearing the Streets ? Always expected this one - Fluthanasia next (clear London in one cold night)

All Homeless People to Get Hepatitis A Vaccine (click to see stats)
Found 26 minutes ago (read/view on thevaccinereaction.org)
ACIP votes to recommend hepatitis A vaccine for homeless people


"He states that Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter will not censor and encouraged all to reach out to him to give thanks."

HA! Has this guy actually been on Twitter lately? They censor all kinds of factual information if it challenges politically correct dogma. If that hasn't happened on the vaccine front ( yet ) I'm legitimately surprised, but they've gone full anti-science totalitarianism on other issues.

Kyles mom

Laura at other times I have heard RFK Jr make the points you wish plus other strong points. I saw him speak in Sacramento at a Trace movie.
This man has endured ridicule and lost a great deal to defend our children. Your points are good ones and you personallt have goven awesome speeches. The hope though is that he can get through to people who otherwise could not be reached as his Dad spoke out about the war long before most. You are both my heros, for different reasons. It is a big tent.


I'm with Bob and Laura on this one. I'd like to add the additional observation that these mandates are being directed toward the population already faced with the most crowded vaccination schedule in the world and history, AMERICAN infants and children.
It's almost as if the clinical trials of yore conducted in what were formerly referred to as "third world countries" are now taking place in the US, with shifty and unacceptable new WHO safety standards.


New internet censorship laws in Russia.

In March 2018, President Vladimir Putin said on national television he was considering taking measures because “it has become trendy not to vaccinate your kids.”

True to his word he enacted two Bills last week.

The new laws make it illegal (amongst other things) to: disseminated “under the guise of credible reports, which creates a threat of harm to life and (or) the health of citizens,… or to show "disrespect" to the state or a state authority.
These laws were passed last Monday.

The implications are clear as to how far these laws will be applied. As this Bolshevik doesn’t like other bolshie people.

The official announcement detailing fines. (its in Russkiy so you will need to get your browser to translate it.)

For anyone interested, here is the most recent recommended vaccine schedule I can find.
National Immunization Calendar of the Russian Federation


Laura Hayes, I'm grateful that Robert F Kennedy is willing to speak up at a time when so few will. I also agree with you about no vaccine mandates, and think the answer is that every one of us needs to be our own voice for what we believe. He can give his opinions and viewpoints, but there is room for every one of us to speak as loudly as we can, write letters, etc. I also want an end to liability free vaccines. When manufacturers can be sued in open court, they will have far less incentive to push the vaccines on people they know they are injuring. Damaging the bottom line if they injure people has often been effective in ranging in big business abuse, and law suits make the news, particularly lots and lots of them.. I know you have been a voice and spoken your truth so all can hear; Thank you! Please keep on going!. And hopefully everyone else here will also try and do what they can ; write letters, make comments, tell friends, keep getting the information about vaccine injury out there. We don't need to allow ourselves to be silenced.


The time to stop pretending that the major political issue of vaccine mandates isn’t a political issue is long overdue! I really think that RFK Jr is one of the fiercest advocates the vaccine risk aware community has to move people back into reality. Run Bobby Run!!!!!

Go Trump

A bit off topic but the

Madam Secretary "measles madness show" last night was a bit over the top and repeated every damn vaccine industry talking point of the past 20 years.

The show ended with a nurse & child scene of the "MMR vaccine saving the world" once again...

Hans Litten


700 women in Colombia vaccinated with Gardasil sue Merck for $160 million: Researcher advises girls in Armenia to understand the risks


Yes, Laura, cowards and mercenaries.


Age of Autism now does not appear when I search for it on Facebook and this is what happens when I click on the FB share button on your articles: " User opted out of platform: The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of Facebook platform."

Laura Hayes

Jennifer and LeeAnn,

Thank you for documenting what transpired in CT. Something very silimar just transpired, for the second year in a row, in CO.

Since I have been involved in this battle (approaching 25 years), the pro-forced-vaccine side has refused to debate. This is a huge deal. Unfortunately, the American public remains largely unaware, or aware and nonplussed, regarding the pro-forced-vaccine side’s inability and unwillingness to defend their indefensible position. In addition to being liars, tyrants, unintelligent, unethical, and all too happy to sacrifice the children of the world to line their pockets and feel more powerful, they are cowards, too terrified to face the truth speakers, whose children’s lives they have decimated, sometimes ended.

I suggest not using the term “under-vaccinated”, as it perpetuates the propaganda, implying that there is a needed or desirable level of vaccination. An accurate way to state it is to say “those children who are not vaccinated in accordance with the CDC’s recommended schedule.”

I listened to most of Kennedy’s talk in CT. I did not hear him state that vaccine mandates cannot exist in a free and ethical society, or that informed consent requires a formal opting in, never a formal opting out...meaning one should not need to file a formal exemption, as a simple “no thank you”’ should always suffice. Did I miss any such statements from him? To those who support him speaking out on this urgent, liberty-ending, life-or-disability/death matter, please consider the repercussions of not stating those truths...of not prioritizing the banning of vaccine mandates...and of not prioritizing the immediate and full restoration of individual and parental rights to make any and all medical decisions, including vaccination decisions, without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty.

Thank you for your important work in CT, Jennifer and LeAnn! Keep at it!

Dr. William H. Gaunt

God bless Robert F. Kennedy Jr. How is the lawsuit against Merck and Gardasil going?

Hans Litten

They put fluoride in our water
They put mercury in our teeth
& they injected aluminium into our veins.

This is no conspiracy theory folks this is all too real.

Introducing the work of David Hawkes - scoundrel extraordinaire

Bob Moffit

"The last thing standing between a greedy industry and a vulnerable child is the mom."

- Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

Wish it were only the "greedy industry" standing alone against a vulnerable child .. but … that vulnerable child is also under attack by POLITICIANS, ACADEMIA AND THE MEDIA.

In other words … our vulnerable children are being attacked by the SWAMP.

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