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Vexed by the Vaxxed: How Measles Is Smarter Than Your Average Bear

YogiYou will not hear this on the news but those who have been vaccinated, can get measles and also transmit it to others.  Bacteria and viruses are smart.  They have evolved for thousands of years and vaccination is not going to stop them from adapting and replicating .

Immunization is also making once-rare or nonexistent genetic variants of pathogens more prevalent, presumably because vaccine-primed antibodies can’t as easily recognize and attack shape-shifters that look different from vaccine strains. And vaccines being developed against some of the world’s wilier pathogens — malaria, HIV, anthrax — are based on strategies that could, according to evolutionary models and lab experiments, encourage pathogens to become even more dangerous.”

As we see the frenzy of measles blame on the “anti-vaxxers”, we need to explore some scientific research that shows a different scenario:

Measles Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population — Israel, July–August 2017

This measles outbreak occurred in an adult population with high 2-dose measles vaccination coverage. The primary patient had documentation of receipt of 3 doses of measles-containing vaccine, one each at ages 1, 2, and 6 years, per the vaccination schedule in Ukraine. Although it is possible that the vaccination record contained an error, the high IgG avidity suggests secondary vaccine failure (2). All patients except one had high measles IgG avidity, which is an indicator of previous vaccination or previous infection. Because all the serum specimens (except that from the primary patient) were collected 2–3 days after the onset of symptoms, the high avidity IgG was assumed to be a result of patients’ previous vaccination.

Although outbreaks of measles among vaccinated populations have been reported worldwide (47), most outbreaks in Israel have occurred in unvaccinated or partially vaccinated populations (8,9). Measles transmission from a vaccinated person with documented secondary vaccine failure also has been described in New York City in 2011, including among vaccinated health care providers (4), and in the Marshall Islands (10). Waning of vaccine-induced immunity is a phenomenon that needs to be addressed.

Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures

An outbreak of measles occurred in a high school with a documented vaccination level of 98 per cent. Nineteen (70 per cent) of the cases were students who had histories of measles vaccination at 12 months of age or older and are therefore considered vaccine failures.

Measles Outbreak Among Previously Immunized Healthcare Workers, the Netherlands, 2014  

We investigated a measles outbreak among healthcare workers (HCWs) by assessing laboratory characteristics, measles vaccine effectiveness, and serological correlates for protection.....Eight HCWs were notified as measles cases; 6 were vaccinated with measles vaccine twice, 1 was vaccinated once, and 1 was unvaccinated. All 6 twice-vaccinated cases had high avidity and PRN titers....Among 106 potentially exposed HCWs, the estimated effectiveness of 2 doses of measles vaccine was 52%

Measles outbreak in adults: A changing epidemiological pattern 

An epidemiological investigation was carried out for outbreak of measles in a young adult population of college students from Pune. It is reported that, with increase in overall coverage of vaccination, there is a rise in incidence of measles in vaccinated individuals. The age profile also shifts to higher age groups. Investigation of such outbreaks provides an opportunity to identify high-risk groups, changes in measles epidemiology and weaknesses in the routine immunization programs.

Outbreak of Measles Among Persons With Prior Evidence of Immunity, NewYorkCity,2011        

This is the first report of measles transmission from a twice-vaccinated individual with documented secondary vaccine failure. The clinical presentation and laboratory data of the index patient were typical of measles in a naive individual.


There is much evidence that vaccination and not exemptions, or unvaccinated people, are a more accurate reason that measles cases are growing.  Adaptation and evolution are scientific mechanisms that vaccination produces and provide a new niche(s) for viruses and bacteria to emerge.  The reality is that vaccination has unintended consequences:

Here that mechanism is explained:

Pathogen evolution in a vaccinated world

 “Presumably a vaccine is used because it protects the host against death. This means the fitness cost of virulence—the force selecting against virulence—is relaxed by vaccination. Since there are still fitness benefits of virulence, more aggressive strains will spread in vaccinated populations because they are now less likely to kill the host. Even if vaccination reduces pathogen titers and transmission rates, virulent strains will still produce more transmission stages than less virulent strains. In fact, in an immunized host, they may produce disproportionately more transmission stages if immunity is more effective against less aggressive strains. Consequently, vaccinated individuals create the conditions that favor the spread of intrinsically more virulent parasites”

The MMR vaccine is a triple-virus vaccine.  It is a live-attenuated vaccine and this concluding paragraph shows how it can cause both undesirable effects on an individual and also on society:

The double-edged sword: How evolution can make or break a live-attenuated virus vaccine  

However many live-attenuated vaccines exhibit reversion to virulence through back-mutation of attenuating mutations, compensatory mutations elsewhere in the genome, recombination or reassortment, or changes in quasispecies diversity. Additionally the combination of multiple live-attenuated strains may result in competition or facilitation between individual vaccine viruses, resulting in undesirable increases in virulence or decreases in immunogenicity. Genetic engineering informed by evolutionary thinking has led to a number of novel approaches to generate live-attenuated virus vaccines that contain substantial safeguards against reversion to virulence and that ameliorate interference among multiple vaccine strains. Finally, vaccines have the potential to shape the evolution of their wild type counterparts in counter-productive ways; at the extreme vaccine-driven eradication of a virus may create an empty niche that promotes the emergence of new viral pathogens....This review can also be used to emphasize the danger of ignoring evolution when deploying live-attenuated vaccine viruses, as, without due safeguards, evolution may reshape the virulence or transmissibility of these agents.







Montana NAR

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, in a lecture to the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), gave a brilliant lecture which is available on u t_be.

He discusses the intelligence of pathogens that have existed for eons.

It is an amazing lecture about how humans cannot outwit this innate intelligence.

Angus Files

Partially or fully vaccinated what does that mean when their devils brew in a vaccine doesnt do what it says its meant to do -mind you if you look at the Package Insert Leaflet it does do what its meant to do death ,encephalopathy, internal external bleeding ,skin problems food allergies etc etc..
Pharma For Prison



Not a single public “health” official has ever breathed a word questioning the ONE product deployed to attempt to synthetically generate “immunity” against the measles. It’s always about the people who chose not to use the ONE product. Measels mongering has never been about protecting people from measels, it’s alawys been about protecting Merck from criticism.

Time to ground the MMR!


Not to mention the millions of kids (and adults) who get a rash each year but instead of calling it measles the doctor calls it roseola or 5th disease or hand foot and mouth etc because they're vaccinated for measles.

Shelley Tzorfas

I was drawn to the term "Partially Vaccinated." When you were told you needed 1 MMR shot for life, and you got it, you were Fully vaccinated. When you were told you needed 2 MMR's for life, many ran to get a second one. Then there were three- and parents thought, "The first one did not work, the second one did not stop measles, I will not make my baby get a third MMR." This is how the label of "Unvaccinated" began. This is how the media spins stories that claim, "Diseases are coming back due to the Unvaccinated." Now comes the term "Partially Vaccinated." It seems to me that if a doctor or a nurse pricks you or your child with a vaccine and does not push the plunger in more than half way, then it could be partially vaccinated.

Bob Moffit

The MMR vaccine is a triple-virus vaccine. It is a live-attenuated vaccine ….."

Always wondered WHY the vaccine industry "combines live attenuated vaccines" .. unless their highest priority is COST EFFECTIVENESS .. rather than VACCINE EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY?

It was bad enough combining three live-attenuated vaccines in one INJECTION .. but … it seems they have now combined as many as 5-6-7 different anti-gens in a single INJECTION .. supposedly for CONVENIENCE of pediatricians, parents and children .. having to be INJECTED only once .. instead of numerous times. Of course .. I suspect the MAIN BENEFIT OF COMBINING VACCINES IS .. AS I SAID .. COST EFFECTIVENESS .. it is much cheaper throughout the entire administration and distribution of the PRODUCT ..

Common sense suggests … unless COST EFFECTIVENESS IS THE MAIN GOAL .. and .. if MEASLES is the greatest threat to our country .. why is the vaccine for MEASLES deliberately compromised .. efficiency and safety reduced .. by adding two additional .. apparently LESS THREAT ANTI-GENS .. MUMPS AND RUEBELLA? (Same could be asked of ALL COMBINED VACCINES)

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