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#UsToo Open Letter to Washington State Legislators About SB5841 Removal of Vaccine Exemptions

Parental RightsNote: We are grateful that our readers, friends, colleagues are fervently fighting to protect our medical rights. Below is a letter we invite you to edit for your own purposes to explain why the removal of vaccine exemptions is to dangerous to our rights and akin to assault. Thank you to the author, who wishes to remain private at this time.


Dear __________,

I’m writing to ask you to vote NO on SB5841, the bill which seeks to remove philosophical exemptions for vaccinations.

In this day and age where everyone is hyper-aware of bullying, rape culture, the #metoo movement, and obtaining consent from both parties, I cannot believe that there are people who would try to force vaccinations on those who don’t want them.  In my mind, this equates to medical rape.  All the elements are there.

Rape: Rape is when someone uses force to penetrate another against their will.  The force can be physical, coercion or abuse of authority.  If SB5841 passes, many of us will be saying NO, we will try to get away from our assailant, but because of abuse of authority and coercion we will be medically penetrated anyway.

No Means No: We teach our daughters to say NO, because unlike phrases like “not right now” or “I’d rather not,” the word NO cannot be misconstrued as being anything other than what it is.  Taking away our right to philosophical exemptions is the same as taking away our ability to say NO.  It’s as simple as that.  Can you imagine a sexual assault situation where someone is repeatedly screaming NO, but it doesn’t matter because their mouth has been taped shut?  Passing SB5841 is taping our mouths shut.

Catcalling: SB5841 has been one giant catcall.  I’m walking down the street minding my own business, and SB5841 is gyrating its hips at me, whistling and telling me all the things it’s going to do to me and my family.  It’s going to molest us, puncture us, and inject us with fluid.  Not once, not twice, but 72 times, and we’re going to like it!  It’s going to be sooo good!

Blaming the victims: Most of the people speaking out against vaccines have first-hand experience of being vaccine injured.  My sons lost eye contact, executive function, and coordination skills.  One son had paralysis in his leg after a vaccine and a red hard bump the size of a baseball at the injection site.  This happened not once, but twice.  At the time we believed the doctor when she said it was a normal reaction.  All of our children suffered injuries and acquired autoimmune issues after vaccines that required years of therapy and interventions. Many others have suffered even greater damage: encephalopathy, autism, seizures and even death.  When people like me speak up to warn that vaccines, like any other drugs, have side effects (just look at the vaccine inserts!), we are labeled “ANTI-VAXXERS,” “ANTI-SCIENCE,” and “DISEASE SPREADERS.” Somehow, we have been made to look like the bad guys. We are not anti-vaxxers.  We are ex-vaxxers who were once pro-vaxxers.  Vaccines are no longer a good fit for us and we have stopped. That is all. No need to blame us or call us names.  We didn’t ask for this.

Silencing the victims: A few weeks ago approximately 2,000 parents drove to Olympia braving the threat of a snow storm to represent and be heard for the HB1638 hearing. None were given an opportunity to testify.  During the press conference that followed, only legislators in favor of HB1638 were in attendance and answering questions.  None of the parents of vaccine injured children were allowed in to the press conference.  Those are examples of passive silencing.  Others, however, don’t even try to hide that they’re silencing or censoring us. It’s insidious how Adam Schiff (who wrote Mark Zuckerberg a letter telling him to shut down vaccine websites), Peter Hotez (who wants to censor books and social media ), Richard Pan (who wants to pass legislation penalizing “speech criminals” online including personal texts and emails) and others who are pushing pro-pharma legislation in this country make no secret about wanting to silence those who stray from the party line that “VACCINES ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, HAVE NO SIDE-EFFECTS AND A FULLY VACCINATED NATION IS A HEALTHY NATION.” Many of us believed that, had our children vaccinated, suffered through the side-effects, and now focus daily on their diminished health.  Are we not allowed to tell our stories?  Are we not allowed to warn others? Are we now second-class citizens who don’t even deserve the right to free speech?  We try to speak up, but we are silenced.  Those who push for vaccine mandates would have it so much easier if the victims of vaccine injury would keep their mouths shut and go away. It’s similar to when people don’t want to hear the stories from rape victims because they want to protect the star quarterback.

In Judith Herman’s book, Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence--From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror, she speaks of why and how perpetrators silence their victims.

"In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator's first line of defense. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure that no one listens. To this end, he marshals an impressive array of arguments, from the most blatant denial to the most sophisticated and elegant rationalization. After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies: it never happened; the victim lies; the victim exaggerates; the victim brought it upon herself; and in any case it is time to forget the past and move on. The more powerful the perpetrator, the greater is his prerogative to name and define reality, and the more completely his arguments prevail."

Those of us whose children have been injured by vaccines are all too familiar with these tactics.  We’ve been dismissed by doctors who roll their eyes at us and say the seizures that immediately followed vaccinations are a coincidence. “Tsk tsk—correlation does not equal causation!” Are these doctors willing to write medical exemptions? NO.  We tell of our children being paralyzed from vaccines (Guillain-Barre syndrome—a known side effect listed in the inserts), and we are rebuked for being anecdotal, not scientific.  People have contracted measles soon after getting their MMR (which contains a live virus), and they are told they got it from an anti-vaxxer—there is no possible way they could have gotten it from the vaccine (even though that is a side effect listed in the insert). Victims are silenced in many ways and made to look and feel like idiots.  Meanwhile, bills get introduced to take away our rights.

Is this the kind of culture we are trying to create here in America--medical rape culture? Where instead of “boys will be boys” we say, “Pharma will be Pharma.”  Instead of listening to victims, we trivialize their experiences, accuse them of making up stories, paint them as crazy and tell them to shut up and go away. Instead of seeking justice for those who have been harmed, we join in with the bullies, laugh at them and try to drag them through the mud again.  Instead of believing that no means no, we say “your no means nothing and we’ll have our way with you regardless of what you say.”  Instead of respecting personal space, we say “we’ll come at you because we’re bigger than you and we can take away your privileges to get you to do what we want you to do.”  Is this REALLY the kind of country we want to live in?

If there is anything we’ve learned from the Me Too movement, it is that people in our society are not like they were 10 or 15 years ago.  Times have changed.  We’re no longer willing to look the other way when sexual predators in positions of power abuse that power by having their way with those who are weaker.  In 10 to 15 years when more and more people realize that the documented side effects of the vaccines are in fact impacting many of our children (similar to what Thalidomide did to babies in the 50’s and 60’s), and it comes to light that legislators who knew about the side effects went ahead and steamrolled bills forcing vaccinations on everyone, including the most vulnerable members of our population, there is going to be a huge backlash. When this happens, do you want to be viewed as the Harvey Weinstein of the Mandated Vaccine Debacle? Choose the right side of history and stand for choice.  Stand for freedom.

I’ve never written a letter to a Senator before, but I’ve also never felt so violated by a bill, so I need to speak up. Parents just want their children to be healthy.  Some believe health comes from a needle.  Others (who have family members with autoimmune issues and sensitivity to chemicals) do not.  No drug is or ever will be one-size-fits-all. Those who want vaccinations should be able to get them. Those who do not should not be held down against their will by means of coercion, force or abuse of authority. America was founded on liberty and independence--not government coercion, domination, and control. Please vote NO on SB5841.  Please shut down medical tyranny and take a stand for medical freedom.






Tonya Prim

I've just edited and sent this letter to Rockland County, New York Health Department. Thanks to whomever wrote it.

Jeannette Bishop

@Grace Green, wish I could discuss this generation of U.S. doctors. I've expended so many brain cells and time trying to understand them and haven't had much return from the effort (don't have much insight into the rest of the human race either, not even the psychopaths...just had to come to acknowledge those exist). I really feel like past generations, even without liability wouldn't have gone along this far for so long. I suspect most of this generation are too vaccinated, fluoridated, amalgamated, glyphosated, etc. and EMP irradiated, group-think indoctrinated, social media dopamine-boosted to care to question the foundation they launched into life upon, while not being any of those to any extent necessitating really questioning things. Oh, and a recent survey suggests I should maybe add pharmicated (with anti-depressants and stimulants mainly) at least for current med students. If you question one poison source and all the "authorities" ok with it, you might have to start questioning everything "authoritative" (which is about what is needed all around right now--MO), which includes themselves, I suppose.

Grace Green

Thanks for pointing to the interview with Dr. Paul Thomas on the Highwire. I listened to the whole of it, as they are both such engaging speakers. The point about Dr. Paul's practice is that he gives his patients informed consent, so they don't have to agree or disagree with his vaccine plan. But I think his statistics are very compelling, given that his plan includes most vaccines only at a later age, and more spaced out. He also repeatedly stressed that vaccination should stop completely at the first sign of any autistic symptoms. It almost makes me wonder if the autism epidemic has been caused more by over zealous doctors than by the corrupt scientists. (Discuss!)

Well done to put such excellent arguments to those weirdos. The only thing I would add to your list is, usually rape only results in emotional trauma, whereas vaccination can result in life-long physical illness. The fact that those people turn a blind eye to the enormous pain and suffering of the vaccine-injured really shows them to be perverts and sadists. Their "arguments" are complete hypocracy.

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia Parker, if you haven't been able to, I really recommend listening to the whole interview with Dr. Thomas. I'm not recommending his plan (and not really not recommending it either), but his experience and courageous voicing of his observations.

susan welch

Wow, Greg, well done!

I admire your tenacity and patience.


Just a bit of background, my email to DeSaulnier was a form letter at the behest of the Autism Action Network. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised at getting a form letter back, but I didn't expect it to read like it was written by PhRMA.

I'd be interested to know if other reps sent the same form letter to their constituents.


Just getting back from my second banishment at RI. In reacting to this blog, Orac persisted with his usual bile and vitriol about how outrageous we are for comparing forced vaccination to rape. I took him and his minions to task, arguing that the comparison was indeed legitimate. One of the minion was particularly enraged, explaining that she was raped and there was absolute no comparison. Indeed I felt awful for her; I do for all rape victims, but for the life of it I couldn't help but feel her position was highly hypocritical. After what happened to her, how could she be cool with saying to a mother, 'so what if you feel they're violating your kid outside of your consent, you get him vaccinated if you want him to go to school!'

After pleading with everyone to provide the qualitative grounds for arguing that forced vaccination was different, through all their 'fuming' I managed to ascertain three points. First, forced vaccination wasn't really forced, since parents were just being required to vaccinate their kids for them to attend school. Second, rape was far more traumatic and torturous. And third, vaccination was a good thing, benefiting the child and society. I believe I successfully rebutted all three points: I argued, first, to say parents weren't being forced was comparable to saying the college professor was not forcing the student to sleep with him if she wanted a passing grade. Second, I explained not all rape was traumatic and tortuous. Sometimes it occurred with a little arm-twisting and with the victim giving in, but who would dispute that wasn't rape. Also, I added that vaccination can also be very traumatic. It carried severe risks, and even if they are said to be 'extremely rare'. Third, the claim that forced vaccination was different because vaccination was 'virtuous' was extremely specious reasoning. You cannot defend an offense by saying it wasn't so bad because good was coming of it. I pointed out past ridiculous excuses given for rape, such as it was a good way to improve an 'inferior' race.

Needless to say, Orac and his minions were not moved by these arguments. Incensed by my 'broken moral compass', Orac warned me to cease and desist but I did not, and hence his 'ban hammer' fell. At the end of the day, I am left feeling amused that through all their 'fakery' they could not muster one reasonable argument of why sticking someone with your 'member' outside of their consent is different than sticking someone with a needle, also outside of their consent.

cia parker

I like Dr. Thomas and his book, but he really hasn't reduced the vaccine schedule much.

I don't think anyone should get the pertussis vaccine ever, and no one should get the DT before two years old. He recommends consideration of the MMR at three. I would say consider it and then reject it, take the rubella nosode later on if there's any rubella around. He recommends the Hib and pneumococcal vaccines. Dr. Moskowitz doesn't recommend any of them, but thinks it's all right if parents choose to give the DT and polio vaccines. He thinks the meningitis bacteria are normal residents of our bodies which only occasionally make trouble. He doesn't recommend Hib, Prevnar, or Menactra. As I've said, I think there's something to be said for the Hib vaccine after four months old, but only for babies not breastfed and in daycare. Several of these vaccines you could make a case for, but I don't think you can for the pertussis vaccine. And m, m, and r are so beneficial for training the immune system that I don't think anyone should get the MMR, not at three, not ever. The nosode if necessary.

Not long ago many would have considered autism in one in 440 high and unacceptable. It will always come down to its being the parent's decision.

cia parker

The man who works at De Saulnier's office just wrote back telling me that even though I'm not a constituent, he would pass along my letter to him. I appreciate his concern and his willingness to share this information with him even though I am not a constituent.

Hi Cynthia,

We would be happy to pass this along to Congressman DeSaulnier. Additionally, I recommend sharing this information with your representative as well. Unfortunately, we have limited ability in correspondence with residents who are not in our district, but we want to ensure that your opinion is duly noted.


Alex Teodorescu

cia parker

After reading a comment here about how uninformed California rep Mark De Saulnier was about measles, I wrote to him, taking a guess at his email address, which turned out to be correct. One of his employees just wrote me back, asking my address to see if I'm a constituent. I'm not. Could someone here who is from California use some of the information in my email to write to him, if my email is not passed along to him?

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you for sending an email to Congressman DeSaulnier regarding an MMR mandate for schools to take away vaccine exemptions. We are going to pass along your message to the Congressman but first we were hoping you could provide some additional contact information such as home address so we can verify that you are in our district. We appreciate you sharing your concerns with our office.

Alex Teodorescu

Alex Teodorescu
Congressional Intern
Office of Congressman DeSaulnier (CA-11)
3100 Oak Road, #110
Walnut Creek, CA 94597
[email protected]
Tel: (925) 933-2660 | Fax: (925) 933-2677

Cia Parker
11:15 AM (0 minutes ago)

to Teodorescu

I am not in your district. Can you not pass it along to him anyway? This is an issue crucially important for all Americans.

to mark.desaulnier

I understand that you're planning to vote for an MMR mandate for school and to take away personal vaccine exemptions. I believe you have some misapprehensions about measles and the MMR.

Measles is a relatively mild disease and is actively beneficial for those who get the natural disease. By 1960, before the vaccine, it has become a universal childhood disease which all children were expected to get, and blood test on army recruits showed that 99% had antibodies to measles from having been exposed to the natural disease. In the US there were three to four million cases a year, the entire birth cohort, with an average of 450 deaths, low mortality, in a few of the malnourished or immunocompromised. There was one death in 10,000 cases of measles at that time. Please see the Dr. Alexander Langmuir article, with mortality charts, from 1963. Although he himself worked on the vaccine, he said that measles was not a dangerous disease, far less a health problem than the common cold. He said the only reason for developing a vaccine was to prevent parents from having to deal with a child with a high fever for a few days, and that, like scaling Mt. Everest, it was a challenge, because it was there. I had measles when I was six, in 1963, the way everyone I have ever known who was my age or older did when they were growing up, and no one I have ever known or heard of had a disabling or fatal case of it.

Natural measles gives permanent immunity and the ability to protect future infants through placental immunity and breastfeeding. It improves immune function and gives considerable protection from cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases in later life.

The vaccine, on the other hand, is very dangerous, and has caused hundreds of thousands (at least) of cases of autism in the US. I refused it for my daughter. She is autistic at 18 and will be on public assistance for life. She's on SSI and Medicaid, and will live in supported housing at taxpayer expense. There is now one in 36 children in the US with autism. Please read Denial or Handley's book on how to prevent autism if you believe that this is only due to "better diagnosis." It is a real increase and it is already crushing the US.

My daughter reacted, as millions do, with too much inflammation to the vaccines she got, as everyone in my family has done. She reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth, given without permission when she was born, as it usually is, with vaccine encephalitis: constant, inconsolable screaming, le cri encéphalique, for four days and nights. And it damaged her brain. I foolishly allowed her to get the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months old: she got pertussis anyway at a La Leche League meeting at eight months old, because the acellular vaccine is very ineffective. She was saying two words by 18 months old, delayed, but progressing. Both words disappeared as soon as she got the DTaP booster at that age, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later.

There are homeopathic nosodes to prevent measles and all the other vaccine-preventable diseases where prevention is desired, although healthy children would do better to just go through the natural childhood diseases when they are past infancy. I think the tetanus series of vaccines or nosodes is a good idea after two years old, Hib only for babies who are not breastfed and HAVE to be in daycare. Polio and diphtheria if they came back here, at the parent's discretion. All vaccines have caused severe reactions, disability, or death. They may be warranted in some cases, but they are always a risk. The state should not pass any laws compelling anyone to take any vaccine. There are millions of Americans permanently damaged with neurological, allergic, or autoimmune diseases from vaccine reactions. This MUST be left to the parents to decide, as they are the only ones who will bear the burden of the damaged child. Immunocompromised children should take homeopathic nosodes: see the books The Solution by Cilla Whatcott and Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis, by Dr. Isaac Golden.

These are links to Dr. Langmuir's article showing that in 1960 measles only caused death in one in 10,000 cases, to UK statistics showing that in the '80s there were only one or two deaths in 10,000 cases, a 2011 outbreak in Europe that caused three deaths in 10,000 cases. And an excerpt from Dr. Richard Moskowitz' excellent book Vaccines: A Reappraisal, on the benefits of natural measles. Please do not vote to disable more American children.


"With its marked affinity for the mucuous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, the measles virus is dispersed through the air by the sneezing and coughing of infected droplets, and inhaled by susceptible persons in the vicinity. Throughout its long incubation period of 10 to 14 days, the virus multiplies silently, first in the tonsils, adenoids, and accessory lymphoid tissues of the nasopharynx, then in the regional lymph nodes of the head and neck, and finally in the speen, liver, thymus, and bone marrow, the major organs of the immune system, while the patient continues to feel well and generally exhibits few or no symptoms of any kind.

By the time symptoms appear, specific antibodies are already detectable in the blood, and the height of the symptomatology roughly coincides with the peak of the antibody response. But the illness that we know as the measles is nothing less than the concerted effort of the entire immune system to expel the virus from the blook, an all-important task that requires an impressive array of collaborative mechanisms and cannot be achieved by any one or part of the in isolation.

One of the simplest to understand is inflammatory sensitization of the epithelial cells lining the nasal, oral, and pharyngeal cavityies, which are the first to receive the virus and thus admirably equipped to get rid of it, once again by sneezing and coughing. A second indispensable component is the signaling and activation of monocytes and macrophages, two types of wandering, phagocytic cells that routinely police the blood, blood vessel walls, and connective tissues, in order to detect, engulf, and digest invading viruses, while other types of phagocytic white cells, the neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophis, are called upon in the case of bacterial infections and exposure to various allergens and toxic chemicals, respectively. The elimination of foreign viruses and bacteria is further expedited by the complement system, thus preparing it for digestion.

At the same time, yet another specialized class of smaller proteins and peptides, the interferons, interleukins, and other cytokines, enable the phagocytes to signal, communicate with, and direct one another to the areas where they are needed, and further assist in their work. Taken together, all of these mechanisms constitute the most basic or 'cellular' level of immunity, which not only provides our first line of defense against foreign invaders, but also initiates, coordinates, and regulates the process as a whole.

"More or less simultaneously, cloned subsets of lymphoctyes and plasma cells from the thymus and bone marrow synthesize specific antibodies directed against each particular invader, which assist in its destruction and removal; collectively, this special function is known as 'humoral immunity.' The inventory of these antibodies includes opsonins, which instigate phagocytosis of the viruses or bacteria; agglutinins, which instigate phagocytosis of the viruses or bacteria; agglutininins, which facilitate clumping or agglutination of them or their antigens; and precipitins, which render them insoluble.

All of these subtypes are clearly designed to assist the cellular mechanism in completing their all-important task of attacking, destroying, and ultimately removeing foreign microorganisms and antigens from the blood. Then and only then comes what might be called the 'frosting on the cake,' namely, the encryption of a permanent memory of the infection in the genetic material of these immunocompetent cells, to help htem recognize the virus and respond to it even more promptly and efficiently should they encounter it again in the future.

For most already healthy people, the immunity conferred by this spendied and massive outpouring is absolute, lifelong, and profoundly health-giving in two important senses. First, it is specific, in the obvious sense that virtually everyone who recovers from the measles will never again be susceptible to it, no matter how many times they are reexposed to the virus, or how many epidemics of the disease may be raging all around them. Less often talked about but at least equally important is the nonspecific immunity that results from having activated the whole army of immune mechanisms across the board, thus priming the system to respond acutely, vigorously, and in a concerted fashion to whatever other infections it may encounter in the future.

In both respects, the natural immunity acquired by coming down with and recovering from acute diseases like the measles, typically characterized by fever and resulting in expulsion of the offending virus or bacterium from the blood, represents an enormous net gain for the general health of individuals and their descendants, and thereby also of the community, the nation, and ultimately of human life on the planet as a whole.

Amid the impressive array of new vaccines and the noisy bullying employed to promote them, it is easily forgotten that the growth, development, and maturation of a healthy immune system is accomplished mainly by learning how to mount such acute, vigorous responses to infection, and that the challenges of coming down with and recovering from the illnesses of this type are the formative experiences by which this fundamental prerequisite of good health is achieved and maintained throughout life.

This basic truth is reinforced by a considerable body of epidemiological research to the effect that contracting and recovering from measles, mumps, chicken pox, influenza, and other acute childhood illnesses with fever provides significant protection against many chronic diseases later in life, including many autoimmune diseases and even cancer of various types (NB, all types except breast cancer)."

There follows a discussion of studies which provide percentages by which cancer drops in those who have had the feverish childhood diseases, for example, it drops 20% with having had one, 60% with having had three or four of them, and 76% if you've had more than four of them.


cia parker

I just heard that Oregon passed the vaccine mandate they were debating. All the Dems voted for it and all the Reps against it. No comment necessary. I hope Michael will write an article about it to put up here: he has been very active in the campaign against it.

Jeannette Bishop

Share the numbers from Dr. Paul Thomas's practice: autism rate of 1 in 440 among those following this "vaccine friendly plan." Only one case of autism among 715 (many higher risk) patients who do not vaccinate at all, and his practice is healthier overall than when he followed CDC recommendations:

(The Highwire audio keeps getting out of sync on youTube, but was fine yesterday, maybe not now though):

(about 50 minutes in)

cia parker

This is the letter. I guess it's just an all-purpose letter to be sent to everyone who writes to him. He didn't even think the vaccine bill was important enough even to rate one line in the all-purpose letter. Who cares how many babies are brain-damaged for life by vaccines? Not him! He'd have to focus for five minutes to care. Or, possibly, he's going to vote for the bill, but doesn't want to alienate someone who voted for him by telling me his stance. Well, too bad, Senator, I'll know how you voted and then, as I said, I'll never vote for you again if you vote for this.

Dear Cynthia:

Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on the national emergency declaration resolution of disapproval.

I fully support President Trump’s commitment to secure the border and build physical barriers wherever they are needed. We are a nation of immigrants, but our laws and our borders must be respected. I have repeatedly said that securing the border has to be the first step in addressing our immigration issues. There are several existing authorities that could be used to support what President Trump wants to do at the border without creating a court case or declaring an emergency, and I have encouraged him to use those authorities.

I was aggressively opposed to the Obama administration’s attempts to circumvent Congress’s appropriating authority to prop up Obamacare, and that same principle should apply regardless of which party occupies the White House. I remain committed to strengthening our border, stemming the tide of illegal immigration, and protecting the American people.

Again, thank you for contacting me. I look forward to continuing our conversation on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SenatorBlunt) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/RoyBlunt) about the important issues facing Missouri and the country. I also encourage you to visit my website (blunt.senate.gov) to learn more about where I stand on the issues and sign-up for my e-newsletter.

Sincere regards,

Roy Blunt
United States Senator

cia parker

I wrote to my congressmen twice about the vaccine bill, personal exemptions, and the MMR mandate. I wrote to both my senators the other day. And today I got a reply from Roy Blunt thanking me for my letter about the wall and immigration. I had not said a single WORD about the wall or immigration. And he did not tell me a single thing about how he was going to vote. Geez, your elected representatives can't even focus long enough to even realize what issue you're concerned about. I just wrote again:

"Senator Blunt,

I have written you twice about a bill currently being considered in the Senate which will take away all personal exemptions to the vaccine requirement for school. A mandate for the very dangerous MMR is also being considered. I told you about my daughter who had an encephalitic vaccine reaction which severely damaged her brain and caused her autism. I asked you not to vote for it and said that if you did I would not vote for you again, although I have consistently done so in the past.

I got a reply to you today and it didn't have a single word about the vaccine bill. It only said Thank you for contacting me about the wall and the immigration issue. I had not said a single word in my emails about that, only about the vaccine bill. No one should be compelled to get any vaccine: they are very dangerous and the stakes are very high. Measles is simply not a dangerous disease for healthy children, and rarely for anyone else, while reactions to the MMR are very common and often disable for life.

Could you please tell me what you think about the VACCINE issue and how you're planning to vote, which is what I wrote you about?"


Dear intelligent non autistic vaxxer . Not on the school curriculum, so some professors unfortunately remain common sense defectives still at 93?
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Go make a Pizza and settle down to read . The Gulag Archipelago By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn .
Essential reading for all 13 yr olds today as well!
Finish up with Billy Connolly - In The Brownies - Youtube
Nameless/faceless. curtain twitchers behavioural tendencies is not "Cool Behaviour " at lucky 13 yrs of age ma dear wee chappie!

John Stone

I fear the take home from Intelligent Non-Autistic Vaxxer is the deployment of the most basic brain-washing techniques in school ie you are intelligent if you believe x, not intelligent if you believe y, which preempts the need for any discussion. What we learn from our young friend is their fear of not being considered intelligent, or part of the gang. What’s an even moderately intelligent 13 year-old to do? The bigger problem is what citizens are to do when grown-up politicians know no better.

Carolyn Kylesmom

Absolutely fantastic letter.
It sounds like they are using the playbook used in CA. Thousands of parents ghosted. This is traumatic in every way. We have been abandoned.

Jeanne J

Intelligent Non-Autistic Vaxxer

There are two of life's lessons that will help shape your character for the better: (1) there are always two or more sides to every debate and (2) those who do not understand their history, are doomed to repeat its mistakes.
(1) You have made a flawed judgment in you comment about doctors. There is no one mindset that all doctors adhere to. Google Physicians for Informed Consent and you will see a whole organization of doctors and scientists who recognize that before any person submits to ANY invasive procedure, which vaccines are, they have a right to know the benefits and damages and make an informed choice for themselves.
(2) The other flawed judgment implies that doctors are somehow god-like in their knowledge base and we should therefore listen to what they have to say. Clearly, they may have more education in school than the average person, but they are human, just like you and me. And as such, doctors are subject to making mistakes, just like you and me. Google ads of doctors promoting cigarettes and you will see the volume of cigarette ads, prevalent during the first half of the 20th century, in which doctors supported smoking cigarettes. This was all before the 60's and 70's when it was finally revealed that tobacco companies were hiding the dangers of cigarette smoking and the surgeon general finally spoke out about the dangers of cigarette smoking. Having lived through that time period, I can say this piece of forgotten history is quite real. So, some doctors can believe one thing, recommend it and be absolutely wrong.

go Trump

Somewhat amazing with the quick responses with “crashing airplanes” and “Universities being bought off” to admit some special children.

A “SIDS airplane” with about 70 children on board crashes every week in the United States. About “three American buses” with a total of 160 on board go into the “American Autism ditch” each and every day.

They are still trying to figure out ways to load up the children faster.


Hi Intelligent non autistic vaxxer,
I have always had a soft spot for bright socially unaware kids, so this is the advice I would give either of my kids if they had posted as you have. Firstly, you don't need to tell other people you are bright, and it is considered a social faux pax( that means a social mistake.) Hopefully your words and skill sets will speak for themselves. if they don't, then you need to work harder to show people you are bright through your skills comments and abilities, not just hoping that ordering/telling them to see you that way will work, because it doesn't.
You are only thirteen, so it is a good skill set to learn now, and it will help other people take you more seriously. Imo your parents should already have covered this with you, but as they haven't you might find that this information alone helps you a lot in life.And will explain to you why you probably tend to get negative responses when you post online.
But to the topic at hand, and its relevance to the above comment; if you wanted to post on this website, and impress us with your intelligence, you need to do some reading first. As Cia Parker pointed out; your first argument has no merit. At your school, there are probably people with peanut allergies, maybe strawberry or other allergies, maybe celiacs disease ( gluten autoimmune response) maybe diabetes. Everyones' body is different. Peanut butter may be safe for you and me, but it can still kill someone else. Similarly the fact that you took vaccines safely ( so far) doesn't mean that other people can do the same. ( By the way, gardasil has caused reactions in many people who had no problems with their first sets of vaccines.)
The CDC lists problems that can be caused by vaccines, and that should be compensated for.
Here is the list; if you have questions about what some of the words mean, I would be happy to explain it for you; just ask.

With regard to your second question; why would the doctors and the government not stand up for people who are injured?. That is where however bright you are,learning about people takes time and life experience. In history you may have learned about the Nazis and concentration camps. Why did so many normal Germans decide that it was ok to pretend they did not know that people were being murdered or starved to death by the tens of thousands? Why did so many of them help turn in or round up the Jewish people, even the Jewish children? Its called social pressure, and you can learn more about it. Also, people make choices based on money. To give a recent example; the opiate epidemic that has been in the news recently. Why do you think all those good doctors who you trust completely somehow became too stupid or incompetent to tell that their patients were becoming addicted? Why did they keep prescribing, and so often? Why did they accept meals and hand outs from pharmaceutical companies?
Vaccines are also big business, and make a great deal of money for doctors and pharmacy companies. Pretending not to notice the odd side effect ( or death, or seizures,, or sudden loss of speech, or paralysis), helps.Silencing people who want to talk about it helps too. Saying "it would have happened anyway" is an easy way to deal with the guilt, so they can continue to pay off their very high college bills. And of course,similarly to your comment, they can always tell themselves well some/most kids come out basically fine, so the "benefits outweigh the risks" or "side effects are rare"

It is only the maimed or killed children and their parents who are concerned, and are left silenced by people who benefited financially by pretending "vaccines are safe for everybody" even though the CDC itself as you can see in the link, knows this is a lie.. If you have more questions, please ask them.
All the best

Jeannette Bishop

@Intelligent Non-Autustic Vaxxer,


Great discussion above with some "real-life data" (about which I'm sure you can find individuals heavily invested in one or more ways on the status quo being considered just fine and dandy to give you some reasons to dismiss, but...). If you have your own children this is a sample of the type of intelligence you will most need to make the best health decisions for your family (you may also have to work hard to protect them from other venues like wireless radiation emitting tech) and which, unless there is a significant cultural shift, will require stepping out from comforting boxes of corporate consensus.

susan welch

Intelligent non autistic Vaxxer

Although when I was 13 I wouldn't dream of boasting about my intelligence I, like you, believed those in authority. How I wish I could still trust them.

Sadly, growing up entails finding out what is really going on - and it isn't pretty.

cia parker

Update: I just tried to comment at this site: https://the1a.org/shows/2019-03-13/measles-washington-legislation I had never heard of it nor visited it before.

I put up a comment about Hannah Poling, and it instantly went into moderation. I thought it was too long, so was going to split it up into short comments. My first attempt using the first short paragraph instantly went into moderation. I tried putting hyphens instead of one letter in the trigger words, so Ha-nah, va-cine, and so one. It still instantly went into moderation. I put up a short comment on another topic, shingles, instantly into moderation. I put up testing testing 1 2 3, and it instantly went into moderation. So I've been banned, while legions of liars have been hired to spread their lies all over the Internet.

Four years ago, that company L-quid L---- was hired to push through the California mandate, and it got its employees to be moderators on many -- sites, where one particular one deleted entire months of my comments all at once. I have a feeling that that or a similar company has been hired now to use the same tactics to get this national bill pushed through.

It would be great if some journalist out there were to investigate this and reveal it as being extremely dirty tactics.

Angus Files

well said great letter.Vaccines are `so great` Pharma doesn't want to do a vaccine non vaccinated study .....scratch head scratch head..

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Why do you think that? Isn't it the difference between consensual sex and rape? If you compel someone to get a vaccine when he or she doesn't want it and is afraid of reactions like autism, autoimmune disease, diabetes, seizures, etc., then you have committed a crime and are responsible for having caused the vaccine reaction which results.


Are you for real? Really smart, huh? So, are you allergic to peanuts? Whether you are or not, you probably realize that most people aren't. One in fifty in the US is. From having reacted to the Hib vaccine, which single-handedly started the worldwide peanut allergy epidemic. It didn't exist anywhere in the world before peanut protein started to be used in antibiotics and some vaccines. So, tell me. Are all those people who claim to have a peanut allergy just pretending, even when they asphyxiate and die from it? Do you care about them, or only about the majority who doesn't have a peanut allergy? Read Heather Fraser's book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic and see how in country after country around the world, the rate of peanut allergy went from zero to eventually two percent within a few years of the introduction of the Hib vaccine. And the story is basically the same for almost all the vaccines.

Many of us have a genetic susceptibility which causes our immune systems to react too much when we get a vaccine, so much that the excessive inflammatory reaction involves our brain and causes encephalitic stroke-like damage, especially to the language and social center of the brain, that is, autism. Read Denial, The Age of Autism (book), Evidence of Harm, Vaccine Epidemic, Vaccines: A Reappraisal, Callous Disregard. If you're such a hot-shot, you should be able to knock those out in a month.

Doctors live in fear of offending the pharma cartel, who wield both carrots and sticks. The drug lobby is the most powerful in the nation, and pharma reps groom our legislators, doctors, journalists, university officials, public health agencies, and hospital officials. And all to move product. The name of the game is $$$$. Millions have been their victims.

Any more questions, twerp?


I just got this letter from Mark DeSaulnier, California's 11th. In the past he's been rather good on vaccine issues, but I won't be voting for him again. Frankly, all these guys are sh*t. We need to field our own candidates:

"Thank you for contacting me about the measles vaccine. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me on this important matter.

Prior to the development and wide-spread use of the measles vaccine, millions every year became infected. While hundreds died thousands were hospitalized, many suffering swelling of the brain, which can have long-term impacts on cognitive development. The measles vaccine saves lives, reduces health care costs, and helped effectively eliminate the disease.

For these reasons, children who are not vaccinated are causing the disease to reemerge and spread. While infection, sickness, and death rates are currently low, public health officials are concerned that the disease will come back more aggressively. This medically and scientifically supported concern has led Congress to hold hearings to address this vital issue.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that there is any connection between measles and autism. In fact, a newly published study by researchers at the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen that lasted eleven years and worked with over half a million people definitely disproves the link. When people elect not to have their children vaccinated, it leaves populations that are medically unable to get vaccinated vulnerable through no fault of their own. As Congress continues its legislative work, please be assured that I will continue to support evidence-based investigations and policy that keep our nation healthy and safe.

Again, thank you for contacting me. If I may be of assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact my office."


Intelligent Non-Autustic Vaxxer
Doctors are thoroughly indoctrinated to believe what they believe; that neurotoxic substances in vaccines belong in the brain. Your smartness does not translate into intelligence or your critical thinking skills

Kenneth B Sizer II

Dear Intelligent Non-Autustic Vaxxer,
If a tobacco company finds a few smokers who didn't die of lung cancer, have they proven that cigarettes are not a contributing factor?

Please find some (even smarter) people at your school -- you know, the ones who understand math and statistics -- and ask them for a few tips.


Intelligent Non-Autustic Vaxxer

I want you all to answer this. I am a kid who has every possible vaccination, but I have no autism. I actually am one of the smartest people at my school, one of the most popular, and I know more about world politics and economics than most adults as a 13 year old. Vaccines don’t cause autism. If they did, why would the government force them to do so? Doctors have no reason to lie.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Yes this should be accompanied with photos of young children wincing, squirming, crying and trying to avoid the needle while be held against their will.


Please - stop likening vaccination to rape. It's profoundly ignorant and thoughtless.

cia parker

I just wrote to both my senators again, asking them to vote no on SB5841. And if they vote yes, I'll write to tell them that I'll never vote for them again. Does anyone know when the vote is going to be?

cia parker

I think you should add "religious" exemptions, as it's not just philosophical exemptions, which aren't available in many states anyway, but both kinds of personal exemptions.

Laura Hayes

Excellent, well-written, and powerful letter, which I will be sharing with my email group today. Thank you to the author!

Immediately reminded me of this section of my WAPF presentation:

“What would you say if you walked by the window to my house, peered in, and saw my husband and me holding down our tiny baby on the dining room table, then roughly jabbing and injecting it multiple times with toxic cocktails and true witches’ brews of ingredients…all while our baby, or child of any age, screamed bloody murder, trying to escape our grip and savagery? I imagine you would whip out your cell phone, call the police, then try to barge into our home to stop the abuse! How is what I just described any different than what goes on every minute of every day in doctors’ offices and hospitals in our country and across the world? To be very clear, it isn’t.

To state it very plainly, vaccination is child abuse in the form of medical assault and battery. With regard to adults, when vaccination is carried out against one’s will or wishes, say for school admittance, job requirements, elder care and housing, or military admission, or when carried out with one who is hesitant, or with one who is unsuccessful in resisting and refusing, it also meets the legal definition for assault and battery. We must begin to label these vaccine atrocities for what they are: blatant and inexcusable child abuse; medical assault and battery; and when death is the result for the vaccine recipient, involuntary manslaughter. These vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths are iatrogenic in nature, meaning they are caused by doctors and nurses. Vaccinations are crimes against humanity, and there is no time to mince words about this fact.”

To watch/read/share it in its entirety, click here:



Completely agreed, excellent points!

susan welch

This is brilliant. I especially love the sentence 'Do you want to be viewed as the Harvey Weinstein of the Mandated Vaccine Debacle?' That sentence alone should get a few of them worried/thinking.

Bob Moffit

The author's comparison of an assault with a vaccine on a VICTIM saying loud and clear .. NO .. and a physical sexual assault on a VICTIM saying loud and clear … NO .. is justified.

The legal elements defining the crime of RAPE .. require the prosecutor to prove the PERPETRATOR ignored or somehow overwhelmed the victim's clear declaration of NO to complete his CRIME .. and .. assaulting a victim using a VACCINE as the weapon of choice .. is a CRIME .. whether or not the PERPETRATOR is wearing a white coat and has a medical license or not .. the PERPETRATOR either ignored or overwhelmed the victim's clear declaration of NO.

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