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Today: Senate Hearing on Vaccine Mandates Post Measles Hysteria

Today in Washington, DC.
Full Committee Hearing Vaccines Save Lives: What Is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks

Thank you to the activists and advocates and parents who’ve made the trip to DC for today's hearing including pur own Mark Blaxill and Jennifer Larson.   Our nation is riddled with strife, problems, real issues affecting families every day. Measles is not one of them. We've had more deaths by active shooters than measles. We've had more deaths by opiod addiction than measles.  Measles in America is not deadly. Measles in America is not measles in Madagascar. The hearing has a not so hidden agenda to push vaccine mandates into the Federal realm. In due time, Americans may have to prove vaccination status when filing income taxes or face penalties.  It's a frightening time for our individual rights.


Maria B

Call this number:
This is the switchboard. Tell the person that answers that you want to voice your opinion regarding mandatory vaccinations, and give them your zipcode so they transfer you to your State Rep. office. Let the secretary know you do NOT consent to mandatory vaccination.

Ken Cabeen

We are nothing but objects of profit and control to the monsters that run the world. When will we collectively wake up and really fight for our freedom? The prospect of mandatory vaccination should frighten any sane person. Believe it or not, this all ties in with what really happened on September 11, 2001; look up "MSEHPA" to see just how scary this might all get.

David Weiner

No vac,

The government vaccine program is most definitely socialist. It is pure central planning.

Fascism is one form of socialism. The Nazis didn't call themselves the National Socialist German Workers' Party for nothing.

Jeannette Bishop

Edit for Ethan: "...on the small chance HE MIGHT SEE THIS COMMENT..." (in my comment below I omitted the all-caps part)


A short rehash this morning on the news; has our little Ethane asked and then answering the question of why he thought his mother was so ill informed. Chuckle, "Well from what she has witnessed that happened to other people". Yeah, you sure he is not trying to help those evil X or anti vaxxers?


I apologize for the length of this excerpt. Read the original article; it's great:

"In late February [2019], in testimony on measles for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Dr. Anthony Fauci—director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)—admitted with a chuckle that he and most of the Committee members sitting before him had uneventfully experienced measles as children and had recovered completely. These national leaders reaped many benefits by getting measles in childhood—accruing lifelong immunity and protection against cardiovascular disease, among other benefits—but that has not stopped them from fomenting public panic about measles or pushing for more vaccine mandates. This week, the Senate followed up with its own similar hearing. The Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee said that the hearing’s purpose was to consider 'what is driving preventable disease outbreaks,' but rather than examine this question fully or fairly, the event featured a hand-picked line-up of speakers who are—one and all—promoters of a 'no ifs, ands or buts' vaccine party line.

Congressional hearings on vaccine safety in the early 2000s were more balanced, at least allowing multiple viewpoints to be aired (if not acted upon). Why are current legislators exhibiting so little curiosity and ignoring long-published evidence that infectious diseases 'routinely break out in highly vaccinated communities'? Logically, flares of illness in vaccinated groups should prompt some serious questions about vaccine failure, rather than hostile condemnation of the very small proportion of families who, for medical, religious or philosophical reasons, do not comply with one hundred percent of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) childhood vaccine schedule (currently almost six dozen doses of sixteen vaccines by age 18—and counting)....

Other recent studies highlight an even more troubling ramification of vaccine failure, which has become more apparent with each successive vaccinated generation: vaccination is increasing the number of susceptible individuals in the population over time. In 2017, Korean researchers warned that measles susceptibility is increasing in that country because:

*Measles-specific antibodies wane in the absence of boosting by the wild-type virus.

*The number of potential measles-susceptible individuals progressively accumulates.

*Vaccine-induced immunity is less effective than naturally acquired immunity.

Other investigators observing the same patterns are scratching their heads. For example, Australian researchers who noted last year that 'countries with sustained measles control have now demonstrated that measles-specific…antibodies decline with time since vaccination' and helplessly concluded that the implications are 'unclear.'"

cia parker


It's ALSO a socialist mindset: the authorities make all lifestyle and health decisions for the proletariat, supposedly for the greater good. That's why this is such a juggernaut, it plays on the ideologies of both the left and the right: unnuanced public health and corporate and shareholder profits all pulling in the same direction.


Mark Blaxill for President. Drain the swamp. For real this time.

I think he's an R; I'm a D, but I'd vote for him.


Malvina Reynolds Little Boxes YouTube

go Trump

Dr. Omar seemed to think one problem was there is not a "billing code" for talking to "vaccine hesitant parents" so he has to make that effort "for free" in his office.

I would suppose most pediatricians would like to bill an insurance company $100 or so for a 10 minute talk on why vaccines are so damn safe and why they should now go to the next room and let the nurse shoot up their child with 8 or 9 of them on the same day so the doctor can quickly make $400.

Should they create such a code, the AAP would come out with a "vaccine safety video" that parents would be forced to watch. Ka-ching

It was another sad, one sided Senate hearing, no difficult questions, Pharma statements simply read. Ethan Lindenberger is still due about 60+ vaccines to get up to date, should be interesting to watch that progress.


you wrote: "It is absolutely appalling to think that this country, land of the free, is now becoming a socialist one." But please take into consideration that subjection of AMERICAN CHILDREN TO VACCINE HOLOCAUST has nothing in common with socialism. It is bloody corporate capitalism, aka fascism. Corporate money buys laws and government. People are just marketable commodity, like in times of slavery.

cia parker

I just reflexively tried to google some related topics, but the screen froze up. I typed in a neutral word and got results. I tried again with a search which included the word "vaccine," and it froze up. Is Google programmed now to reject searches which include the word "vaccine"? I tried again with Duck Duck Go and got many hits right away. Are other people experiencing this?

elaine dow

I have to ask. Did this Ethan get the 70 doses of vaccines or just one of each . How many did he actually get. How many did he receive on one day? Was he sick when he got any, or on an antibiotic, did he take Tylenol before and after? Up until the age of the eighteen a fully vaccinated child received these 70 doses, accumulating all the toxins from beginning in utero. I have missed the facts on this.

Jeannette Bishop

I read the transcript of Ethan's testimony. Wonder if he wrote it, particularly with the focus on his misinformed, but not "ill-natured" nor "evil" mother, and then the finger pointing instead at the "certain individuals and organizations which spread misinformation and instill fear into the public for their own gain selfishly" or "the anti-vaccine leaders and proponents of misinformation which knowingly lie to the American people."

Complete call for censorship. Completely unacknowledging of the danger of allowing governmental and national to global corporate entities this kind of power and special protections. Did Ethan ever come across of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in his research? Did he ever ask why so many of his fellow students are disabled, asthmatic, allergic, on meds etc. (probably seems normal to him I would guess)?

As if there is any real gain for those trying to warn others of the down side of this practice (vaccination). Maybe peace of conscience, but otherwise they are already attacked from all sides and Ethan claims he saw some of that. He clearly doesn't want to have that for himself (did he ask himself why a few still take that part upon themselves? Many of them were doing much better by the world's materialistic standards before doing so... I urge him on the small chance, soon to be vanishing if some get their way, to not get his back up about this issue and really investigate deeper for his own and possibly his kids' sake).


On a positive note, Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, is resigning.

Cynthia Cournoyer

I wonder if the 18 year old who wanted vaccines would now want to be the one to force them on his own mother.


Put my Dad in his recliner and turned on the TV to find Ethane was on the Fox News testifying, in front of Congress. I now must think about my own health and feelings. Besides Dad like the Virginian and all westerns so much better, so I switched to the Westerner channel. . I might never watch the news stations again. I can't take it.

Barry E. Stern

Having worked with Senator Alexander when he was secretary of Education, I have enormous regard for his vision, competence, and sense of fairness in congressional deliberations. However, as parent of a child with autism who had 38 vaccinations by the time she was 18 months old and subsequently lost her childhood despite our many and expensive efforts to give her a chance at a normal life, I ask Sen. Alexander to ...
(1) provide equal time to investigators who come to conclusions about vaccine safety and efficacy that totally contradict the ones espoused by representatives from our federal FDA and CDC;
(2) Have his Senate HELP Committee interview Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist and whistleblower from the CDC who admitted committing a crime by manipulating and covering up data that showed a statistically significant relationship between vaccines and autism (he has already provided a thousand pages of documentation to the Congress); and
(3) read J.B. Handley's new well-researched book "How to End the Autism Epidemic," that provides overwhelming evidence that we give too many vaccines, especially for some diseases that are not all that dangerous, and that environmental toxins including those found in vaccines such as the aluminum adjuvant cause considerable inflammation in the body that are especially dangerous during early development of the child's brain. For a significant subset of children, this brain inflammation results in autism, ADD, ADHD, diabetes and other chronic conditions such as asthma.

Thanks to Pharma’s heavy lobbying (and a compliant TV media that gets 60-70% of its advertising revenue from Pharma) we have become the most vaccinated country on earth. But we are far from being the healthiest. If vaccination promoted health, we wouldn't have the sickest children of any American generation since World War II and of any industrialized country today, and the U.S. wouldn’t be leading the world in the incidence of chronic diseases among its elderly such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, addiction to pain-relieving drugs and cognition problems.

cia parker

I certainly hope that Ethan has gotten himself every last recommended vaccine, and some optional ones as well!

cia parker

I just wrote to Lamar Alexander, here:

I told him, among many other things, that he's about to see what happens when you tell Americans, millions of whom have seen our children react to vaccines with autism, etc., that they are mandated to get all the recommended vaccines, and what happens when he surrounds himself with pharma mouthpieces.

Told Congress about the MMR babies on April 6 2000

From nearly 20 years ago on the use of aborted babies to make the cell lines necessary to grow viruses and how they did it...and why they need more babies is here:

Intercessors for America put out this Prayer Guide regarding the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines today here:

God is on the move. Download that first document before they figure out that we found it.

Debbie Jett

It is absolutely appalling to think that this country, land of the free, is now becoming a socialist one. How can those people that have never dealt with vaccine injured children mandate that children are to risk their lives by subjecting them with vaccines that can literally harm them. It's obvious those trying to push for this mandate, have never and hopefully never do lose a child or have them hospitalized because of a vaccine. Open your eyes people. Get your damn hands out of the pockets of the wealthy pharmaceutical companies. VACCINATING OUR CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE YOUR DECISION TO MAKE FOR OUR CHILDREN. If these idiots pushing for this mandate would just research in lieu of being a puppet for the money makers, to see what those that have dealt with the negative outcome of vaccines go through maybe, just maybe, they would realize they are so totally wrong. It makes me sick to my stomach that the government is even attempting to enforce such a law. I'm ashamed of each and every one of you!

David Weiner


You stated: The government will not do anything when top researchers are saying there isn’t a problem.

I think one could just as easily say that top researchers won't do anything to advance our understanding when the government doesn't want to find a problem.

Bob Moffit

Tried my best to view this .. and hate to describe it such .. but .. I have been using the description .. DOG AND PONY SHOW for decades now .. and .. it remain apt. in fact .. some of the SENATORS have been 'performing in the dog and pony show' for DECADES THEMSELVS .. Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray come to mind.

Wouldn't you think these Senator would want to call witnesses who are VACCINE RELUCTANT before them and have THEIR WITNESSES confront those VACCINE RELUCTANT witnesses with EVIDENCE proving their reasons to be hesitant are WRONG? Of what use is it to have a "hearing" where only ONE side of an extremely controversial issue is HEARD? As a former police officer .. this hearing is nor more 'fair and just' than the process of a GRAND JURY HEARING .. where the accused is not given any opportunity to defend himself .. which is why it is well known that a GRAND JURY CAN INDICT A HAM SANDWICH ..

It truly is pathetic to watch the opening statements by Alexander and Murray .. both reading from the same SCRIPT .. written entirely of the same "talking points" that have been spewed for DECADES .. making these Senators appear to be nothing more than "sock puppets" mouthing the words of the vaccine industry bureau of press relations. Sad doesn't begin to describe them.

(Just curious .. it was mentioned .. more than once .. that newborn infants cannot be vaccinated with measles .. they being "too young" to vaccinate ….. if that is so .. what could go wrong vaccinating new born infants with HEP B within hours of birth .. for a disease that is primarily spread through promiscuous unprotected sex or contaminated drug needles .. UNLIKE MEASLES .. HEPB is hardly the type of exposure a NEW BORN IS LIKELY TO ENCOUNTER,)


We’ve heard a lot about Ethan’s mother, and the on-line vaccine misinformation she has been subjected to. Where’s Ethan’s father?


do vaccines cause autism, he asked.
reminded me of a different hearing...

Angus Files

No doubt the Committee herd of independent minds will make an informed choice on behalf of the herd.

Pharma For Prison


Jacqueline Murphy

And research has completely turned away from looking at any concerns with vaccines. UCDAVIS MIND Institute receives millions in research funding. This is their current position paper on vaccines. They even caution the reader that if a child gets one of these diseases it could cause autism.

Interestingly one of their scientists, Paul Ashwood, was a colleague of Dr.Wakefield’s. They have written papers together, and Mr. Ashwood testified in court regarding the MMR in the U.K. He received 8,000 pounds for his efforts. I am curious if his position has changed, or perhaps he is happily collecting a paycheck and ignoring his previous concerns.

I find it astonishing that parents still get turned away for thinking their child has GI issues. Here is Ashwood’s work from 2018. Of course all of this needs more research. When will their work indicate any need for medical help for our kids? After 20 years their go to is still ABA.

The government will not do anything when top researchers are saying there isn’t a problem.



wouldn't it have been nice if the panelists had stated conflicts of interest.

Loraine Fishel

After detox and amalgam removal the thing I really fear is yet more vaccine toxins. It is hard to get even a fraction of the cocktail of these toxic ingredients out. The retroviral vaccine contaminates are with you forever. The remedy for retroviris is very expensive and life long. Many of doctors providing this therapy have passed away. They tell us our doctor committed suicide. I don't believe that. I saw him just prior to his death. He had plans to continue traveling the world partnering with other doctors doing research to cure autism and other complex problems. NPR has an article on taking away vaccine rights today. The author is not named. Our current doctor is afraid to get involved in retroviral treatment and who can blame him.


What phone number do we call to Express our opinion?


....If vaxxes really do protect people so well, then how come the few people who don't get vaxxed can "endanger" the vaxxed? Aren't the few ONLY "endangering" themselves?....
....I'm still hearing too much ridiculous nonsense and scary propaganda disguised in slick rhetoric, from these Senate witnesses, especially the brain-washed high school kid!....


I'm listening to the hearing, LIVE, as I type these words.... I'm hearing some good science, yes, *BUT*, I'm also hearing a fair dose of IGNORANCE, and PROPAGANDA....
Some of the most supposedly credible sounding witnesses are actually double-speaking! The saddest witness is the high school KID, who is mis-interpreting his Mother's "vaccine skepticism"...

Bob Moffit

Rita Palmer sending report from hallways OUTSIDE the hearing room .. where she reports the first two rows have been RESERVED for selected people .. and .. those waiting and being denied admittance are members of OUR COMMUNITY .. who once again .. more than likely .. be EXCLUDED with the excuse 'not enough room'.

Gee .. who woudda thunk it .. SOME people have reserved seats while others are denied admittance .. welcome to our US Congress in action .. where .. "we are all equal under the laws .. but .. SOME PEOPLE ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

Can't get link to work either.


the Hearing where Tom Pharma Sawyer gets the Senate to whitewash Aunt Polly's fence.

Mark Wax

If you believe as I do, that there are substantial sub groups of the population that are susceptible to the dangerous side effects of vaccines as they are now manufactured, then you may be less than amused at the efforts of Government today. They do not even understand that the "greater good" is not the same as the "common good." They have the audacity to ignore the principle of "first do no harm." Moreover, they have the hubris to think that they have the wisdom and intelligence to decide what is justice. The pseudo intellectuals ( Congress) will convince the lemmings that we can "solve" everything, if we just let them decide. Eugenics cannot be far behind. Hitler used the "Aryan race" message to bring down an entire society. Propaganda works.

go Trump

Many thanks again to Jennifer and Mark.

Sadly, those in Congress have little concern for those who pay there $170,000+ salary. They are responsible to those corporations who provide them with millions of dollars to run for office every few years.

At present, the United States is a "for the corporation, by the corporation."


A big thank you to all of those attending to represent the many that can't be in DC today!

Bob Moffit

Can't say they didn't warn us on their intentions to increase vaccination rates of ALL AGES … including seniors .. which they PUBLICIZED in their "Goals 2020" materials … including identifying what they call "stakeholders' who will assist them .. Congress is just one of a thousand such "stakeholders' ..

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