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What's More Contagious A Healthy Child without MMR Vaccine or Your Local Ball Play Pit

The Pharmaceutical Industry Sponsored Maine Chapter Of The AMA Admits It Wrote The Maine Vaccine Exemption Removal Bill, Then Claims That It Is Not Sponsored By The Pharmaceutical Industry.

Peter Michaud
The Face of Pharma in Maine

Maine is small. It is really hard to get away with stuff here without anyone noticing. And our legislators don't have offices, so you can just walk up to them while they are milling around in the hallways. (No one can accomplish a #PanRan here.) So news travels fast, and it didn't take long for everyone to hear that lobbyist Peter Michaud wrote LD 798, the single worst vaccine exemption removal bill ever introduced in the US.

I have been super busy fighting this bill, so apologies that I have not gotten around to telling non-Mainers about it.

Right now Maine has all three exemptions, but our medical exemption is severely restricted as of 2016. It is near impossible to get one now, but no need, right? We have both religious and philosophical.

Enter LD 798, sponsored by democratic representative Ryan "Every Child In Maine Should Have The Opportunity To Receive An Excellent Education" Tipping of Orno, Maine, which removes the religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions from all Maine education and health care law. Throwing thousands of Mainers out of daycare, preschool, k-12 (public and private, kids with 504s, all incoming kids with IEPs), colleges and universities, and all medical professions. Also any new groups, such as EVERY ADULT IN MAINE, for whom they decide to issue new mandates. (No I don't know how they plan to violate federal law and keep 504 and IEP kids out of school. They don't either. But apparently it MUST be done for the good of society.)

It is a complete eradication of 1st Amendment vaccine rights in the state of Maine if you want to fully participate in society.

And it was written by Peter Michaud, Esq. RN, lawyer and lobbyist for the Maine Medical Association (MMA) which is the Maine branch of the American Medical Association (AMA.)

Peter is trying a Reverse Pan here in Maine. California first ditched their Personal Belief Exemptions in 2015, and is now going for restricting medical. Poor Pete had to wait on messing with the PBEs in Maine because we had a Governor who vetoed it in 2015, so he and his hit squad first restricted the medical exemption by fiat (because the law allows the Maine DHHS to do it with the wave of a pen,) and had to wait for new Governor that would allow this. He got one in Janet Mills.  Sister to Dora Mills, pediatrician and primary vaccine PR Queen in Maine for as long as I can remember.


Maine Vaccine Debate 2015

Regular AoA readers will remember Pete. He is the guy who testified against our bill to educate health care providers on the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, while testifying that he didn't know anything about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? Did I mention that he is also an RN?  Which is a health care provider?

He is the guy same guy who offered the the super scientific and legally air tight case for coerced vaccination to our Health and Human Services Committee because, sure there might be some risk, but, “At some point you have to trust somebody.

Additionally, and I have never highlighted this before, Michaud testified, speaking on behalf of the MMA no less, that he didn't believe the women telling the Committee about the poor treatment they were receiving in pediatricians offices.

"As you know I represent the Maine Medical Association. I have heard a lot of horrible things about doctors today. And you'll believe what you believe based on what you've heard. I refuse to believe that so many doctors in this state are unfeeling, are horribly rude, are bullies, don't have the best interests of their patients in mind.”

The MMA officially not believing women would explain a lot.

But Peter Michaud has topped himself this year.

When I heard that he had actually written the bill, I, as I am want to do, flipped out and made a loud video announcing it. Me and all my friends then wrote to and called the MMA and pretty much demanded confirmation from them. No such confirmation or denial was forthcoming.

But we did ask our legislators to ask good ol' Pete what the deal was. And we mentioned in a flier distributed on the floor of the Maine House of Representatives that, “LD 798 is a vaccine sales bill sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.”

Apparently that was enough to get him to respond. And his response was stunning.

Peter Michaud is General Counsel and a registered Lobbyist for the Maine Medical Association. On March 13, 2019, in his testimony in support of LD 798, and in opposition to LD 987 to expand medical exemptions, before the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs, made the admission that he is the co author of LD 798, and then made the bizarre claim that he is not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry:

“There was a claim made in a floor sheet that was distributed in the house... That, “LD 798 is a vaccine sales bill sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.” I can assure you, that is not the case. The the bill was written in part by Representative Tipping, and in part by me. My authorship was pretty simple. X Y Z is repealed, but neither one of us is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.”

(Wait... isn't that "X Y Z is repealed" the important bit?)

Except that he IS sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Very, very sponsored. Not by pejorative “Big Pharma,” in some roundabout way, but by actual PhRMA. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America®, who proudly represents “the country’s leading biopharmaceutical researchers and biotechnology companies.”

Also Merck.

Merck as in MMR II Merck.

BCG Vaccine, Gardasil, Gardasil 9, MMR II, PedvaxHIB, Pneumovax 23, ProQuad, Recombivax HB, RotaTeq, Vaqta, Varivax, and Zostavax Merck.

As in #CDCWhistleblower in that Vaxxed movie with William Thompson and Frank DeStefano, Merck.

Merck as in US v. Merck, and Chatom v. Merck, and Robi v. Merck, and Everyone Who Took Zostavax v. Merck.

Vaccine encephalopathy inducing Merck.

Vioxx Merck.

Actual friggin' Merck & Co., Incorporated.

(Begging the question... should he now be “PhRMA Pete” or “Merck Michaud”?”  Vote in the comments.)

The following are entities listed as "Corporate Affiliates” on the Maine Medical Association's website:



I am exceedingly proud to report that I sat perfectly still and quiet as Pharma Pete said these words to the committee not 30 feet away from me. I didn't even jump up, point at him and yell, “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KIDDING ME! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!”

For this act of restraint I expect your high praise. (Leave in the comments.)

No one on the committee seemed to notice or question the claim, but why would they really. They have probably never visited the MMA website, and they assume that of course, the MMA represents doctors, not pharmaceutical companies. Why wouldn't they?

But one dad did notice. He was sitting in the overflow room listening to Michaud's testimony in the afternoon and was all, “That doesn't sound right.” And he checked the MMA website.

His daughter is vaccinated, but he cares about choice, so he put him self on the list to speak and waited until 2:10am, testifying very last from his hand written notes. He asked the most important question of the day:

“How is this just not disclosed?”


Jeannete Bishop

I wonder how often the people that "write" these bills are just a face and name put on the ghostwriting of corporate and government attorneys.

Maybe this is not quite so bad in Maine, but from what I'm hearing, that the bulk of U.S. government funds (local, state, probably federal) now are coming from investment pools, not taxpayers, it could be argued there is an automatic cultural COI on the part of anyone in a governmental position promoting any corporate product their pension plan, their friends' pension plans, friends' pet projects, initiatives etc may be funded by. Our COI declaration rules are hardly adequate to detect the influences involved, those they are enlightening when followed. It seems clear that we have a group culture of don't ask many questions and it's just better that way "for everyone," at least in government funded positions.

Pharma collectively is always among the top industries making returns for shareholders and many want to cling to a view that pharma is largely an altruistic endeavor, helping "naturally" and "mysteriously" sick mortal human beings. But they're not. Their wealth is founded upon the chronic illnesses created by polluting industries of which they themselves may be the foremost, as they directly inject mandated pollutants into every appendage they can get their in-doc-trinated-minions;' hands upon and then get as many prescriptions of additional pollution containing concoctions written as much they can. If you consider the dental industry separate from this, it's another big one we're essentially mandated to be exposed to. Then there is the government sponsored (birthed probably) and forced into our neighborhoods tel-coms and data-mining utility enterprises irradiating and sickening more. And there is little cultural desire to stop profitting from this sickening. No desire to understand or learn anything new. Just a lot of inflamed hubris about how that's just "not true!" "WE'RE SAVING LIVES."

No, you're not.

Our governmental bodies, government-corporate insiders have been doing rather well, much of this on the backs of sick and disabled children for two decades now and these mandates are 1) about keeping that train running, 2) setting the political framework capture more with mandates for the new vaccines they've invested heavily in and anything else that can be made out to be "for the greater good."

There is nothing altruistic going on here. We largely know this here, so I should apologize for going on, but I don't think we (including myself) have the full picture of the extent of how we're made complicit in our own torture and slavery, and that of our childrens', and grandchildrens'.

Andrea Lane

Ginger, your willingness to put your life on the line for this issue encourages and thrills me, as a fellow American. Your tireless work on behalf of Liberty, and for all of us who want a CHOICE makes my heart happy. Your ability to articulate what we all feel and know to be true is incredible. A zillion thanks for your consistent efforts on our behalf!


What this country needs is about 20,000 Ginger Taylors, but I would settle for 10,000. I tend to be greedy when I see a desperate need., so in lieu of 10,000 I'll take 1,000,000. Let them try to censor that #.


Thank You Ginger!!!! The rook never takes the palace because she thinks her move is insignificant.! Thank you SO much for all you do!!!! Please, next time, take the palace. In your educationed position please consider effing off polite communication.!


Rook’s never move the palace. Unless they do....... you are the most amazing, walk the walk, parent that ever there was!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! From a fellow rooK.


Emotions, and irrelevant, unscientific anecdotes.... Obfuscation. Double-speak. That's just SOME of what I heard from the pro-vaxxers who testified in the video.... What's missing are some KEY FACTS.
Look at the so-called "measles outbreak" recently, - EVERY news story I've seen has stated that *most* of those who got measles were "un-vaxxed". But they neglect to ALSO tell the TRUTH that *some* who *were* vaxxed, GOT MEASLES ANYWAY, despite getting vaxxed!.... So, post-vaxx "herd immunity" will always be LESS than the vaxx rate! So, just how ineffective *is* the MMR vax?.....
I see far more honesty, facts, and TRUTH coming from those the media and WHO label as "vaccine hesitant", or worse, "anti-vaxxers", than I do from the Pro-PhRMA, pro-vaxx, pro-coercion crowd....
I would be more scared, but then I'd also be more useless, so....

Donna L.

Thank you, Ginger.
I'm beginning to think that Americans have grown so accustomed to pharmaceutical-political conflicts of interest that they now perceive them as being normal and acceptable.
Disturbing times, indeed.

Tonya Prim

Bob Moffitt, and usually the person you'll choose to trust is NOT the guy who tells you that you have to trust somebody. That's going to be the person you will definitely NOT trust.
Yes, let's see a real debate. Although, according to Hotez, they can't do that because that would lend a sense of legitimacy to the people who question vaccines.

Kyles mom

Also—imagine if people who had lost a relative in a plane crash were forced to get on a 737 max “for the greater good” of say, Boeing. I mean, isnt it anti-airplane to force them offline? By the way here is why: the media fly. Govt fly. I bet 100:1 odda that the superrich and Pan types are paying off drs —or they as a dr— are faking vax compliance. This is why they just do not care what happened to us. Kind of like the priests who screamed at moms of 7 kids for using birth control while secretly bonking some woman on the side, projecting their guilt (i am catholic and jusr finished richard sipes celibacy in crisis—the parallels to pharma lies and hypocrisy —including to their own who unwittingly lie on their behalf—are astounding. Denial is a thing. Protecting against admitting deep guilt is a thing. Complicity in evil is a thing.

Kyles mom

Oh it looks like we will have to start covertly recording drs visits in states where allowed to prove the bullying and mysogyny we are subjected to.

Kyles mom

I just do not get why drs are willing to hand off their power and autonomy to an industry.


2:10 am-wow.
I am impressed that the legislators felt constituents opinions were important enough to devote time to listening. Doesn't seem to be happening elsewhere.
thank you for your efforts, Ginger Taylor!

Paul Picha

Ginger, thanks and good reporting... what is the status of this bill? LD 798.... what can non-Mainers do to help?

Brian Nomi

Great work Ginger. Someone has to attend all these hearings and tell the truth.

Zoey O’Toole

Thanks, Ginger, for your vigilance. It will matter.

(*Walks away grumbling* And they said Andy Wakefield had conflicts of interest...)

Bob Moffit

"He is the guy same guy who offered the the super scientific and legally air tight case for coerced vaccination to our Health and Human Services Committee because, sure there might be some risk, but, “At some point you have to trust somebody.”

Therein lies the entire problem with vaccines .. that simple declarative statement: "At some point you have to trust somebody".


If ANY industry has NOT EARNED TRUST .. it is the pharmaceutical industry .. who have manufactured and promoted various drugs that have proven to be extremely dangerous .. such as .. Vioxx, Thalidomide and opioid drugs the drug industry swore were 'non addictive" and are now responsible for a national opioid crisis with tens of thousands dying every year. These are just THREE instances of many others .. where the people TRUSTED the pharmaceutical industry with disastrous consequences.

Unfortunately it is not only the industry that has proven to be UNTRUSTWORTHY .. but the federal regulatory agencies that serve to protect us from dangerous products is equally not as trustworthy as they once were believed to be.

I believe Ronald Reagan's statement on nuclear disarmament treaty hold just as true for today's pharmaceutical industry … 'TRUST BUT VERIFY" .. absent any means to verify … demanding trust because you have to trust somebody is LUNACY.

The comments regarding the "failure to disclose obvious conflict of interests" touches on a much larger issue .. the failure to allow open and full .. NATIONAL PUBLIC DEBATE … wherein the many professional, well-informed, highly respected sources who have written numerous fact filled books revealing the weaknesses inherent in just about all SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH regarding vaccines are given the opportunity to have their VOICES HEARD by the American people .. a truly national conversation where the vaccine industry best representatives can have ample opportunity to dismiss or otherwise debunk "anti-vaccine" … to use their favorite word .. waccos.

Such a national public debate should be eagerly welcomed by all concerned .. especially our public health, political and media proponents of removing any and all vaccine exemptions ..

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