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The Governor of Maine Finally Contacts the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

McvcLOGOby Ginger Taylor, MS




"Subject: Use of the State Seal

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 21:01:31 +0000
From: Dunlap, Matthew <>
To: <>
CC: Canelli, Dorothy <>, Supica, Laura <>

To whom it may concern;

In the state house this week it was brought to my attention by way of a complaint about an informational distribution that Maine Vax Choice has incorporated into its brand logo the state seal. Use of the state seal for non-official purposes is regulated by state law; for non-commercial uses of the seal (commercial uses are prohibited), clearance from the Office of the Governor must first be obtained before the seal can be used in a non-governmental capacity. You should contact the Governor’s Office at 287-3531 to obtain permission to use the seal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Matt Dunlap
Secretary of State"


"Subject: Re: Use of the State Seal
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 18:04:50 -0500
From: Ginger Taylor <>
To: Dunlap, Matthew <>, <>
CC: Canelli, Dorothy <>, Supica, Laura <>

Mr. Dunlap,

Thank you for your caution.

For a decade now, The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice has been attempting to garner an official response from the State of Maine from our hundreds of attempts at contact regarding the Maine Immunization Program's permanent injuries to our children, some terminal, while leaving us without assessment, treatment, compensation or even recognition of our loss.

It is truly crushing for that official response to finally come in the form of a cease and desist for use of the state seal.

Please consider this an official request to meet with the Governor about her concerns of our use of the state seal. We are eager to discuss the matter with her.

Ginger Taylor, MS
Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

We are thrilled at this new era of glasnost in Maine governance, and we can't wait to see what healing it will bring to our children and all Maine children!


Shelley Tzorfas

Nice to see that the Secretary of State is so very concerned about an image of a "Seal" but not about the children and senior citizens who get shot with ridiculous amounts of aluminum as their brains succumb to Encephalitis, Alzheimer's, Autism and deaths. Tell us please Mr. Matt Dunlap, what seal will you put on the documents in which the seniors will have to go to nursing homes with taxpayer money? Which seal will you use when the 1 in 32 kids with Autism age out of the school system? Shall there be a seal on the children's death certificates when so many will die from SIDS, SUDS or SADS (Sudden Adults Death Syndrome often occurring near college age after re-vaccinations).


Former Facebook Insider Leaks Docs And Explains 'Deboosting':

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Gary Ogden

Way to go, Ginger. Let us know how the meeting goes!


WTF? "To whom it may concern"? That's the BEST Matt Dunlap could do? I'm writing from New Hampshire, so I share my neighbor's concerns! It sounds like all you have to do, is call the Governor's office, and quickly and easily get official approval to keep using the Maine State seal....
The Maine Gov's office should be happy that *SOME* Maine citizens are so active in working to safeguard the health of ALL MAINE-IACS!....
Yes, there's some humor here, but I'd say that VAX CHOICE is no laughing matter....
I might make a phone call or 2, and send a couple of emails....
GOD BLESS YOU, Ginger Taylor, and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK!


Excellent response !

There's a full court press on ex-vaxxers. This month I was required to have a physical for a new job where the medical doctor wanted to give me not one but three shots, mmr, tdap, and flu. Not wanted to play whack a mole for hours I listened to the pitch and politely said 'no thank you' 3 or 4 times. When she really pressed me with the why question, I cited death, paralysis, and brain damage. She finally let it go. Then they brought in MD #2 who pitched it again. He received the same responses, multiple times. Bottom line, I was prepared to lose the job but still have it and will need to mask in patient areas. As a CPA it's unlikely I've ever be in such an area.

My convictions were formed after my son was terribly injured by Merck's needless and dangerous mmr vaccine. I did it for my mind which doesn't respond well to aluminum and other toxins. I did it for my grandchildren's choice, if I am so lucky. Keep up the good work AoA, you're the best !

Grace Green

Well done, Ginger - so elegantly worded! My favourite response to letters in such circumstances is "I am in receipt of your letter. I will be pleased to furnish you with a response once you have replied to mine of .......... and ........... ." Then I never hear form them again. Let's hope yours leads to some progress. In particular I like the invitation for you to ask any questions! How long have they got to listen?

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