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Support Aluminum Toxicity Research Effort by Professor Christopher Exley

How to end the autism epidemic coverWe've see this drama unfold many times. A well respected doctor or researcher begins to ask questions about vaccine safety as a result of the science he or she conducts, and his career is adversely affected.  If you've read JB Handley's book How To End the Autism Epidemic, you are familiar with Dr. Chris Exley's research into aluminum toxicity to humans.  His funding is dwindling and he needs our help. There is a campaign to raise money on his behalf.  We do not have any affiliation with the group raising the funds. Thank you.


From GoFundMe: Please support this cause which will help enable Professor Exley and his team at Keele University to continue their research on aluminium and its effects on human health.



Regarding the Guardian article by Patrick Greenfield.

I think that is the closest this news paper has ever got to a neutral view on this subject since the thalidomide scandal. Perhaps he smelt the whiff of truth when speaking to Chris Exley.

Suspect that he didn’t have the paper from Offit at that point though, because Chris would have immediately pointed out (like any statistician) that Offit was citing it out of context.

It clearly did not have the statical power (with a cohort of just 85 children) to show anything more than children did indeed show (very) wide ranging variations in their ability to eliminate Aluminium. As we all here know, from following the upto date science which shows convincingly, its the poorest eliminators that go on to suffer most. A cohort of 85 is just not large enough to catch them. Also, we know studies are often repeated until the get the result (by chance) that they want. Then only publish the favourable one.

If this is the best response that Offit (as a spokes person, vaccine patent holder and vaccine approval committee member) can come up with, now that the premises of all his arguments have crumbled. Then the current untested vaccination program schedule is only still moving forwards due to inertia.

Lets hope Patrick doesn’t let this go and researches deeper and proves that the Guardian is still a truly independent paper like it used to be.

I refuse to join Tweeter but does any one feel like suggesting to him that he interviews Dell Bigtree to get the other side of the science, for to ignite a true scientific debate, amongst scientists and devoid of Offit like, scientific sounding rhetoric.


From The Guardian:

"Chris Exley, who says aluminium in vaccines may cause autism, has raised more than £22,000...to support his work through a Keele University online donations portal, the Guardian can reveal....A Freedom of Information Act request by the Guardian has found that Exley received £22,173.88 in donations since October 2015 to help support his work, ranging from £2 to £5,000. More than £11,000 of contributions were made between January and April 2019. The majority of donations are less than £100...."

I tried the university's donation portal not too long ago and donations to him seemed to have been disabled. Today this page ( https://epay.keele.ac.uk/donations/ ) provides a drop-down fund menu which includes "Professor Exley's Research." So far so good.


Interesting paper: http://vaccinepapers.org/wp-content/uploads/Autism-and-aluminum-adjuvants-in-vaccines.pdf

"It is generally accepted that immune activation (e.g., from infection) during pregnancy is a risk factor for autism and schizophrenia in the offspring (Ciaranello 1995, Atladottir 2010, Brown 2012). The intensity and duration of immune activation and cytokine expression appear to be important factors influencing autism risk (Meyer 2014). Intense immune activation is associated with greater risk of autism (Careaga 2017, Atladottir 2010). Chronic inflammation is associated with greater risk of autism (Jones 2016, Zerbo 2014). However, there is no evidence that short-duration, low intensity immune activation resulting from common childhood illnesses increase autism risk. Timing of immune activation in relation to stages of brain development is also an important factor (Meyer 2006, Meyer 2009).

....In most immune activation experiments, the offspring are exposed to immune activation during gestation (by stimulating the maternal immune system). In contrast, most vaccines are administered postnatally. This raises the question of whether postnatal immune activation can have similar effects on the brain as maternal immune activation. Diverse evidence indicates that the brain can be adversely affected by postnatal immune activation. Postnatal immune activation experiments, human case reports, and consideration of brain development timelines suggest that the human brain is vulnerable to immune activation injury for years after birth.

....Another way to answer the question of brain vulnerability to immune activation is to consider the types of brain development processes occurring when vaccines are administered. Vaccines are given primarily in the first 18 months after birth. The human brain undergoes intense and rapid development during this period. Synaptogenesis (formation of synapse connections between neurons) is especially intense in this period. The vulnerability of the developing brain to immune activation is apparently related to the specific types of brain development processes occurring (Tau 2010, Meyer 2006, Meyer 2007). Such processes include migration (movement of neurons to final locations in the brain), adhesion (formation of chemical-mechanical attachments between brain cells), and synaptogenesis (formation of synapse connections between neurons), among others (neurogenesis, gliogenesis, myelination etc).

....Aluminum ingested in the diet has low oral absorption (about 0.3%), is rapidly excreted by the kidneys, is (mostly) excluded from the brain by the blood-brain barrier, and is in a solubilized, Al3+ ionic form (not particulate) These defenses are adequate for protecting the brain from natural levels of aluminum exposure. These protective mechanisms are unable to protect the brain from injected aluminum adjuvant particles. Al adjuvant particles are too large to be removed by the kidneys, and are carried across the blood-brain barrier by macrophages.

....Aluminum adjuvants travel into the brain (Khan 2013, Crepeaux 2015, Crepeaux 2017, Shaw 2009, Flarend 1997). Al adjuvant particles are carried through the blood-brain barrier and into the brain by macrophages (Khan 2013). Transport is promoted by macrophage chemotactic protein-1 (MCP-1)(Khan 2013). MCP-1 causes macrophages to travel around the body and into the brain. Particle transport into the brain by macrophages is well-established and has been investigated for therapeutic applications (Choi 2012, Pang 2016).

MCP-1 is elevated in the brains of human autistics (Vargas 2005) and is elevated in the blood of neonates later diagnosed with autism (Zerbo 2014). This suggests that neonates with high MCP-1 will experience elevated Al adjuvant transport into the brain when injected with Al adjuvanted vaccines. This is consistent with Al adjuvants causing autism by inducing immune activation and elevated cytokines in the brain...."


Never, ever, use gofundme. GoGetFunding is a more trustworthy site.


Ditto- Aluminium and Silicon Research .Cap-In -Hand cash collection payment on 6/3/19 returned on 29/3/19 .From GoFundMe's Headquarters . 885 Jefferson Ave,Po Box 1329 , Redwood City CA 94063.

Scientific Research phobics identified ,with superimposed reality aversions?
Highly probable and most likely suffering from an acutely altered emotional state?

Matt McGinn -Oor Wee Wean YouTube

Aluminum Cladding with flammable insulation on" Grenfell Tower" had passed it's fire prevention risk assessment and considered "as safe as houses" from original 1960's construction?

Jenny Allan

Make no mistake, GoFundMe is a BUSINESS, and a very profitable one. New regulations in the UK require donors to agree to pay their 15% administrative and commission charges up front but separately. If Keele University's Aluminium research target of £100,000 had been reached, GoFundMe would have pocketed £15,000 (around $20,000) -as we say 'a nice little earner'.

I'm no lawyer, but I believe these new regulations mean all the money raised before GoFundMe 'pulled' the appeal actually belong to Keele University and GoFundMe had no business returning this to donors. Like other donors I donated because I considered this research, not just about vaccine adjuvants, to be valuable and essential. Aluminium in the brain has already been linked to Alzheimers and more recently autism. This nothing to do with 'anti-vaccine' issues, but rather about promoting safety and, if necessary finding safer alternatives.


"....The danger of aluminum in animal vaccines is already well-documented, he [Lluís Luján] says, pointing to the phenomenon of cancer at the injection site in cats . Veterinary researchers saw the problem and removed aluminum from cat vaccines. A recent study from Switzerland revealed that while aluminum-containing vaccines were in use there, related feline cancers increased steadily but since the aluminum-adjuvanted shots were abandoned in 2008, injection site cancers have all but disappeared. Vet pharmaceuticals advertise vaccines as 'aluminum-free.'”


Jenny Allan

@ susan welch - I agree GoFundMe have behaved very badly and possibly illegally. They raised more than £5000 for Professor Exley's essential research into aluminium vaccine adjuvents, which has presumably been returned to donors. If this is proven to be toxic, then surely alternatives can and should be found to replace aluminium? Basically, this is an attempt to stifle research which is inconvenient to corporate and political interests, but surely the health of our children should be an overwhelming priority.

By accepting the commission GoFundMe entered into a contract with Keele University to raise money to fund the research. I do not see how they can change their minds after such a large sum was donated by donors. GoFundMe has also lost a large amount of commission on the deal which is paid separately. I will NEVER use them again. There are other fundraising organisations out there. In the case of Professor Exley et al's research, we can donate directly using the supplied link. You will need to register a password, but they take all major credit and debit cards.

susan welch

Thanks for the link, Jenny,

I think I was more shocked by this return of donations, than anything else that has happened recently.

I tried to work out why it shocked me so much and realised that it is not the usual, i.e. media ignoring new science, or governments/health authorities lying about efficacy and safety of vaccines. This is a deliberate attempt to stop ethical, rigorous science that may, eventually, find solutions to help ease the burden of those affected by aluminium in brain cells. Of course, I should not have been surprised because it would also, probably prove, once and for all, the cause of some vaccine injury.

It feels like a person who has been dealing in the shadow coming out and showing their hand in plain sight.


Thank you Jenny - I just donated at the Keele University link!

Jenny Allan

GoFundMe have returned my donation. I suggest redirecting donations direct to Keele University. Apparently GoFundMe are now refusing to accept what they call 'anti vaccine' causes, although surely vaccine safety research is not anti vaccine, but about vaccine safety. There are alternatives to toxic mercury and aluminium.


In my post below I should have said "Carlos Pardo of Johns Hopkins."


Below is a short excerpt from Handley's excellent blog discussing the neurotoxicity of aluminum adjuvant. The article is long and involved (but very readable):

"Dr. [Paul] Patterson [Caltech] took this explanation a step further, explaining that the brains of people with autism reflect the immune system activation that took place, even decades later….The study [by Carlos Pardo of Caltech] found that the microglial cells, which act as the brain’s own immune system, were activated. The study also found amazing increases of certain cytokines in the brain, and of others in the cerebro-spinal fluid….

Aluminum compounds (Al hydroxide and Al phospate) are the most common adjuvants used in vaccines. They are currently used in the hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTaP, Tdap), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), human papillomavirus (HPV) and pneumococcus (PCV) vaccines. Aluminum adjuvant ‘activates’ the immune system, which induces long term immunity to antigens in the vaccine….In 2013, French scientists demonstrated that aluminum adjuvant, when injected into the body of a mouse, ended up in the brain 1 year later. The study authors expressed serious concerns about this very new discovery….In 2015, another study from Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) in France further supported this new view of aluminum adjuvant as a dangerous, biopersistent, and ultimately brain-injuring toxin. (The study confirmed that aluminum adjuvant slowly makes its way to the brain, where it then stays, possibly forever….)"


Jenny Allan

UK person's link to Prof Exley's research fundraiser GoFundMe


The Bill Gates funded Guardian is trying to remove funding for AgeOfAutism


Angus Files

new blog (https://www.hippocraticpost.com/medico-legal/aluminium-hazard-in-transfusions/).

Pharma For Prion




For me it says "GoFundMe has a 0% platform fee for organizers and relies on the generosity of donors like you to operate our service." and it allows me change the % GFM tip, it makes its own suggestion of 10% but it allows one to change it.

Hans Litten

> 10% of donations goes to GOFUNDME . (what a racket - wish I had thought of that one)

Is there no more efficient way than these GFM scoundrels?


Why everyone should drink silicon rich water
https/www.hippocraticpost.com 15 March 2017

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"Slangevar" To your very good health !
and good luck fishing for funding for ongoing research .

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