A Witch Hunt Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children
The New Irish Famine: Help for Students with Autism and Their Schools

Shut Out, Shut Up: The HELP Hearing

Hearing Hallway March 2019By Jena Dalpez

On Tuesday, March 5th, more than five hundred parents who traveled from across the country to be present at a senate hearing were shut out. The Senate HELP Committee hearing was titled Vaccines Save Lives: What Is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks? The parents who showed up had the answers to that question, but they were shut out. They were shut out of the hearing, shut out of testifying, shut out of having experts testify on their behalf, and they were shut out by the media covering the event.

Not a single word was mentioned by the Senators on the committee or the panel before them about the two main drivers of vaccine-targeted infectious outbreaks: vaccine failure and vaccine dangers.

Not a single word was mentioned about mumps breaking out in fully vaccinated high school and college students. Not a word was mentioned about the utter failure of the pertussis vaccine to prevent infection, prevent the spread of infection, or that it increases lifetime susceptibility to infection.

No mention that the recent measles clusters have remained in small religious communities who are comfortable with their children experiencing measles, who are glad for the acquired lifetime immunity, and all of whom are now recovering or are completely recovered. Parental rights

The truth was shut out.

This was occurring in the midst of a media and public health frenzy based on recent cases of measles in Washington State. The US House and Senate convened hearings to discuss mandating routine vaccination on the federal level and how to stop the spread of “misinformation” on social media. In addition, Representative Adam Schiff wrote a letter to the Chief Executive Officers of Google and Facebook calling on them to shutdown vaccine risk aware groups and postings on the company’s platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. He called for a modern-day book burning. In the days leading up to the Senate hearing, there was already evidence of a shift as people found it difficult to find previously available information missing from these sources and others.

In hopes of having the truth be heard, hundreds of parents, many of them with vaccine injured children, made arrangements to leave their families, spent hundreds of dollars in travel costs, and arrived in the wee hours of the morning to attend the Senate HELP Committee hearing. Parents were originally told there would be room for 100 and that no seats could be reserved in advance, and so in below-freezing biting cold, they lined up outside the Dirksen Senate Building in the hopes they would make it into the room to view a discussion that could have life-altering consequences for them regarding products which had already caused severe harm in their own children. In spite of the cold and seriousness of the subject, the mood outside was jovial as parents from across the country recognized each other from social media groups. Some lined up as early as 5:45 AM.

Doors opened at 7:30 a.m. and the eager crowd entered the warmth of the building, complied with security screening, and rushed to the fourth floor to line up for the long wait until the 10:00 a.m. hearing. First ten, then fifty, then a hundred, then several hundreds of parents, buoyed by the feeling of fellowship, streamed in to take their place in line, sharing their personal journeys of vaccine injury, healing, recovery, and loss. Those early in line peeked into the hearing room and saw it was set for around 60 people. The first in line were excited to see they would, indeed, be upfront and close, able to observe testimony, and also be seen on C-SPAN as bearing witness on behalf of so many who have been harmed by current vaccine policies.

They were also quick to realize there were several people in the front of the line who were unaware of the subject matter of the hearing and who were paid place holders. Place holders for who? As it got closer to the 10:00 AM start time, those placeholders left the line and were replaced by well-dressed cocky young professionals who refused to engage and were condescending in their exchanges.

Later, parents noticed that Reserved Signs had been placed in the Hearing Room on the first two rows of seats directly behind where the speakers would sit. A hearing staffer confirmed those rows were reserved, saying that only 25 to 30 members of the public would be allowed in the room.

Word quickly spread down the line and the mood began to change. Moms and dads who thought their place in the room was assured by their early arrival realized they would be relegated to an overflow room. Shut out. Urgent calls were made from constituents to their Senator’s offices, wanting those on the committee made aware of this. Capitol police arrived, at first a few, then one officer was placed every ten or so feet down the line. They had been placed on high alert. Zip-ties were evident at their waists. It was obvious they had been advised to expect trouble from the crowd of parents and children who had been promised 100 seats and were now learning they’d been shut out.

Media approached parents and were given thoughtful interviews which included peer-reviewed scientific data and references to public health’s own information. As parents thoughtfully and intelligently articulated their reasons for being there, the reasons for current outbreaks, and their concerns with vaccine safety learned through real life injury of their own children, they wondered if the interviews were in vain. Would the data and science be included in coverage of the event? Or would it once again be one-sided coverage spouting the CDC rhetoric that vaccines are “safe and effective”, “vaccines save lives”, and would these concerned parents’ words be spliced and diced in an effort to make them look like “crazy anti-vaxxers”? The experienced among them had been in this fight too long and suspected the outcome. Still, brave parents approached media and tried to register their concerns and educate.

The doors finally opened and it became apparent that not only were there not 100 seats, not 60 seats, not the 25-30 seats promised, but that the room had literally been filled with what appeared to be staffers so that less than two rows in the back, behind the cameras, were still open to the public. Only fifteen seats available to the more than five hundred concerned parents of vaccine-injured children who had travelled many hours and many miles to attend this hearing.

The fortunate fifteen grabbed their seats at the back of the room and couldn’t help but feel this echoed the past when people were relegated to the back of the bus. They looked to see who had been given the majority of seats in the room. Were they experts, people interested in and important to the topic at hand? No, they appeared to be bored and disinterested young staffers who chatted and laughed and played on their phones throughout the hearing. They had been ushered in through a side door and their only purpose in being there was as seat fillers. Hundreds of grieving and worried parents who spent money, time, and energy to attend the hearing were shut out. Hundreds of parents whose lives had already been altered forever by vaccine injury were once again barred from the discussion. Shut out of the room and shut out of the conversation.

Still reeling and incredulous at what had transpired, the select few who made it into the room squeezed together along the back wall and prepared for a difficult two hours. They looked to the Senators as they filed in and out of the room, hopeful they would ask intelligent questions in a true desire to learn the truth and understand.

Police officers lined the room with zip-ties at the ready and their hands on their guns. If one of the fifteen activists sat up trying to see past the cameras in front of them or murmured too loudly or held up a small sign for the press, they were warned they would be arrested. Arrested. Arrested for reacting to the lies and ignorance and mistruths and threats. Those in the back row struggling to see past the cameras tried to rise slightly and were quickly warned by armed police to stay seated. Shut out.

Senator Lamar Alexander opened the hearing by stating they had received copies of two reports the Health and Human Services (HHS) had given to Congress in 1988 and 1989 as required by the 1986 Act. This was clearly in response to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) HHS notice which had been delivered to each committee member’s office the day before. In a two-hour hearing full of lies, this was one of only two highlights, and it was a highlight only because it revealed someone had been working behind the scenes in an attempt to counter the truth. Two reports and then not another word on vaccine safety for thirty years? It’s astounding that this meager offering was meant as a counter to the eighty-eight page document from ICAN proving HHS has failed in their duties to perform vaccine safety oversight as required by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Parents had to sit silently as their elected officials spent two hours calling for censorship of parents and organizations, accusing them of disseminating misinformation for selfish and diabolical gain. Parents who have young adults in diapers had to sit through one senator’s bemoaning the dangers of polio and memories of how difficult it was for a parent to have to rub the legs of a toddler with polio. The parents relegated to the back of the room had children whose vaccine-injury include the inability to swallow, anaphylactic allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, and neurological and developmental injuries—all injuries acknowledged by the various agencies of HHS. It is the degree to which these injuries occur that is disputed, not that they occur.

Only autism was mentioned by any of the senators or panel members, and then only to deny any connection with vaccination. The hundreds of other injuries acknowledged and compensated for by the HHS in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program were shut out.

Parents in the room from Washington state had to sit silently as Senator Cassidy attempted to retell the story of a measles death that occurred in Washington State. It is unclear how, or why, but the senator erroneously said a previously vaccinated immune-compromised child had been exposed to measles by an unvaccinated child in a school setting. This is absolutely false. The senator then asked Secretary Wiesman, “Do I remember that correctly?” and Wiesman replied, “If we are thinking of the same child, yes. That child died a number of years later from a follow-up, um reaction.” But here are the facts:

  • The fatality case was a fully vaccinated immune-compromised adult woman.
  • The woman was exposed to measles by another adult in a clinical setting sometime in early 2015.
  • The outbreak of 11 cases statewide was started by a 53 year old adult male.
  • The clinical staff knew the woman had been exposed to measles, but they did not administer measles immune globulin, which is standard of care treatment for those with compromised immune systems.
  • The woman was never symptomatic for measles. There was no rash or any other measles symptoms.
  • Measles virus was only isolated during testing after an autopsy.
  • It is unclear if the measles virus contributed to this already ill woman’s demise.
  • This scenario describes a fatal hospital acquired infection, a medical error that is part of the 3rd leading cause of mortality in the U.S.

Since this was the only death potentially due to measles in Washington state in 29 years, and the only measles death in the entire country since 2003, it is implausible that Secretary Wiessman was confused. He should have corrected Senator Cassidy immediately. Senator Cassidy went on to say this—a non vaccinated child exposing an immune-compromised child to measles— should be a criminal offense. He thinks the parents of the unvaccinated child in this imaginary situation which did not occur should be arrested and tried as criminals.

Senator Cassidy also contradicted the usual messaging in addressing the teenager on the panel by stating, “You don’t have to be an MD or PhD or a masters of public health to understand these issues. Correct? You just have to bring a critical faculty to it and look at it and understand . . .” That remark bewildered the parents in the room who have spent hundreds of hours researching this issue, who present peer-reviewed science to state boards of health, and who are repeatedly scoffed at because they lack the essential initials after their names. Why is this same sentiment not applied to them? Apparently, respect for individual research and critical thinking only applies to 18 year old high school seniors who have their moment of teen-rebellion captured by the media.

In a hearing which included one false statement after another, and where the senators and witnesses used every opportunity possible to not only push for mandatory vaccination for measles, but to promote the HPV vaccine, flu Shot, and vaccinations for pregnant women and seniors, Senator Rand Paul was the only voice of reason. When he finished his statement that included caution for mandating vaccines that have the potential for injury, saying that force is not consistent with the liberty our forefathers came here for and that he “does not favor giving up liberty for a false sense of security,” the back row in the hearing room broke out in applause. Finally, one man had listened to their concerns. One man was open. One man was on the side of truth and freedom. The Capitol police looked around as if for direction, but they did not silence the applause or move to arrest those applauding. The moment was recognized for what it was, a spontaneous response to the only senator who had not shut them out.

There were so many lies and untruths passed along as fact in these two hours that it took Herculean effort for the parents in the back row to maintain decorum. Those lies will be addressed one by one in a separate article. The most appalling moment came when a senator asked the panel if they believed vaccines cause autism. One by one, the panelists said no. There was no mention of Dr. Andrew Zimmerman. No mention of Hannah Poling. No mention of the families compensated in federal vaccine court for their child’s autism being the result of injuries sustained from routine vaccination. That was expected. What was not expected was this senator continuing down the line and asking the 18 year old high student for his “expert” opinion on this important topic. This teen was asked for his opinion repeatedly at this hearing, from his thoughts on the causes of autism to how physicians can better address vaccine hesitancy to how to shut down “misinformation” on the internet. Really? The senators did not invite pediatric neurologist Dr. Zimmerman, or CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, or neurologist and father to a vaccine-injured child Dr. Poling, or any of the many other doctors and scientist and researchers on the vaccine-risk aware side who have dedicated their personal and professional lives to this issue, but they listened to a teenager who told them when it came to vaccines, there is no debate, there are not two sides, the science is settled. Any questions must be shut down.

The gavel dropped and the meeting was brought to an end. The few parents packed in to the back row stood up in a daze, incredulous at what they had just witnessed. While being closely followed by Capitol police as a potential threat, a petite mom from Washington State attempted to talk with Secretary of Health Wiesman about why he had not mentioned the failure of the DTaP vaccine, or the mumps vaccine, or that the flu vaccine does not prevent mucosal infection and so cannot contribute to herd immunity. She brought up science, not hyperbole, but Wiesman ignored her and was ushered out a side door. She was shut down and shut out. Several moms approached media who lined the rooms and offered to be interviewed, to provide scientific reasons for infection outbreaks and vaccine hesitancy. They were met with bowed heads and ignored. Shut out.

It is not just courageous parents who are being ignored, marginalized, defamed, discriminated against, falsely accused, and shut out. It is the truth that is being shut out. It is scientific integrity. It is journalism. It is liberty. It is freedom of speech. It is critical thinking. It is the very foundation of our nation that is being shut out. We are losing not just our health, but our ability to be free and critical thinkers, our ability to question, our ability to stand up against tyranny and bullies. Everything we teach our children is being trampled in this current climate of hate, discrimination, derision, segregation, persecution, and censorship of the vaccine-risk aware movement.

It is likely to get worse before it gets better. Yet while this tyranny and control may limit the ability of courageous parents to communicate, it will not stop them. It will not stop us. Had the internet been a tool during the Suffragette or Civil Rights movements of decades past, its use too would have been shut down by those in power. Such silencing would not have stopped those brave men and women of the past who fought for truth and justice. It will not stop those in the fight for vaccine policies based firmly on scientific integrity and informed consent. We will not stop fighting. We will not stop educating. We will not stop shouting the truth one person, one conversation, one study at a time. Our message is too important. It is vital that we continue our mission. The health and future of our nation depend upon it.

We may be shut out. But we will not be shut down.





David m burd

Pam and Carol, Thanks! for the Youtubes. Warren and Schuchat make a great team for such outright lies paddled back and forth between them.

Pertinently, everybody in my generation raised in the 1940s without vaccinations had fantastic health, with but a few "sick days" for the one-time measles, mumps, chicken pox, and, drumbeat - subclinical polio.

Also pertinently, Grade Schools had no need whatsoever for "special needs" teachers or classrooms, so drastically prevalent today.


With the abuse of the" UTALITARIAN" abuse of their positions of authority , that big long ackward silence was left bouncing off the walls , aye right off it! but there is always an alternative solution ?

"When your Voice is But A Whisper" Capability Scotland YouTube


John Stone....Excellent comment!!

Bob's comment inspired me to post the following brief clips from past Congressional hearings on autism. It's horrifying to witness how much worse things are now.



If we didn't have C-SPAN, we wouldn't be able to revisit this sad exhibition from a few years ago:

Brett Wilcox

If the USA were really a free country, the Senate hearing and Jena's write up would be included side by side in high school classes. But if the USA were really a free country, the staged Senate hearing never would have happened. The only thing missing from the travesty was motion sickness bags because the whole process made good people want to vomit.

Grace Green

If the writer in the New York Times thinks that children have more sense and make better decisions than their parents do, shouldn't children who say No to vaccines be respected in that decision, instead of having the vaccines forced on them against their will by parents, doctors, nurses and the Government? I'm sure that would result in a net decrease in the number of vaccines given!

David m burd

Pharmaceutical "corporations" are indeed getting away with murder and mayhem regarding vaccines (and such as psychotropic drugs wreaking massive carnage). BUT, the greater criminals are our Federal Health Institutions along with the American Academy of Pediatrics who have been entrusted to safeguard and protect the public from poison-pushing drug makers.

The top executives of the CDC, FDA, NIH, IOM, AAP are our modern-day Josef Mengeles of Nazi infamy, a truly evil man whose cruel medical experiments generated The Nuremberg Code after WWII. Such as NIH's Anthony Fauci recently testifying as to the complete safety of the toxic measles vaccine perfectly fits the mold of Mengele as do his host of evil colleagues, who are insanely unaccountable for the carnage they wreak.

Brian Nomi

Great article. It cost you and the 500 a lot to go through this, but it was valuable to me to be able to read this report.


We can have no doubt that congress does not represent us, the people, and we are not a democracy anymore. The US has mutated into a corporate-medical-fascist-totalitarian failed state. As the laws are not written on our behalf, but only serve the corporate owners of congress, we are not obliged to obey them. Our natural, instinctive and moral duty is to protect our children from all kinds of predators, including the criminal pharma and corrupted evil politicians. Hence it is our natural human right to ignore and reject all predatory laws, aimed at harming our children with toxic vaccines for profits. We are not slaves of the pharma-government cartel. We must resist and fight for life of our children, and if necessary we must start next US revolution to save our nation from complete destruction.

Kyles mom

As laura hayes said this was a rerun of the CA herarings.

Betrayal beyond understandingz

They have trusted corporations with our bodies and our futures. They are too lazy, greedy, or cowardly to even try to listen.

This is called vincible ignorance and my Catholic school teacher husband says it is a terrible sin.

Jeannette Bishop



"On Monday, the New York chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics came out in favor of the bill, saying it comported with a longstanding idea known as the 'mature minor' exception to parental consent as well as a more recent realization that young people are better at recognizing false online reports.

“'Young people are often more conscious about the misinformation on the internet and can in many cases disagree with parents who have bought into unfounded and dangerous anti-immunization diatribes and pseudoscience,' said a memo from the organization in support of the bill. 'These young people have a right to protect themselves.'”

Jeannette Bishop

A bit exhausted beyond discernible reasons today (or maybe not, I just can't hold all the reasons in my head at the same time)... I keep thinking of a scripture (non-Biblical, but I believe it) that says liars will be thrust down to _ _ _ _ (that four-letter-word place). And now that they are floating publicly the idea of doing the censorship of "misinformation" they've already been doing (cause that's the kind of "honest" loyal corporate subjects that they are, and I doubt they believe in that four-letter-word place), will people who largely consider themselves pro-vax but want to talk about their post vaccine symptoms (like within an ongoing a thread here on AoA about shingles vaccine reactions) find themselves and their real experiences censored too, and may then be left thinking that just possibly everything we've tried to warn about was real, too?

Assuming they ever ran across any of our efforts...

Anyway, hundreds of experimental vaccines are on the way and an greater awakening sooner rather than waiting for that later would be a good idea...

Janet Levatin, MD

Thanks for this summary, Jena. It was just as you reported it and analyzed it.

Angus Files

Were needing a new Washington to defeat not the British this time, but Pharma Global.
Democracy in motion in Washingtongrad Pravda anyone!

Pharma For Prison



Benadetta asked

“I guess fear of the public has been forever lost?”

Yes primarily because they know MSM and much of alt media has their back. People treat politics like a religion and just blame the other party when things happen that they dont like. When both parties are controlled by the same business interests, there is nowhere to go so apathy sets in. Science has become politicized so is part of the religion

Talk about vaccine concerns in the workplace and most of your coworkers and your boss will look at you like you have a second head. Most are uninformed and misinformed , so they just follow group think. Vaccines are good because TV and their newspaper of choice says so, as does much of what they read on the internet/social media.

Control what people believe and you control people. They fear only the truth since that affects their control over the people which is why the truth must be attacked and censored.


No better example of State TV than CSPAN. I don’t know why they even bother with the facade of a “public” hearing. Everyone in the country knows it for the staged political theater that it is.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

On 60 Minutes yesterday, the Federal Reserve Chairman said the U.S. has a lower labor force participation rate than other developed countries, and what the U.S. has experienced in the past. He pondered the opioid crisis in relation to the problem, but I wonder what his knowledge is of our growing population of young people not destined to work, and what he would be willing to do to reduce the financial leverage of the industry creating it.

R Prasad

America now has a ‘Privileged Democracy”. Only selected few with entitlement can express their views, all others(Vaccine injured, their families, Health Freedom advocates etc.) don’t have FoE and FoS, they are simply SHUT OUT.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for this well-written summary of the national travesty that occurred last week at our nation’s Capitol. Our Congress is a national disgrace. Our Congress men and women, almost without exception, are bought-and-paid-for lackeys of major corporations hell bent on evil.

What you described is almost verbatim what went on at CA’s Capitol during SB277. Clearly, the same ploys (paid place holders, reserved seating, one-sided testimony, lies going unchallenged and unpunished, media blackout of the truth, parents and citizens ignored, security at the ready to terrorize and arrest the innocent, etc.) are now the blueprint that will be used nationwide when it comes to eliminating our rights and freedoms.

I can't help but notice how more and more they are using our writings/words, modifying and twisting them to project their lies. I recognized words from my WAPF presentation possibly being altered and used by Senator Cassidy when he asked the 18 year-old, “You don’t have to be an MD or PhD or a masters of public health to understand these issues. Correct? You just have to bring a critical faculty to it and look at it and understand . . .” From my WAPF presentation back in 2016: "Today, I would like to begin by reassuring you that you do not need to be a PhD chemist or biologist, or a medical doctor, or some type of genius to understand that what is going on with vaccines is not scientific, is not proven, is not safe, is not working as claimed, is not ethical, and is not wise. All that is truly needed is a basic level of common sense, parental instincts that have not been demeaned, grossly manipulated, and obliterated by doctors and others, and the willingness and ears to hear the truth."

Thank you to all who made the trip to DC for this hearing. Your efforts were not in vain, as the treatment you received has only helped to further expose how it is no longer citizens being represented by our elected officials, but rather, wealthy and powerful corporations and entities who have funded their campaigns and lavished perks upon them, to whom they are now tightly beholden.

How long will Americans continue to fall for the lie that the "crisis" in our country is a few cases of beneficial measles, versus the 9,259 children being diagnosed with autism in our country every month?


Excellent article. Very well said.

Shelley Tzorfas

Four men wearing Ties and one young teenage boy who was defiant against his Mom sat in a senate meeting to push more vaccines containing Aluminum, Thimerosal, peanut oils and more. As they sat more tiny babies and children develop Cancer, Seizures, Brain Encephalitis (Autism) never before seen in such large and pervasive numbers. No one with a Uterus was part of that tie-team who will make decisions for women, men and their children.This spectacle is "No Womb with a View!"


Please go to march 11 article in the New York Times called making America safe from measles again. The comments are unbelievably one sided. Not sure what is going on but I think it is worth trying to post.


I want a "people's hearing."

Paul Picha

Excellent report on a modern day horror.


Patty Murray is the Ranking Member of the committee, right? Time to take a leaf out of her book:

"Never planning to enter politics, in the 1980’s a state politician told her she 'couldn't make a difference' when she went to Olympia as a parent to advocate for a local preschool program targeted by state budget cuts. Patty responded by organizing a grassroots coalition of 13,000 parents that fought successfully to save the program. Patty went on to serve on the Shoreline School Board, and in 1988 was elected to the Washington State Senate. In 1992, she ran for the United States Senate as a voice for Washington families who were not being heard. Dramatically outspent, Patty ran a grassroots campaign of family, friends, supporters, and public interest groups to beat a 10-year veteran of the U.S. House of Representatives. Patty was re-elected in 1998, 2004, and 2010."


How did Congress lose their fear of the American people?

How do we get this healthy fear back?

They claim some parts of the public don't fear diseases anymore since vaccines have done such a good job? As we all watch the mental ill homeless spread typhus that has no commercial available vaccine as of now - and if it was available that vaccine comes with a booster ever 10 to 12 months.

I am not for federal agencies, we got enough as it is, but it would be great if we had something that watched/ reported/ let us all know by putting a scarlet letter beside Congressmen's names of just how rich a Congressman got once that person entered the house and senate.

I guess fear of the public has been forever lost?


Thank you AoA and Ms. Dalpez for some moderate, eye opening journalism.

It is articles like this that make AoA my first read of the day, every day.

Thank you to the AoA community, and to the families that withstood this affront.

Just my opinion- the current vaccination paradigm in the US is finally dying. It is dying because we have past the tipping point of vaccine injured families.



Senator's Sonata

citizens and scientists stay in the hall
we don't want to hear you at all

pharma money has been taken
our blindness won't be shaken

ignorance can be taught
the truth will not be sought

pharma money makes us strong
and that will be our song

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Over a hundred million children have now received the CDC recommended vaccines since the list was expanded thirty odd years ago, half of whom are now ill.

Any acknowledgement by the health authorities that vaccines are even partly responsible for the rising rates of chronic illness during those decades will be met with demands for compensation for the children pressed by family members who number nearly half the population, which will fundamentally alter the economic order.

Along with the demands for compensation will be demands for justice to be delivered to the health and pharmaceutical leaders responsible, and the removal of the political class who have facilitated them. Most of the victims are too young to remember any other time and will see no validity in the social order that has betrayed them. A few will take the law into their own hands.

Hence the cover up.

John Stone

This may also stand as a response to Vera Sharav's 'A withch-hunt against the parents of unvaccinated children'


They only want to hear one side of the story hence they are not interested in the truth. They not only rig the reality, they rig the process: an 18 year old boy denounces his parents, and he is regarded as an expert, the objectors are not only excluded from the evidence, they are excluded from the room - this is perhaps the most repulsive and lowest level politics we have seen in the West for a long time.

Jena Dalpez paints a horrifying picture of the United States finally disintegrating into the totalitarian barbarity of National Socialist Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union. People who pose as liberals in the mainstream applaud this parody of process. Meanwhile the same dark curtain is being drawn across the globe through the Obama Global Health Security Agenda:



What a legacy to his presidency!

Most people still do not understand was implied by this oppressive process, they think it is probably marginal at worst to the democratic order and to institutional accountability. But it is not what people thought at Nuremberg seven decades ago. It is a loss not only of intellectual autonomy but also the final loss of one's body to the state. Next to Heinrich Heine's syllogism "Where they burn books, there they will burn people" should stand "Where they can inject people with anything, they will".

Hans Litten

Can there be any further doubt about what we are looking at here :


And no one is to be spared. (Funnily enough - that is our greatest strength)

Bob Moffit

"We may be shut out. But we will not be shut down."

The scant television coverage of this hearing was labeled an "anti-vaccine" hearing .. when in fact it was just the opposite .. a PRO VACCINE HEARING THAT DENIED THE VOICES OF ANYONE WHO QUESTIONED VACCINE SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY. Being there was NO TESTIMONY by "anti-vaccine" witnesses .. calling it an "anti-vaccine" hearing was nothing but FAKE NEWS.

In any event .. I greatly appreciated this first hand .. eye witness account .. of this latest 'dog and pony" show conducted by Senators who are not interested in hearing from the very people they are supposed to be concerned about .. parents who are "hesitant or reluctant' to vaccinate their children. Instead .. they pack their panel and hearing room with people who simply repeat .. ad nauseam .. the same "talking points" … "safe and effective" .. "benefits outweigh risks" .. "polio and smallpox" … over and over … that I have been hearing since my third grandson .. just turned 19 .. who at 2 years of age .. "regressed".

Unfortunately, this eye-witness account mirrors exactly my own experiences almost TWO DECADES ago .. when as a much younger proud grandfather my family made numerous trips to Washington .. only to be frustrated by the very same heavy handed tactics to "shut us out" .. silence our voices … and .. I am greatly encouraged to read of the HUNDREDS OF VOICES attending this hearing .. proving though I can no longer attend .. WE WERE NOT .. NOR WILL WE BE .. SHUT DOWN.

(I don't blame the Senators for "reserving" the first two rows of seats directly behind their "star chamber witnesses" for "friendly, supportive, most likely well-compensated staff or hill interns". I still remember with great satisfaction the Congressional Hearing in which Katie Wright had secured a highly visible seat directly behind the panel .. and .. every time some so-called "expert" made an outrageous claim that Katie knew was FALSE … she would roll her eyes .. saying more with her honest reaction gesture than any words spoken by the "expert" or Representatives. It was as they say … PRICELESS. So much so .. anyone in Congress who witnessed the powerful performance by Katie .. vowed to never again allow anyone but THEIR OWN people to occupy those highly visible seats.)

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