Are There “Sleeper” VACCINE-caused Mutations Cytochrome P450 Genes Produce Which Medicine Deliberately Ignores?
Del Bigtree Interviews Ethan Lindenberger's Family About Vaccine Rift


susan welch

An excellent article from the wonderful Jefferey Jaxen


@ Patrick I do not belive any of the Senators were "chosen" - they happen to be members of the HELP committee. You can find all the committee listings with their members on the Senate website...


Hard to think of anything more un-American than mandated medical procedures and censorship/book burning. Oh wait... being denied the right to sue in court...

Angus Files

Del Bigtree does his best to deflect the double speak in the video as best he can.

Pharma For Prison



Bill Gates-funded NPR are responding to complaints about their measles/vaccine coverage, they give us a fair idea of the constraints they are under.

cia parker

I think it's good that Rand Paul said as much as he did. You really can't expect a politician to say more than he did, and I doubt you could expect someone unaffected by vaccine damage to really believe in it. In his world it doesn't really exist. At least he said that one in fifty used to die from the smallpox vaccination. I was thinking he was unaware that hundreds of thousands of appropriately vaccinated people got and died of smallpox. The nineteenth-century version wasn't effective at all. But he did admit that the flu vaccine was often completely ineffective. I thought he was going to mention the large number of people who have received legal compensation for damage caused by the flu vaccine, but he didn't. But at least he made it clear that since great damage was possible from the vaccines, that everyone must get or refuse them voluntarily. And he made clear that there IS no pressing urgency to make people vax, no one has been reported to have been disabled or killed because he got a disease from an unvaxxed person. I don't know if the members of Congress will think as clearly on this issue, it really seems as though Congress has become an insane asylum. Have they all been made aware even of the fact that billions have been awarded by the very dishonest and parsimonious Vaccine Court? Have they reflected on the fact that getting measles is a far cry from dying of measles? That three days of fever is better than eighty years with autism?

David m burd

Regarding the propaganda term "outbreak" for measles; the way this term is used implies a dangerous happening, when in fact measles was never feared for generations prior to the vaccine, as well told here on AoA and in public mortality records. Someday soon there will be an immense "outbreak" of healthy children when parents learn the god-awful toxicity of vaccines and reject today's Vaccine Holocaust.

Angus Files

Simply it is the Russians, creating anti-vaccine information..
17.32 into the video below -of course!!

Bret Baier FOX

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Senator Paul, for speaking out for the right of informed consent/dissent, certainly not the lucrative position to take in today's pharma-shareholder-owned arenas.

Jeannette Bishop

@Jenny Allen, my guess is they are staff members of Sen. Paul's (possibly Natalie Burkhalter is one) or another Senator's office.

cia parker

David W.,

I agree. 99% of American kids got natural measles before the vaccine. In a few short years it became much less than one percent. And my daughter has not gotten measles, although I refused the MMR for her, always hoping that she would get measles. Thank to all that herd immunity.

It's much the same with diphtheria, a REAL killer disease for you. It was very common before the vaccine, but virtually disappeared shortly after the introduction of the vaccine.

And I agree that we have to teach people how unserious measles usually is, but also to recognize signs of dangerous complications and recommendations on how to prevent and treat them, like vitamins A and C. And I think that very few people have ever even heard of homeopathic prophylaxis, which can take one of two forms: as you say, certain remedies can be used prophylactically, the approach used in the campaign against dengue in Brazil, or the nosodes can be used. The nosodes are similar to vaccines in being made from the actual pathogen, but diluted, succussed (shaken and rapped against a hard surface) a certain number of times, repeat, repeat, ... So the immune system perceives the actual pathogen and learns to recognize it in the future. If you do the process of nosodes gradually increased in potency over two months, then studies have shown that antibodies will be created. Protection is thought to last maybe three years with one dose of one potency, up to ten years with the graduated method.

I highly recommend that everyone here read The Solution by Cilla Whatcotte and Kate Birch, and Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis, by Dr. Isaac Golden. Many studies have been done on it which show how effective it is. Nosodes are available for all the vaccine-preventable diseases and many more. We should start to teach people about this safe, effective, and inexpensive alternative to vaccines. And also about the lifetime benefits from just going through natural measles if you're healthy and past infancy.

David Weiner


I have a different take on herd immunity, in particular how it relates to the measles. I think it is a completely bogus argument with respect to the other childhood vaccines. Here, I am going by Tetyana Obakhanych's open letter to the CA legislature.

For measles, the MMR has greatly reduced its incidence, though it hasn't and can't completely eliminate it. Today, the MMR uptake is high enough that it doesn't seem to matter much that a small minority of kids are exempt from it. But if a much larger portion of the population becomes exempt down the road, it is entirely possible that we will see far more widespread outbreaks in the future. And, to be clear, I think that this would be a good thing. But I don't think we can dismiss the concept of herd immunity as it pertains to measles.

I think a better approach is to emphasize the harm from the MMR, the benefits of natural measles infection, and the availability of effective treatments for the more serious cases of measles. Dr. O discussed the use of immunoglobulin; high doses of vitamin A and C would also be beneficial.

Or, alternately, we could promote the use of the homeoprophylactic remedy for measles as a preventive, but few in our movement seem to embrace this approach.


If you look Rand Paul up on Youtube you will find him on a Fox interview a few years ago showing himself getting a booster shot to emphasize his stance on vaccines. He didn't want any confusion on this topic. He also basically says that he is for vaccine mandates. He uses the word policing the uptake of vaccines for school children. He says you are unable to go to school without vaccinating.


I am not a lawyer, but I wonder if mandates could be attacked in court on First Amendment grounds as establishment of state religion.

In particular, "herd immunity" is the basis for these mandates. Without appealing to herd immunity, there is no logical basis for compelling people to get vaccinated for the "public good."

Yet, herd immunity is easily shown to be a relgious faith and not a scientific concept. To be scientific, it must be falsifiable. The existence of a single counter example of outbreaks in populations with vaccine rates above the "herd immunity" threshold does in fact falsify the concept. And there are many such examples.

So as a scientific concept it has already been shown to be false. (One counterargument might be that it is a statistical claim and there can always be statistical outliers. However, there must still be a way to falsify it, which would look something like a *blinded* study of outbreak probabilities in populations of different vaccine coverages. This has never been done to my knowledge, making it either not possible, ie not falsifiable, or not tested scientifically).

So, in effect, the concept of "herd immunity" is either disproven or a faith-based religious belief that is not scientifically testable. That means that mandates are in essence a governmental establishment of religion, a clear violation of 1A.


I've actually met both Ron Paul, and Rand, when they were campaigning for President. Yes, it was a very quick "meet-and-greet", handshake, and see them speak at a public campaign event. I've somewhat followed their careers. Their "Audit the Fed" campaign is a key to understanding the scale of $$$$ behind politics and forced vaxxes, and all the main-stream propaganda around pharmaceuticals and vaxxes. It's worth the 10 or 12 minutes to watch this video 2 or even 3 times. Rand Paul is reading from a multi-page prepared text. He did NOT write that ALL by himself. Rand Paul is speaking to the U.S. Senate, and I'm very glad he did. No matter what any of us, or all of us do, vaxxes are NOT going to just disappear. But vaxx mandates, FORCED VACCINATIONS, are a serious threat. Are your minor arguments, and nit-picking over a few words, REALLY more important than supporting Rand Paul, who just might be our best ally in Congress?


I'm sure the pharmaceutical company was threatened because the recent actions taken to inform the public was to take a look at the science. We were directed to look at the vaccine studies and specifically to note what the vaccine industry allows for a placebo which many times included poison. Via NVAC media was specifically advised not to use science to defend vaccines. They were to use the art of communication (propaganda). I'm not a fan of Rand Paul for the reason that he was chosen to be a part of this hearing for taking the power of vaccine choice away from states and into federal hands in order to mandate them to the entire population. He stated that the benefits of vaccines GREATLY outweigh the risks and mentioned the concern that those that choose not to vaccinate spread disease.

John Stone

Yes, Bob this is their big problem that the interest of materials that tell you everything is fine and dandy is very limited to anyone who genuinely wants to find out anything. They have all the means at their disposal other than the truth - and the truth is messy to say the least. This is not how a liberal democracy works.

Bob Moffit

@ Hans

"Facebook also said it would be “exploring” ways to counter false content, whenever users do come across it, with “educational information” about vaccines."

That is classic example of PROPAGANDA being disseminated under the guise of being TRUTH … as defined by FACEBOOK. What is the distinction between FACEBOOK AND PRAVDA IN OLD USSR?

David m burd

Rand Paul's opinion on mandated vaccinations was as tepid as it gets; here was an opportunity to clearly state "vaccines can cause autism" - or at least bring up the topic. Why?! would he not?

What he actually did achieve was to scaremonger the public into running to get their (mercury-laden) toxic flu shots next Fall by citing absolutely false annual flu mortality of 12,000 - 40,000(?), when in fact U.S. Vital Statistics disclose annual "flu-associated" deaths to rarely rise above 2,000, with the great majority of these being the very elderly and with 68% of seniors over age 65 indeed taking their toxic flu shots year after year after year (stats from the CDC). It is plausible - actually likely - these accumulative flu shots not only cause Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and then subsequent death directly due to flu shots.

Bob Moffitt

I appreciate the good intentions of Sen Paul in opposing "mandated vaccines" as a "principle". In today's Senate his voice is welcomed on the subject.

Having said that .. it is not enough to claim .. as Sen Paul did .. "the benefits of vaccines clearly outweigh the risks" .. when there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to prove that conclusion. I say that because Paul's statement .. without making ANY distinction between "vaccines" .. suggesting ALL VACINES OUTWEIGH THE RISKS.

Sen Paul made the usual misleading claim to have 'vaccinated his children as well as himself" .. but .. as usual .. did not name the vaccines themselves? What vaccines has Paul .. a doctor himself .. received as an adult? Is he up-to-date on the recommended and approved vaccines for his AGE? If not .. why not? How old are his children .. did they receive the SAME VACCINES AS RECOMMENDED AND APPROVED FOR A CHILD TODAY? Such as .. HEP B within hours of birth .. to protect the newborn infant from a disease that infant is at absolutely NO RISK of attaining? HPV for his boys and girls? Instead Paul mentioned ONLY the flu vaccine as an example of a vaccine that has a history of being inefficient ..

This morning on local NYC news .. a lead story about a new organization to diagnose and treat children with asthma .. the numbers of asthma sufferers continues to increase over recent decades. How about a simple study … a "respective study" of children having been admitted to a hospital suffering severe asthma attacks .. to ascertain how many of those DIAGNOSE AND BEING ADMITTED TO A HOSPITAL were vaccinated .. as compared to how many are not vaccinated?

Would love to ask Sen Paul if he would be willing to join those who have been demanding a scientific, independent study of "vaccinated v. unvaccinated" populations to ascertain .. once and for all .. if the evidence of THAT study actually PROVES THE BENEFITS OF VACCINES OUTWEIGH THE RISKS?????

Hans Litten

Do you think we just might be winning ?

In an effort to curb anti-vaccination conspiracy theories and misinformation, Facebook announced Thursday it will no longer recommend the offending pages and groups, and will block advertisements that include false content about vaccines. The company will also stop recommending anti-vaccination content on Instagram.

The tech giant rolled out its plan to combat anti-vaccine content after mounting public pressure culminated in a Capitol Hill hearing this week, when a Senate panel issued a dire warning about the public health danger that vaccine misinformation poses. There, 18-year-old Ethan Lindenberger testified that his mother, an anti-vaccine evangelist, relies on Facebook or Facebook-linked sites for all of her information on the subject. And she’s certainly not alone.

In a blog post, Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management, said the company is “working to tackle vaccine misinformation on Facebook by reducing its distribution and providing people with authoritative information on the topic.”

“Leading global health organizations … have publicly identified verifiable vaccine hoaxes,” Bikert wrote. “If these vaccine hoaxes appear on Facebook, we will take action against them.”

Facebook also said it would be “exploring” ways to counter false content, whenever users do come across it, with “educational information” about vaccines.

Jenny Allan

Note the man and the woman sitting behind Senator Rand Paul made no attempt at applause for his very reasonable contribution to this vaccine debate. It would be interesting to know their identities and who or what they represent.

Hans Litten

Assn. of American Physicians & Surgeons “STRONGLY OPPOSES” Mandatory Vaccines

AAPS believes that liberty rights are unalienable. Patients and parents have the right to refuse vaccination, although potentially contagious persons can be restricted in their movements (e.g. as with Ebola), as needed to protect others against a clear and present danger. Unvaccinated persons with no exposure to a disease and no evidence of a disease are not a clear or present danger.

AAPS represents thousands of physicians in all specialties nationwide. It was founded in 1943 to protect private medicine and the patient-physician relationship.

Respectfully yours,

Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

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