Father of Child Killed at Sandy Hook Commits Suicide in Newtown CT
British Health Secretary Hancock Wants Legislation To Tackle Anti-Vaccination Websites

Rockland County New York Bans Healthy American Children from Public Places Based on Vaccination Status

Water fountain
WHERE is the ACLU?????

Under the guise of protecting the public from measles, Rockland County NY has banned unvaccinated children from public places. Read that again. Healthy American children banned from public places. 

How the hell do you enforce that? Where is the outcry that was given to Immigrant children held in detention? Where is the outcry over what are the new Jim Crow laws circa 2019?   How soon before we have a knock on the door with the vaccination police demanding we hand over our children?

We need another Passover miracle.   This is a frightening trend toward totalitarianism in the name of safety. It is NOT about safety. At this point, we're at a loss to define the madness. Merck is rich. Public health is safe. Politicians sit pretty. Why?

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@Sharon Moore;

Interesting comment. What do you say to parents of children who have died from the MMR vaccine? You do know that the MMR vaccine can and has killed children, don't you?
Holly Stavalo is a New Jeresy little girl who died after her second MMR at the age of 5. Because of her death, a law was passed in New Jersey allowing titres to be used instead of a second MMR.

And surely, since you are ordering us to take vaccines, you do know that brain damage is a known side effect ( called a table injury by the CDC ) of the MMR vaccine.
By the way, brain damage from encephalitis can include symptoms like loss of the ability to ever speak again, seizures, etc

So what do you say to those parents? You know, just once I would like one of the posters who come here to a site for vaccine injured people wanting to take away medical rights and force medicine on others, to actually explain what they say face to face with the ones who are harmed or killed.

Yes, I know some people are fine, just like some people can eat peanut butter and be fine, while others die from it. That is why the choice of what to eat, and what to inject into our bodies belongs to each of us. And of course, anyone who wants can choose to have as many vaccines as they want. ( Which is probably a good thing for them, since it seems that more and more of the vaccines don't work very well ( aka they "wear off" )

But what do you do about people who caught the vaccine version of the measles virus? (You can tell serologically which version of measles someone has.) Is shedding of a live virus vaccine in public actually fine, and if someone else gets infected with the vaccine version of measles, ah, well?

Of course, if as you say you are truly worried that measles can kill, then recently vaccinated people who shed the virus need to be quarantined.

But what really should worry a pro vax person like yourself,, is the fact that vaccines are liability free. At the time of the Clinton administration people who were killed or maimed by vaccines, were sueing in such numbers that the vaccine manufacturers said they needed complete liability protection or they would stop making vaccines. And they got it. Now of course, they are also trying to silence anyone who speaks up about their vaccine injury. A liability free product, mandated in ever increasing numbers and amounts for everyone, and those who are injured are forcibly silenced on all media platforms; is that the level of medical accountability you really want in a series of products you too, down the track are likely to be forced to use, unless you join us in fighting mandates now?

Angus Files

Vaccination,the greatest alleged saviour to `man` in the worlds history of`man` and people have to be coerced to have it??This is the best car in the world and your having it,right! Nope!, its called human intelligence,since the get -go humans,exchanged life experiences.

Stay strong people victory is around the corner,tyrants victory's are short lived,history proves this..

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

@Sharon Moore "Measles are dangerous! Measles can kill! Why would anyone take chances with the life of their child?"

The human race has been saved from extinction BECAUSE mothers do everything in their power to protect their children from harm. It's 21 years since the Lancet Wakefield et al paper hit the headlines.(13 authors). The 'early report' on 12 children with a then 'novel' bowel/neurological condition which developed post MMR vaccine, was supposed to be a warning. Dr Wakefield begged the then UK Health department for a return to monovalent measles and rubella vaccines, in use for 20 years in the UK prior to the introduction of MMR vaccine, in order to carry out more safety research. The 1st MMR vaccine was dangerous and was withdrawn. Several of the Lancet children had received this vaccine. The UK Government took 20 years to acknowledge the harm caused by the first MMR vaccine, but very few victims received compensation. Since that Lancet report on a 'novel' syndrome, the rates of autism and bowel disease in children have soared. No amount of 'spin-doctoring' can conceal the havoc this is causing in our schools and health and social services.

Mumps was then considered benign in children with no need for a vaccine. Thanks to the MMR vaccine, young adults are now contracting mumps when they go to college or university. It has been officially admitted the mumps MMR vaccine component wears off after about 10 years. Mumps is far more serious in adults and can cause sterility. Yes- this too has been blamed on Dr Wakefield, but there is a limit to what the public can be persuaded to believe. Mothers KNOW their adult sons and daughters were fully MMR vaccinated as children. Measles too is occurring in a significant percentage of adults who received MMR vaccine as children.

There have been very few child deaths from measles post MMR vaccine. There have been 3 admitted child measles deaths in the UK; 2 of them could not be vaccinated due to them being immune compromised. Nothing to do with Dr Wakefield. Blaming him more than 20 years later for what amounts to vaccine failures is perverse.Apparently there have been no recent child measles deaths in the US. Adults are responsible for their own vaccination status.

The SIMPLE answer would seem to be a re-introduction of a monovalent vaccines choice.

Donna F

=Please look at this request as a health related quarantine. Community wide quarantines have been used in the past. The officials are trying to keep measles from spreading to those who can not fight off the disease. The children might be healthy today or look healthy but what about tomorrow. Ask parents who were very happy when they were able to provide shots for Polio to their children in the 50's-60's after seeing loved ones die of it. Or they delight when MMR shots first came out. When possible the children should get the shots or stay home under the care and guidance of the health department. We need to see a decrease in the number of new cases.

Sharon Moore

Hey, wake up! Measles vaccination has been scientifically proven not to cause autism. The facts are out there. Too many people have bought into the fake claims of a now-disbarred British doctor who is now over here promoting his invented story. Measles are dangerous! Measles can kill! Why would anyone take chances with the life of their child?

Shelley Tzorfas

What will happen if and when the public finds out that the MMR vaccine maker is being sued for fudging test results to make it look like all parts are working correctly. They added Rabbits blood to the test when the vaccine did not work properly and 2 employees reported this mockery. Some have been waiting NINE Years for this to be shown in court. If only the public knew their results were (allegedly) faked, they would stop mandating this dangerous vaccine. Zero deaths from the measles yet 440 Known deaths from the MMR shot.

Jeanne J

Really, this ban is a violation of the Constitution. It violates the Establishment Clause:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

and the Fourteenth Amendment:

"No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Karen J

Fox News is spreading measles hysteria now, too. https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/dr-marc-siegel-measles-and-vaccine-non-compliance-meets-public-health

They seemed more open to debate in the past when they had RFK, jr. on Tucker Carlson.

John Stone
cia parker

The Autism Action Network sent me a form letter this morning to send to the NY officials responsible for this law: I wrote my own letter above their form letter and sent it. I'd recommend that everyone here sign up to get their alerts and the opportunity to send their letters (with your own modification as desired) to political officials. I was going to put up the link, but I use Gmail, bad choice, and it's already told me that the AAN alert was fraudulent and I can't select a link.

Grace Green

I meant to add, taken out by their parents, in order to protect them from any illegal activity by the authorities.

Grace Green

From comments on here by people living in this county it looks as if this law is completely unworkable, if not downright illegal. Suitably unvaccinated teenagers should be taken out into public spaces and challenge the authorities to prosecute them. I suspect They would very soon have red faces, and have to issue a retraction.


So, it is illegal for any baby under the age of 1 to be in public or their parent is thrown in jail? Or do they need to have both shots, so any child under 4/6 is illegal? better close the day cares and kindergarten...
Meanwhile who knew age 18 was the magical age when all viruses disappear. How convenient.
So much easier to just take away the rights of kids.

So, how many of the current measles cases are being spread by the vaccine version of the virus?
Why aren't the newly vaccinated who are definitely potentially infectious ( being banned) or those considered "at risk" of infection being banned?

Rockland County has a public health facebook page. And a public telephone number. I did not realize they had the power to make laws and force jail time. Are they elected?

Bob Moffit

Rockland County Supervisor has issued a proclamation effectively banning all people under 18 who haven't been vaccinated against measles from public spaces in Rockland County in response to a county wide measles crisis .. which .. over a 4 month period .. affected 153 people of 330,000 county residents.

I live in Rockland County and watched a "live press conference" on facebook wherein the Supervisor was surrounded by a number of officials, including Rockland County Commissioner of Public Health as he gave his reasons for issuing the "ban" .. #1 .. the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their under 18 year old children are resolute in their reluctance .. #2 .. these unvaccinated children pose a huge risk to the 'herd" of Rockland which includes those who cannot be vaccinated for a variety of reasons, such as .. too young or have compromised immune systems.

Apparently, decades of efforts to PERSUADE parents in Rockland County .. the same in the nation .. to vaccinate their children because "science" has proven the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks has FAILED .. thus leaving the Supervisor no choice but to COERCE parents by threatening arrest or fines for those who do not COMPLY with his proclamation.

I have lived and raised my family .. for the last 50 plus years .. in Rockland County and I cannot recall a single public forum held by the very same public officials who were on that dais yesterday .. wherein any effort to PERSUADE parents on the merits of vaccines was made. Not one. Instead we have received exactly what we received yesterday .. a press release issued by government and public health officials that served to demonize parents of unvaccinated children while at the very same time made no effort .. other than to chastise them for getting misleading and false information from the internet .. to identify or explain the myriad of legitimate and justified reasons that have caused parents reluctance to vaccinate their under 18 year old children.

And so .. the problem is not the parents .. the problem is failure of government and public health officials to PERSUADE parents that vaccines are as safe and effective as they insist they are. There should be nationally televised public forums wherein the voices of prominent individuals are HEARD .. such as … Robert F. Kennedy and Barbara Loe Fischer .. just two of many others just as prominent and informed .. who have actually read those vast numbers of research studies that are constantly quoted as scientific proof vaccines are as safe and efficient as reported … and based on those very scientific studies .. these well qualified and dedicated individuals have numerous questions regarding vaccines .. how they are manufactured, recommended and approved, monitored for adverse event reporting, conflicting interest of various "stakeholders' throughout the public health regulatory agencies. Instead .. for decades … these prominent voices have been silenced .. denied the opportunity to confront and challenge those in government, the media, the vaccine industry .. who say .. "Trust us the science has been done and the risks associated with vaccines are so rare as one in a million".

These are the very same people who allowed drug manufacturers mislead doctors by claiming the opioids were "non-addictive' .. then silently watched as tens of thousands die as a result every year .. the same people who vouched for Vioxx or Thalidomide of old. Trust us they say .. then they do all they can to SILENCE anyone who dares they DEFEND THEIR PRODUCTS.

Elizabeth Hart

Meanwhile, in Australia...

Measles vaccination program will target WA adults | PerthNow



"Show me your papers, Fraulein". The vaccine Gestapo. Brought to us by Merck and Sanofi. Propagandists in all their glory. Fascism is creeping in.

susan welch

Have just seen, on Facebook, the reaction to an AoA post on this subject. The responses are overwhelming. 358 comments, one of which received 932 reactions (so far). Virtually all of the comments are horrified by this ban on unvaccinated children from public places.

Do you think they have made a mistake by targetting a very powerful community? Is this the step too far?

Grace Green

These officials need to be legally challenged. They cite the law of "reasonable apprehension of imminent danger", whereas measles cannot be shown to be a "danger" and therefor their "apprehension" is not reasonable but is actually a sign of a psychiatric disorder, namely, delusion.


Hold on a minute .Isn't this illegal?
I know that children with hepatitis B infections cannot be banned from school under the Americans with disabilities act. This means that healthy children are being banned from going out in public because they have a medical condition ( for example a previous vaccine or immune condition) which prevents them from being vaccinated. Isn't this discrimination based on disability? Any lawyers out there who would know?
So children with cancer can no longer go out in public? And as Joanna points out, apparently infection mysteriously stops at age 18. ( Yes; otherwise they open a whole can of worms; those under vaccinated adults carrying all those diseases at once because they have not had 60+ vaccines as a kid. I mean it can't be safe for any adult to walk out in public, really, can it? As disease infested as anyone without 60 vaccines is..)
Then there is the fact that no one has a right to see anyone's medical records. Are they trying to take away peoples right to medical privacy, and let clerks at stores know their vaccine status?
Who do we write to, who do we call in that public health department? They are government officials, and we have a right to let them know when they are doing something that is completely wrong.

Angus Files

What used to be a genuine local newspaper in Scotaland, UK but now abducted by the globalists...the cane is out for sure..or in Scotland the big threat used to be to the kids was "I`ll take my belt to you".

"New York suburb bans kids not vaccinated against measles from schools and shopping malls
Rockland County declared a state of emergency and said the ban would remain in place for 30 days or until unvaccinated children get MMR shot."


Pharma For Prison

Beleaguered Autism Mom

If a picture is worth a thousand words, where are the measles photos from this year, this decade, this century?

Jeanne J

So, how do they enforce this law? How do they know that citizen A's child is vaccinated vs. citizen B's child? Is this going to be the new yellow star? Are people going to have to wear their vaccination records on their chest to enter a public place? The article talks about this law as a throw back to quarantining from the past. Well, quarantines were required of people who have an active case of a disease, and those who live with them? How is quarantining a healthy person "just because" the same as quarantining the sick? We know, in actuality, it is the newly vaccinated (MMR is a live virus vaccine) who should be quarantined. We have reached a very dangerous step in the history of our country.

Thomas McLeod

Immunoracism \ ˌim-myü-nō-ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm \
1 :a belief that societies that practice mass vaccination are inherently superior to other societies
2 :hostility toward or discrimination against a group based on real or imagined human immunities, e.g. exclusion from school, childcare or occupations
3 a :a political doctrine or program based on suppositions of immunoracism
b :the act of advocating or promoting immunoracism

Angus Files

pharma logic guys....If they ban the healthy un-vaccinated kids it wont show the sick vaccinated ones up.

Pharma For Prison



Sadly this is my home county.

David Weiner

The ACLU only supports freedom in certain, very narrow contexts. It is no friend of those of us who want to see a much broader, more robust liberty.


this raises questions.
is this retaliation or legal fodder against the parents who sued?
are the public health authorities testing which measles strains are involved, to be sure the caution to vaccinate isn't creating vaccine strain measles that extends the outbreak? shouldn't the strains be identified if it is an emergency?
are those with medical exemptions required to quarantine, or is this a fight against religious concerns.
are they not tracing exposures outside of the orthodox community? why not?


this raises questions.
is this retaliation or legal fodder against the parents who sued?
are the public health authorities testing which measles strains are involved, to be sure the caution to vaccinate isn't creating vaccine strain measles that extends the outbreak? shouldn't the strains be identified if it is an emergency?
are those with medical exemptions required to quarantine, or is this a fight against religious concerns.
are they not tracing exposures outside of the orthodox community? why not?


This says that anyone under 18 who is not vaccinated against the measles will be barred from public spaces. What magical button goes off in your body when you turn 18 that suddenly prevents you from contracting or spreading measles?

cia parker

I just saw that Pan got a bill passed to severely restrict MEDICAL exemptions: they have to go through a real gauntlet before they might potentially be approved for a few. No more discretion of the individual physician. I keep thinking we've reached the straw that will break the camel's back, I'm sure we will reach it soon. I'm so glad my daughter's graduating in May, although they may try to mandate vaccines for everyone in any job who interacts with the public.

R Prasad

Meanwhile, the Big Pharma shill MSM continues to whitewash Autism that "the condition is NOT permanent and CAN BE outgrown for MANY". With media mafia like this who needs enemies?


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