“Protocol 007”: Merck Scientists Accuse Company of Mumps Vaccine Fraud that May Be Endangering Public Health Today
Laura Hayes on PRN Radio Monday 3/18

On Vaccines: Our Legislators Don’t Know Vaccines

I don't knowBy Cathy Jameson

I was reminded of a post I saw on Age of Autism a few weeks ago.  Written by a concerned citizen back in 2015, I don’t think enough politicians read the Resolution which was addressed to the California Democratic Party.  After reading it again last week, it could have been addressed to all lawmakers.  I don’t believe the politicians backing the bill being referenced in that document listened to the valid issues that thousands of other Californians had also expressed.  Dismissing their own constituents’ input, as well as scientific fact, SB277 passed with flying colors. 

Another Resolution caught my eye on March 6th.  Introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in the House of Representatives one day after the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) met, it reiterates the committees’ clearly obvious Vaccines Save Lives agenda.  

Hundreds of mothers from across the country, many with a differing viewpoint than that of the HELP committee, traveled to Congress to have their say that day.  But they were shut out of the room.  Their first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of US liability-free vaccines, which I share, should have been part of the conversation.  Instead of letting their voices be heard, the committee focused only on a small panel of men who presented a one-sided viewpoint of the US vaccine program.  Speaking very highly of our country’s liability-free vaccines—and of all that they have done to promote these vaccines—there was no room for anyone to present a balanced view. 

Fathers were kept out of the chamber, too, as the hand-picked doctors, scientists, researchers, and an inexperienced high schooler had ample time to say what they wanted, or were scripted, to say.  As long as I’ve been part of the parent-led movement, whose aim has been to tell our personal accounts and draw attention to the adverse side of vaccines, I can’t say that I was surprised that Rep. Schiff’s document was so quickly introduced.  It’s the main attraction of the Congressional circus side show that both the Senate and the House have just put on for the American people.  

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Source: Congress (continue reading the entire Resolution by following this link.)

Besides contradicting what so many families have experienced, the Resolution contradicts what the US government and what several federal agencies have published about vaccines, namely that all vaccines come with risk.

CDC side effect

I’m used to how parents are not heard, as happened in California with the passing of SB277, but it’s more than concerning how we’re being silenced today.  For decades, parents have been telling a compelling story.

Parents listened to their doctor, but something terrible happened. 

Parents took their child to get liability-free vaccines, but the liability-free vaccines didn’t work. 

Parents spoke up about the injury their child sustained from those liability-free vaccines, but they were ignored.

Parents spoke up again, but were dismissed again. 

Parents needed vaccine choice and for their voices to be heard.  With the help of open-minded politicians, other parents had fought for, and were successful, in being able to call the shots thanks to state vaccine exemptions.  If parents did not want them, or if they knew that vaccines, including the ingredients, were not the right fit for their child, they had the legal right to say no.  What a victory! 

But, in some states, vaccine choice would be only temporary.  Those already established vaccine rights, like Californians had, have been taken away.  Other states are rapidly following suit.  Politicians are lobbying to take parental rights away while doing everything they can politically to protect a pharmaceutical product. 

Too many members of Congress are working incredibly hard to make sure that they fully represent vaccine manufacturers but not vaccine consumers.  When something terrible happens post-vaccination to the consumers or to their child, parents are not being given the same platform as other consumers have.  Warranties and Lemon Laws protect other consumers if they are sold faulty or fraudulent products.  Vaccine consumers do not have that protection. 

In the past, vaccine consumers had been able to express their opinions whenever they desired.  They could do that via message boards, by writing blogs, by producing vlogs, by sharing their thoughts on social media platforms and in magazines and books.  Their story happened.  Their story mattered.  It still does.  But being able to freely share that information came to a screeching halt right before the 2019 legislative season began.  Censorship is alive and well in 2019 thanks in part to other documents Rep. Schiff wrote—letters to Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Legislators should be listening to the people though.  Much of what parents report has already been said, and declared to be true, by the very same government our legislators currently serve: 

Pharmaceutical companies  and those who administer their products, aren’t held legally responsible for vaccine products or what happens after vaccines have been administered.    

Vaccines come with no warranty. 

Consumers have the right to get vaccines, but they have no recourse should a vaccine fail or cause injury or death. 

Documented side effects and adverse events, including death, are listed on package inserts of vaccines produced, sold, and administered in the United States. 

Pharmaceutical companies are the priority, not their consumers. 

Those facts above are nothing new.  Some politicians, like Rep. Bill Posey (FL-R) and Rep. Rand Paul (KY-R)  understand them.  Not only that, they respect the parents who have presented these facts to them.  It’s a shame that Schiff cannot do the same. 

Rereading through Rep. Schiff’s Resolution again this week, I shook my head.  He and the co-sponsors of House Resolution 179 don’t really know vaccines.  They don’t know vaccine injury, and they don’t care about those who’ve experienced a vaccine injury.  They don’t know all there is to know about liability-free vaccines.  If they did, we parents would not be shut out of the discussion.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Angus Files

Replace Remington with vaccines deja vu ..if Remington lost do you thing a precedent, would have been set in law allowing indemnity's to be over ruled..not when it comes to vaccines,no chance.

'Remington's nightmare will come true': Gun control advocates savor Connecticut court victory


Pharma For Prison



Well said CIA parker!

David m burd

David Weiner & NH,

The "thedrswolfson" unfortunately/incorrectly cites 1 in 1000 measles cases had deadly consequences in the 1980s.

Actually with 4 million U.S. cases a year, and with 400 "measles" deaths (what exactly were the co-factors? - malnutrition, etc?), it comes to 1 in 10,000.

Grace Green

Beleaguered Autism Mom,
If it's true that they intend to provide you with a national health care system instead of compensation for vaccine injure, I hope USA will not be taken in by the offer. We have had that system in the UK for 75 years and it's been my experience that people with autism, ME and other consequences of vaccines do NOT get treatment for these conditions, but are told there is none, and sent home to survive as long as they can. Many have been horrendously abused by this system, and so it continues. This is why they don't like it when people discover alternative treatments which work!


Yes, Cia, I was taught the same thing we all were taught, that those geniuses Salk and Sabine rescued our children from the iron lung with their vaccines against polio. However, there is one little problem: it just is not so. Salk is quoted as saying, paraphrasing, that "We didn't do a bit of good with the vaccine." I know it is hard to find the exact quote as the Google monster is actively censoring any such heresy. The effect of the polio virus alone creates cold symptoms in the worst case. The real story revolves around TOXICITY along with the rather benign virus. In the forties and fifties we were inundated with DDT. In 1916 the toxic trigger was arsenic herbicides in the sugar cane crop as elucidated by the late, great Dan Olmsted. Added to the mix was the infamous DPT shot. There was also the nice little trick of changing the definition of polio that statistically gave the concept of the vaccine's efficacy a boost in the public mind. Ban DDT and the effect goes away but our minds were directed to the vaccine despite what Salk said about its abject failure to perform. I am sure glad that we got rid of that awful iron lung. We just now call it a "ventilator." To see polio in all its glory, just look to India and Bill Gates' efforts to vaccinate the poorest, least informed of their population and you will find stunning levels of paralysis.

Coram Deo

video - 58 minutes 53 seconds
‘I will never get over feeling I killed my son’: Anti-vaccination activists refuse to be 'silenced’

Jeannette Bishop

Can I add,

"Whereas we don't actually know any of the above (see McKinlay below) and we can't really vote things to be true when they're not...let's reaffirm that the law of informed consent is required for protection 'right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness' and necessitates acknowledging the inherent right to dissent from any medical or health impacting or bodily impacting procedure, exposure, or practice... and start funding real vaccine science, particularly the neglected risks of the practice while we are at it!"


Also, from RT, extensive coverage we're not likely to see from corporate U.S. media: https://www.rt.com/news/454052-vaccination-activists-side-effects-/


Thank You David!!

Just watched "Wide Awake"...and shared. I am surprised I missed it. I will encourage others to read and view, as irrational fears over a rash grow and escalate into censorship and mandates.

The claim: Vaccines save lives
The Reality: Naturally acquiring so-called Vaccine preventable diseases saves lives.


cia parker

Great article by Dr. Wolfson, I saved it to my desktop and linked it in a comment I just made at The Honest Atheist or something like that. Which will probably be deleted or shadow banned.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Thank you Cathy. I have never seen a news article about the Vaccine Injury Compensation program until yesterday.
The conclusion is - if we had a national health care system, we wouldn't need a vaccine court, everyone including vaccine injured, would be taken care of.
So there it is. They have a plan. We will be pitted against everyone who wants Medicare-for-all.

susan welch

Thank you, Cathy, for this powerful article. It says it all and how I wish it was mandatory reading, not just for Senators, but for new parents.

It is so unutterably sad that they only way this truth will be known is when the majority of families are affected by the carnage, this is the vaccine schedule (not just in the US, but all over the world)

cia parker


Great letter and I basically agree with you, of course. I think, though, that many of the legislators are not money-grabbing murderers, but rather willingly blind. I read a really interesting book, Our Daily Meds, years ago, about the death grip the pharma industry had all the authorities in, brain-washing them with their propaganda narrative. Starting with the stories of smallpox and polio, without their realizing that they are partial narratives which leave out a lot of relevant information. Everyone knows a little and most people extrapolate the little they know to make it apply broadly to all diseases, all vaccines. Polio was relatively often a crippler, sometimes a killer (true). The polio vaccine vanquished it (true). THEREFORE, that means that ALL the vaccine-preventable diseases were/are JUST as dangerous and common as diphtheria and polio, the vaccines for them just as effective and life-saving, and something that beneficial simply can't ALSO often cause disability, even death. And doctors are selfless, devoted servants of humanity, in the trenches every day saving lives. They would NEVER bend to selfish gain nor cower in fear of pharma sticks. I don't know how, as you note, the third-most common cause of death in the US being medical treatment as prescribed by doctors is processed by these people.

I think many are just contemptible scum who know what's happening and why, but most are just lazy and it's really just so emotionally satisfying and appealing to many voters to say Well, little Timmy, five years old and being treated for (vaccine-induced) leukemia, needs to be able to go to kindergarten without being exposed to the .... which could kill him. That means 1) force all the other children to be vaxxed for all the VPDs, 2) not worry about all the germs for diseases which are not VPDs, vaccine failure, vaccine shedding, etc., 3) consider making the next effort to force everyone who set foot in the school be vaxxed as well, 4) not worry about these hazy "theories" that the vaccines are disabling millions, since that would really mess up the narrative, 5) not worry about the childhood diseases strengthening the immune system and preventing cancer in later life, since that would also mess up the narrative. And I don't think most of them go through this thought process consciously, but rather that the propaganda has permeated every one of their brain cells and they have given it their allegiance. And their pharma reps are always on hand to soothe them and assure them that this narrative is true and parents of vaccine-damaged children are just seeking outlets for our grief.

I think what it's going to take are vaccine-damaged people or with vaccine damage in their families going into politics and incorporating what they have experienced into their platform. And then when they get a lot of supporters from among the also vaccine-damaged and come into power, then we'll see the others trying to get with the picture. In the meantime, I hope thousands in the affected states will walk the walk and take their children out of the damn schools, home school or set up co-ops, maybe underground co-ops if necessary.


What was that saying; It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It
or was it: Never argue with a man whose job depends on not being convinced.
Or was it : it is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Maybe it was : It can be very hard to understand something, when misunderstanding it is essential to your paycheck.

It is rather pointless to argue with a man whose paycheck depends upon not knowing the right answer.

In this day and time, I am sure that it will come to light just why Schiff is so enthusiastically in pursuit of stopping speech on the subject of vaccine safety.

David Weiner

The claim: Vaccines save lives

The Reality: Naturally acquiring so-called Vaccine preventable diseases saves lives.



Well done. BZ! Cathy. Not coincidentally, I wrote to Mr. Schiff to tell him almost precisely this. I do not live in his district. I am not holding my breath for his reply.

Bob Moffit

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) "vaccines save lives" hearing is a prime example of the CORRUPT tactics and strategies our "elected representatives" routinely engage while protecting a vaccine industry that is uncompromising in their quest for more and more PROFITS.

Consider how quickly this Senate hearing provided an obscure 18 year old to provide what amounted to anecdotal testimony regarding his self-congratulatory decision to vaccinate himself over the strong objection of his parents who had not vaccinated him … as opposed to … the years of this Senate committee deliberately ignoring the testimony of scientific WHISTLEBLOWERS .. such as .. the accusations of Merck's CRIMINAL acts to deceive public health bureaucracies into believing the Mumps component of the MMR vaccine was EFFECTIVE .. or .. Dr William Thompson's accusations against the highest levels of the CDC who also committed CRIMINAL acts to deny significant higher risk for autism in minority children.

So as to be clear .. if you are an 18 year old with absolutely no scientific qualifications or education background and you decide to vaccinate yourself .. you get to testify immediately among a panel of experts proving "vaccines save lives' .. but … if you are indeed a highly educated and qualified career scientist with decades of experience within the vaccine industry testifying of the criminal corruption you have witnessed and participated in .. you are NOT ALLOWED TO TESTIFY BEFORE THAT SENATE COMMITTEE.


Michael S.

Yet another well written, excellent article by an editor for Age of Autism. While totally appreciated by myself in it's compassion towards the victims of this injustice and it's clear and precise ideas, I can't help thinking that after thousands of these articles and all the awareness that this movement has provided that we are still having the same basic issue: Our lawmakers appear to be clueless as to what's really been going on. And then I ask myself: Are they? Are they knowingly and willingly participants in an effort to perpetuate an industry that kills over 200,000 Americans every year? (The medical / pharmaceutical industry as a whole.) They keep praising the virtues of vaccines when the government data clearly shows these products maiming and killing our children. You can't be a functioning adult without realizing that mandating more and more vaccines and removing exemptions is causing the widespread damage that it is. I can only conclude that most of our elected officials have been reduced to parasitic, money-grabbing murderers. I would like to be able to use the word "criminal" to describe their behavior, but that would not be accurate enough to describe their complicity in these events. Enough is enough.

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