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Letter to the Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about Vaccination Choice

MormonThank you to Brett Wilcox from his blog RunningTheCountry for sharing this letter he wrote. America was founded on religious freedom. And yet even here in my colonial state of Connecticut, religious vaccination exemptions are threatened. This about it. If Gardasil is mandated for your son and daughter - and it is a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease - should you have the right to say "No thank you" for your 11 or 12 year old, perhaps allowing them to make the choice at 18? If the vaccine is mandated on the school schedule, also in play in many states, then you will not have the right to say no without perhaps even being barred from school attendance. For not taking a vaccine for an activity-preventable disease. The media wants you to believe that "anti-vax" means never taking even one vaccine - or allowing your children to do so. And for some, this is accurate. For the most part, Americans choose vaccination for their children, sometimes asking to delay or spread out or skip this or that shot. We earned this Freedom back in 1776 when we got ourselves out from under the tyranny of a King. We fought as rag tag but determined men and women against the world dominating British Red Coats. And we won. Here we are, 243 years later. And we face a new King in the form of the United States Government and Pharma.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Office of the First Presidency
47 East South Temple Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

March 21, 2019

Re: Vaccination policy

Dear President Nelson, President Oaks, and President Eyring,

My name is Brett Wilcox. I am a lifelong member of the church, currently living in Sitka, Alaska with my family. Four years ago, I wrote a letter to President Monson and his counselors regarding the church’s position on vaccination (attached). (1)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is well known for its emphasis on protecting the sanctity of the family. The Church is also known for its support of vaccination programs, as evidenced by public statements encouraging vaccination, vaccine requirements for prospective missionaries, and its participation in and funding of international vaccination initiatives.

By linking arms with the vaccine industry, the Church has literally linked arms with the arm of flesh. Nearly all modern vaccines are contaminated with DNA fragments from various animals and from aborted male and female fetuses. (2)

It seems highly unlikely that a loving God would intend to have fetuses harvested, processed, and injected back into the bodies of pregnant women, infants, toddlers, and children. And surely, God did not intend to have His children place their faith in a one-size-fits-all medical intervention based on a (secret) combination of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Contrary to commonly accepted dogma, vaccines are dangerous. Vaccine researchers—fully aware of this fact—design “safety” studies to hide vaccine injury and death. Rather than compare new vaccines to an inert placebo, researchers compare them to another vaccine, vaccines, or toxic vaccine ingredients, such as aluminum, which scientists routinely use to induce autoimmunity in laboratory rats. The result of these experiments is known beforehand: at least 2% of vaccine recipients in both the test group and the “placebo” group will experience serious adverse events. Researchers write off the injuries as “New Medical Events” unrelated to the test vaccine or to the toxic “placebo.” I repeat for emphasis: Researchers intentionally injure, and sometimes kill, healthy children who would not have been injured or killed, had they been given a legitimate placebo. The FDA licenses new vaccines fully aware that industry “safety” tests are nothing more than scientific treachery. (3)

The ritual of vaccination is an assault on decency, individual health, families, and on the human race. The DNA in vaccines of both fetal and animal origin has the capacity to insert itself into the DNA of vaccine recipients. (4) Vaccines currently in development will intentionally and permanently alter human DNA and the human genome. (5) Consequently, we may be among the last of our species who are fully male, female, or even human.

 The Church cannot defend the sanctity of the family and simultaneously endorse a medical procedure that is altering the human genome, dissolving gender, decreasing fertility, diminishing mental capacity, and multiplying chronic disease and disability. (6) This is especially true in developing countries where people are chronically immunocompromised due to poverty, malnutrition, and unsanitary food, water, and living conditions. Children raised in these circumstances are more vulnerable to the toxins in vaccines, which would explain why researchers in Guinea-Bissau documented that the DTP vaccine multiplied childhood mortality by fivefold. (7)  Read more here.



Good article with clear conscientious objections .Many different football team colours " But passion for the game is just passion for the game" Jose Mourinho .

Peter Singers deadly logic takes humans to the cliff's edge . 21 November 2018
Discussions include
Should we euthanise severly disabled children . Peter Singer vs Andy Bannister.
Andy Bannister vs Peter Singer -Do we need God to be good .

Angus Files

My brother is a member of this church Ill pass it onto him.Great letter needs support.

Pharma For Prison



Excellent letter, Brett. Sad commentary on our times, however, that such a letter needs to be written. I hope this letter makes an impact on your Church and Presidents.

Extremely powerful message and so spot on.


This is an excellent letter, Brett is a hero for doing this! If there is anyway to influence such a powerful group or even just some of the key people in there, sowing seeds of doubt into their minds; it will be a major win.

Many outside the religion view The Church of Jesus Christ as a masonic front, which would fit together with the pro-vaccine stance. Though even if there were any truth in that, surely it is just about influencing the people in key positions, or at least getting them to back off a bit on vaccines.

Jenny Allan

"Vaccines currently in development will intentionally and permanently alter human DNA and the human genome. (5) Consequently, we may be among the last of our species who are fully male, female, or even human."

Wow-this is powerful and applies to all religions, atheists and humanists. I have copied.

Bob Moffit

Hard to believe those receiving this letter may simply dismiss it without any effort to ascertain if the information it contains is .. indeed .. true.

Then again .. as the old but wise saying goes … "There are none so blind as those that CHOOSE NOT TO SEE" ..

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