On Vaccines: Our Legislators Don’t Know Vaccines
Special Education Taking Over in England

Laura Hayes on PRN Radio Monday 3/18

PRN RadioFrom our Laura Hayes:

Tomorrow, 3/18 , I will be interviewed on PRN.fm, by Renee of Vaccine Information Coalition, at:

11:00am PST
12:00 MST
1:00pm CST
2:00pm EST

If you go to PRN.fm, there is a small "Listen Now" sign on the top left corner of the home page under the words "Deadly Deception".

It also looks like you can click on the "Shows" tab at the top of the page, then click on the "Schedule" link in the drop-down menu, then click on the Monday 2:00pm show titled "What In the Cell Is Going On?".

Hope one of those ways will make it easy for you to tune in tomorrow!


Laura Hayes

Paul Picha and David Weiner,

Thank you both for listening and commenting :) And, Paul, thank you for the heads up about the revised AAP language...they wouldn't want to forget to eliminate Philosophical Exemptions and Personal Beliefs Exemptions, too, right along with Religious Exemptions...and they probably decided it best not to draw such overt attention to the stripping of the freedom upon which our country was founded. As I stated in my interview, I hope people will choose to not give business to those who are members of the AAP.

David Weiner

This is a great interview. Could change the minds of the unaware.

Paul Picha

Invaluable info in your interview Laura. Wish you could bill my medical insurance for 10 well baby visits. Still wouldn't cover it...

You mentioned the AAP's "top 10 resolutions for 2019". Check it out-- looks like the AAP has changed their language on Resolution#1 from "Eliminating Religious Exemptions to Vaccinating Children" to "Eliminating Non-medical Exemptions to Vaccinating Children".


They are attacking religious freedom but are hoping that nobody notices.

Here it is, revised: https://www.aappublications.org/news/2019/03/16/alfresolutions031619

Laura Hayes

Here is the link for anyone who wants to listen to the interview:


Thanks to Renee of VIC for this opportunity to warn and educate others about vaccines!

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