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A Witch Hunt Against Parents of Unvaccinated Children

Hit and Run: No Assurances for Vaccine Consumers Post-Vaccination

When it comes to vaccines, we are all uninsured Americans.

By Cathy Jameson

A few weeks ago, our car was involved in a hit and run.  We were not in the vehicle at the time, so we did not sustain any physical injuries.  Regardless, damage was done.  Something, or someone, hit our car and took off.  No note was left.  No explanation, no apology, no chance to make amends.  Despite us not witnessing it or being physically there, auto insurance covered the hit and run claim.  They did so with no questions asked.  I took photos as soon as we discovered our car had been hit to help prove everything, but they believed us before I offered to send them.  Once the claim was filed, the insurance company promised to cover the repairs, compensate the fee of the rental car we’d need while our vehicle was in the shop, and they’d promise to make sure to keep in touch with us during the lengthy repair process.  The body shop that conducted the repairs even offered us a lifetime warranty on their work.  For the time we own the vehicle, all paint and body repairs are guaranteed.  I wish I could say we had the same customer service and product warranty for the liability-free vaccines my son received when he was younger. 

Instead of top notch customer service, we got confused looks from medical staff when we mentioned that we thought the vaccines hurt him.  Later, when I had to bring Ronan back to the doctor because he was getting sicker, we presented a timeline of the vaccinations received and when new issues started.  Referencing dates that were documented in his medical record – and all of the problems that began post-vaccination, we again encountered silence.  They’d known Ronan since birth.  They’d seen him grow and develop typically to a point in time.  But instead of jumping to assist us or to affirm that our hunch, that something happened to our once typically developing child, we were left on our own.  That’s in thanks of the National Childhood Injury Act of 1986.

Pharmaceutical companies and those who administer their products, aren’t held legally responsible for vaccine products or what happens after vaccines have been administered.    

While we demanded and got the necessary medical attention my son’s medical issues required after liability-free vaccinations failed him, we never got any sort of counseling about what to do next.  Why would we?  Those we previously trusted denied any wrongdoing.  The companies that provided the shots also didn’t have to do anything.  Since that Act, which I knew nothing about until after well after we discovered the injury, the pharmaceutical industry has not had to “back their claims”.  They do not have to insure that their products come with any sort of warranty either.  The Act “Provides that no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death…” It’s a hard fact to swallow, but it’s true.   

Vaccine manufactures have no liability for their vaccine products. 

We hear from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as growing number of legislators, that vaccines are only safe and only effective.  Over the airwaves, in magazine advertisements, and across all sorts of social media platforms, it’s what the manufactures and our government hope consumers would continue to believe, “Vaccines are safe.  Vaccines are effective.”  Yet, according to the CDC and the vaccine package inserts published by the FDA, all vaccines come with risk.  In fact, all medical procedures come with risk.  But only one, vaccination, does not require informed consent.  Because of that, there is no need for your doctor to go over a lengthy 11-page vaccine insert, like this MMR insert for example,  or this 28-page Gardasil  insert, to more fully inform patients of the facts, including that for some people, some vaccines can cause serious problems.  Since customer service is not a top priority for these industries. There is no need to counsel vaccine customers, as we weren’t, beyond the one-page Vaccine Information Sheet, like the MMR and Gardasil VIS pages, and there is no need to keep products truly safe. 

Vaccines come with no warranty. 

Laws that protect vaccine customers, those who opt for them and those who are forced into them, don’t exist as they do for the vaccine manufacturers.  Even more disturbing, double-blind placebo studies haven’t been conducted as the manufactures and our government claim have happened.  Why would they need to do that when there’s no legal recourse for American vaccine consumers? 

Consumers have the right to get vaccines, but they have to recourse should a vaccine fail or cause injury or death. 

While consumers cannot bring civil action, some vaccine claims do get processed.  Since 1988, US government payouts , which are “funded by a $.75 excise tax on vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for routine administration to children…The Department of Treasury collects the excise taxes and manages the Fund’s investments…” Monies have been allocated to those who have been successful in proving that liability-free vaccines have caused harm to their children.  But that process, which is arduous, is hardly shared by those who work directly with vaccine consumers.  As a fellow advocate and parent has pointed out, the vaccine consumer is not top priority: “These are government lawyers, representing a government agency, presenting government-funded science to government judges, with no jury and no normal rules of evidence.  Where's the justice in that?" What’s worse, during the proceedings, they are told that it can’t have been the vaccines.  Liability-free vaccines are safe and effective, those protecting them insist.  That’s not what Congress said, though, about them.  It’s not what the Supreme Court reiterated years later. “Unavoidably unsafe products.  There are some products which, in the present state of human knowledge, are quite incapable of being made safe for their intended and ordinary use.  These are especially common in the field of drugs...”

Documented side effects and adverse events, including death, are listed on package inserts of vaccines produced, sold, and administered in the United States. 

The National Childhood Injury Act of 1986 protects pharmaceutical companies.  Instead of offering that same protection to parents who vaccinate, it removed parents’ rights to sue those companies when injury or death occurs.  What needs to be done about that?  What can be done to change that?  Some groups are calling for the Act to be repealed. Pharmaceutical companies need to be accountable, responsible, improve safety measures and policies, and have a reason to care.  What isn’t needed are mandates, censorship, and the disrespect that parents of children like mine have had to deal with since we approached our child’s doctor with our initial concerns. 

Pharmaceutical companies are the priority, not its consumers. 

My son is still dealing with medical issues he never had until after he received liability-free vaccines.  He requires round-the-clock care now and likely will for the foreseeable future.  Insurance didn’t cover the vaccine injury itself, but they, for the most part, cover the medically necessary treatment Ronan requires due to that vaccine injury.  What a stark difference between the experience we’ve had with the medical field and insurance compared to the vehicle hit and run claim we filed recently. 

Delivered to us with pomp and circumstance after being in the shop for a week, our car looked better than when we bought it.  Within two days, though, I had to go back to the body shop.  I’d noticed that a small piece of trim on the door was damaged and not secure.  Ready to have to fight to have the car part replaced, the gentleman at the shop opened the door for me, greeted me politely, and immediately asked what he could do to help.  I told him that the trim wasn’t broken when we brought the car in for the repairs, but it’s broken now.  Without judgement or hesitation, he pulled up our record, saw that the door panel had been worked on in their shop, and ordered a new part.  Then he apologized profusely.  From start to finish, it took less than 10 minutes for him to find a solution and to act on it. 

Some of my son’s providers have yet to acknowledge that liability-free vaccines are what triggered some of his medical issues over a decade ago.  They won’t listen.  They don’t need to care.  They and the pharmaceutical companies aren’t responsible, and our government allowed that.  They will continue to allow that until more people demand change.  I pray that happens soon and before anyone else experiences vaccine injury.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.   



R Prasad

Hit and Run on the road is felony.
But Hit and Run vaccine injury is not even an offense.

Jeannette Bishop

I was going to say the only vaccine insurance is avoiding the industry, but with viral shedding and compromising impacts of unnatural "herd immunity" and serotype shift and encouraging of breakthrough mutation, rising costs of "healthcare" for a chronically ill population, further costs of an intellectually challenged population maybe even...we all pay pretty dearly for those sought-for titer levels and whatever benefit they bestow. I wish we could get an up-front bill tallying all of least it might shut down some of the platitudes and fantastical elements of the vaccine narrative and people would get down to doing some real life calculating of costs/benefits.


Excellent article as always Cathy! The analogy between the doctors and the mechanic is very accurate and a great illustration of what the parents of vaccine injured children have had to endure all these years. Our freedom of choice has been taken away. We now have to live with the damage done to our children that should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. Research for a reversal is the only answer for all of us.


Keep up the good fight Ms Cathy. We are being attacked like never before. So many articles last few days on unvaccinated child who got tetnus and had to be hospitalized. I've written two "science writers" back by e mail. I pointed out how rare tetnus is and that it could have devastating effects. I also point out the 6000 plus Americans who also suffered devastating,even death from the liability free vaccines. I also point out the 4 billion paid out by us, the taxpayers. I offer them my time for a contrary pov interview. Crickets no response. Meanwhile my youngest unvaccinated child keeps getting those perfect attendance awards! Go figure.


This is spot on Cathy! I love the contrast between the doctor and the mechanic. I have noticed something similar. My mechanic placed the blame on my car’s manufacturer when it had a problem.
My doctor placed all blame on vague “genetics”.

Mechanic: A lot of people have had problems with this make/model.

Doctor: Vaccines don’t cause any neuro problems. All those people don’t understand science.


Thank you for making that cogent comparison. I hope its okay to remind people here that this White House petition to establish an Independent Vaccine Safety Commission now has over 54,000 signatures. It needs to reach 100,000 by March 17th to get a response from the White House. Perhaps the true prize would be the proof that at very least 100,000 Americans understand that our vaccine program has serious conflict of interest and safety science problems. Please consider signing and sharing to a broad range of people whatever their current opinions on vaccines.


Perfectly presented by Ms. Jameson. I have been campaigning with members of Congress to revise the NVCIA of 1986. Repeal is a bridge to far. I suggest we put our energy behind the removal of the 36 month statute of limitations in place in USCFC. This can open the floodgates for the adjudication of cases. Perhaps, as more science is presented in full view to the American public they will wake up. Maybe, just maybe that will also force our elected officials to stop swallowing whole the false narrative of Pharma surrounding the safety and efficacy of the vaccine products they produce.


Excellent article as always Cathy!

Here's another hit and run, 8yo left paralyzed by an MR vaccine, the link is being denied, while the hospital wants to discharge her early meaning the parents will have to find a way to care for her despite their financial inability to do so.

Bob Moffit

Cathy .. there is a stark distinction between your auto-repair/insurance company relationship .. and .. our government public health bureaucracies/vaccine industry.

To your auto-repair/insurance company .. you are a valued customer who requires satisfaction for the services they provide .. less they lose your business.

To your government public health bureaucracies/vaccine industry .. there is no need to satisfy you or your family with the services they provide .. since you and your family are not considered "customers" … instead .. you and your family are simply members of a "HERD".

The HERD is required to blindly accept any and all services provided it .. PERIOD.

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