Action Alert: CA Senator Schiff Attacking Internet Free Speech
Tesla Uses Merck Whistleblower Punishment Playbook: "Destroy Them Where They Live"

GMOs, Vaccines, Choice, and Informed Consent

RTC race

NOTE: Thank you to Brett Wilcox for allowing us to excerpt this post from his blog "Running The Country."


In 2013, our 14-year old son, David, decided that he wanted to run across the United States. My wife, Kris, and I supported his decision. I told David that I wanted our run to matter and to make a difference beyond our family. I was and continue to be passionately opposed to the agrochemical industry’s takeover of the world’s food supply. I asked David if he would mind if we ran on a GMO Free USA platform. He said okay.

In addition to training for our 3,000-mile, transcontinental run across the USA, I also wrote a book called We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie. In my research, I had become familiar with two different movements: the movement to label GMOs, and the more-assertive, more-encompassing movement to ban them from the environment.

The Just Label It movement looked good at first glance, but upon deeper examination, I concluded otherwise. Virtually everything about the technology and implementation of genetic modification is based on theft and fraud.

Read the full post at Running The Country here.


susan welch

Thank you, Brett Wilcox, for this really excellent article.

Robin Miles-McLean

Just FYI - Amazon is not being pressured by Pharma - or even Adam Schiff (although we all know it's not from lack of trying on Schiff's part). Amazon is becoming pharma.

"Amazon has been hinting at its interest in selling drugs, but it faced the problem of securing pharmacy licenses in each state. PillPack will help overcome that hurdle, since the start-up is licensed to ship drugs in 50 states — clearing the way for the e-commerce giant to quickly become a major player in the business."

This is so worrying - just chilling actually.

R Prasad

@Hans Litten

Couldn't agree more. Just today, Amazon has pulled all Autism treatment books from their site following pressure from Big Pharma, AAP and other child hurting bodies.


Good article, Merck UK MSD Animal Health States - Emanectin Benzoate a safe and effective prevention /treatment for our dear Sammy Salmon and Tammy Trout ? Sound familiar ?
Same risk assessment failure scoped out from nose to tail . Failure to listen ,Failure to see and failure to act !
Scottish government accused of colluding with drug giant over pesticides scandal .

Hans Litten

NASA boss says first Martian ‘likely to be a woman’ (one way ticket mind)

I have a list of suggestions :

Blue Sky Granma
Sally Davies
The CEO of Global Slow Kill
dorit Reece
Fiona O'Leery

It goes on and on. Who have I missed ?

Hans Litten

Brett, is that a typo ? "Running The Country."

It could easily read "Ruining The Country."

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