The Aspirin a Day Science is Unsettled and on St. Joseph's Day No Less!
Student Paper: Vaccinate by Choice, Not by Force

Free Speech YouTubers Noticing Crack Down on Vaccination Topic

Happy to see that people are picking up on the unAmerican trend to deleting vaccine topics from social media. You don't have to be a vaccine safety advocate or an anti-vaxxer or even a full pro-vaxxer to know that crushing debate in not worthy of the USA. Thanks to Adriana Gamondes for finding this video for us.  I am not familiar with TruthStream media. I may not agree with some or even all of their topics, I haven't delved deep yet. I do think it's important to acknowledge when outsiders start noticing who they are not allowed to criticize.  From their YouTube channel:

Mel here. For the record, I had a totally different video I was working on, and Aaron has a large one he's been editing, but we both dropped everything to make this instead because it needed to be said. This is a much bigger issue beyond whether or not you are "pro" or "anti" vaccines. It's a larger situation about free speech in a society where the public square has gone digital, and major corporations, political leaders, and so-called scientific "experts" are going to start deciding what people are allowed to see, discuss, and know. If you don't share this one, it's probably going to get buried. Note — Just in case, our backup channel on Vimeo is here:



Spelling error should read police horses !


They want to try to gag free speech and freedom of expression ? using computers- communication highways and byways . Well best of luck to the dear wee diddums with that for a game of crofters and cowboys !
The best ever rendition of sunshine on Leith YouTube
As Eddie Turnbull football manager used to say to us over high tea "Tell them to hold that last result ,because their balls are up on the slates, so their game's a bogie!"

No protest street marches required !, those police hores are too beautiful to risk getting injured anyway !

Aimee Doyle

@Annie -"Why does not one ask of Adam Schiff's censorship of print and television media?"

That's a really good question. I wonder why the conservative newspapers and conservative television media have not condemned this? Also, why did none of the Republican members of congress protest what he was suggesting?

If anyone did, I'd love to see the links.


Jeannette Bishop

@Susan, JMO, but I think the internet has been a concern and attraction in terms of information control for some time. Most airwaves and cable TV media is very controlled already. Print news also, but also dying, I think (though some alternative media sources are talking about having typewriters to fall back upon). If there is increased reliance upon digital systems for news, they could implement algorithms to not just censor, but intercept/modify/manipulate data differently from what is initially transmitted IMO. There is already some regional control of access to some of the entertainment media.


Perhaps studies like this are prompting the online censorship crackdown. Worldwide last year, 'antivaxxer' searches have increased 400% and 'do vaccines cause autism' searches have also increased 180%. People indeed are concerned and curious.


Why does no one ask of Adam Schiff’s censorsip Of print and television media?


People need to send a message. Cancel your twitter, facebook and youtube accounts and let them know why you are doing so. Then start looking for alternatives like Line and DailyMotion

Angus Files

Pharma Satanic Panic banning free-speech .

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Really appreciated hearing this canvassing of the open censorship occurring, and some background investigation into Hotez! I feared many in alternative media might not feel any difference and notice (because they've been more quietly censored--they're complaining, but media corps aren't bragging about it anyway--and sometimes I just feel like few really want to talk about kids sickened by our institutionalized "healthcare," if they're not essentially steamrolled by it everyday, and then even then...).

Somewhat aside, great to watch this non-vaccinated young man's testimony in Maine:

Jill in MI

Very good video. Thanks for posting. It sure sounds like there are some leaks in the dam...

Donna L.

Hallelujah! There is intelligent life on earth after all!

Laura Hayes

Excellent. Definitely worth the listen. Thx for posting here on AoA.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Thank you AoA for posting this video. It does my heart good to hear rational people questioning the motives of people actively suppressing free speech.

Bob Moffit

I suspect we are getting to the final stages of ending the vaccine epidemic that has been imposed on generations of children .. as once said about the "last refuge of scoundrel is patriotism" .. in my humble opinion .. the "last refuge of the vaccine scoundrels is hate-speech".

Hopefully .. it is only a matter of time before TRUTH PREVAILS .. even though ,, due to our highly technologic reliance upon the inter-net to gain critical information has been hi-jacked .. co-opted .. to deny "free speech" to those speaking TRUTH TO POWER ..

It is worth remembering we have suffered through many similar experiences over decades .. where industries exercised their powerful influences in "controlling information" that eventually was PROVED justifiably critical of their products … think the tobacco industry-cigarettes-cancer .. and .. fuel industry-lead in gas- compromised neurological development.

Those two industries tried their level best to maintain control over information critical of their products .. and were highly successful for decades … but .. I don't ever remember the tobacco or fuel industries trying to deny critics by claiming their criticism HATE SPEECH.

Hopefully .. those powerful internet corporations who appear to have embraced the "last refuge" of the vaccine industry will suffer enormous consequences for their collaborative effort to restrain FREE SPEECH by falsely claiming it is HATE SPEECH. Hopefully THEY will be held accountable for their actions and will pay the price by having THEIR monopolistic power over the dissemination of information severely curtailed.

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