Secret Court Hearing Takes Son with Autism Away from UK Mother
Rockland County New York Bans Healthy American Children from Public Places Based on Vaccination Status

Father of Child Killed at Sandy Hook Commits Suicide in Newtown CT

WeepHi, friends. Kim here. I live about 15 miles from Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut.  One of the beautiful children murdered was named Avielle Richman.

A news story broke that yesterday morning, Avielle's Dad, Jeremy Richman, "a neuropharmacologist with more than 20 years of experience in research and drug discovery", (that made me sit up and take note) committed suicide. It hurts even to type those words.

I have seen first hand what suicide does to a family. It's devastating forever.  Suicide triggers anger at the loved one, and this anger is directed not at a disease or a vicious murderer or even a terrible accident which puts it at odds with the sorrow of grief. We aren't supposed to be pissed off at the person who dies. Many of us bury that emotion as surely as we bury the body.

I am so very sorry for his friends, colleagues and family - reeling yet again with the pain of loss. With the anger.

I have been reading comment after comment about Richman's death and the toll of PTSD. Many of them have had a similar thread. I will paraphrase: 

"Can you imagine the agony of knowing your child was harmed, and then having a conspiracy deny your loss, and have lunatics call you a crisis actor, and then have the radio, TV, blogs and articles run story after story that completely denies what happened to your family?"

Can we imagine?





The whole story of the so-called "Sandy Hook shooting" has NOT been told in full. Here's some more factoids: The CT. Attorney General's Office, in refusing to release the full report on the shooting, stated that to do so, "would make people stop their "meds"".... THINK about that! What could possibly be in the report, that would make people stop taking the drugs? Adam Lanza, the shooter, had several "diagnoses", and was on various "psych drugs". That much came out, but was also suppressed by the media. Alex Jones, (who may or may not be the "late" Bill Hicks....), is basically giving the media an excuse and a distraction. A few "news stories" about Jones' rantings and ravings, and there's no longer any need to tell the WHOLE TRUTH. Of course I can't "prove" it, but I'd say the single biggest preventable cause of such violence is the PSYCH DRUGS....
Also, Dr. Peter Breggin was mentioned in comments above. I first read his "Toxic Psychiatry" in the early 1990's. He's written several other excellent books, and blogs regularly at "".
"Mad in America", and "Anatomy of an Epidemic" are both books from Mr. Robert Whitaker, who runs the "< website. I strongly recommend these excellent educational resources.
Most parents of ASD children have their own psychiatry & psych drug horror stories....
It's all about MONEY, and POWER and CONTROL....
"THEY" take away our money and power, and seek to further control us.....
God, I wish I was wrong....


Thanks for another informative article Kim. I agree with Bob Moffit's statements completely. We have had a long 32 years since my adult son regressed at the age of three...developing normally and then suddenly losing all language and awareness of people and the world around him due to vaccine damage. The people responsible for this tragedy are still denying it was their fault and calling thousands of us parents with similar experiences a bunch of lunatic mental cases who are imagining what happened to our children. They have damaged a generation of healthy people and are still getting away with it as the numbers of autism diagnosis continue to soar. According to them it is just a natural state of affairs! There is nothing normal about hundreds of thousands of children being diagnosed with a disorder that was once so rare it was diagnosed in 1 in 10,000! We, the families, are left to suffer with the heartbreak of having to live with our children in this state of "rare" autism.

susan welch

Will, I think you missed the point

Can you imagine the agony of knowing your child was harmed, and then having a conspiracy deny your loss, and have lunatics call you a crisis actor, and then have the radio, TV, blogs and articles run story after story that completely denies what happened to your family?"

This paragraph is what many of us identify with.


Amen Bendetta!

My very best to all your loved ones! Thank you so much for all of your insightful comments. I learn so much from you all the time!


Annie; It is amazing to me that there is not massive lawsuits, acknowledgment, cracks down and what not. I really don't understand it at all, except that the public once again; just like vaccines, are kept in the dark, just don't understand.

I have some erratic thoughts on the matter, and unsure what to make of them.

I was listening to Sharyl Attkisson recent show, and she had Dr. Breggin a psychiatrist on; Most people go to him to get off of the drugs. He said no one tells the public that Prozac acts as methamphetamine! Well geesh, a methamphetamine? We have been through a lot, and until he said that, I had not figured that out. Why am I so slow.

Apparently it is not suppose to be given to some one that has bipolar. Trouble is, a lot of people don't know they have bipolar until they are put on Prozac. I am puzzled here, and wondering, do you really have bipolar, if it takes Prozac to show you that you do? Can enough of Prozac cause anyone to go into a mania like they are saying just those with bipolar can??

Nor did I even think about if some one is depressed, they can be brought out of it by an upper, meth-like drug? Hmmm, light bulb moment - when I think of my cousin (who is in prison this time to stay) says to me that drugs (never said which ones) can get him feel like he can do anything, be anything, and is the best feeling in the world. I'd say he has bipolar, and getting himself into the mania phase with I suppose any meth/upper/energy like drug, and staying has always been a major goal in his life. Now he is in prison and not a goal he will likely obtain anymore.

My own daughter said that Prozac put her in the mania phase, and did say that being in a mania is enjoyable enough to be addictive. I am going against what Dr. Breggin who says it is not biochemical here. I don't really know. Depression looks to me like it could be some soft brain injury. I really don't really know that, I think so though.

Then I have got to witness what Parkinson meds can do Caridopa/levodopa Last summer was once again another water mark of horror. The neurologist upped the dosage of Parkinson for my father; two pills, four times a day. Unknown to me, he was taking additional Parkinson meds, thinking they were his antihistamines. The next thing I know he is walking out in the garage, getting in the car, and going home because he thinks he is at his friend's house that has long been dead for years. Shortly after that episode, the veterans are all worried about suicides, and if anyone even mentions they are sad, the veterans are putting them on something. Three or four visits of the psychiatrist to our house insisting, yeah we put him on Zoloft, and he went to sleep. I don't me a nap, I mean sleeping and nothing else, not eating, not knowing were he was, nothing.

We got him off the Zoloft and he was fine, except a heart attack last fall, and again a month ago. The neurologist visit this week let me know that Parkinson meds can reduce blood pressure and the heart doctors now have my father on blood pressure medicine to raise blood pressure. So much I don't understand, and I am not alone.

I am going to say it ; If these drugs worked surely this neuropharama father could have figured out the cocktail that would have worked for him instead of deciding on suicide. I also wonder how much he has thought on what the drugs did or did not do to Adam Lanzam?

To complicated, except it is a horrible mess, and it appears to me that these drugs


Many suicides are not mental illness but the desire to "be with" a dead relative or friend of forbidden lover. The murder of this man's child had mental issues including maybe Asperger's but that murderer is also dead. why are people complaining about vaccines this is an article about the suicide of a grieving parent.


My very deepest condolences to the Richman family! As difficult and as verboten as this might be to say, family members of the victims of mass murder and suicide should be aware that, unlike vaccines, psychotropic medications are not liability-free. If the pharmaceutical industry is instigating the public health crises of mass murder and suicide, shouldn’t the American public be able to hold them accountable?

Sunny P

Well said, Kim. And you’re right, the parallels are sadly so stark... Also knowing the impact of suicide first-hand, I really appreciate your explanation of what sets its grief apart. You so often give my heavy heart a voice. Thank you for that.

Bob Moffit

"Can we imagine?"

Speaking for myself .. it has been a long 17 years since my grandson "regressed" somewhere around the age of two .. perfectly healthy and developing at a pace to be proud of .. suddenly, inexplicably lose all communication and spontaneous responses to life unfolding around and before him … followed by SEVENTEEN YEARS OF KNOWING HE WAS HARMED .. KNOWING THE PEOPLE WHO HARMED HIM WOULD DENY THEIR ACTIONS TO THE DAY THEY DIED AND BEYOND … ALL THE WHILE BEING DEMONIZED, RIDICULED AND SMEARED AS A MEMBER OF WHAT THEY SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY CLAIM IS THE "LUNATIC FRINGE".

So .. yes .. I can easily imagine it … because it HAS HAPPENED TO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS JUST LIKE ME.

Angus Files

unless its a bad dream-YES.

Pharma For Prison


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