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Autism Taking Toll on Schools

Dr. Peter Hotez tells Mom: "You're functioning as useful idiots for the anti-vaccine..."

The esteemed Dr. Peter Hotez, father himself of a daughter with autism, referred to Mothers who are concerned about vaccine safety as "functioning as useful idiots."  Useful idiots is a political term I had never heard. It is not, as suspected, a compliment. It's a complete brush off and attempt to marginalize the females of the autism and vaccine safety/choice community.  Thank you to Ginger Taylor for the video clip.

In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.[1][2] The term was originally used during the Cold War to describe non-communists regarded as susceptible to communist propaganda and manipulation.[1] The term has often been attributed to Vladimir Lenin, but this attribution is unsubstantiated.[3][4]

Dr. Hotez wrote a memoir titled "Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism." As a memoirist myself, I find that title demeaning to his daughter. Is that the most important aspect of her life - to exonerate vaccines? JB HAndley published a book called How To End The Autism Epidemic just a few weeks before Dr. Hotez's book debuted last Fall. Take a peek at the sales rankings as of today in the Amazon screen shots below. You may find them.... useful.

JB Amazon March 8

Peter Hotez Book



So I'm reading Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism by Peter Hotez, MD, PhD. On pg. 38, he writes: "Ann kept all of Rachel's immunization records. Rachel received all of her schedule vaccinations as recommended by the CDC and ACIP. Over the first few years of life, beginning when she was two months of age, she received five doses of the combined diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine...."

That must not be quite true. Rachel was born on October 14, 1992. A CDC document dated June 16, 1995 says, "DTaP currently is licensed for use only as the fourth and/or fifth dose of the DTP series for children greater than or equal to 15 months of age."

In 1992, DTP was recommended at 2, 4 and 6 months, and that is undoubtedly what Rachel received:

It wasn't until 1997 that ACIP recommended that the "less reactogenic" DTaP replace all pediatric DTP doses:

It seems like an odd mistake for a pediatrician and vaccine developer to make about his own daughter.

("Reactogenic"--Of or relating to the production of adverse reactions in immunization.)


Nice Bow Tie ! Was there a fire sale of them, or something ?
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Talking about colic, which is often (or perhaps always) considered to be an allergic manifestation, Fisher and Coulter write in DPT: A Shot in the Dark:

"In 1983, Lawrence Steinman, M.D., and his colleagues at the Stanford University School of Medicine and London Hospital published a study in Nature suggesting that some children with allergies may be genetically predisposed to reacting to the pertussis vaccine. Steinman found that mice with a particular set of genes (occurring at the H-2 locus on the chromosome) who had been pre-sensitized to the milk protein known as BSA (bovine serum albumin found in cow's milk, most infant formulas, and also in the breast milk of mothers who drink cow's milk) died shortly after being injected with pertussis vaccine and manifested a clinical syndrome resembling post-pertussis vaccination encephalopathy. The control group of mice that did not have the genes and were not pre-sensitized to BSA did not die."

That study, cited in another scholarly work as recently as 2016, is here:

Jeannette Bishop

"You mean you wish us to be," I replied in that fantasy world where something coherent to answer with actually comes to mind... I'm so slow. In public, I'd probably not put two words together for someone like Hotez, but now after a couple days of thought, I'm wishing I could come back at Dr. Hotez with question of who exactly does he think constitutes the "anti-vaccine" movement we are useful-idiot-alizing for, then?

He's pointing near the core of the movement and trying to label us something on the periphery and use it as excuse to protect us from "the movement." But he can't protect us from our fundamental source of vaccine injury knowledge. It's like the system, itself in major denial, is trying to force us to participate in the denial so we stop being evidence there is something they're in denial about. Sorry, I already gave that undeserving (evil) effort at least 7 concerted (and really many more trusting) years, and it was very humiliating to look at how long I gave it such an undeserving benefit of the doubt, with the evidence I had at hand... and now just up-chucks right back up...

Dr. Hotez, in my mind though, IS a very useful divider and maybe distractor.


Also, iirc parents quoted in A Shot in the Dark say that the cri encephalique is unlike crying with colic. It's described as high-pitched screaming.

cia parker

Thank you, Carol, it's what I thought you had said. I think it's interesting that colic and vaccine reactions seem to be associated in many children, and think that that points to a genetic predisposition to both. While I was holding my baby in the four days and nights of her screaming, I thought a lot about it. I knew from my books on baby care that colic didn't happen the first week, and I was trying to decide whether maybe she had been born post-term and developmentally closer to three weeks of age. No reason except the screaming to do so, she was born weighing seven pounds two point two ounces, normal weight, two days past her due date.


Cia, just to be clear, I didn't say that Fisher said that colic and encephalitis were the same thing or always occur together. If I'm understanding her correctly, she noticed that existing or prior colic was a risk factor for severe reaction to the DPT vaccine.

cia parker

I don't think there are many ways to differentiate colic and encephalitis. I reacted to my first DPT at three months old with screaming syndrome and Asperger's. I also had colic for several months, according to my parents. My baby reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with screaming syndrome, and when my mother told the pediatrician, he asked if it were for over three hours a day, and she said It's much, much more than that, to which he replied Oh, well, my older daughter had colic when she was a baby, it's not a real physical condition anyway.

I know a few things about colic. It follows a rule of three, not starting before the third week, lasting at least three hours a day, and ending by three months old. It never starts in the first week the way reactions to the hep-B vaccine do. It does not interfere with feeding. My daughter couldn't nurse in the four days of her screaming syndrome. She'd take one suck then turn her head away and scream again. She lost one pound two ounces in the first two days of the screaming. The pediatrician was alarmed at that and urged me to get a breast pump and also give supplemental formula feedings. Still clueless that the cause was his forgetting to tell the hospital staff that I had made a special trip just to say I didn't want my baby to get the hep-B vaccine as I had read it often caused autism.

Also true that at about a month old my baby also started to scream with colic, but within the guidelines for colic, not sixteen hours a day as she had during the encephalitic reaction. There's probably a genetic connection between being prone to colic and vaccine encephalitis, but, really, who wants to investigate that? It would only lead to reduced vaccine profits.

If it were the law that parents had to be informed that colic never occurs in the first week and that screaming for over three hours before three weeks old means you need to get to the ER as quickly as possible (which might but probably won't help, but at least you'll have it on the record), then we would quickly learn how often encephalitic reactions to the hep-B vaccine occur. But they want to hear no evil.


Benedetta, in DPT: A Shot in the Dark, Fisher identifies colic as a risk factor for severe reaction to DPT. I note that by Hotez's (or his wife's) description in the Texas Monthly article, their colicky daughter had encephalitis sometime during her first year of life.

I think Hotez would say that autism is a complicated thing involving 99 gene variants accompanied by brain rearrangement and thus couldn't possibly be caused by encephalitis after birth. I suspect that those who've seen their normal children regress into autism would disagree.


What?!!!! There’s a lobby?!!! AND it has useful idiots?!! I did not get the memo!

I don’t think Judy Mikovitz
Luc Montagnier’
William Thompson
Andrew Zimmerman
Sherri Tenpenny
Suzanne Humphries
Bob Sears
Paul Thomas
Tetyanna Obuchanych
Theresa Deischer
Daniel Neides
Jennifer Margelies did either? Is there a place Hotez where they can submit their resumes?

YOU’RE the idiot!!!!! Stop being useful!!!!!!


Peter Hotez is actually referring to other people as useful idiots???

Holy jeez dud... project much?


Yeah, I was a useful idiot for sure back in my younger days, but not now.


"She was a colicky infant [Hotez's autistic daughter]"
Well my son was too, but I, the body that carried him for nine months received a DPT vaccine 11 months before he was conceived. Yeah, I had a DPT vaccine at the end of Oct ; had then a miscarriage around the middle of Nov, and eight months later was pregnant again with my colicky baby to be, son. As far as my own body, I knew things were not right. I went to the doctor to have myself checked out before getting pregnant again. I felt tired all the time, and my own stomach was a mess All that effort and no one caught that I was anemic?

Still colicky baby as he was; he was a strong boy. Still ahead of his mile stones. Even though his first DPT vaccine; caused his left ventricular of his heart to swell up, giving him a heart murmur. It took the third one to take away his speech and his ability to walk.


Hotez’s eyes resemble a cornered animal’s as he avoids directly answering questions, deflects with “Read the book” and retreats.

People like Hotez talk at others, instead of listening. He shields himself with PR from government agencies and flounders when venturing outside his scripted talking points. If you scan Hotez’s book, mental alarms go off - his ambition, his selfishness, his arrogance, his limited parenting time due to globetrotting. His daughter is a prop for his agenda, and biomedical treatments to help her health are not prioritized in his scientific studies.

Hotez’s innate insensitivity to the vaccine-injured is repulsive; he callously tells these parents, “We did the math.” Which says your child’s life has been reduced to a calculation, an inconvenient statistic manipulated to be as small as possible. And thus somehow ethically acceptable to society?

Keyword searches, Dr. Hotez:
Verstraeten “It just won’t go away”
"William Thompson" MMR African-American malfeasance
mumps Merck whistleblower virologist "Protocol 007"


"Useful idiot", also "dupe", "patsy", "puppet", "mouthpiece", "shill", etc. Yes, these are all different words, with slightly different absolute definitions, but they are all basically saying the same thing. And while it might look like "name calling", - which it usually is, - it also says more about *WHO* is USING that phrase "useful idiot", WHO is DOING the duping, WHO is setting up the patsy, WHO is pulling the puppet strings, WHO is speaking through that mouthpiece, WHO is the shill shilling FOR....
In my DECADES-long study of PROPAGANDA in the media, I've found that almost always, only persons who are themselves so-called "useful idiots", ever call others "useful idiots", in the name-calling, bullying way which Hotez has done to parents of vaxx-injured children. Make no mistake, there is an ongoing propaganda war, and CIVIL WAR in the media right now, around the subject of vaxxes. Unless you a 100% "true believer", and sing the praises of the PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRODUCT, - VAXXES, - then you're an evil "anti-vaxxer", says the main-stream corporate media....
Yes, vaxxes do not cause autism, alcohol does not cause alcoholism, and heroin, fentanyl, oxycontin, and opiates DO not cause addiction, or substance use disorders....or so "they" say.... WHO are "they"? They are WHO, - the World Health Organization of the U.N.....
I want all adults to be FREE to get vaxxed, or NOT. So-called "vaccine mandates", or FORCED DRUGGING, is a form of medical fascism, and violates the U.S. Constitution. That's what I think.
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!

Bob Moffit

JB Handley's excellent book .. "How to end the autism epidemic" was published a few weeks prior to the .. unintentionally self-identified "useful idiot" Dr Hotez's book "Vaccines did not cause Rachell's autism" .. and as of this article today .. JB's book is rated #520 on Amazon's Best Seller's rank .. while the useful idiot's book is rated #38,579.

It appears there are a lot less people seeking to buy books denying any link between autism and vaccines .. than people that are buying books seeking ANSWERS on how to end the autism epidemic .. which is probably the main reason for politicians and public health agencies to try their best to CENSOR a far more POPULAR book like JB's .. but … if I were a shareholder of Amazon I would be asking why Amazon should even consider CENSORING A BOOK THAT ACTUALLY SELLS WHILE SELLING A BOOK THAT DOESN'T SELL?

go Trump

Perhaps what is needed is a web site where medical professionals could sign in by State and secure say the “two month baby vaccines” --- adjusted to their body weight “to be fair” of course.

Their “baby vaccine video clips” would then be posted for all to see.

What better way to promote vaccine safety.


From a Texas Monthly article about Hotez:

"She was a colicky infant [Hotez's autistic daughter], unlike her older siblings, who were three and four at the time. Ann noticed other differences too: Rachel had an unusually high-pitched cry, and when Ann would pick her up to comfort her, her tiny body would remain stiff rather than nestling into her mother’s arms."

From A Shot in the Dark:

"Many authorities consider high-pitched screaming to be neurological in origin. Vincent Fulginiti [pediatric infectious disease specialist] wrote in 1982: 'Many infants cry and fret after pertussis vaccination...the crying is often of unusual pitch and intensity and the baby is inconsolable. This syndrome is considered to be encephalopathic in origin....'"

Body stiffness is also considered a sign of encephalitis. No observations about the possible cause of Rachel's autism were offered. Maybe Hotez's book sheds more light.

Cait Beattie

Re: Hotez's book, it's possible his daughter's autism was not caused by vaccines. What does that prove? I have a family member who regressed into autism following infection with e. coli. Of course there can be other causes / contributing factors in autism — I don't think anyone is disputing that.

But it would be ridiculous to conclude — based on a single case — that vaccines never cause autism, especially with so much compelling evidence to the contrary.

Angus Files

Hoetz looked in the mirror recently that is giving him the benefit he has a reflection.

Pharma For Prison



Useful idiot. I believe Dr. Hotez just described himself.

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