Elsevier "Withdraws" Spanish Sheep Veterinary Study: By Celeste McGovern
The Pharmaceutical Industry Sponsored Maine Chapter Of The AMA Admits It Wrote The Maine Vaccine Exemption Removal Bill, Then Claims That It Is Not Sponsored By The Pharmaceutical Industry.

DeVos Wants To Cut What?

Scissors giantThe Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos included cuts to Special Olympics funding in her budget proposal. For those of us with special needs kids, there are few places where we can feel even a little bit welcome, let alone at home. For many families, Special Olympics provides a refuge, not just a place to compete in sports and games. Athletics is important for all children. It teaches how to win, how to lose, perseverance. It builds social skills. It creates a community. Special Olympics is all that and much more. To cut it is but a drop in the bucket of the budget but sends a clear message. A losing message.  See the CNN report here.



Bob-believe it or not I just read a report on CNN that said the truth was that Trump wanted the cuts to Special Olympics and it was De Vos who restored the money for the Special Olympics! Which story is true? Take your pick as you can't get truth from the news anymore and the stories are told and twisted and re-told so who knows what is true anymore? We can no longer place our full trust in the news stories we hear today.

Bob Moffit

Just watched morning news .. President Trump has issued an order RESTORING the funds for Special Olympics. If nothing else .. this is a clear indication someone in the White House is hearing our VOICES ..


Yet the government has all this money for the darn war in Iraqd Let's not forget about the education department getting rid of special education schools and getting rid of vocational education that could have benefited people in special education and regular schools. How does that relate to autism? because the kids with autism used to be in special education schools and they got rid of them and mainstream them and now they are not succeeding. Why did they get rid of them? Because of budget cuts. Devos is continuing a decade of unfair budget cuts.


Neither party is impressive, but Republicans earn their reputation for heartlessness when they make decisions like this. I felt the same way when Republicans in New York State cut funding for a debate program in which prisoners were debating students from Ivy League school debate programs. The incarcerated in this program had a purpose, were stretching their minds, and were gaining confidence - a worthy use of funds and excellent way to rehabilitate them. Especially frustrating when you realize the CIA has “lost track” of trillions of dollars over the past decade. Not to mention the millions in our tax dollars that have been spent on vaccine injury compensation. We have the funds for Special Olympics, somewhere. I was very sad to hear about this.

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