Senator Rand Paul Speaks About Medical Rights at Vaccination Hearing
Dr. Peter Hotez tells Mom: "You're functioning as useful idiots for the anti-vaccine..."



The mother said she had an epiphany when her pediatrician said that her son would have to get the chickenpox vaccine every 10 years. I think she misspoke and meant to say tetanus, but even so I found her credible.

I would be hard-pressed to sound byte my concerns about vaccines even though I've read hundreds of articles on both sides of the issue.

If she were a plant, I think she would be all over the media making a fool of herself and espousing the kinds of outlandish theories the pro-vaccine extremists lampoon us with.

Hans Litten

I dont trust this family.

It smells of a set up to me.

Mother stopped vaccinating, says she read alot of books.
But cant give any concrete reasons why and doesnt name these books

Jenny Allan

Patrick & Geoff
Yes - The whole thing looks more than a bit 'staged'. From across the Atlantic I found it ridiculous, so much fuss was made about a young adult getting an array of vaccines stated to be 'for the first time', due to his mum's stated refusal to to consent to all previous child vaccines. If this was the case, then Ethan and his brother look very healthy on it!

Of course the 'staging' at the Senate HELP hearing was not confined to Ethan’s testimony, since mothers of vaccine damaged children were refused permission to testify, as were prominent persons opposed to mandatory vaccines in the UK, including Robert Kennedy Jnr. Even Senator Rand Paul’s sensible testimony, flagged up hundreds of estimated US annual measles deaths and thousands of flu ones. Trust me –these figures were nothing more than estimates based on flawed statistical data, and almost certainly mostly involved adults, rather than children.

Michael S.

The Witch Hunt is on ! Sound the horns and let the dogs out!

Excellent article by Vera Sharav:


Does it bother anyone that this Mother and son are both actors and how timely this all is. You can find them acting on youtube. One of the brothers even says the words: PR stunt, fake news, being used as a tool for pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical company likely doesn't want to leave anything to fate regarding mandating vaccines so they control both sides of the argument.


What Bigtree does so right is to take the broad view and have the perspective to see the positive aspects in both the ups and downs of this struggle and I think what Bigtree does with his comments to Mrs Lindenberger about the positive deportment, speaking ability and general awesomeness of her son Ethan even though he disagrees with Ethan's message was pure class.


03.08.19 - A good listen, Jeremy Hammond on The Gary Null Show, starts at around 28 minutes in


In my previous comment I said, "Lindenberger seems unaware that not all countries have chickenpox vaccine on their schedule and there's a reason." I was referring to Ethan Lindenberger, the one who testified. His mom is very aware.


Lindenberger seems unaware that not all countries have chickenpox vaccine on their schedule and there's a reason. The following is from the National Health Service website:

"The chickenpox vaccine is not part of the routine UK childhood vaccination programme because chickenpox is usually a mild illness, particularly in children.

There's also a worry that introducing chickenpox vaccination for all children could increase the risk of chickenpox and shingles in adults...."

Bob Moffit

@ David

"Isaac is the libertarian."

Yes .. if I remember it right … Issac at the closing of Del's interview was asked if he had anything to say to his brother Ethan .. Issac said he and Ethan were BOTH Libertarians .. having the same opinion on government making decisions for people as Sen Rand Paul.


I viewed Del's interview with Ethan's mom and brother, yesterday. What I found hilarious (and sad at the same time), was that Ethan testified that his Mom researched FACEBOOK for information on vaccines, etc.

As his Mom states during the interview, Facebook wasn't around at the time she started doing her research. She started her research years ago, well before the advent of Facebook, a fact not unknown to many who were not permitted to testify at this hearing.

I feel sorry for Ethan. He's so young and probably has no clue as to how much he's being used as the pawn in this scenario. I hope he doesn't suffer too many health consequences, due to vaccination, but at this time I really feel he will, in the long term.

He's become the poster boy for Big Pharma, but he has a Mom and a brother who aren't willing to step aside w/o speaking their minds. I feel so sorry for this family. I can only imagine the divide this is causing all of them.

cia parker

Ethan is just a kid, but he's 18 years old. It would not be appropriate to try to control what he looks at on the Internet. Well, maybe say if he looks at porn on the home computer, he has to move out if he won't comply with house rules. I don't know if you'd want to go so far as to say if he looks at information on Reddit, he's out, but it would be the parent's option.

It's normal for kids to rebel against their parents and try to stake out their own independent identity. Some kids drop out, get involved with a bad crowd, even a gang in some circles, drugs, sex, another religion than that of their parents, politics, are the Moonies still around? I had friends who went to a Moonie conference or something when we were in college. They really liked it.

You have to say OK, he chose this way to rebel. His body, his choice. Fine. On his head be it. He may eventually find out that whatever autoimmune condition he develops was triggered by the vaccines. And that's the way it goes. And I cannot say I hope it doesn't. If he's so smart, it's super easy to find out in innumerable ways the dangers of vaccines, and super evil to maintain that now he's seen the light and he's willing to force everyone else to get all the vaccines as well. He said he doesn't know how he's even still alive having gotten no vaccines growing up. Give me a break. He needs to get on and do a little research on his family background, and he would discover that he has literally MILLIONS of ancestors who reached childbearing age and in most cases many more decades without having received a single vaccine. I did so and found the officially-recorded dates of thousands of mine, many of whom lived to their seventies or eighties even three to seven hundred years ago. Another modern myth that most people died by the time they were twenty (which Sonia Khan said in a book of hers I was reading last week).

Even thirty years ago American children only got the DPT, the MMR, and the polio vaccines, and didn't even need most of those. None of the newer vaccines. And our country was AWASH in the millions of healthy children who were everywhere. Same for the generation before the m, m, and r, when I was a small child. Again, MILLIONS of baby-boomers, healthy, happy, well-dressed, sociable, polite, smart, only getting the smallpox, DPT, and polio vaccines. No autism, except a small number from the pertussis vaccine, but no one I knew had even heard of it before Rainman. Little autoimmune disease.


the Senate's exploitation of this "family feud" lent a reality tv show flavor to the hearing.
Such a waste of time and resources.

David Weiner


Isaac is the libertarian.

Bob Moffit

I hope Ethan does not suffer any "unintended consequences" after receiving the HEP B, HPV, Flu and Tetanus vaccines on his FIRST VISIT … expecting more vaccines .. "later this month".

Make no mistake .. Ethan has become a valuable spokesman for the entire vaccine industry, the media and politicians .. therefore .. his own continuing "good health" as a "fully vaccinated adult" will be critical to his continued value as a spokesman.

Odd Ethan BLAMES his mom's reliance on the "internet" for her reluctance to vaccinate her children .. yet .. when asked about his own source upon which he relies is REDDIT?

After listening to both Ethan's mom and his older brother Issac being interviewed by Del .. it is painfully obvious why BOTH fully capable and informed to explain why they disagree with Ethan .. were not "invited to speak at that Senate Hearing" as was Ethan. Issac defined his brother Ethan as a "Libertarian" … and … remarked that Sen Rand Paul comments were exactly as all Libertarians believe .. the INDIVIDUAL PARENTS … NOT THE GOVERNMENT .. should make the decisions on vaccinations. I suspect Ethan's opening statement and testimony were carefully vetted to restrict his "Libertarian" views.


In 2019 if you let your kids on social media sites such as Reddit, it's not just pedos you have to worry about, there are pharma agents lurking ready to groom them and encourage self-harm, the type of harm which benefits the corporate for-profit agenda, especially should the vaccine induce a lifelong autoimmune disease or allergy in your child, leaving them as a customer for life of the industry.


That is a good analogy picture!
In the end he came around.
I hope it does not cause health problems --- which takes years if it is an auto immune problem.

Hans Litten

And they say they cant be brought down !

Move by Hildene Capital Management comes as legal and financial pressures increase on multibillion-dollar Sackler family

By Juliet Chung, Sara Randazzo and Gregory Zuckerman
March 8, 2019 Updated: 12:28 p.m. GMT
The billionaire family that controls OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, already facing mounting legal and financial pressure, has been tossed out of a large hedge fund for its alleged role in fuelling the opioid crisis.

Investment entities of the Sackler family were told late last year by Hildene Capital Management that it was no longer comfortable managing their money. Hildene said last week that someone known by members of the firm had suffered an opioid tragedy.

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