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Del Bigtree Fact Checks Joe Rogan’s Interview with Dr. Peter Hotez

Del Bigtree fact checks Joe Rogan’s Interview with Dr. Peter Hotez, vaccine scientist, pediatrician and professor at Baylor University. Click you TubeHere and subscribe to The Highwire broadcast.

We recently ran posts about Dr. Hotez, whose book title  "Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism" shows a touching, ph-atherly protectiveness. For the Pharma vaccine industry.  Can you imagine if the President of Seagram's had written a book, "Liquor Did Not Cause Rachel's Paralysis" as the title of his  memoir?



Well, just Wow and if I may -- for once --- Dam it., no man I really mean it this time: Damn it!

I am almost sure in my bones the AIDS virus came through these geniuses, I mean really aren't we all here really do think it?

I mean they did it twice. I am sure of it; two different times in history, once through the Polio vaccine in Africa and then again the Hep B for Gays in the 70s-- and now this strange little spiral kity, cork screw, double membrane bacteria, that has been steadily growing and spreading out through out the country side. Yep; there it is, in that tiny little bird tick, whose mother just so happen to dropped off of a deer after drinking up some spirochete . Come on, why was this not a problem when there were lots of deer before the Great Depression when we almost ate them almost all up.


Think Hotez has become too high profile now, for a seat on the Tick Borne Disease Working Group. He would attract too much attention.

For anyone not having the time to read Kris Newby book, but wondering why the Gov. might want to control this project. Truthstream Media did a short 16 minute program entitled...

The officially ignored link between Plum Island and Lyme disease.

As the symptoms of Lyme are also identical to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) one can only wonder if this is the real reason that governments (US & UK) made continuous efforts to have ME/CFS regarded as purely psychiatric in origin.
In the 1950’s the UK carried out germ and chemical warfare experiments on unaware citizens in the County of Dorset and the US in California, so may have been putting two and two together; especially as it is just coincidence (this time) that Dorset has a quaint little fishing village called Lyme Regis.
One of the Californian experiments that got found out was called Operation Sea-Spray.

Angus Files

Thanks Whats Going On, for the links .Nice selection of commanders and captains of mass destruction and other Satan rank and file.Surely they are square pegs in round holes.Then maybe not, possibly they are the guys for the job.It looks like to me as if they are forming their troops for the next attack this time the the` tick tank regiment` to hail down illness and destruction as they have do using insects under the guise of saviour.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
— Ephesians 6:12"

Pharma For Prison


what's going on

I wonder if he will be appointed to the Tick Borne Disease Working Group.
They are being very secretive about the members appointed to the next group meeting Tuesday June 4.


this after the publication of Bitten by Kris Newby.
a stealth committee.


In Hotez's Texas Monthly interview, Rachel is described as having a high-pitched cry. In Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism, Hotez describes Rachel's cry as loud and piercing, and as longer and of fiercer intensity than the other children's. He also describes Rachel as being stiff in her mother's arms. Cri encephalique and bodily stiffness are signs of encephalitis. Do you really not recognize them, Dr. Hotez? Because everybody else does.

What might have caused encephalitis? Are there clues in Hotez's book? I think I found one.
On pg. 38 of Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel's Autism he writes: "Ann kept all of Rachel's immunization records. Rachel received all of her schedule vaccinations as recommended by the CDC and ACIP. Over the first few years of life, beginning when she was two months of age, she received five doses of the combined diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine...."

That can't be quite right because Rachel was born on October 14, 1992 and it wasn't until 1997 that ACIP recommended that the "less reactogenic" DTaP replace all pediatric DTP doses: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtmL/rr5517a1.htm

In a CDC document dated June 16, 1995 it says, "DTaP currently is licensed for use only as the fourth and/or fifth dose of the DTP series for children greater than or equal to 15 months of age." https://www.cdc.gov/Mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00038256.htm

In 1992, DTP would have been recommended at 2, 4 and 6 months: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/PDF/rr/rr4405.pdf

It's possible that Rachel received the then-unlicensed and not recommended DTaP for her first three shots, but Hotez wouldn't have been following CDC recommendations. And why would you not follow the recommendations? Was there something wrong with DTP? If Rachel actually got the more reactogenic DTP for her 2, 4 and 6 month shots, why not tell the truth in the book? Hotez says he has all Rachel immunization records; surely he took a look at them.

David m burd

Early on in the interview Hotez states that autistically-prone infants having brain scans AT SIX MONTHS exhibit fast growth to then perhaps develop autism.

At six months, per the recommended Immunization Schedule, these infants have already been exposed (including exposure in the womb with the mother getting the flu vaccine AND the DTaP shot) to all the toxic chemicals in 30 doses of vaccines!!! Hotez is as willfully blind as it gets, and HE represents the indoctrination robotically repeated by Mainstream News.


At the time Hotez's book was written, 65 "interacting" ASD genes had been identified. He says that there are possibly 1000 genes in all. He had his autistic daughter tested and she had only one of these 65 ASD genes. The term "interacting" implies that an autistic person has more than one so I guess the others Rachel has were in then-unidentified gene variants. (At the time of this interview 34 more gene variants had been identified for a total of 99.)

Hotez in his book doesn't deny that chemical toxins early in pregnancy could lead to ASD or ASD-like behaviors. He even mentions a 2017 study that suggests influenza vaccination in the first trimester increases the risk of ASD. Hotez pooh-poohs that result, of course. However the last line of the study reads: "While we do not advocate changes in vaccine policy or practice, we believe that additional studies are warranted to further evaluate any potential associations between first-trimester maternal influenza vaccination and autism." That study is here:



Peter Hotez did a bang-up job at snuffing himself out. He's has some esplaining to do to his handlers. What were you thinking Peter? You just &*%$ us


Del had me laughing like a hyena, in so many places. Worth the watch guys. Well after we go through the first part were it is all just a new word for mental retardation that is; and it is 99 genes - after that Del could make it as a stand up comedian.


thanks for the YouTube links.
very helpful.

W John Martin

I posted the following onto the YouTube site in the hope that it may help focus discussion on specific issues regarding vaccine safety.

A major criticism of vaccines relates to the early decision to use fresh monkey-derived kidney cell cultures, rather than an established monkey or human cell lines, for the production of polio vaccines. Early warnings were provided by prominent virologists that the use of living monkeys as tissue donors carried the risk of monkey viruses contaminating the polio vaccine. This risk materialized with the 1960s finding of SV-40 in polio vaccines produced in rhesus monkey kidney cell cultures. This led to the switch from rhesus to African green monkeys as the source of kidney cells. The switching was not complete with at least one manufacturer still using rhesus monkeys as recently as 1989. Early studies on the African green monkeys showed that they were mostly infected with cytomegalovirus, as were rhesus monkeys. Reports on the isolation in humans of viruses derived from African green monkey simian cytomegaloviruses (SCMV) were discounted by public health authorities. These viruses should have been especially disturbing to public health officials since they normally evade immune recognition through a process called stealth adaptation. A major flaw in the regulation of vaccines has been the unwillingness of public health authorities to pursue evidence of SCMV-derived stealth adapted viruses in humans. Vaccinating infected children can potentially evoke tissue-damaging inflammation directed to minor residual antigens on stealth adapted viruses. This topic warrants discussion by those opposed to universal vaccination.


I don't know if this was covered on the high wire episode, but this is a link to rogan-hotez discussion about the Lymerix Lyme vaccine.
the new one is in clinical trials.
caveat emptor.

Bob Moffit

To add to my original post on this subject regarding how only ONE SIDE is ever presented without any informed questions from the interviewer .. I just finished watching a "live press conference' of my Rockland County town Supervisor updating an assembled gaggle of "reporters' on his latest proclamation 'banning unvaccinated children under 18 years of age from ALL PUBLIC PLACES, SCHOOLS, PARKS, LIBRARIES, MALLS, ETC. Supervisor Day spent almost a full hour informing the gathered "reporters" .. none of which looked to be older than 30 .. on the extreme danger of measles and the recklessness of parents who are not vaccinating their children are putting at risk all children .. especially those immunocompromised or too young to receive the MMR.


No question about "shedding" a process where the recently vaccinated infects others .. such as .. the immunocompromised or too young to vaccinate.

No question about the ingredients or listed adverse reactions on every vaccine package insert and whether or not the Supervisor is making certain parents are being fully informed of both .. toxic ingredients and potential adverse reactions.

No question on the number nor timing of all vaccines .. why other countries have their own schedule .. rather than embracing the overly aggressive vaccine schedule of USA ..

Nah .. nothing to see or hear here … move on now and report on the great job we are doing.


Can’t keep a good man down.

For those that might like to know, Andrew Wakefield has started uploading on youtube, a series of Immunology 101 videos during this past week.

Whilst I think most of us here, are already are familiar with the ground covered so far, they would be excellent for newbies who wish for a beautifully simple introduction to a subject that can be mindbogglingly complex to understand at first.

It goes without saying that most doctors probably didn’t have it explained to them like this in Med-Skool, otherwise they wouldn’t be supporting the unsupportable (how about emailing your healthcare providers with the links); and lazy psudo-skeptics would have to find something else to demonstrate the depths of their ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills.



Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

I feel some sympathy for Dr. Hotez since he seems to have genuinely deluded himself. He has watched his daughter suffer and has put all his faith into medical training that he lacks the intellectual capacity to comprehend.

The organ grinder is working out of sight.


Scores on the SAT have sunk to the lowest level since the college admission test was overhauled in 2005, adding to worries about student performance in the nation’s high schools. Why; when they say that it is questionable that autism is really on the rise, You all know the drill; autism is just part of those other brain problems we've always seen as being slow, learning problems, Why don't we just put it all in a big box of learning problems, special needs, special education and come back at them that, "IT IS ALL GOING UP" isn't it?

Trot on down to the what ever place and look and see.

Meanwhile: I Scores on the SAT have sunk to the lowest level since the college admission test was overhauled in 2005, adding to worries about student performance in the nation’s high schools.

Where are the SAT scores and ACT scores at now? n

susan welch

I found this a thoroughly entertaining couple of hours (apart from having to see Hotez spilling his propaganda)

Del absolutely hammered Hotez - and Joe Rogan did ask very pertinent questions. At the end of the interview, I imagine Joe Rogan was convinced that there is no science to back up their preposterous claim that vaccine injury occurs in 1 in a million or 1 in 10 million.

Hans Litten

Message for Mr Del BigTree : (please see this as the tipping of my hat to you)

my Pastor Niemoller :

First they came for the “alternative doctors” & killed 100 of them, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “alternative doctor” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy watching rubbish primetime reality TV).

Then they came for the anti-vaccinationists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an “anti-vaccinationist” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy with endless repetitive sporting events on TV).

Then they came for the so called “conspiracy theorists”, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a “conspiracy theorist” (& I didn’t understand, I hadnt picked up or read a book since I was forced to in school aged 14).

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me
(& I still didn’t understand, the truth is I’m a bit dim – where is my TV?).


Watched Del’s show in its entirety yesterday. It is positively stunning that Dr. Hotez contradicts himself, lies repeatedly, and frankly sounds about as unscientific as one can get.

One of the most shocking statements was that vaccines do not contain chemicals.... merely antigens and saline. Unbelievable. Luckily Joe Rogan asks some tough questions.

Bob Moffit

The interview of Dr Hoetz by Joe Rogan is typical .. only "one side" unchallenged to simply repeat .. ad nauseam .. the same talking points over and over again .. for the last 20 years that I have been involved in this issue. Apparently Hoetz has replaced Offitt as the "expert on vaccine safety and efficiency' .. the change of 'experts' has not changed a single talking point. it is infuriating to watch this same scenario play over and over .. NEVER PARTICIPATE IN AN INTERVIEW WITH SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS WELL INFORMED … WELL PREPARED TO CHALLENGE YOUR TALKING POINTS. In all the years Offitt played his role as 'expert' … I cannot recall a single interview where Offitt was actually present in the room to answer questions of his talking points. NOT ONCE. Even worse .. most times the interviewer went to Offitt immediately AFTER the appearance of someone who presented well-researched evidence questioning the safety and efficiency of vaccines .. then was allowed to rebut .. UNCHALLENGED ONCE AGAIN ..

This rule of never participating in an interview or PUBLIC FORUM with someone prepared to challenge the industry "science" is why those YALE professors 'backed out" of forum with RFK. I guarantee you all five of those prestigious professors were quickly REMINDED of this RULE.

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