James Lyons-Weiler on the New MMR/Autism Study From Denmark
Senator Rand Paul Speaks About Medical Rights at Vaccination Hearing

Are There “Sleeper” VACCINE-caused Mutations Cytochrome P450 Genes Produce Which Medicine Deliberately Ignores?

Science post imageRead the full article by Catherine Frompovitch at NaturalBlaze


The human cytochrome P450 (CYP) superfamily comprises 57 genes. These genes code for enzymes that can have a role in: metabolism of drugs, foreign chemicals, arachidonic acid and eicosanoids; cholesterol metabolism and bile-acid biosynthesis; steroid synthesis and metabolism; vitamin D(3) synthesis and metabolism; retinoic acid hydroxylation; and those of still unknown function. Cytochrome P450 was once believed to be mainly a hepatic drug detoxication system, but is now understood to include a myriad of enzymic reactions implicated in important life processes. Mutations in many CYP genes cause inborn errors of metabolism and contribute to many clinically relevant diseases. [2]

Question: Are metabolism differences in CYP genes the cause of many vaccine adverse reactions, especially brain encephalopathy that precipitates Autism and other clinically relevant diseases in infants, toddlers and even adults? Was that the reasoning why a Vaccine Court Master awarded Hannah Poling’s Autism claim $1.5 million plus ongoing $500,000 per year for life [4]?



Bob-You are absolutely right that a "one size fits all vaccine" is scientifically impossible!" Every human being is unique with their own individual and complex DNA and no two people are the same. How they got away with prescribing one size fits all vaccines to our children is a crime and a human tragedy. Now we the families are left to live with and cope with the damage that this unethical approach has caused for all of us. I still say that in this age of technology and advanced research there surely must be qualified researchers who can solve the puzzle of what happened to our children and reverse the damage that the vaccines caused. We can not lose whole generations of people to a lifetime of autism.

Vaccine Information

This particular mutation is associated with catastrophic fluoroquinolone antibiotic damage, too. The pharmaceutical companies are so happy with the liability protection they have for vaccines they are trying to get that extended to all other drugs through a principal called, "pre-emption". They are representing that any drug which has been FDA approved should be liability free.

Watch this video to see it is not just vaccines.


Oh, and my husband, took a lot of DPT which they called tetanus shots . More I think than most in his teens and twenties, only to have a reaction in his thirties that ended him up on the floor of our hallway having a seizure.

"Acquired" mitochondrial disease is what Emory clinic said. But what do they know? Probably some gP450 all along. Hump.


And the lame-stream, "fake news" media wants to paint great people such as AoA as being "unscientific anti-vaxxers"? Really? Once again, AoA has given ME my homework for the weekend!
The research discussed here also intersects with what PhRMA won't tell you about why most folks have either a poor, or even bad reaction to psych drugs.
I want to point out how little "news" we've seen, in the past few years, about what the much-publicized (back then!) "Human Genome Project" uncovered.
I'm sure vaxxes have done some good for some people, sometimes. People should be free to take them, if they have fully informed consent. But vaxx mandates are a gross human rights violation of the highest order. And PhRMA, and the "public health officials", complicit with the lame-stream, "fake news" media, have been very DISHONEST to the American people.
I think most of you regulars here at AoA will agree with me.
And I especially want to SECOND what Bob Moffit says here. I agree 100% with him!
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!
**It's on the news today, facebook, google, etc., are CENSORING the "canaries in the coal mine", before we sing louder, and more people hear us. **THINK** about THAT!....
"The WORLD is a coal mine, and I, I am a CANARY!"....


I am reading a book right now "Mitochondria" By Dr. Know. I admit I skipped more than half the book, to the back.

I have become a slow reader.
Anyway D-Ribose was first on the list for pain. It talks about the heart, and then about the tiny blood capillaries become stiff, or thick or clogged in fibromyalgia.

Next is our old and very familiar CoQ10. We have spent more money on that stuff. I don't think you can take enough of this stuff and trying to continually take a supplement --- you all finish that thought.

PQQ short for a much larger name. They have not yet decided if it is a vitamin. However; this stuff causes mitochondria to multiply. What else causes mitochondria to multiply is exercise, as well as Metformin that diabetics use, and some other things that I can't I can't remember, and can't get ahold of. PQQ can be found in some foods which the book assigned numbers to, probably in nanoparticles or something. Most foods were in the teens, but cocoa, chocolate - was huge up in the 500s.

L-carnitine. I have not read this one yet. However; I have been giving this to my son for years. The first thing they check in epilepsy is L carnitine levels. His levels were low, and yet giving it to him did not seem to matter; he still needed seizure medicines. Then came some big study that said it caused heart attacks (which I never read; I meant to, I just never got around to it. ). Then I have a good friend from our college days that became a doctor and married a doctor when they came to visit, I guess saw the bottle in a drawer, and mentioned that study. Sigh. I One more life time supplement I was on my way of quitting, anyway.

I wonder if they will mention B vitamins in this book? That is about all I give now a days. Except if D Ribose stops pain- well I ordered a great big sack of that, and some more Co Q 10.

Bob Moffit

The idea that science can create and manufacture a "one size fits all vaccine" is not only scientifically implausible .. I would suggest it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE.

As this article states … the COMPLEXITY OF THE HUMAN CYTOCHROME P450 (CYP) superfamily comprising 57 genes is daunting to say the least. In fact, I would suggest the complexity of P450 is UNIQUE in every INDIVIDUAL .. no different than fingerprints and DNA. If such complexity exists .. how in God's name can a "one size fits all vaccine" be even contemplated .. let alone SOLD as accomplished?

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