Truth was Spotty at the MMR Outbreak Hearing
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18 Year Old Ethan Lindenberger Assisted by Every Child by Two at Measles Hearings

Ethan Lindenberger Deleted
Measles theatre continues to tap dance as we pull back the curtain on the HELP hearings on Tuesday.   JB Handley Wrote about Amy Pisani's group Every Child By Two - ECBT - 8 years ago.  (See the post below.) Regarding the Itinerary shot, perhaps it explains how this random American boy who feared that he was not vaccinated per the CDC schedule took it upon himself to get vaccinated at age 18 - as is his right as an American adult garnered an invitation to a United States HELP Full Committee Hearing Vaccines Save Lives: What Is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks

Shuffle step, shuffle step, jump hop flap ball change vaccination choice exits stage left.

The cast:

Ethan Lindenberger, an 18 year old high school student from Ohio, is testifying at Senate HELP committee hearing Tuesday March 5th on instituting a federal mandate for vaccination. Robert Kennedy Jr. is not allowed to present at this hearing. Robert. Kennedy. Jr. 

Amy Pisani- "Every Child by Two" represents a pharma funded shill "non profit". Pharma puppet and profiteer Paul Offit is on the board and funding is provided by all the top vaccine manufacturers including- Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur Seqirus and Novavax. They receive around $1,000,000 in funding annually and their 990s don't break it out. You will see they redact their funding amounts so you can't tell how much is given. See link below for their list of funders.

Andy Vogt Health Professional Staff at U.S. Senate HELP Committee

Chung Shek Chief Clerk at Senate Committte on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Those in the know of DC workings tell us that men like Vogt and Shek assist Senate staffers.  This is highly unusual.

Here is JB's post from December, 2008. 

Clowns_2Managing Editor's Note: That's a photo of the board of Every Child By Two, you can click HERE to see a larger photo and a list of the members and their affiliations.  (10/14/08, ECBT asked us to remove the photo as it is copyrighted. We replaced it with a similar photo.)

By J.B. Handley

17 years ago, in 1991, the DTP Vaccine was under fire for the high rate of autism, brain injury and death it was causing in children. Lawsuits were mounting. In fact, DTP was why Congress created the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the first place. As Barbara Loe Fisher, co-author of A Shot In the Dark, a book chronicling the problems with DPT, said, "it is important to note that the vast majority of vaccine injury awards in the VICP have been for children suffering DPT vaccine brain injuries and deaths…of all the vaccines which have been routinely used by children in the past century, the brain damaging effects of the pertussis (whooping cough) portion of DPT vaccine is among the most well documented in the scientific literature."

On the firing line was Lederle Laboratories of Wayne, NJ, one of the largest manufacturers of DTP vaccine at the time. A spokesperson for Lederle was charged with working the press to try and defend DTP, mercury, and vaccines in general--he was the Paul Offit of his time. This spokesperson, in January 1991, was quoted in the New York Times saying, "Any chemical product, because it is a chemical substance, does produce some side effects. The current vaccine [DTP], as far as we are concerned, is a very safe and efficacious vaccine."

As we all know, the DTP vaccine was soon replaced with DTaP because of safety concerns.

So what, you say?

Well, there's more to the story. In 1994, Wyeth bought Lederle Laboratories and the Lederle spokesperson--the Paul Offit of his time—went with Lederle to the new owner, Wyeth.

This spokesperson, Craig Engesser, he still works for Wyeth, his job title today is Senior Director, Professional Affairs.

And, he sits on the Board of Every Child By Two.

When I watched CBS rip apart the conflicts (HERE) that vaccine promoters and vaccine makers have, I was left with a nagging question: who the hell is Every Child By Two? Yes, I knew Amanda Peet was their new spokesperson. I knew Paul Offit had recently joined their board. But, who the hell were they?

Doing some research, it turns out these "Special Interest Dot-Orgs"—SIDs for short—are nothing new. Unfortunately, the 501(c)3 code of the IRS is very vague on what constitutes a non-profit organization and there are very few disclosure requirements for funding sources any public filings nonprofits have to make. As an example, if you wanted to find out where Generation Rescue gets its funding, you wouldn't be able to. No filing requirements exist.
As you might expect, drug companies have taken full advantage of this murky area. To my surprise, the press has been covering this story for years, just not specific to vaccines. In a 2005 expose titled, "A little too cozy? Not-for-profits may have undisclosed funding ties to for-profit drug companies", Sacramento Bee reporters Dorsey Griffith and Steve Wiegand went after the practice:

"The public may be getting hoodwinked because they may think these nonprofits are independent," said Daniel Borochoff, president of the American Institute of Philanthropy, a watchdog group that provides information about nonprofits. "But how can they do it independently if they are paid by the drug companies?"

Borochoff and other critics say that even the best-intentioned advocacy groups can ignite public fears about conditions that may not be medical problems, divert attention from more serious health issues and put pressure on doctors to prescribe medications that may not be necessary.

While some of these advocacy organizations begin as true grass-roots associations that later come to rely on financing from the pharmaceutical industry, others sprout directly from drug company seed money. And some are hybrids.

A Boston Globe investigation in 2007 revealed similar concerns:

But little attention has been paid to smaller nonprofits, especially patient groups that are largely funded by the drug industry. Public Citizen's Peter Lurie, who testifies frequently before FDA panels, noticed a shift as public hearings "were becoming contaminated by people who didn't represent the public in any way. They represented particular moneyed interests." Lurie, deputy director of the consumer advocacy organization's health research group, said, "It's a fair question: Who represents patients and how they come to call themselves" patient representatives?

In 221 advisory committee meetings scrutinized, 32 of 44 speakers representing patients said they had received funding from a company that would be affected by the FDA's decision, according to a recent journal article that Lurie coauthored about conflicts of interest on FDA advisory panels.

And, The Philadelphia Inquirer also posted an investigative piece on the practice saying, "Although patients seldom know it, many patient groups and drug companies maintain close, multimillion-dollar relationships while disclosing limited or no details about the ties." The Inquirer also explained that the money to support these nonprofits often comes "from the companies' marketing or sales divisions, not charity offices, company and nonprofit officials said."

Wow. Of course, none of us are surprised. Back to Every Child By Two.

In the CBS Evening News piece on the APP, Paul Offit, and Every Child By Two, CBS was unable to provide any details on ECBT's ties to vaccine manufacturers beyond a confirmation from the organization that they did take money from vaccine companies. But, it's right there in black & white, it just takes a little digging.

First, a little background. By nonprofit standards, ECBT is a rat-shit organization. With a grand total of 3 employees, a tiny office suite in a crummy Washington D.C. neighborhood, and an annual budget under $1 million, they are a blip on the radar screen. As usual, the devil is in the details.

Let's look first at their total revenues for the last 3 years (we only have numbers through 2006. Numbers for 2007 will probably be public in October):

Every Child By Two, Total Revenues:

2006: $752, 631
2005: $836,690

Within ECBT's revenues is a long-term contract they have had with Public Health Solutions, another SIDs which is a front for the NY Department of Health. This is effectively a long-term government contract that ECBT has had for years. Focusing on 2006 and removing this piece of their revenues, ECBT looks like this:

Every Child By Two, Total Revenues, excluding PHS:

2006: $513,011

So, the question is, where did the half million bucks come from? If you looked at their 2004 Form 990, you would never know. If you looked at their 2005 Form 990, you would never know, either. But, in 2006 something changed. Either a new accounting firm, a new accountant, a request from the IRS, I don't know. I just know the form is longer and has more disclosure. On Page 23, in black & white, it reads:

"Wyeth Vaccine: Ensure all children from birth to Age 2 are fully immunized."

And, how much did Wyeth give ECBT?

Wyeth gave $350,769. That's 68% of their non-contract revenue and 48% of their total revenue. From one company. A vaccine manufacturer named Wyeth. And Craig Engesser, a Wyeth spokesperson, has been on the board of ECBT for as long as I can track it. He even served as the organization's treasurer!

Every Child By Two. Amanda Peet. Paul Offit. Craig Engesser. Wyeth. Lederle. DTP. Rat-shit.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and Managing Editor of Age of Autism.



From Peter Doshi in BMJ, 2017:

"IAC, ECBT, and AAP have a few things in common. They are all non-profit organizations with large online presences that promote themselves as sources of reliable information on vaccines. They also receive funding from both vaccine manufacturers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And, in their advocacy for compulsory vaccination, they all have in common a goal that pushes beyond official governmental policy and, in the case of influenza vaccines, the evidence...."


I find testimony that describes those whose health was damaged by vaccines as anecdotes and stories, as a selfish and scripted viewpoint, especially as none of those affected were allowed to testify, and most refused admittance to the hearing.


Wow you guys must live on the moon. I like how this article immediately jumps 20 years into the past and into conspiracy theory land and goes on and on about some non profit that has nothing to do with the actual testimony that was given.

Somehow that proves he's a liar, because this non profit found someone who shared his story on Reddit and they wanted him to share it before Congress?

Ooh maybe these guys somehow got him vaccinated behind his mother's back!? 😂

Wake up.


Lindenberger has a touching faith in the CDC, looking out for our best interests, spending money wisely...oops. Maybe not so much. This is a link to a 2007 report from the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management:


He has said elsewhere that he got hep B and tetanus vaccines when he was two months old. Don't know the story there. Perhaps his mom can comment. But she doesn't have a public relations campaign ensuring she gets coverage in every media outlet in the country.

Odd that pharma didn't choose a less dorky spokesperson.


Pro-vaccine teen defies anti-vaccine mother, doesn't realize he and his siblings don't have Autism when the statistics dictate, at least one of them would. This kid is the crisis actor for big pharma. Oh make no mistake, this comment section has been packed with bots from the like of 'Correct the record', 'Move On' and the plethora of paid blog organizations to push this. Come to find out, his mother owns 'Curtain Call Productions' in Norwalk Ohio. Yep, all actors for Big Pharma. (


Darn it can't they find an unvaccinated, deaf, blind, adult with a quirky personality; that don't say much to testify?


I saw Ethan on TV and thought --- I wonder if that Every Child by Two is with him.

Why would a healthy adult that is unvaccinated be a good witness?

Jenny Allan

I don't blame Ethan. He will have got well paid for this propaganda stunt and good luck to him. His mum deserves credit for raising such a healthy young man. She acted in what she believed to be his best interests. Most people will see this for what it really is. An adult taking a vaccine decision. In the UK, something called the 'Gillick Competence' (look it up), entitles children over around 10 years old to consent to vaccines themselves, regardless of parental consent.

We have experienced similar recent propaganda in the UK, particularly MMR vaccine uptake which is stated to be dropping due to all the 'fake news' on the internet, although more than 90% of children are vaccinated. I expect AoA is on the 'hit list'.

The following gem is from a site called 'The vaccine knowledge project" based in Oxford. They work closely with Public Health England. This agency experienced similar problems in finding measles damage cases linked to parental non-vaccination due to Andrew Wakefield. ( I think we can assume any such cases would have been publicised). The cases of Sarah Clow and Sarah Walton had nothing to do with Dr Wakefield. Sarah Clow could not be vaccinated due to eczema and Sarah Walton was too young at 11 months to receive the MMR vaccine.
Vaccine Knowledge Project
Quotes from above:-
"Sarah Clow fell seriously ill with measles when she was five and was left with lasting disabilities including deafness, partial sight and learning difficulties. Her mother Audrey talks about the impact this has had on Sarah and the whole family. Sarah was not vaccinated against measles as a child because she had had eczema.

Sarah Walton caught measles when she was 11 months old, and at the time recovered well. Twenty four years later, however, she fell ill and was diagnosed with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). This is a rare but devastating complication of measles which leads to a progressive destruction of the central nervous system. In this video Sarah’s mother Jo talks about the impact that SSPE has had on Sarah and the people around her."

The videos from this link were all over the BBC, during their breakfast programme, but not repeated later. I had never heard of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis before this programme. But surely blaming measles in infancy for a neurological condition contracted by a 24 year old woman is perverse?

Just to remind everyone, (I know AoA regulars don't need reminding), Dr Wakefield never advocated stopping vaccinations against measles in the UK. Instead he suggested going back to monovalent vaccinations for measles and rubella, whilst more safety research was carried out into the MMR vaccine. We all know the mumps MMR vaccine component wears off and adults are now getting mumps in droves.


An interesting interview with Ethan's older brother who is very mature and an awake libertarian. His mother also makes an appearance! This family and Ethan needs our prayers!

go Trump

March in the United States now means "Measles Madness."
We all get to enjoy the show they put on.

As expected, only one side is invited to speak. They will "present their side of the story" and then to be fair & balanced, they will explain why the "uninvited side" is wrong.

go Trump

March in the United States now means "Measles Madness."
We all get to enjoy the show they put on.

As expected, only one side is invited to speak. They will "present their side of the story" and then to be fair & balanced, they will explain why the "uninvited side" is wrong.

Jeanne J

This is all about framing "Fake News" under the guise of congressional hearings. It is still "Fake News". Do you think anyone will ask Ethan how healthy he has been all these years without vaccines? Or how healthy his siblings are? That would be REAL information to provide the public. All he can give is statements to embarrass his parents - his opinion, not reality. This committee doesn't even appear to have any sense of moral responsibility that as representatives "...Of the people, by the people, and for the people", that they SHOULD give voice to all of their constituents on both sides of this issue. It sounds like it is being set up as one big government-sponsored public service announcement, scolding everyone into submission to their payed-for point of view. Humh, sounds kinda like what congress has accused Russia of doing for the 2016 election.


With all the noise of the federal government stepping in to mandate vaccines, isn't it just saber rattling? Isn't this Congress meeting just another propaganda stunt, and at most the goal is to push more democratic state to pursue mandates and embolden those already trying? Critics have argued that the Feds really do not have any right to interfere with vaccines, and here we even have Dorit Reiss agreeing...


Wow what a show! If only they could get someone who got the measles, then they would really be able to take this as far as they want. A whole hearing about a group of people and not one representative for the group allowed to speak! I’ve been calling but clearly we can see this is a Hit job and the scripts already been written. CNN will get their little sound bite and hen the mandates can roll out. Gov. Ducey has said he would veto the informed consent and religious exemptions bills here in AZ. Clearly he has some big hopes for his career and needs to signal to the pharma overlords he is ready and willing to do their bidding


Ethans testimony will speak to the contrary, he's going to say vaccines are important, yet he was healthy all his life without them. That testimony will contradict the truth.


What troubles me is the media saying vaccine injury is misinformation. How? Parents trusted doctor took healthy baby to doctor for 1yr check up, child is damaged by MMR, lost of speech, GI woes begin. He is never the same. This is a fact not misinformation. Further, if I wrote a book based on u.s. vaccine court cases, would Congress and the media consider it conspiracy or misinformation? Goodness this madness is unreal.


I bet the Rotary members don't vaccinate their children (same as freemasons, Jesuits and the rest of these globalist organizations).


the Senate Hearing is playing out like a cheap novel, and it hasn't even begun.


So the criminals managed to find a teenager in the United States who wishes he was poisoned by his parents and the people who sell this poison and who would like to make poisoning mandatory fetus to grave and beyond if they could get away with it, are now exploiting this rebellious teenager by having him testify instead of an actual experienced educated adult.

This hearing is Congress filming a commercial for their sponsors using Ethan Lindenberger, an 18 year old boy, to gain market share under the guise of improving public health that will require forced injection and alteration of citizens' bodies at the direction and whim of these same jackasses who think it's a good idea to base public policy on the testimony of a rebellious wet behind the ears teenager.

That's the public health emergency. We are governed by charlatans and idiots.


Amy is vice president of a Rotary club, Rotary push vaccination hard, it is also suspected that they have the power to put their members into key well paid positions for them to carry out their agenda.

At one point I looked into another similar case on Reddit, and all the evidence linked back to Pisani, that was how I first found out about her. I suspect the whole thing was staged.

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