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Measles in Europe: The WHO and the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf

You've Got to be Carephully Taught

February, 2019

Panic buttonWe are well into the  measles panic season. This happens each winter here in the USA. A handful of non-fatal measles cases storms the news as if EbolaPlague just wiped out half the population.  Like the old song from the musical South Pacific, "You've Got to be Carefully Taught." That song was about taboo love and prejudice. Today, the only openly acceptable prejudice is against the vaccine safety/choice community. Us. You. Me. Those of us who were painphully taught by pharma, pediatricians and public health.

The fear churned up by media reports of imminent threat allows legislation that removes vaccination choice to sail through states like the Titanic sailing out of port. And we know what happened to the Titanic. It's our rights that hit the iceberg. And the children are the first victims thrown overboard.   Here are the lyrics, altered pfor the current times with apologies and credit to Roger Hammerstein.

You've got to be taught to hate and phear
You've got to be taught phrom year to year
It's got to be drummed in your dear little ear
You've got to be carephully taught

You've got to be taught to be aphraid
Of people whose vax choices are differently made
And people pfor whom pharma will not be obeyed
You've got to be carephully taught

You've got to be taught bephore it's too late
Bephore you are six or seven or eight
To hate the antivaxxers you are told to hate
You've got to be carephully taught


david m burd

nhokkanen & all,

This BMJ piece from 9 years ago completely vindicates Andrew Wakefield (and his 12 other authors of the 1998 Paper); please note the references contained therein. Of course, the entire paid-off Main Stream Media endlessly spouts the lies about Wakefield and resolutely ignores his 12 coauthors -- typical of MSM to isolate and condemn a single individual and ignore his/her numerous allies.



This is so true. Unfortunately it is too late for the majority of American adults and all medical professionals.

In my darker moments I wish that I myself did not know and could be blissfully ignorant.

Michael S.

Loved the song parody. Thanks Kim.


That's great.


Apropos of programming the young: This sciency-sounding mess of inaccuracies from Twitter got reposted to a Facebook site called We Are Teens:

“the original doctor that conducted the study saying vaccines cause autism lost his license to practice. all of his research was found to be unsupported. this is where the anti-vax movement came from. a completely unreliable source is what started the movement.”

Many young readers won’t realize this parroted blather itself epitomizes unsupported accusations.

Doesn’t this ignorant smugness bullet read like something an operative might write to insert into a social media forum to influence young people?

Jeannette Bishop

I maybe should have taken a break yesterday, especially last night, but got into "trying to pull the ox (really the next to be vaccine injured) out of the mire" mode on youTube, Jubilee's Middle Ground video last night. Then I made the mistake of googling vaccination and up comes the L.A. Times with opinion that our "laws" have to match our "reality" here in already-under-SB277-land, so what do they "need" (there were 11 comments and I didn't feel equal to venture to log in and add one and maybe attract five or six more)? I also saw a link to the Chicago Tribune (?) about "anti-vaccination parents are costing you money" as well as two or three about the bill trying to become law in Washington state, measles in NY, loopholes in vax compliance, teens, very afraid for themselves and those around them, trying to get vaccinated against parents wishes...all on the top duck-duck-go search...

This is kind of like the period post Dr. William Thompson revelations, make the most of measles in Disneyland. They're really making the most of a so far not atypical outbreak. Are some afraid things are tipping into awareness of vaccine injury, or is the industry just relentlessly going for more mandated pounds of flesh?!?

Angus Files


Pharma Phor Prison


Dan E. Burns

Nice work.

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