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Vaccine Media Blitz

Vaccine piperBy Cathy Jameson

After our much-needed family getaway last week, it was time to get back to reality this week.  For the kids, that meant catching up on homework and school projects.  For me, it meant reading up on whatever news I missed while we were out of town.  I knew that the measles had started to make headlines both here and abroad a while ago.  I also knew that some states were attempting to remove parents’ rights again, but I was not prepared for just how much news was being made about measles and vaccines in just the few days we were away.  You’d think that the US was under multiple “vaccine-preventable disease” threats!  According to the CDC, we’re not. 


Source:  CDC



Source:  CDC

So what’s all the recent fuss about then?  It’s still the mainstream news outlets’ favorite of all seasons – flu shot season, but I’ve seen more stories than ever before about the measles.  Some have said that it’s because it’s legislative season. With almost all 50 states in their legislative sessions right now, that makes sense.  “Legislative measles” has made for some good news for the media lately!  So have other “legislative diseases”.

Cj CDC 3

Screenshot of headlines from mainstream news outlets.

This time of year, hundreds of bills are being introduced, sent to committees, and voted on across the country.  As has happened in previous years, some of the state bills that are being introduced are about vaccines. Several of the bills are good and support parent choice, like H5165 in Rhode Island which aims to add personal and philosophical exemptions.  Other bills, actually quite a few bills in New York and Washington State for example, do not support parent choice and would instead secure more financial gain for the vaccine industry.  In quite a few states, lawmakers are trying to remove existing exemptions and are proposing strict vaccine mandates.  Mandates mean more shots for more people.  More people being vaccinated brings in more money for pharmaceutical companies and their investors.  With no true national crisis, the vaccine news I’m reading about isn’t promoting how to protect the publics’ health; it’s all about vaccine profit.  No wonder there’s a vaccine media blitz going on! 

So what does one do about it? 

Below is something that I wrote just 3 short legislative seasons ago.  I included the list after a state pro-vaccine bill was introduced that, if passed, would remove parental rights.  With impressive support from professionals, parents and health advocates from all over the US, the bill quickly died. 

Bills don’t always die though.  

I’m hoping that as each state session ends, that we see more parental options and less pharma propaganda promoted.  The reality is that it’s going to take a lot of work from a lot of people to make that happen.  If you’d like to see the same, here are just a few suggestions of what you can do right now: 

  1. Learn who your representatives are – call or do an internet search of your local/county, state, and federal representatives.  That information, plus so much more, can also be found on the NVIC Advocacy portal.
  2. Start a conversation – talk to your reps!  They won’t know what your thoughts are unless you contact them.  Support the good bills and voice your concerns when the bad ones crop up.

  3. Get some face time in – my representative’s Chief of Staff said that it’s always good for parents make calls and to send emails, but the face-to-face time, as difficult as it can be to schedule, is important, too.  It might be more difficult to meet during the legislative session at the capitol, but if it’s not a pressing issue, constituents can make appointments when the session is over in the local district office.

  4. Begin to network with others – as you begin to read and research topics that you are passionate about, speak up about them.  As your voice gets louder, you’ll likely run into other like-minded people.  Depending on your comfort level, you can network online (like on Facebook groups).  If your representatives host town hall meetings, try to attend.  You’ll meet people there and can learn how to get involved in local-to-you activities.

  5. Pace yourself – reading, researching and responding to bills and keeping in touch with lawmakers takes time.  Juggling that with my family’s every-day needs isn’t always easy.  As much as I want to be there when bills are discussed, I cannot.  On those days I can fight for my rights from a distance – from home.  You can still do so much from home like write letters, send emails, and make phone calls.

  6. Stay the course – one of my favorite Winston Churchill quotes is, “Never, never, never give up.”  The tough days will be tough, though, which is why I also like Saint John Paul the Great’s quote, “I plead with you--never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged.  Be not afraid.”  On the days where you’re tired, where you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, and where your rights are seriously being threatened, stay strong and stay the course.  When your voice is finally heard, when your rights have been fought and won, and when justice prevails, it will all be worth it.

To those fighting for your rights, and subsequently for all of our rights, I commend you.  I know how very hard a battle this can be.  For those who want to know more and who want to preserve the rights you have, join us.  Now more than ever, we need to make our voices heard. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 



Jeannette Bishop

A great antidote here for all the foggy (and heated) brain generating vaccine pushing propaganda:

"No vaccine has ever been proven by scientific method to be safe and effective."

go Trump

The American news media is simply, completely, bought out by the drug lords right now. Not sure it will change until the “damn Truth” comes out on a few things but that will take quite some time.

They would like to create a “Vaccine Police State” where they can kick down doors and inject whatever they want into anybody. Was a bit surprised that it was stated that Trump received two vaccines at his most recent physical. That could be simply bullship they added to the report, that they will never correct.

The news networks are still pushing the FLU shot which is less than 50% effective this year & the writers for the sit-coms are writing in a FLU shot doctor visit..

At least Russia has Autism rates 1000 times lower and banned mercury in 1992.


We need research into a cure to reverse the damage done to our children from these vaccines. I truly believe there is an answer and a cure and it just has to be prioritized by pharmaceutical companies that are small enough not to be making huge profits on the huge number of vaccines being given to our children. Never give up hope as a cure is out there and we will get it without a doubt. We can't lose a whole generation of children to autism.


I just recently registered at the NVIC Advocacy portal. I'm looking forward to becoming more involved in defending medical freedom.

The Original Someone #1

Saint John Paul the Great’s quote, “I plead with you--never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” Thank you, Cathy. I needed that very quote, right now, in this instant.

for THX1138

Hey THX,
You requested the date of the post. That info is at the end of the article:
"Posted by Age of Autism on February 17, 2019 at 06:00 AM"

Susan Welch

Thank you,as always, Cathy for your informative and very human' post. I always enjoy reading them.

I live in UK where (as you know) we do have a choice about vaccination. However, I understand parents are put under pressure to receive the whole bloated schedule now.

I am lucky enough to rarely have contact with my GP, but in the autumn I did receive a call from the surgery telling me I was eligible for the shingles vaccine. My response came immediately, without thought: 'You Must be joking!' There was silence, so I went on to explain, very briefly, that I have 2 vaccine injured grandsons. They never bother me with the flu shot - and I doubt I'll be offered the shingles one again.

Incidentally, the date is on your post - as always.

Jeannette Bishop

@THX1138, dates are at the bottom

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for this perspective! I'll pray these "legislative seasons" become opportunity to increase vaccine risks/limitations awareness (vaccine honesty, essentially) and, hope, that ultimately exemptions expand (ideally until the end of the concept of even needing an "opt out" process, with "no" being simply the end of it) with each legislative incursion.


Please put a date on your posts. Or would you rather pet my peeve?


Amazing how people will are filled with fear , over the thought of their healthy child contacting measles.

And yet they have no concerns whatsoever about injecting their children with concoctions that have never been proven effective, are loaded with contents that are KNOWN poisons, and which very likely were cultured in mediums that contain aborted human fetal tissues.

Your really cant write this shit

Shelley Tzorfas

The laws are not concerned with health, just pharmaceutical profits. How do we know this? We know because there has been a lawsuit pending for 9 years in which the vaccine maker got caught adding rabbits blood to the test of the MMR to make it appear as if it worked at the level it is required to. Employees reported the incident. We have been waiting NINE YEARS so far. This has become a "National Race" for vaccine maker's to require as many vaccines as possible while pulling away Parental Rights from the care of the parents. State rights will TRUMP parents rights. The pharmaceutical Corporations VS Women. Once the public learns that the MMR is not doing its job, other states may not continue this brawl against parents. Where do people think this is all going? Do people believe this is about children's health? This is really about a kind of "Manifest Destiny" as it is to FORCE Vaccines on all adults all-over-again from Coast-To-Coast

Cathy Jameson

Thank you, Bob! I always appreciate your comments and encouragement.

Bob Moffit

"To those fighting for your rights, and subsequently for all of our rights, I commend you. I know how very hard a battle this can be."

Amen to that Cathy .. I especially want to commend you for all you have done fighting for our rights .. as we all know how hard the battle you are fighting so gallantly can be.

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