Running Into Vaccine Interference
Senator Pan Uses White Privilege Card to Protect Vaccination

How Is Vaccine Choice Not a Woman's Right?

Risk choiceWhen is a woman's right to choose going to include vaccination choice for herself and her family? Dan Olmsted was clear when he said AofA is agnostic politically. We are a non-profit and will never endorse a candidate or a political party. We write about how each party addresses vaccination safety and medical freedom and sometimes that seems as if we are praising or damning one side or the other. That said, we've asked time and again how both sides of the aisle miss the mark so wide when it comes to vaccination choice. The pro-life, most often Republican side of the aisle wants to protect unborn babies. But at day 1, the government knows best. The pro-choice, most often Democrat side of the aisle wants to allow a women to choose whether or not to carry her child to term, but her right to choice ceases the moment the baby is born.

I read a Tweet yesterday that brought back my frustration over this topic. Here is the verbiage from the politician's website. His or her name is irrelevant. See the disconnect?

[XYZ politician] will oppose any attempt by politicians to interfere in a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. She will fight against any proposed legislation that would impose medically unnecessary restrictions on reproductive health care providers or limit the ability of a woman to make the best decision for her health with her doctor.




I honestly don’t understand about having a choice. I was mandated to get vaccines to attend a masters program. I guess I had the choice not to get my masters but I listened to my former doctor who said it wouldn’t hurt me even though I had the real mumps, measels, and chicken pox. Well great he was wrong the vaccines ruined my life!! So I find it hard to say that the mumps measels and chicken pox kill. Yeah, maybe a very few but so does anything else. I did just fine with Thise disease but they’re were many days that I suffered so bad that I felt I’d be better off dead after those vaccines!!

Aimee Doyle

@Alaina -

If Republicans are in favor of vaccine choice, then why has Trump appointed pro-vax individuals to head the HHS, FDA, and CDC? Why are there still vaccine mandates in the states which have a Republican governor and Republican legislatures? Why has the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee (until recently Republican chaired and Republican Majority) not reviewed the IACC, the vaccine court, or even held hearings on vaccine injury and choice issues? And finally, why hasn't Fox News spoken out against vaccine mandates?

Just curious to get your take on this. Although there are occasional politicians in both parties who do speak out, and conservative and liberal voices in the media who question vaccines, my general take is that both parties are fully culpable and that we should direct our energy toward limiting the power of Pharma to influence our government and media.

Angus Files

Seems that way Alaiana the zombie Pharma cult are everywhere dont use your brain,just listen to us we will take care of you....Mercola today, on fire!

"The immediate mainstream media response to the WHO's announcement was to focus on "vaccine hesitancy," with The Editorial Board of The New York Times declaring January 19 that "anti-vaxxers" are "the enemy" and calling on the U.S. government to "get tough" by waging a "bold and aggressive" pro-vaccine campaign that includes "tightening restrictions around how much leeway states can grant families that want to skip essential vaccines."

Pharma For Prison


Alaina Jensen

I would argue that the pro-life community is largely in favor of vaccine choice & medical choice. While not always 100% true. Conservatives/Republicans generally believe in LESS government control.

The party of special interests seems to have conflicting tendencies. Senator Pan, a democrat is for mandating vaccines. New York Democrat Governor is for women's choice all the way up to birth. That is the way I see it. Perhaps I'm not getting the whole picture?

Jane Doe

I think it’s ok for a woman to decline a adulthood vaccine if she doesn’t want to: it’s her choice.
As soon as she gets her kids involved though, I start getting concerned: first, it’s not the children’s choice to not be vaccinated, secondly, children can get seriously ill from illness outbreaks (and suffer WAY more than just having autism) and can even die (again, you can’t die from autism unless you count parents murdering their kids because they think they’re “suffering”)
So, please tell me again how it’s the woman’s choice!
-a woman with hereditary ADHD

Bob Moffit

'....we've asked time and again how both sides of the aisle miss the mark so wide when it comes to vaccinations"

Unfortunately .. there is only ONE SIDE when it comes to the SWAMP that dominates our vaccine policies .. and … THAT ONE SIDE HAS BEEN AND WILL LIKELY REMAIN FOREVER IN THE FIRM CLUTCHES OF THE GLOBAL PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTY.


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